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Upward Downward

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  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    Communication Flows inCommunication Flows in

    an Organizationan Organization DownwardDownward


    LateralLateral DiagonalDiagonal


  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    Communication: EnablingCommunication: Enabling

    Downward communication consists ofDownward communication consists of

    communications sent from management tocommunications sent from management to

    workers, like emails and performanceworkers, like emails and performance

    reviews.reviews.A manager explains a task to anA manager explains a task to an


    A customer gives an order to a supplierA customer gives an order to a supplier Shareholders instruct management.Shareholders instruct management.


  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward



    hese !orms have more than direction inhese !orms have more than direction incommon. Each one also provides ena"lingcommon. Each one also provides ena"ling

    in!ormation in the workplace. #hen ain!ormation in the workplace. #hen a

    manager instructs an employee$ she ena"lesmanager instructs an employee$ she ena"les

    the employee to do his %o"$ and makes itthe employee to do his %o"$ and makes itpossi"le !or him to earn a living "y doingpossi"le !or him to earn a living "y doing

    something that has value !or the employer.something that has value !or the employer.

    Another example& senior management 'ndsAnother example& senior management 'nds

    out !rom shareholders$ or the "oard o!out !rom shareholders$ or the "oard o!directors$ how owners want to apply thedirectors$ how owners want to apply the

    money they(ve invested.money they(ve invested.


  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    Information movesInformation moves


    Make a Budget report

    Make a Budget report for the month to include the following

    Make sure the report includes the exact amount and the qty.

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    PurposesPurposes )usiness *oals can "e share)usiness *oals can "e share

    +roviding !eed"ack on employees+roviding !eed"ack on employeesper!ormanceper!ormance

    *iving %o" instructions*iving %o" instructions

    +roviding a complete understanding o!+roviding a complete understanding o!the employees %o" as well as tothe employees %o" as well as to

    communicate them how their %o" iscommunicate them how their %o" is

    related to other %o"s in the organi,ation.related to other %o"s in the organi,ation.

    Communicating the organi,ations missionCommunicating the organi,ations missionand vision to the employees.and vision to the employees.

    -ighlighting the areas o! attention.-ighlighting the areas o! attention.

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    Errorfree downwardErrorfree downward

    communicationcommunication Speci!y communication o"%ectiveSpeci!y communication o"%ective

    Ensure that the message is accurate$Ensure that the message is accurate$

    speci'c and unam"iguous.speci'c and unam"iguous. Utili,e the "est communicationUtili,e the "est communication

    techniue to conveytechn

    iue to conveythe message tothe message to

    the receiver in right !ormthe receiver in right !orm

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    !pward Communication!pward Communication

    Information flow from the lower levels of aInformation flow from the lower levels of a

    hierarchy to the upper levelshierarchy to the upper levels

    A second ma%or /ow o!A second ma%or /ow o!

    communication is upward$ !romcommunication is upward$ !rom

    employee to supervisor$ supervisoremployee to supervisor$ supervisor

    to department head$ departmentto department head$ departmenthead to vice president$ and so on.head to vice president$ and so on.

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward





    +romotion+romotion ConsiderationsConsiderations

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward



    Communication that takes place atCommunication that takes place at

    same levels o! hierarchy in ansame levels o! hierarchy in an


    0irst$ no superior1su"ordinate0irst$ no superior1su"ordinate

    relationship exists here2 it(s strictly arelationship exists here2 it(s strictly a

    case o! two people with roughly eualcase o! two people with roughly eual

    amounts o! power and prestige. hatamounts o! power and prestige. hatmakes this !orm o! communicationmakes this !orm o! communication

    voluntary and discretionary.voluntary and discretionary.

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward



    3t is time Saving3t is time Saving

    3t 0acilities co4ordination o! the task.3t 0acilities co4ordination o! the task.

    3t 0acilities Co4ordination among team mem"ers3t 0acilities Co4ordination among team mem"ers

    3t +rovides emotional and social assistance to the3t +rovides emotional and social assistance to theorgani,ational mem"ers.organi,ational mem"ers.

    3t help in solving 5arious 6rgani,ational pro"lem3t help in solving 5arious 6rgani,ational pro"lem

    3t can also "e used !or resolving con/icts o! a3t can also "e used !or resolving con/icts o! a

    department with other department or con/ictsdepartment with other department or con/ictswithin a department.within a department.

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    Diagonal CommunicationDiagonal Communication

    Communication that takes place "etweenCommunication that takes place "etween

    a manager and employees o! othera manager and employees o! other

    workgroups is called diagonalworkgroups is called diagonal

    communication.communication. 3t generally does not appear on3t generally does not appear on

    organi,ational chart. 0or instance 4 oorgani,ational chart. 0or instance 4 o

    design a training module a trainingdesign a training module a training

    manager interacts with an 6perationsmanager interacts with an 6perations

    personnel to enuire a"out the way theypersonnel to enuire a"out the way they

    per!orm their task.per!orm their task.

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    E%ternal CommunicationE%ternal Communication

    Communication that takes placeCommunication that takes place

    "etween a manager and external"etween a manager and external


    such as 4 suppliers$ vendors$ "anks$such as 4 suppliers$ vendors$ "anks$

    'nancial institutes etc. 0or instance 4'nancial institutes etc. 0or instance 4

    o raise capital the 7anagingo raise capital the 7anaging

    director would interact with thedirector would interact with the)ank 7anager.)ank 7anager.

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    &'e (rapevine&'e (rapevine

    *rapevine communication is*rapevine communication is

    thethe informalinformal

    communicationcommunicationnetwork within annetwork within an


  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward



    raditionally $ the grapevine 7outhraditionally $ the grapevine 7outh

    to mouthto mouth

    Email$ 0ax$ ChatEmail$ 0ax$ Chat

    Cell +honeCell +hone


  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward



    Suppose the pro't Amount o! aSuppose the pro't Amount o! acompany is known. 9umor is spreadcompany is known. 9umor is spreadthat this much pro't is there and onthat this much pro't is there and on

    that "asis "onus is declared.that "asis "onus is declared. CE6 may "e in relation to theCE6 may "e in relation to the

    production manager. they may haveproduction manager. they may have!riendly relations with each other!riendly relations with each other

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward



    *rapevine communication*rapevine communication creates acreates a

    social bond)social bond)

    he grapevinehe grapevine

    *lls in a gap*lls in a gap

    he grapevine in many wayshe grapevine in many ways 'elps'elps

    keep people 'onest)keep people 'onest)

  • 7/23/2019 Upward Downward


    Communication +peedCommunication +peed

    #here downward$ upward$ and#here downward$ upward$ and

    lateral communication arelateral communication are

    structured and /ow !ormally throughstructured and /ow !ormally through

    speci'c channels$ the grapevinespeci'c channels$ the grapevinegoes through multiple channels andgoes through multiple channels and

    even multiple versions.even multiple versions.

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