Urban Nomad

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Urban Nomad. Taj Campbell James Hughes Cale Schupman Brian Steadman. Overview. Problem and Solution Task descriptions Prototype structure Breakdown of each task Experimental Method/Results Suggested UI Changes Summary Q & A. Problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Urban Nomad

Urban NomadTaj CampbellJames HughesCale SchupmanBrian Steadman

Problem and SolutionTask descriptionsPrototype structureBreakdown of each taskExperimental Method/ResultsSuggested UI ChangesSummaryQ & AOverviewCustomers often go to lunch having no idea what local, or non-local restaurants are high quality. This leads to many bad dining experiences.ProblemSolution Urban NomadProvides a quick and easy system to write and read reviews of local restaurants on a mobile phone. Location awareness enhances searches for reviews.Easy Task: Fill out a review prompt.

Medium Task: Find a restaurant based on the recommendation system.

Hard Task: Find a restaurant given part of its name and call to make a reservation.TasksCursor

Soft Buttons

Directional Buttons and Enter Button

KeypadPrototype Structure

Task 1 Rate a Resturant

Task 2 Find Reccomendation

Task 3 Find a Restaurant and CallOdegaard study room. Random students asked to participate, offered a 5$ Starbucks gift card as compensation. One friend of a team member volunteered to be a pilot participant.

K. Pilot participant. 28, has a smart phone, eats out 1-2 times per week.

S. 21, has a Motorola RAZR, eats out 2-3 times per week.

J. 21, has a Motorola phone, eats out 1-2 times per week.

M. 22, has a Sony Erikson, eats out 2-3 times per week.Experimental MethodAll participants showed overall satisfaction. All found calling very easy.Participants alternated between use of right arrow and enter button.Difficulties following the cursor. Irrelevant topics and ratings.Secondary sort or filter.Map needs scrolling and zooming.Participants wanted directions to the location.Some users will definitely ignore prompts.Experimental resultsMake the cursor easier to identifyBlink the cursorHigher contrastProvide advanced search optionsHave a secondary sort or a filter optionMaps need to be more controllableProvide means to pan and zoomGPS style directionsNarrow criteria for search and ratingAmbience was found to be confusing to participantsSuggested UI changesParticipants found Urban Nomad to be quick and easy to useSuggestions were made to make searching and browsing for a restaurant faster.SummaryQ & A

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