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Unfulfilled Prophecies

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  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    Unful lled Prophecies of EllenWhite

    in the 1858 Great Controversy

    This study will examine prophecies that God gave Ellen White towrite out in "The Great Controversy Between Christ and HisAngels, and atan and His Angels" in ! # $ %n&ortunately, 'oo(swith similar titles were pu'lished in years ! ), ! , and !*!!,and most o& us eventh+day Adventists thin( we already (now theGreat Controversy, when actually there are many things in theoriginal, that are not in the later 'oo(s and vice versa-$

    All prophecies that have not 'een seen to have 'een &ul.lled yethere in /arch, 0112, will 'e listed$ Basically everything in this'oo( a&ter chapter 21 is yet &uture$ As this study is &or those whoare already &amiliar with the Great Controversy theme, the &ocuswill 'e on prophecies that are little+(nown$ The prophecies arelisted in order as they appear in the 'oo($ To get a &ree copy o&the 'oo( yoursel&, download it at3 www$earlysda$com

    4 have ar'itrarily assigned the &ollowing meanings to the &ollowingcolors3

    Red: These prophecies are known by probably less than 1% of SDAs.

    Purple: These prophecies are known by probably less than 10% of SDAs.

    lue: These prophecies are !enerally known a"on! SDAs.

    /y comments appear in 'lac( type 'elow most o& the prophecies$

    The ) places i 'elieve to most the most important currently &or us5As, have 'een mar(ed with an asteris( 6 *6$

    Chapter 4 The irst !dvent of Christ

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    #e chose his life of sufferin!$ his dreadful death$ and$ in the way appointed by hisather$ to beco"e a lawful heir to the kin!do"s of earth$ and ha&e the" !i&en into

    his hands as an e&erlastin! possession. Satan also will be !i&en into his hands to bedestroyed by death$ ne&er "ore to annoy 'esus$ or the saints in !lory.

    Chapter " The Trans #uration

    (oses was present$ and represented those who will be raised fro" the dead at thesecond appearin! of 'esus. And )lias$ who was translated without seein! death$represented those who will be chan!ed to i""ortality at *hrist+s second co"in!$and without seein! death will be translated to hea&en.

    This 7uote a'out /oses representing those saints who pass thrudeath is interesting$ There will 'e many, many more raised &romthe dust at 8esus6 coming than are instantly changed toimmortality$ tudying /oses6 and Eli9ah6s li&e+wor( may give cluesto the experience o& those represented 'y each group$

    Chapter $ The %etrayal of Christ

    They ,the an!els- were to record e&ery act$ e&ery insult and cruelty i"posed uponthe Son of od$ and to re!ister e&ery pan! of an!uish which 'esus should suffer/

    for the &ery "en should see it all a!ain in li&in! characters.What is "living characters": 4 don6t (now, 'ut it will sure 'e morerealistic than 0+dimensional videos;

    Chapter & The Cruci 'ion of Christ

    And now by 'esus+ death$ he knew that he "ust finally die$ and his kin!do" betaken away and !i&en to 'esus.

    /ay that day 'e soon;

    Also it would be for his own interest to keep fro" 'esus all he could. or the sinsof those who are redee"ed by the blood of *hrist$ and o&erco"e$ at last will berolled back upon the ori!inator of sin$ the De&il$ and he will ha&e to bear their sins$while those who do not accept sal&ation throu!h 'esus will bear their own sins.

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    say that 8esus6 murderers will see 8esus at the 0nd coming$ Thismay 'e re&erring to the 2rd coming$ A 7uestion + 8esus prayed &orhis murderers to 'e &orgiven, so why will they go to hell:

    Chapter 11 The !scension of Christ

    This sa"e 'esus$ which is taken up fro" you into hea&en$ shall so co"e in like"anner as ye ha&e seen hi" !o into hea&en.

    Chapter 18 (ystery of )ni uity

    ut althou!h this hea&en6darin! deception was to be suffered to be carried ondown throu!h ti"e until the second appearin! of 'esus$ yet throu!h all this ti"e oferror and deception$ od has not been left without a witness.

    This deception is the doctrine that the Holy rest day has 'eenchanged &rom the @th day o& the wee( to the !st day$ This is onedeception that isn6t going away until 8esus comes$

    3 was shown that the law of od would stand fast fore&er$ and e4ist in the newearth to all eternity.

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    This was Satan+s first lesson upon the i""ortality of the soul/ and he has carriedon this deception fro" that ti"e to the present$ and will carry it on until thecapti&ity of od+s children shall be turned.

    Another &alse doctrine lasting until 8esus comes$

    The soul that sinneth it shall die an e&erlastin! death/ a death that will last fore&er$where there will be no hope of a resurrection/ and then the wrath of od will beappeased.

    ein!s who" od created ha&e chosen to rebel a!ainst his !o&ern"ent/ but 3 sawthat od did not shut the" up in hell to endure endless "isery. #e could not takethe" to hea&en/ for to brin! the" into the co"pany of the pure and holy would

    "ake the" perfectly "iserable. od will not take the" to hea&en$ neither will hecause the" to suffer eternally. #e will destroy the" utterly$ and cause the" to beas thou!h they had not been$ and then his ustice will be satisfied. #e for"ed "anout of the dust of the earth$ and the disobedient and unholy will be consu"ed byfire$ and return to dust a!ain. 3 saw that the bene&olence and co"passion of od inthis$ should lead all to ad"ire his character$ and to adore hi"/ and after the wickedshall be destroyed fro" off the earth$ all the hea&enly host will say$ A"en7

    Hell is not a'out writhing in ames &or all eternity, it will 'e aneternal death$

    Chapter /" !nother )llustration

    And those who ha&e scoffed and "ocked at the idea of the saints+ !oin! up$ will be&isited with the pla!ues of od$ and will reali8e that it is not a s"all thin! to triflewith hi".

    As no plagues have &allen yet here in /arch, 0112, this evidentlyre&ers to the !)),111 who will 'e moc(ed and sco=ed at &or'elieving they will go up to heaven$

    Chapter /$ The 0anctuary

    3 saw that while 'esus was in the (ost #oly place he would be "arried to the 9ew'erusale"$ and after his work should be acco"plished in the #oliest$ he would

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    descend to earth in kin!ly power and take the precious ones to hi"self who had patiently waited his return.

    ee explanation in chapter 2#$

    Chapter /8 The Third !n#el s (essa#e

    ut an!els watch the precious dust of this ser&ant of od$ and he will co"e forth atthe sound of the last tru"p.

    Adventist &ounder, William /iller will 'e in heaven3-

    Chapter /& ! ir2 Platfor2

    3 saw that od had honest children a"on! the no"inal Ad&entists$ and the fallenchurches$ and "inisters and people will yet be called out fro" these churches$

    before the pla!ues shall be poured out$ and they will !ladly e"brace the truth.Satan knows this$ and before the loud cry of the third an!el$ raises an e4cite"ent inthese reli!ious bodies$ that those who ha&e re ected the truth "ay think od is withthe". #e hopes to decei&e the honest$ and lead the" to think that od is stillworkin! for the churches. ut the li!ht will shine$ and e&ery one of the honest oneswill lea&e the fallen churches$ and take their stand with the re"nant.

