Urban Space

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Buildings, effects, highs, lows
  • Urban Spaces Alicia Taylor

  • Trip to London The photography group and myself went to central London, we first got to station and walked heading towards the river themes but as we were walking we seen glassed buildings which we took photographs of. As we got to the river we went down onto the river to fined any stuff to take back with us for art. As I was down on the river Thames opposite me was St Paul's Cathedral and the millennium bridge. I took photographs of the buildings together which looks as if St Paul was a far distance away from the bridge. We then went onto the millennium bridge and took photography of tower bridge from a far distance too, as well as the shard building. Then we got to the middle of the bridge we seen seagulls, they was just standing on the bridge as we walked on the opposite side, in front was St Paul's which I too photographed most as I was getting close to the building. I also took images from the ground as it was raining the reflection of St Pauls and the Sliver Balls reflecting onto St Pauls and other buildings including flowers, and the flowers we photographed on focus of the flower and the background of the flower was blurred. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as it was dull, dark, cloudy, making the photographs not as bright and bold looking but it actually made the buildings standout more as it was cloudy but still was too bright. The different angles and views of the buildings where quite dull but somehow still made the buildings standout from the sky. I enjoyed going around London looking around different buildings some well known and some not and taking photos of all different views of the buildings and the angles. I would spend longer going around in London and see more buildings to take photos of and not rushing around at the last minute because we had to come back to college.

  • Artist link David Hockney In this photo what I find interesting is how its all different photos link together and the other photo is one image but cut into squares which is fitted back together like a puzzle. The image is a landscape of a city which links with my images.

  • Artist link Sharon Elphick

    In this photography I find interesting of how it is joined together to as there are many boats and the big ben has many faces. The London eye also has cut half way and its layered out.

  • Joiner

  • Light Box

  • BT Tower Evaluation My intentions of taking these images was to get a focus on the buildings and getting the buildings in different view points. I also took pictures from a low view point of the BT Tower itself and a close-up which turned out with a crisp and a quality shot. My intentions of taking this image was to capture the beauty of the building, as it was very eye catchy to see. I did achieve in taking this image as it was a focus of the building and I gave it a crisp focus of the building itself. The images I took was mainly in colour and a few in black and what to experiment the use of what the image would look like in colour and in black and white. The feelings shown by the use of colour is bright and summer, giving the image a good focus of the buildings, and also making it clear.

    The improvement I would put into my work is to put in more close-up of different buildings and to put more black and white images. But I am happy with the outcome of my work and to take more images of the buildings from a different perspective.

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Urban Spaces Alicia Taylor
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