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Unlock your ultimate success

Date post:19-Jul-2015
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Peter [email protected]



Happy to be here and speak today.

Peter Lepinski

Not a professional speaker so you may here some ums and ahs

I am not a motivational speaker, All I would do would be to motivate people to do the same stupid thingjust faster

Hope I hope to do today is give you some knowledge and inspire you to be the ultimate you!

Tweet along at #BIGgp1

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3Unlock your ultimate success!

Evolution of discovery

Expand our awareness

We need to recognize the evolution of discovery

5Where can I buyQuaaludes online?

Expand our awareness

We need to recognize the evolution of discovery

6What does success look like for you?QuestionVisionFormula for successVision


VisionxGoalsFormula for successChallenge yourself

VisionxGoalsxLearningFormula for successBe curious

Continuous learning

VisionxGoalsxLearningxPlansFormula for success

Your blueprint VisionxGoalsxLearningxPlansxActionsFormula for successDecisive action

VisionxGoalsxLearningxPlansxActions=SuccessFormula for successSuccess

VisionxGoalsxLearningxPlansxActions=SuccessFormula for successHarley Davidsonvs.Titan MotorcyclesHow else can we enablepeople to experience freedom?

Kodakvs.FujifilmHow else can we manipulate the effect thatlight has on material?

What resources can I use towiden my understanding of theever-changing landscape?What environments can I be inthat enable enough space?

Time just thinking?How much time do you spend in a day, week month just thinking and pondering possibilities?31KeepItSimple andSucceedTheme today is KISS32Thank You


Thank you33

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