    * This is one o& the ) places in this 'oo( that i 7uote &rom themost$ A correct understanding will guard against 0 very seriouserrors among Adventists$ ne is the popular 'elie& among 6sleepy6Adventists that all you have to do is stay in the eventh+dayAdventist church, and you will 'e alright$

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    3 saw the rappin! delusion. Satan has power to brin! the appearance of for"s before us purportin! to be our relati&es and friends that now sleep in 'esus. 3t will be "ade to appear as if they were present$ the words they uttered while here$ whichwe were fa"iliar with$ will be spoken$ and the sa"e tone of &oice which they hadwhile li&in! will fall upon the ear. All this is to decei&e the world$ and ensnarethe" into the belief of this delusion.

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    an!el who it was. Said he$ 3t is Satan. #e is the conductor in the for" of an an!elof li!ht. #e has taken the world capti&e. They are !i&en o&er to stron! delusions$ to

    belie&e a lie that they "ay be da"ned. #is a!ent$ the ne4t hi!hest in order to hi"$is the en!ineer$ and others of his a!ents are e"ployed in different offices as he "ayneed the"$ and they are all !oin! with li!htnin! speed to perdition. 3 asked thean!el if there were none left. #e bade "e look in an opposite direction$ and 3 saw alittle co"pany tra&elin! a narrow pathway. All see"ed to be fir"ly united$ and

    bound to!ether by the truth.

    What a picture; All the world except a little company a'oard atrain to hell;;

    This little co"pany looked care6worn$ as thou!h they had passed throu!h se&ere

    trials and conflicts. And it see"ed as if the sun had ust appeared fro" behind thecloud$ and shone upon their countenances$ and caused the" to look triu"phant$ asthou!h their &ictories were nearly won.

    3 saw that the 5ord had !i&en the world opportunity to disco&er the snare. This onethin! was e&idence enou!h for the *hristian if there were no other. There is nodifference "ade between the precious and the &ile.

    The deciding &actor to not get a'oard the train is not well (nownamong us 5As$ We must ma(e a clear distinction 'etween rightand wrong, good and 'ad$

    Tho"as Paine$ whose body has "ouldered to dust$ and who is to be called forth atthe end of the 1000 years$ at the second resurrection$ to recei&e his reward$ andsuffer the second death$ is purported by Satan to be in hea&en$ and hi!hly e4altedthere. Satan used hi" on earth as lon! as he could$ and now he is carryin! on thesa"e work throu!h pretensions of ha&in! Tho"as Paine so "uch e4alted and

    honored/ and as he tau!ht on earth$ Satan is "akin! it appear that he is teachin! inhea&en. And so"e on earth who ha&e looked with horror at his life and death$ andhis corrupt teachin!s while li&in!$ now sub"it to be tau!ht by hi" who was one ofthe &ilest and "ost corrupt of "en/ one who despised od and his law.

    4 don6t (now how to classi&y this one$ By the &ollowing, it appearsthat Thomas Daine will physically appear in the last days$

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    that it co"es throu!h Tho"as Paine$ who was his de&oted ser&ant while he li&ed.ut this is the "asterpiece of Satan. All this teachin! purportin! to be fro"

    apostles$ and saints$ and wicked "en who ha&e died$ co"es directly fro" hisSatanic "a esty.

    /any little (nown prophecies in this chapter ++ Here we see thatsome o& atan6s angels will act the part o& apostles who havedied, while others will act the part o& wic(ed persons who havedied$ This is very clear that at the time o& this prophecy, there will'e literal, physical mani&estations o& supernatural power$ How willit &eel to turn on the T or clic( the mouse and see Deter, 8ohn,Daul etc$, 9ust as you would expect them to loo(, saying manywonder&ul things$ nly those who (now their God will 'e a'le to(now that these are atan6s agents$ And can you imagine the

    hatred you will stir up when you go to wor( that day and tell yourwor(+mates "That guy you see there on T who says he6s Deter +that6s really one o& the 5evil6s angels$" Derhaps /ohammed andBuddha will 'e re+enacted too$ This masterpiece o& atan willsurely 'ring all the world together, and those who oppose will 'eseen as 6terrorists6$

    This should be enou!h to re"o&e the &ail fro" e&ery "ind and disco&er unto allthe dark$ "ysterious works of Satan/ 66 that he has !ot one who" he lo&ed so well$and who hated od so perfectly$ with the holy apostles and an!els in !lory:&irtually sayin! to the world and infidels$ 9o "atter how wicked you are/ no"atter whether you belie&e in od or the ible$ or disbelie&e/ li&e as you please$hea&en is your ho"e/ 66 for e&eryone knows that if Tho"as Paine is in hea&en$ andso e4alted$ they will surely !et there. This is so !larin! that all "ay see if they will.Satan is doin! now what he has been tryin! to do since his fall$ throu!h indi&idualslike Tho"as Paine. #e is$ throu!h his power and lyin! wonders$ tearin! away thefoundation of the *hristians+ hope$ and puttin! out their sun that is to li!hten the"in the narrow way to hea&en. #e is "akin! the world belie&e that the ible is no

    better than a story6book$ uninspired$ while he holds out so"ethin! to take its place/na"ely$ Spiritual Manifestations 7

    /any times i hear3 "4& i could 9ust see God, i would 'elieve$" atanwill o'lige$

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    #ere is a channel wholly de&oted to hi"self$ under his control$ and he can "akethe world belie&e what he will. The ook that is to ud!e hi" and his followers$ he

    puts back into the shade$ ust where he wants it. The Sa&iour of the world he "akesto be no "ore than a co""on "an/ and as the Ro"an !uard that watched the to"bof 'esus$ spread the false and lyin! report that the chief priests and elders put intheir "outh$ so will the poor$ deluded followers of these pretended spiritual"anifestations$ repeat$ and try to "ake it appear$ that there is nothin! "iraculousabout our Sa&iour+s birth$ death and resurrection/ and they put 'esus with the ible$

    back into the shade$ where they want hi"$ and then !et the world to look to the"and their lyin! wonders and "iracles$ which they declare far e4ceed the works of*hrist. Thus the world is taken in the snare$ and lulled to security/ not to find outtheir awful deception$ until the se&en last pla!ues are poured out. Satan lau!hs ashe sees his plan succeed so well$ and the whole world in the snare.

