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Unlock Your Dvd Region Code

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Unlock Your

DVD REGION CODEPlay DVDs From Any Country

By Evan Knoble

Evan Knoble KNOBLE ARTS 2 Unlock Your DVD Region Code

What are "regional codes" or "Country Codes"?The movie studios want to control the release of films in different countries because theatre releases do not occur simultaneously (a film in the U.S. can come out on video, while in Europe just before coming to the cinemas). In addition, the studios sell distribution rights to different foreign distributors and would guarantee them an exclusive market. Therefore, they have demanded the inclusion in the DVD standard include codes to prevent playback of certain discs in certain geographical regions. Each player is given a code for the region in which it is sold. The player will refuse to play discs that do not have the code in this region. This means that a disc bought in one country, perhaps on a player that was bought in another can not play. Some people believe that region codes are an illegal restriction on trade, but this view has been confirmed in any court proceedings. Region codes are for the maker of a disc completely optional. Discs without region lock on any player can play in any country. It is not an encryption system, there is only one byte of information on the disc, which tests the player. Some studios originally announced that only their new releases would have regional codes, but until now it encompasses almost all Hollywood releases play in only one region. Region codes are a permanent part of the disc, it does not turn freely after a certain time. Not affected by regional codes are DVD Audio, DVD-ROM and rewritable DVDs (see below for more details). There are seven regions (also called zones), each was assigned a number. Players and discs can often be identified by the region number, which is emblazoned on a globe. If the CD is playing in more than one region, it has more than one number on the globe.

1: USA, Canada, U.S. Territories 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East (including Egypt) 3: Southeast Asia and East Asia (including Hong Kong) 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean 5: Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union), the Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea, and Mongolia 6: China 7: Reserved 8: Special international sites (airplanes, cruise ships, etc.)

Evan Knoble KNOBLE ARTS 3 Unlock Your DVD Region Code

Technically, there is no region zero disc or a region zero player. There are only discs with all regions and all-region player. Some players can be "hacked" using special command sequence with the remote control so that they change the region or play all regions. Some players can be changed by a physical intervention ("chipped") so that they can play discs regardless of their regional codes. This usually voids the warranty in most countries but it is not illegal because only the CSS license requires player manufacturers that their players have region codes. Many retailers, especially those outside North America, sell players that have already been modified to play more than one region or in some cases they simply provide instructions on how to get access to the "secret" region change function, which is already built into the player . Here's an interesting side note: On 7 Feb. 2001, NASA has two multi-region DVD player sent to the International Space Station. Some discs from Fox, Buena Vista / Touchstone / Miramax, MGM / Universal, Polygram, and Columbia TriStar contain program code that checks whether the player has the correct region setting.( There's Something About Mary (There's Something About Mary) and psychoanalysis are two examples.) began in late 2000 Warner Bros. that the same active region checking, to enter the other studios were in use more than one year. They called it "region code enhancement" (RCE, also REA) and it has caused quite a stir. RCE was first observed in such films as The Patriot and Charlie's Angels 3 used (Charlie's Angels). "Smart discs" with active region checking will be on code-free non-players that are set for all regions (FFh), but to manually switchable players, where you can change the player via the remote region, according to the current disc. You may not work on automaticswitching players that recognize the region of the disc and hence their change. (It depends on the standard defined region of the player. An RCE disc has all region information, so that the player does not know on what change he is. The disc queries the region setting of the player and stops playing when the Player of the false returns. A default on deceptive RCE Region 1 discs with Region 1 The Short Preview of Region 1 disc is the most automatic-switching players to region 1 and thus enables them to play an RCE disc.) If an RCE Disc one player with the wrong

Evan Knoble KNOBLE ARTS 4 Unlock Your DVD Region Code

region or all regions realizes she is usually a message stating that the player may have been altered and that the disc is not compatible with the player. A serious side effect is that some legitimate players do not pass the test, such as the Fisher DVDS1000. There was much wailing and screaming when RCE first appeared, but DVD fans quickly discovered that it only affects some players. The manufacturer of Player modifications kits that did not work with RCE, have improved their chips to work around it. For every higher wall there is a longer ladder. Generally speaking, regional codes do not apply to recordable DVDs. A DVD that you created with a DVD burner on your PC or a DVD recorder can not be played in all regions (but note the differences between PAL and NTSC, ). For DVD-Audio there are no regional codes. Regional codes also apply to games consoles such as PlayStation 2 and Xbox, but only with DVD-Video (movies). The PlayStation has a separate locking system for games. Region codes DVD-ROM computer also concern, but only the DVD-Video discs, not DVD-ROM discs with software. Playback software for computer checks the regional codes before playing movies from CSS-protected DVD-video (see 1:11 for CSS info). Neuri RPC2 DVD-ROM drives can change the region code a few times. (RPC stands for region protection control.) If an RPC2 drive has reached the first limit of 5 changes, it can not be changed unless the vendor or manufacturer resets the drive. The tool drive info can one tell whether you have an RPC2 drive (it is then "This drive has region protection"). Since 31 December 1999 only RPC2 drives were made.

