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Urinetown the Musical (Full Score)

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A satirical musical that takes place in a fictional town where there is a water shortage and citizens have to pay to use a public amenity. The hero, Bobby Strong, hopes to over-throw the corrupt organization who is monopolizing the public toilets.
  • PreludeUrinetownPrivelege To Pee IntroIt's A Privilege To PeeIt's A Privilege To Pee (Lockstock's Reprise)Intro Act I, Scene 2Staff EntranceMister CladwellPrivilege to Pee PlayoffCop SongApparitionsFollow Your HeartPrivilege to Pee PlayoffLook At the SkySky PlayoffLove StingDon't Be the BunnySky UtilityAct One FinaleWhat Is Urinetown?Snuff That GirlRun, Freedom, RunFreedom PlayoffFollow Your Heart (reprise)Follow Your Heart Scene ChangeWhy Did I Listen To That Man?Tell Her I Love HerWe're Not SorryI'm Not Sorry repriseI See A RiverBows

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