    * uite a chapter; And it closes with an astounding prophecy thati6ve never heard anyone mention in all my )! years o& livinginIwith eventh+day Adventism + that Christ6s 'irth, death, andresurrection will 'e copied;;

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    in our ranks we can. The "ore "eans they ha&e$ the "ore will they in ure ourkin!do" by !ettin! our sub ects. And as they appoint "eetin!s in different places$then we are in dan!er. e &ery &i!ilant then. *ause all the distraction you can.Destroy lo&e for each other. Discoura!e and dishearten their "inisters/ for we hatethe". #old up e&ery plausible e4cuse to those that ha&e "eans$ lest they hand itout. *ontrol the "oney "atters if you can$ and dri&e their "inisters to want$ anddistress. This will weaken their coura!e and 8eal. attle e&ery inch of !round.(ake co&etousness and lo&e of earthly treasures the rulin! traits of their character.As lon! as these traits rule$ sal&ation and !race stand back. *rowd all you canaround the" to attract the"$ and they will be surely ours. 9ot only are we sure ofthe"$ but their hateful influence will not be e4ercised toward others to lead the" tohea&en. And those who shall atte"pt to !i&e$ put within the" a !rud!in!disposition$ that it "ay be sparin!ly.

    atan has carried out his plan well o& getting us to destroy love&or each other3

    3 saw that Satan carried out his plans well. And as the ser&ants of od appointed"eetin!s$ Satan and his an!els understood their business$ and were on the !roundto hinder the work of od$ and he was constantly puttin! su!!estions into the"inds of od+s people. So"e he leads in one way$ and so"e in another$ alwaystakin! ad&anta!e of e&il traits in the brethren and sisters$ e4citin! and stirrin! uptheir natural beset"ents. 3f they are disposed to be selfish and co&etous$ Satan iswell pleased to take his stand by their side$ and then with all his power he seeks tolead the" to "anifest their besettin! sins. 3f the !race of od and the li!ht of truth"elt away these co&etous$ selfish feelin!s for a little$ and they do not obtain entire&ictory o&er the"$ when they are not under a sa&in! influence$ Satan co"es in andwithers up e&ery noble$ !enerous principle$ and they think that they ha&e to do too"uch. They beco"e weary of well6doin! and for!et all about the !reat sacrifice'esus "ade for the"$ to redee" the" fro" the power of Satan$ and hopeless"isery.

    The interesting thing here that is not well+(nown, is there aretimes when we "are not under a saving in uence"$ This snu=s outthe idea o& 6once saved always saved6$

    Satan took ad&anta!e of 'udas+ co&etous$ selfish disposition$ and led hi" to"ur"ur a!ainst the oint"ent (ary dedicated to 'esus. 'udas looked upon it as a!reat waste/ it "i!ht ha&e been sold and !i&en to the poor. #e cared not for the

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    poor$ but considered the liberal offerin! to 'esus e4tra&a!ant. 'udas pri8ed his 5ord ust enou!h to sell hi" for a few pieces of sil&er. And 3 saw that there were so"elike 'udas a"on! those who profess to be waitin! for their 5ord. Satan has thecontrol o&er the"$ but they know it not. 9ot a particle of co&etousness orselfishness can od approbate. #e hates it$ and he despises the prayers ande4hortations of those who possess it. As Satan sees his ti"e is short$ he leads the"on to be "ore and "ore selfish$ "ore and "ore co&etous$ and then e4ults as hesees the" wrapt up in the"sel&es$ close$ penurious and selfish. 3f the eyes of suchcould be opened$ they would see Satan in hellish triu"ph$ e4ultin! o&er the"$ andlau!hin! at the folly of those who accept his su!!estions$ and enter his snares.Then he and his an!els take the "ean and co&etous acts of these indi&iduals$ and

    present the" to 'esus and the holy an!els$ and reproachfully say$ These are *hrist+sfollowers7 They are !ettin! ready to be translated7 Satan "arks their de&iatin!course$ and then co"pares it with the ible$ with passa!es which plainly rebuke

    such thin!s$ and then presents it to annoy the hea&enly an!els$ sayin!$ These arefollowin! *hrist and his word7 These are the fruits of *hrist+s sacrifice andrede"ption7 An!els turn in dis!ust fro" the scene. od re2uires a constant doin!on the part of his people$ and when they beco"e weary of well and !enerousdoin!$ he beco"es weary of the". 3 saw that od was !reatly displeased with theleast "anifestation of selfishness on the part of his professed people$ for who"'esus has not spared his own precious life. )&ery selfish$ co&etous indi&idual willfall out by the way. 5ike 'udas$ who sold his 5ord$ they will sell !ood principles$and a noble$ !enerous disposition for a little of earth+s !ain. All such will be siftedout fro" od+s people. Those who want hea&en$ "ust$ with e&ery ener!y they

    possess$ be encoura!in! the principles of hea&en. And instead of their soulswitherin! up with selfishness$ they should be e4pandin! with bene&olence$ ande&ery opportunity should be i"pro&ed in doin! !ood to one another$ and increasin!and !rowin! "ore and "ore into the principles of hea&en. 'esus was held up to "eas the perfect pattern. #is life was without selfish interest$ and was "arked withdisinterested bene&olence.

    Jet6s not ma(e the angels disgusted$

    C !PTE6 3/ The 0ha7in#

    3 saw so"e with stron! faith and a!oni8in! cries$ pleadin! with od. Theircountenances were pale$ and "arked with deep an4iety$ which e4pressed theirinternal stru!!le. There were fir"ness and !reat earnestness e4pressed in theircountenances$ while lar!e drops of perspiration rose upon their foreheads$ and fell.

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    9ow and then their faces would li!ht up with the "arks of od+s approbation$ anda!ain the sa"e sole"n$ earnest$ an4ious look settled upon the".

    This entire chapter is little+understood 'y us 5As$ 4t descri'esour current positionInext thing to happen in the line o& prophecyposition$

    )&il an!els crowded around the"$ pressin! their darkness upon the"$ to shut out'esus fro" their &iew$ that their eyes "i!ht be drawn to the darkness thatsurrounded the"$ and they distrust od$ and ne4t "ur"ur a!ainst hi". Their onlysafety was in keepin! their eyes directed upward. An!els were ha&in! the char!eo&er the people of od$ and as the poisonous at"osphere fro" these e&il an!elswas pressed around these an4ious ones$ the an!els$ which had the char!e o&er

    the"$ were continually waftin! their win!s o&er the" to scatter the thick darknessthat surrounded the".

    ur only sa&ety is (eeping our eyes .xed on our leader + 8esusChrist$

    So"e$ 3 saw$ did not participate in this work of a!oni8in! and pleadin!. Theysee"ed indifferent and careless. They were not resistin! the darkness around the"$and it shut the" in like a thick cloud. The an!els of od left the"$ and went to the

    aid of those earnest$ prayin! ones. 3 saw the an!els of od hasten to the assistanceof all those who were stru!!lin! with all their ener!ies to resist those e&il an!els$and tryin! to help the"sel&es by callin! upon od with perse&erance. ut thean!els left those who "ade no effort to help the"sel&es$ and 3 lost si!ht of the".

    /ost unday+(eeping pastors, and even many 5A pastors havechanted the slogan regarding salvation3 "

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    3 asked the "eanin! of the shakin! 3 had seen. 3 was shown that it would be caused by the strai!ht testi"ony called forth by the counsel of the true itness to the5aodiceans. 3t will ha&e its effect upon the heart of the recei&er of the testi"ony$and it will lead hi" to e4alt the standard and pour forth the strai!ht truth. Thisstrai!ht testi"ony so"e will not bear. They will rise up a!ainst it$ and this willcause a shakin! a"on! od+s people.