A-Trend AD-L528 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. Turn on the player (without a disc inserted) Press PAUSE Press 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9 Enter the region (0 = codefree) Press PAUSE Turn the player off and on again Method 2: Turn on the player Press STOP, 1, 9, 9, 9, ENTER Select region

ATrend Helios / LE-511 1. Open the disc tray

Evan Knoble KNOBLE ARTS 5 Unlock Your DVD Region Code

2. Press SETUP, 1, 9, 9 3. Select region Aboss AB-6863 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Press SETUP Go to "Preferences" Press LEFT five times A new menu entry appears ("Version") Select it Select region (0 = codefree) Press SETUP Turn the player off To enable VCD playback (must enable multiregion above also): Power on player Press SETUP Select 'Passwords' Press LEFT five times Should say 'VCD enabled' at bottom of screen Power off player from unit (not from remote) for 20 seconds

Accura ADVD3836 ? 1. Open the disc tray 2. Press 9, 7, 3, 5 3. Select region (0 = multi-region) Acoustic Solutions AS8099 / TE 118A 1. Open tray 2. Press 9, 7, 3, 5 3. From here you can set the unit to region 0-6, and also set parental level and password Acoustic Solutions DVD150AS / DVD150 / DVD321 / DVD421 / DVD451 / DVD651 1. Open the disc tray 2. Press SETUP 3. Press NEXT CHAPTER, PREV CHAPTER, NEXT CHAPTER, PREV CHAPTER 4. New menu: "Ver" 5. Select the region with RIGHT and LEFT (255 = code free) 6. Close the disc tray 1. Other settings (DVD 321): 2. Press DOWN: ver 3001 = parental control on ver 3000 = parental control off Change with LEFT/RIGHT

Evan Knoble KNOBLE ARTS 6 Unlock Your DVD Region Code

3. Press DOWN three times ver 5001 = no (S)VCD ver 5000 = play (S)VCD Change with LEFT/RIGHT Acoustic Solutions DVD521 1. Press SETUP 2. Press NEXT, PAUSE/SETUP, PREV, NEXT 3. Select region Acoustic Solutions DVD551 1. Press SETUP 2. Press NEXT, STOP, PAUSE/SETUP, PREV, NEXT 3. Select region Acoustic Solutions DVD237 / DVD600K no known unlock codes at time of printing

Advueu PD710 1. Enter 9, 7, 3, 5 2. Choose the region (0 = multi-region) 3. Press PLAY AEG DVD 6500 HT 1. 2. 3. 4. Turn on the player Press 0, 0 Press CLEAR "AUTO" is displayed

AEG M-2002 1. 2. 3. 4. Turn on the player Press OPEN/CLOSE Press 3, 3, 0, 8, 0 Press PLAY

AEG 2002P / 4502 / 4503 / 4504 / 4506 / 4511 / 4513 / 4602 HC / 4603 HC / 4609 HC no known unlock codes at time of printing AFK DVD-100 / DVD-101

Evan Knoble KNOBLE ARTS 7 Unlock Your DVD Region Code

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Switch on Press SETUP Press 1, 3, 6, 9 Press 3 x LEFT and 1 x RIGHT Select the new entry ("Version") Select region using UP/DOWN (0 = multi-region)

AFK DVD-102.1 1. Press SETUP 2. Press 1, 3, 7, 9 3. Select region using with UP/DOWN (0 = multi-region) AFK DVD-106 / HCS-101 no known unlock codes at time of printing Afreey ADV-2360 / ADV-2630 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Turn on the player (without a disc inserted) Open the disc tray Press SETUP Press ZOOM, PREV, NEXT "XX2XX" is displayed Select region with RIGHT/LEFT Press SETUP

Afreey LD-2020/ LD-2060 1. 2. 3. 4. Press SETUP Select "Preferences" Press STILL/STEP, PREV, NEXT Select region

1. Or: 2. Press SETUP 3. Enter 3, 8, 8, 8, 3 Affrey PDV-2000 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Turn on the player (without a disc inserted) Press SETUP Press SUB-T, ZOOM, PREV, NEXT "XX1XX" is displayed Select region

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