    *Here it is, the last o& the places i 7uote &rom the most in this'oo($ The words here are somewhat well (nown among us 5As,'ut the meaning needs to 'e dwelt on more$ Adventists werecalled 6Jaodicea6 'y the Holy pirit as early as ! #0$ That we havecontinued to 'e Jaodicea is ac(nowledged 'y most everyone,except those who say 5A is &allen$ This 7uote shows clearly whothe true Witness tal(s to3 LJaodiceansI 5AsM, who are a group that

    God loves so much that he sends them messages to return tohim$

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    Said the an!el$ 5ist ye7 Soon 3 heard a &oice that sounded like "any "usicalinstru"ents$ all soundin! in perfect strains$ sweet and har"onious. 3t surpassed any"usic 3 had e&er heard. 3t see"ed to be so full of "ercy$ co"passion$ andele&atin!$ holy oy. 3t thrilled throu!h "y whole bein!. Said the an!el$ 5ook ye7(y attention was then turned to the co"pany 3 had seen before$ who were "i!htilyshaken. 3 was shown those who" 3 had before seen weepin!$ and prayin! witha!ony of spirit. 3 saw that the co"pany of !uardian an!els around the" haddoubled$ and they were clothed with an ar"or fro" their head to their feet. They"o&ed in e4act order$ fir" like a co"pany of soldiers. Their countenancese4pressed the se&ere conflict which they had endured$ the a!oni8in! stru!!le theyhad passed throu!h. ;et their features$ "arked with se&ere internal an!uish$ shonenow with the li!ht and !lory of hea&en. They had obtained the &ictory$ and it calledforth fro" the" the deepest !ratitude$ and holy$ sacred oy.

    When we come together, up to the standard, we will 'e in per&ectharmony$ This paragraph is a 'ig 'low to those who areadvocating all winds o& doctrine$ /ost o& those advocating no

    Trinity etc$ cannot even agree among themselves$

    The nu"bers of this co"pany had lessened. So"e had been shaken out$ and left bythe way. The careless and indifferent who did not oin with those who pri8ed&ictory and sal&ation enou!h to a!oni8e$ perse&ere$ and plead for it$ did not obtainit$ and they were left behind in darkness$ and their nu"bers were i""ediately"ade up by others takin! hold of the truth$ and co"in! into the ranks. Still the e&ilan!els pressed around the"$ but they could ha&e no power o&er the".

    How many have ever heard that we have to AgoniFe, Dersevere,and Dlead &or salvation: %sually it6s 9ust taught as something thatChrist has already done &or you, and you 9ust have to accept it$While it is grace that gets our names in the Boo( o& Ji&e at all, itre7uires e=ort on our part to overcome sin$ 4& we ma(e no e=ort,we &all into dar(ness$

    3 heard those clothed with the ar"or speak forth the truth in !reat power. 3t hadeffect. 3 saw those who had been bound/ so"e wi&es had been bound by theirhusbands$ and so"e children had been bound by their parents. The honest who had

    been held or pre&ented fro" hearin! the truth$ now ea!erly laid hold of the truthspoken. All fear of their relati&es was !one. The truth alone was e4alted to the". 3twas dearer and "ore precious than life. They had been hun!erin! and thirstin! for

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    truth. 3 asked what had "ade this !reat chan!e. An an!el answered$ 3t is the latterrain/ the refreshin! fro" the presence of the 5ord/ the loud cry of the third an!el.

    Here are some de.nitions &or us$ /any things are written a'outwhat the Joud Cry and Jatter >ain are, 'ut here it is clearly stated++ the Joud Cry, >e&reshing, and Jatter >ain are di=erent ways todescri'e the same thing;

    reat power was with these chosen ones. Said the an!el$ 5ook ye7 (y attentionwas turned to the wicked$ or unbelie&ers. They were all astir. The 8eal and powerwith the people of od had aroused and enra!ed the". *onfusion$ confusion$ wason e&ery side. 3 saw "easures taken a!ainst this co"pany$ who were ha&in! the

    power and li!ht of od. Darkness thickened around the"$ yet there they stood$

    appro&ed of od$ and trustin! in hi". 3 saw the" perple4ed. 9e4t 3 heard the"cryin! unto od earnestly. Throu!h the day and ni!ht their cry ceased not. 3 heardthese words$ Thy will$ < od$ be done7 3f it can !lorify thy na"e$ "ake a way ofescape for thy people7 Deli&er us fro" the heathen round about us7 They ha&eappointed us unto death/ but thine ar" can brin! sal&ation. These are all the words3 can brin! to "ind. They see"ed to ha&e a deep sense of their unworthiness$ and"anifested entire sub"ission to the will of od. ;et e&eryone$ without ane4ception$ was earnestly pleadin!$ and wrestlin! like 'acob for deli&erance.

    We will not 'ring a'out the Joud Cry 'y our pro9ects$ The Joud Cry

    will not happen sporadically somewhere in 4ndia, then in outhAmerica etc$ 4t will 'e super+power&ul, occurring all over the worldsimultaneously$ The Joud Cry occurs BE >E measures laws- arepassed against those giving it$ 4& we are waiting &or the undayJaw to 'e enacted 'e&ore we get into line, we can 'e assured thatwe will 'e sha(en out$

    Soon after they had co""enced their earnest cry$ the an!els$ in sy"pathy wouldha&e !one to their deli&erance. ut a tall$ co""andin! an!el suffered the" not.Said he$ The will of od is not yet fulfilled. They "ust drink of the cup. They "ust

    be bapti8ed with the baptis".

    Than(s a lot sons o& Ne'edee;

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    Soon 3 heard the &oice of od$ which shook the hea&ens and the earth. There was a"i!hty earth2uake. uildin!s were shaken down$ and fell on e&ery side. 3 thenheard a triu"phant shout of &ictory$ loud$ "usical and clear. 3 looked upon thisco"pany who$ a short ti"e before were in such distress and bonda!e. Theircapti&ity was turned. A !lorious li!ht shone upon the". #ow beautiful they thenlooked. All weariness and "arks of care were !one. #ealth and beauty were seenin e&ery countenance. Their ene"ies$ the heathen around the"$ fell like dead "en.They could not endure the li!ht that shone upon the deli&ered$ holy ones. This li!htand !lory re"ained upon the"$ until 'esus was seen in the clouds of hea&en$ andthe faithful$ tried co"pany was chan!ed in a "o"ent$ in the twinklin! of an eye$fro" !lory to !lory. And the !ra&es were opened and the saints ca"e forth$ clothedwith i""ortality$ cryin! &ictory o&er death and the !ra&e$ and to!ether with theli&in! saints$ were cau!ht up to "eet their 5ord in the air/ while the rich$ "usicalshouts of !lory and &ictory were upon e&ery i""ortal ton!ue$ and proceedin! fro"

    e&ery sanctified$ holy lip.

    This chapter very succinctly covers the entire time period &romthe ha(ing which loo(s to 'e going on now, to the time we rise inthe air to meet our Jord$ ollowing chapters will cover the details$

    C !PTE6 33 The 0ins of %a ylon

    3 saw the state of the different churches since the second an!el proclai"ed their

    fall. They ha&e been !rowin! "ore and "ore corrupt/ yet they bear the na"e of bein! *hrist+s followers. 3t is i"possible to distin!uish the" fro" the world. Their"inisters take their te4t fro" the ord$ but preach s"ooth thin!s. The natural heartfeels no ob ection to this. 3t is only the spirit and power of the truth$ and thesal&ation of *hrist$ that is hateful to the carnal heart. There is nothin! in the

    popular "inistry that stirs the wrath of Satan$ "akes the sinner tre"ble$ or appliesto the heart and conscience the fearful realities of a ud!"ent soon to co"e.

    icked "en are !enerally pleased with a for" without true !odliness$ and theywill aid and support such a reli!ion. Said the an!el$ 9othin! less than the wholear"or of ri!hteousness can o&erco"e$ and retain the &ictory o&er the powers ofdarkness. Satan has taken full possession of the churches as a body. The sayin!sand doin!s of "en are dwelt upon instead of the plain cuttin! truths of the word of

    od. Said the an!el$ The friendship and spirit of the world are at en"ity with od.hen truth in its si"plicity and stren!th$ as it is in 'esus$ is brou!ht to bear a!ainst

    the spirit of the world$ it awakens the spirit of persecution at once. (any$ &ery"any$ who profess to be *hristians$ ha&e not known od. The character of the

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    natural heart has not been chan!ed$ and the carnal "ind re"ains at en"ity withod. They are Satan+s own faithful ser&ants$ notwithstandin! they ha&e assu"ed

    another na"e.

    This particular 7uote made my pastor comment that "manypeople in the church do not li(e this 'oo(" including himsel& itseems-$ 4 had said that i love my 5A church, and even tho myparticular church 'asically .red me &or 'ringing homeless tochurch, that God still loves the 5A church, and we are not in

    atan6s camp li(e the unday churches are, 'ut that there areprecious souls in their congregations too$ The pastor then saidthat unday+(eeping churches were our 'rothers and sisters inChrist, and then commented a'out many mem'ers not li(ing this'oo($ 4 showed him " atan has ta(en &ull possession o& the

    churches as a 'ody$" in 8apanese-, 'ut he did not 'other to loo(O 9ust (ept tal(ing a'out the unday+churches 'eing our 'rothersand sisters in Christ, and that this was the oPcial position o& the

    5A church$ 4 have not veri.ed where the General Con&erence hasoPcially stated such$ 8ust 'e warned, showing people this 7uotewill ma(e you 'e (nown as a 6&anatic6, and 69udgmental6, and 6un+loving6$

    3 saw that since 'esus had left the #oly place of the hea&enly Sanctuary$ and hadentered within the second &ail$ the churches were left as were the 'ews/ and theyha&e been fillin! up with e&ery unclean and hateful bird. 3 saw !reat ini2uity and&ileness in the churches/ yet they profess to be *hristians. Their profession$ their

    prayers and their e4hortations$ are an abo"ination in the si!ht of od. Said thean!el$ od will not s"ell in their asse"blies. Selfishness$ fraud and deceit are

    practiced by the" without the repro&in!s of conscience. And o&er all these e&iltraits they throw the cloak of reli!ion. 3 was shown the pride of the no"inalchurches. od was not in their thou!hts/ but their carnal "inds dwell uponthe"sel&es. They decorate their poor "ortal bodies$ and then look upon the"sel&es

    with satisfaction and pleasure. 'esus and the an!els looked upon the" in an!er.Said the an!el$ Their sins and pride ha&e reached unto hea&en. Their portion is prepared. 'ustice and ud!"ent ha&e slu"bered lon!$ but will soon awake.=en!eance is "ine$ and 3 will repay$ saith the 5ord. The fearful threatenin!s of thethird an!el are to be reali8ed$ and they will drink the wrath of od. Aninnu"erable host of e&il an!els are spreadin! the"sel&es o&er the whole land. Thechurches and reli!ious bodies are crowded with the". And they look upon the

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    reli!ious bodies with e4ultation/ for the cloak of reli!ion co&ers the !reatest cri"esand ini2uity.

    46ve never seen anywhere else such power&ul language regardingthe unday+(eeping churches$ They are in a similar position as the

    8ews, and even their prayers are an a'omination;; houldn6t we'e energetically calling them out:

    All hea&en beholds with indi!nation$ hu"an bein!s$ the work"anship of od$reduced to the lowest depths of de!radation$ and placed on a le&el with the brutecreation by their fellow "en. And professed followers of that dear Sa&iour whoseco"passion was e&er "o&ed as he witnessed hu"an woe$ heartily en!a!e in thisenor"ous and !rie&ous sin$ and deal in sla&es and souls of "en. An!els ha&e

    recorded it all. 3t is written in the book. The tears of the pious bond6"en and bond6wo"en$ of fathers$ "others and children$ brothers and sisters$ are all bottled up inhea&en. A!ony$ hu"an a!ony$ is carried fro" place to place$ and bou!ht and sold.

    od will restrain his an!er but a little lon!er. #is an!er burns a!ainst this nation$and especially a!ainst the reli!ious bodies who ha&e sanctioned$ and ha&ethe"sel&es en!a!ed in this terrible "erchandise. Such in ustice$ such oppression$such sufferin!s$ "any professed followers of the "eek and lowly 'esus can witnesswith heartless indifference. And "any of the" can inflict with hateful satisfaction$all this indescribable a!ony the"sel&es$ and yet dare to worship od. 3t is sole"n"ockery$ and Satan e4ults o&er it$ and reproaches 'esus and his an!els with suchinconsistency$ sayin!$ with hellish triu"ph$ Such are Christ's followers 7

    This is one o& the most puFFling places in the whole 'oo($ Therewas slavery in America in ! # $ There is not in 0112$ 4 read thispassage many times applying it to past history, the Civil War, 'utnot everything .ts this application as we will see 'elow$

    These professed *hristians read of the sufferin!s of the "artyrs$ and tears coursedown their cheeks. They wonder that "en could e&er possess hearts so hardened asto practice such inhu"an cruelties towards their fellow6"en$ while at the sa"eti"e they hold their fellow6"en in sla&ery. And this is not all. They se&er the tiesof nature$ and cruelly oppress fro" day to day their fellow6"en. They can inflict"ost inhu"an tortures with relentless cruelty$ which would well co"pare with thecruelty papists and heathens e4ercised towards *hrist+s followers. Said the an!el$ 3twill be "ore tolerable for the heathen and for papists in the day of the e4ecution of

    od+s ud!"ent than for such "en. The cries and sufferin!s of the oppressed ha&e

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    reached unto hea&en$ and an!els stand a"a8ed at the hard6hearted$ untold$a!oni8in! sufferin!$ "an in the i"a!e of his (aker$ causes his fellow6"an. Saidthe an!el$ The na"es of such are written in blood$ crossed with stripes$ and floodedwith a!oni8in!$ burnin! tears of sufferin!. od+s an!er will not cease until he hascaused the land of li!ht to drink the dre!s of the cup of his fury$ and until he hasrewarded unto abylon double. Reward her e&en as she rewarded you$ double untoher double accordin! to her works: in the cup which she hath filled$ fill to herdouble.

    ">eward unto Ba'ylon dou'le"$ This is a direct 7uote &rom>evelation ! 3Q$ But wait, >ev$ ! is during the Joud Crytime&rame, which has not started yet here in 0112$ 4t loo(s li(ethis is a dou'le+application prophecy$ ?es, America received thewrath o& God &or allowing the terri'le sin o& slavery so long on its

    soil$ But the Ba'ylon o& >ev$ ! is o'viously not the America o&! Q1, it is the .nal world religious+civil 'east that will try to ma(eeveryone &ollow it, or not 'e allowed to 'uy and sell$ The onlylogical conclusion i can come to, is that there will 'e slavery againin the world when 8esus returns$ 4s this possi'le: 5oesn6t itcontradict the Bi'le and common sense:

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    couldn6t 'elieve she was a true prophet, was 'ecause o& this7uote a'out the ignorant slaves not getting any chance to go toheaven$

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    ali(e, anyone advocating 6separation6 or 6individuality6 is 6contraryto consensus6 and will 'e punished 'y natural law$ >emem'era'ove that Jatter >ain and Joud Cry are 0 ways o& saying similarthings: Well, that means that the Jatter >ain doesn6t happen

    sporadically here and there whenever there is some huge'aptismal service etc$ 4t will 'e a world+wide event, and callingpeople out o& the &allen churches will 'e part and parcel o& it$

    An!els were sent to aid the "i!hty an!el fro" hea&en$ and 3 heard &oices whichsee"ed to sound e&erywhere$ *o"e out of her$ "y people$ that ye be not partakersof her sins$ and that ye recei&e not of her pla!ues/ for her sins ha&e reached untohea&en$ and od hath re"e"bered her ini2uities. This "essa!e see"ed to be anaddition to the third "essa!e$ and oined it$ as the "idni!ht cry oined the second

    an!el+s "essa!e in 1>??. The !lory of od rested upon the patient$ waitin! saints$and they fearlessly !a&e the last sole"n warnin!$ proclai"in! the fall of abylon$and callin! upon od+s people to co"e out of her/ that they "i!ht escape herfearful doo".

    Angels are actively, directly involved in this wor( o& giving themessage$ These are not sym'ols o& people giving the message,they are actually angels &rom heaven that Ellen White saw andheard$ %nderstanding the Joud Cry is made easier 'y studyingwhat actually happened in the /idnight Cry$ There are instanceso& people leavingI'eing (ic(ed out o& the churches as early as! )! or so$ 4t went with great power &rom the summer o& ! )), upto cto'er 00, ! ))$ The leaders in the Advent movement werethe most reluctant to accept it$

    The li!ht that was shed upon the waitin! ones penetrated e&erywhere$ and thosewho had any li!ht in the churches$ who had not heard and re ected the three"essa!es$ answered to the call$ and left the fallen churches. (any had co"e toyears of accountability since these "essa!es had been !i&en$ and the li!ht shoneupon the"$ and they were pri&ile!ed to choose life or death. So"e chose life$ andtook their stand with those lookin! for their 5ord$ and keepin! all hisco""and"ents. The third "essa!e was to do its work/ all were to be tested uponit$ and the precious ones were to be called out fro" the reli!ious bodies. Aco"pellin! power "o&es the honest$ while the "anifestation of the power of odholds in fear and restraint relati&es and friends$ and they dare not$ neither ha&e they

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    power to$ hinder those who feel the work of the Spirit of od upon the". The lastcall is carried e&en to the poor sla&es$ and the pious a"on! the"$ with hu"blee4pressions$ pour forth their son!s of e4tra&a!ant oy at the prospect of their happydeli&erance$ and their "asters cannot check the"/ for a fear and astonish"ent keepthe" silent. (i!hty "iracles are wrou!ht$ the sick are healed$ and si!ns andwonders follow the belie&ers. od is in the work$ and e&ery saint$ fearless ofconse2uences$ follows the con&ictions of his own conscience$ and unites with thosewho are keepin! all the co""and"ents of od/ and they sound abroad the third"essa!e with power. 3 saw that the third "essa!e would close with power andstren!th far e4ceedin! the "idni!ht cry.

    The time &actor given here ma(es it loo( li(e God was planning tocome 'ac( in the ! Q1s$ 4n 0112, E E>?B 5? "had come to yearso& accounta'ility since these messages had 'een given$" The

    precious ones were "called out &rom the religious 'odies",seemingly saying that this message is not &or the un'elievers in

    8esus Christ$ At this point in time does "religious 'odies" includeeventh+day Adventists: 4t seems so, as chapter 0* said3 "4 saw

    that God had honest children among the nominal Adventists, andthe &allen churches, and ministers and people will yet 'e calledout &rom these churches, 'e&ore the plagues shall 'e poured out, "/ighty miracles will 'e wrought that will silence the opposition,actually ma(e them scared;

    Ser&ants of od$ endowed with power fro" on hi!h$ with their faces li!hted up$and shinin! with holy consecration$ went forth fulfillin! their work$ and

    proclai"in! the "essa!e fro" hea&en. Souls that were scattered all throu!h thereli!ious bodies answered to the call$ and the precious were hurried out of thedoo"ed churches$ as 5ot was hurried out of Sodo" before her destruction. od+s

    people were fitted up and stren!thened by the e4cellent !lory which fell upon the"in rich abundance$ preparin! the" to endure the hour of te"ptation. A "ultitude of&oices 3 heard e&erywhere$ sayin!$ #ere is the patience of the saints/ here are they

    that keep the co""and"ents of od$ and the faith of 'esus.A 'eauti&ul picture3 "with their &aces lighted up, and shining withholy consecration"3- 5on6t we all want to have our &ace lighted up,and shining with holy consecration:;

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    people who come out o& the doomed churches will not even 'ehindered 'y their &riends or relatives$ And here we see that thesaints have not yet started their hour o& temptation at this time$

    The last part o& the 2rd angel6s message given in >ev$ !)3!0 will

    'e the saying on the saints6 lips, showing that aith o& 8esus- andWor(s (eeping the commandments- will 'e the central theme$ This goes directly against the ma9ority o& Christianity which says3" aith alone", or "The commandments were nailed on the cross"$

    C !PTE6 35 The Third (essa#e Closed

    3 was pointed down to the ti"e when the third an!el+s "essa!e was closin!. The power of od had rested upon his people. They had acco"plished their work$ and

    were prepared for the tryin! hour before the". They had recei&ed the latter rain$ orrefreshin! fro" the presence of the 5ord$ and the li&in! testi"ony had beenre&i&ed. The last !reat warnin! had sounded e&erywhere$ and it had stirred up andenra!ed the inhabitants of earth$ who would not recei&e the "essa!e.

    The Jatter >ain is also called the 6>e&reshing &rom the Jord6$ 4tsurely will 'e re&reshing to hear the living testimony, an intenselypersonal testimony, rather than dry speeches$ Again, see that theJoud Cry goes out .rst, and this is what ma(es the world angry$4t6s not that the world gets angry against the truth, and then wego out and give the Joud Cry$

    3 saw an!els hurryin! to and fro in hea&en. An an!el returned fro" the earth with awriter+s ink6horn by his side$ and reported to 'esus that his work was done$ that thesaints were nu"bered and sealed. Then 3 saw 'esus$ who had been "inisterin!

    before the ark containin! the ten co""and"ents$ throw down the censer. #e raisedhis hands upward$ and with a loud &oice said$ It is done. And all the an!elic hostlaid off their crowns as 'esus "ade the sole"n declaration$ #e that is un ust$ lethi" be un ust still/ and he which is filthy$ let hi" be filthy still/ and he that isri!hteous$ let hi" be ri!hteous still/ and he that is holy$ let hi" be holy still.

    4 mar(ed this 'lue, as i thin( every 5A has heard o& it, 'ut i do(now o& one *1R year old 5A scholar that many people loo( upto &or his views on the times o& the Gentiles, who either did not(now this, or more pro'a'ly, re&uses to 'elieve it$ WilliamGrotheer said that the since the 'eing with the writer6s in(+horn is

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  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    on 6only 'elieve6, and 6no e=ort6$

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    showing them plain Bi'le texts li(e 8ohn 232Q etc$, and was toldthat ta(ing a verse here and there and ignoring the whole themeo& the Bi'le leads to &alse conclusions$ & course i agree with that,'ut isn6t the theme o& the entire Bi'le salvation in 8esus Christ

    alone:;: Why is this such 'ig news: + 'ecause i& 8ews can 'esaved without 'elieving in 8esus, so can /uslims, Hindus,Buddhists, Atheists, etc$ 4t ma(es everyone go to heaven, whetherthey 'elieve in 8esus or not$ 4 see this is a large step in &ul.llingthis prophecy that at the end the ministers will 'e preachinguniversal salvation$

    C !PTE6 3" The Ti2e of 9aco s Trou le

    3 saw the saints lea&in! the cities and &illa!es$ and associatin! in co"paniesto!ether$ and li&in! in the "ost solitary places. An!els pro&ided the" food andwater/ but the wicked were sufferin! with hun!er and thirst. Then 3 saw the leadin!"en of earth consultin! to!ether$ and Satan and his an!els were busy around the".3 saw a writin!$ and copies of it scattered in different parts of the land$ !i&in!orders$ that unless the saints should yield their peculiar faith$ !i&e up the Sabbath$and obser&e the first day$ they were at liberty$ after such a ti"e$ to put the" todeath. ut in this ti"e the saints were cal" and co"posed$ trustin! in od$ andleanin! upon his pro"ise$ that a way of escape would be "ade for the". 3n so"e

    places$ before the ti"e for the writin! to be e4ecuted$ the wicked rushed upon thesaints to slay the"/ but an!els in the for" of "en of war fou!ht for the". Satanwished to ha&e the pri&ile!e of destroyin! the saints of the (ost #i!h/ but 'esus

    bade his an!els watch o&er the"$ for od would be honored by "akin! a co&enantwith those who had kept his law in the si!ht of the heathen round about the"/ and'esus would be honored by translatin! the faithful$ waitin! ones$ who had so lon!e4pected hi"$ without their seein! death.

    What: ?ou mean i can6t live in my nice house, go to wor(, and eatmy usual &ood until i meet the Jord in the air: That6s right$ We will

    'e in the most solitary places, way out in the mountains, desert,and wilderness$ This means that Christ cannot possi'ly come6tomorrow6 as many pastors say$ We will 'e given very simple &oodand water, to help wean us away &rom all the 9un( &ood we6ve'een putting in our 'odies over the years$ That way we can &ocus'etter on what action to ta(e, and to strengthen our &aith at theend time$

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    water$ When all the water is turned to 'lood, no dou't it will 'every diPcult to .nd anything to drin($ When i see pictures o& the%nited

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    Even o& the saints, the !)),111 living ones who will go to heaven,there will 'e worries right up to the end, even a&ter the Close o&Dro'ation$ Even in the wilderness the wic(ed will come out and.nd and surround the saints$ tudying a'out 8aco'6s wrestling

    with the angel, we can glimpse what the saints will go thru in thistrying time$ This time seems to 'e the 6time o& trialItemptation6,that is re&erred to o&ten in this 'oo($ God delivers the saints not'ecause they do something great, 'ut &or his name6s glory$ Theydo what he said to do, and as a &ather protects his children, hewill protect them$

    3 was pointed back to faithful 9oah. The rain descended$ the floods ca"e. 9oahand his fa"ily had entered the ark$ and od shut the" in. 9oah had faithfully

    warned the inhabitants of the old world$ while they had "ocked and derided hi".And as the waters descended upon the earth$ and as one after another were bein!drowned$ they beheld that ark that they had "ade so "uch sport of$ ridin! safelyupon the waters$ preser&in! the faithful 9oah and his fa"ily. So 3 saw that the

    people of od$ who had warned the world of his co"in! wrath$ would bedeli&ered. They had faithfully warned the inhabitants of the earth$ and od wouldnot suffer the wicked to destroy those who were e4pectin! translation$ and whowould not bow to the decree of the beast$ or recei&e his "ark. 3 saw that if thewicked were per"itted to slay the saints$ Satan and all his e&il host$ and all whohate od$ would be !ratified. And

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    (eeping unday$ therwise, there would 'e no sense in separatingthese 0 actions into 0 actions; 4t loo(s very pro'a'le that the/ar( o& the Beast will 'e a physical, seea'le mar( placed onthose who (eep unday$

    As the saints left the cities and &illa!es$ they were pursued by the wicked. Theyraised their swords to kill the saints$ but they broke$ and fell as powerless as astraw. An!els of od shielded the saints. As they cried day and ni!ht fordeli&erance$ their cry ca"e up before od.

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    this 'e wonder&ul, a super+special privilege &or those o& us wholive and die- (eeping the a''ath;;

    The sky opened and shut$ and was in co""otion. The "ountains shook like a reedin the wind$ and cast out ra!!ed rocks all around. The sea boiled like a pot$ andcast out stones upon the land. And as od spake the day and hour of 'esus+ co"in!$and deli&ered the e&erlastin! co&enant to his people$ he spake one sentence$ andthen paused$ while the words were rollin! throu!h the earth. The 3srael of odstood with their eyes fi4ed upwards$ listenin! to the words as they ca"e fro" the"outh of 'eho&ah$ and rolled throu!h the earth like peals of loudest thunder. 3t wasawfully sole"n. At the end of e&ery sentence the saints shouted$ lory7 #allelu ah7Their countenances were li!hted up with the !lory of od/ and they shone with the!lory as did (oses+ face when he ca"e down fro" Sinai. The wicked could not

    look on the" for the !lory. And when the ne&er6endin! blessin! was pronouncedon those who had honored od$ in keepin! his Sabbath holy$ there was a "i!htyshout of &ictory o&er the beast$ and o&er his i"a!e.

    Then co""enced the ubilee$ when the land should rest. 3 saw the pious sla&e risein triu"ph and &ictory$ and shake off the chains that bound hi"$ while his wicked"aster was in confusion$ and knew not what to do/ for the wicked could notunderstand the words of the &oice of od. Soon appeared the !reat white cloud.

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  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    This is little (nown, 'ut not so important + 9ust that the cloud 8esusta(es us to heaven on has wheels that are alive, and the wholething is called a chariot$ 4s there some signi.cance that we willma(e a s7uare around 8esus and not a circle, which is what is

    normally done when surrounding someone:

    C !PTE6 38 The 0aints 6e:ard

    Then 3 saw a &ery !reat nu"ber of an!els brin! fro" the city !lorious crowns/ acrown for e&ery saint with his na"e written thereon/ and as 'esus called for thecrowns$ an!els presented the" to hi"$ and the lo&ely 'esus$ with his own ri!hthand$ placed the crowns on the heads of the saints. 3n the sa"e "anner$ the an!els

    brou!ht the harps$ and 'esus presented the" also to the saints. The co""andin!

    an!els first struck the note$ and then e&ery &oice was raised in !rateful$ happy praise$ and e&ery hand skillfully swept o&er the strin!s of the harp$ sendin! forth"elodious "usic in rich and perfect strains. Then 3 saw 'esus lead the redee"edco"pany to the !ate of the city. #e laid hold of the !ate and swun! it back on its!litterin! hin!es$ and bade the nations who had kept the truth to enter in. There wase&erythin! in the city to feast the eye. Rich !lory they beheld e&erywhere. Then'esus looked upon his redee"ed saints/ their countenances were radiant with !lory/and as he fi4ed his lo&in! eyes upon the"$ he said$ with his rich$ "usical &oice$ 3

    behold the tra&ail of "y soul$ and a" satisfied. This rich !lory is yours to en oyeternally. ;our sorrows are ended. There shall be no "ore death$ neither sorrow$nor cryin!$ neither shall there be any "ore pain. 3 saw the redee"ed host bow andcast their !litterin! crowns at the feet of 'esus$ and then$ as his lo&ely hand raisedthe" up$ they touched their !olden harps$ and filled all hea&en with their "usic$and son!s to the 5a"b.

    ne thing that might not 'e so well (nown, is that our crowns willeach have their owner6s name on them thus showing that heavenis not communist-, and that 8esus will place each crown on ourheads$ As i can6t do much with musical instruments here, it will 'e

    a miracle to 'e a'le to play my harp s(ill&ully3-

    3 then saw 'esus leadin! the redee"ed host to the tree of life$ and a!ain we heardhis lo&ely &oice$ richer than any "usic that e&er fell on "ortal ear$ sayin!$ Thelea&es of this tree are for the healin! of the nations. )at ye all of it. pon the treeof life was "ost beautiful fruit$ which the saints could partake of freely. There wasa "ost !lorious throne in the *ity$ and fro" under the throne proceeded a pure

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    ri&er of water of life$ as clear as crystal.

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    land. #ere is Satan+s ho"e$ with his e&il an!els$ throu!h the 1000 years. #ere theywill be confined$ and wander up and down o&er the broken surface of the earth$and see the effects of his rebellion a!ainst od+s law. The effects of the cursewhich he has caused$ he can en oy throu!h the 1000 years. 5i"ited alone to theearth$ he will ha&e no pri&ile!e of ran!in! around to other planets$ to te"pt andannoy those who ha&e not fallen. Satan suffers in this ti"e e4tre"ely. Since his fallhis e&il traits ha&e been in constant e4ercise. #e is then depri&ed of his power$ andleft to reflect upon the part he has acted since his fall$ and to look forward withtre"blin! and terror to the dreadful future$ when he "ust suffer for all the e&il hehas done$ and be punished for all the sins he has caused to be co""itted.

    atan has 'een very 'usy &or a long time, 'ut then he can6t evengo to other planets to tempt others$ He6ll have !111 years to thin(things over$

    Then 3 heard shouts of triu"ph fro" the an!els$ and fro" the redee"ed saints$which sounded like ten thousand "usical instru"ents$ because they were to be no"ore annoyed and te"pted by the De&il$ and the inhabitants of other worlds weredeli&ered fro" his presence and his te"ptations.

    ery &ew people are aware that atan still annoys the un&allenangels today$ atan is present on other worlds too now, trying tocontinue his re'ellion$ But then it will 'e all over + praise God;;

    Then 3 saw thrones$ and 'esus and the redee"ed saints sat upon the"/ and thesaints rei!ned as kin!s and priests unto od$ and the wicked dead were ud!ed$ andtheir acts were co"pared with the statute book$ the word of od$ and they were

    ud!ed accordin! to the deeds done in the body. 'esus$ in union with the saints$"eted out to the wicked the portion they "ust suffer$ accordin! to their works/ andit was written in the book of death$ and set off a!ainst their na"es. Satan and hisan!els were also ud!ed by 'esus and the saints. Satan+s punish"ent was to be far!reater than that of those who" he had decei&ed. 3t so far e4ceeded their

    punish"ent that it could not be co"pared with theirs. After all those who" he haddecei&ed had perished$ Satan was to still li&e and suffer on "uch lon!er.

    8udged according to the deeds$ The saints will have !111 years to'e &ully satis.ed that the reward o& the wic(ed is 9ust and loving$4t must 'e very hard during that time tho to thin( a'out how

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    much punishment our own &riends or &amily mem'ers even, thosewho re9ected 8esus and 'owed to the 'east, should 'e given$$$

    After the ud!"ent of the wicked dead was finished$ at the end of the one thousandyears$ 'esus left the *ity$ and a train of the an!elic host followed hi". The saintsalso went with hi". 'esus descended upon a !reat and "i!hty "ountain$ which$ assoon as his feet touched it$ parted asunder$ and beca"e a "i!hty plain. Then welooked up and saw the !reat and beautiful *ity$ with twel&e foundations$ twel&e!ates$ three on each side$ and an an!el at each !ate. e cried out$ The *ity7 The!reat *ity7 3t is co"in! down fro" od out of hea&en7 And it ca"e down in all itssplendor$ and da88lin! !lory$ and settled in the "i!hty plain which 'esus had

    prepared for it.

    A&ter the !111 years, 8esus, angels, and saints come down to thisearth .rst, then the

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  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    "&ew" who had accepted the plan o& salvation, atan has"countless millions" on his side$

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    >evelation that the

  • 8/14/2019 Unfulfilled Prophecies


    fire which had consu"ed the wicked$ burnin! up the rubbish and purifyin! theearth. A!ain 3 looked and saw the earth purified. There was not a sin!le si!n of thecurse. The broken up$ and une&en surface of the earth now looked like a le&el$e4tensi&e plain. od+s entire uni&erse was clean$ and the !reat contro&ersy wasfore&er ended. )&erywhere we looked$ e&erythin! the eye rested upon$ was

    beautiful and holy. And all the redee"ed host$ old and youn!$ !reat and s"all$ casttheir !litterin! crowns at the feet of their Redee"er$ and prostrated the"sel&es inadoration before hi"$ and worshiped hi" that li&eth fore&er and e&er. The beautiful

    9ew )arth$ with all its !lory$ was the eternal inheritance of the saints. Thekin!do"$ and do"inion$ and !reatness of the kin!do" under the whole hea&en$was then !i&en to the saints of the (ost #i!h who were to possess it fore&er$ e&enfore&er and e&er.

    4magine, no eternally 'urning hell K+K- The wic(ed are destroyed

    permanently, then everything will 'e made over, clean and'eauti&ul$ The saints will 'e given the earth as a possession&orever and ever, Amen;

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