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Incepted in 2007, Urja Thermal Solutions is a prominent company engaged in the Manufacturing, Exporting and supplying of Thermal Solutions. The company is working under the valuable assistance of its Owner, Mr. Swapnil Gautam. His successful contribution has helped the company grow in leaps and bounds. The company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • 1. GASIFICATION & GASIFIER Advanced & improved renewable energy systems. Thermo chemical process. LHV (Low Heat Value) Cost efficient process End product is called Producer gas.GASIFIER The equipments to be utilized for gasification of solid fuels are known as GASIFIER. On the basis of flow of gas in the reactor, gasifiers are generally divided in three major groups like, UPDRAFT, DOWNDRAFT & CROSS DRAFT. An updraft gasifier is more efficient & comparatively easy to operate.

2. GAS CONDITIONING , TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION Gas produced in gasifier contains impurities like, ash particles, coaldust, tarry acids & mist in vapour form. These all impurities areremoved from the gas by passing it through a train of filters. The gasfiltration system applies various principles & techniques for differentimpurities. The level of filtration to be provided depends upon theapplication of gas.GAS TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION Conditioned producer gas shall be transmitted & distributed as perrequirement of end applications. 3. FEATURES & ADVANTAGES The Coal Gasifier system is capable of gasifying several types of solid fuelsuch as Charcoal, Imported Steam coal, Briquettes at high efficiency. Low No formation due to low flame temperature. Absent / Negligible Sox formation due to very low sulphur content in Coal. Extremely Low Particulates and smoke emission due to the complete directfiring of Producer Gas compare to solid fuels / liquid fuels firing. Worldwide accepted environment friendly Renewable Energy technology. Reduced scale losses in comparison with liquid fuel firing. 4. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION & CHARACTERISTIC The Gasifier can convert any type of coal into Producer Gas. The chemicalcomposition of Producer Gas is as under; CO (Carbon Monoxide): 20 2% CH4 (Methane) : 03 1% H2 (Hydrogen) : 15 5% CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): 10 2% N2 (Nitrogen) : Rest Calorific Value of Producer Gas : 1300 1375 K.Cal/NM Producer gas temp. at gasifier outlet : 120 150oC (Before filtration);40 60oC (After filtration). Max. Flame temperature: 1350C 5. HEARTHSR.INSTALLED THERMAL F.O.REPLACMENT MODEL NO. DIAMETERNO. CAPACITY(KW) OUTPUT(K.CAL/HR.)(LITER/HR.) (MTR)1 UT-TE-02 1.6 2000100 X 1041002 UT-TE-03 2.2 3000200 X 1042003 UT-TE-05 2.7 5000400 X 1043004 UT-TE-06 3.0 6000500 X 1045005 UT-TE-07 3.2 7000600 X 1046006 UT-TE-08 3.4 8000700 X 1047007 UT-TE-09 3.559000800 X 1048008 UT-TE-12 4.0 120001000 X 104 1000 6. SILENT FEATURES OF JINDAL PROJECT Poking free plant (16 month regular gas supply without taking shut down). Equipped with digital ETP. 1.2 km pipeline from gasifier site to quenching & tempering furnace. 1.6 km pipeline from gasifier site to hot mill (RTHF). Used advanced technology Gas Reactor. Extended shaft gasifiers enable efficient gasification which gives coal free white ash.At M/s Jindal Saw Ltd. Sinnar, Nashik, [Jindal Group Company] we haveinstalled a state-of- the Art plant wherein we had setup a battery of 4 gasplants [each 9000kW] and supplying the gas to three different applications.Out of these four plants 2 units are in operation since Aug. 2009 and havebeen running on 24x7 basis. Since the commissioning of first 2 plants thefirst shutdown was taken after 16 months of continuous running that tooafterour insistenceto stop theunitssothat we canconnect the newly erected another 2 plants. Now all 4 plants are runningsuccessfully in full automation and synchronization with individual furnacesgas requirement. We have executed this project on turn-key basis with Coalhandling, Gas cleaning system [Electrostatic Precipitators]. 7. ACHIEVEMENT 8. SPECIALITIES IN ROLLING MILL PROJECTS We take pride in being the first gasifier company in India who has successfullyconverted a 16-18 TPH billet reheating furnace with charge section from 125 x 125,160 x 250 & 250 x 250 at Bengal Hammer Industries Ltd. Kolkata. This plant isrunning successfully for more than a year now. Moreover within this unit 2 furnaceare running simultaneously with single gasifier of 8000 KW, feeding two rolling millseach of 10 & 26. 9. PURULIYA METAL CASTING PLANT 10. KAMALDEEP ISPAT PLANT 11. JINDAL PLANT 12. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROCESSWe have adopted the generation technology of Gas Producer which could give aconsistent gas supply at a much higher calorific value (1500 to 1650 Kcal/Nmas against a C.V of only 1150 to 1250 Kcal/Nm from old single stage design)owing to its unique feature of pre distillation of feed coal in its deep coal bed inthe extended shaft while moving downwards to the reduction and oxidation zonecounter current to the upward flow of product gas which strips off theconsiderable quality of volatile matter from the in-coming feed stock making itsemi-coke and highly reactive for a faster gasification. Simultaneously, theproduct gas also becomes enriched with the volatile matter of coal to a highercalorific value. Fed coal travels downwards and gets dried first and thengradually preheated up to a distillation temperature of about 450oC by theproduct gas moving upwards which itself gets gradually cooled down and picksup the volatile matter of coal and gets auto-carbureted to a much higher calorificvalue before it comes out to the L.T.C off take pipes. The coal, on the other hand,gets carbonized to nearly coke stage and its reactivity increases for a fastergasification. 13. When the coal enters through the generator bottom shaft, reaction betweencoal and (air + steam) occurs and following reactions take place from bottomoxidation zone to top reduction zonesA) Oxidation zones: Reaction is : C + O2 CO2 + 42643 K. CalB) Primary Reduction zone : Reactions are : C + H2O CO + H2 19000 K. Cal C + 2H2O CO2 + 2H2 19307 K. Cal C + CO2 2CO 18689 K. CalC) Secondary Reduction zone : Reactions are: CO + H2O CO2 + H2 326 K. CalC + CO2 2COBesides above reaction zones, there is an ash zone under the oxidation zonethrough which calculated quantity of air saturated with steam enters andreceives heat from the ash, gets preheated and proceeds upwards to theoxidation zone. The ash on the other hand gets cooled down before it comesout to the ash pan.D) The distillation zone starts from the top of Secondary Reduction Zone &extends upward to about 2500 mm or so in which considerable quantity ofvolatile matter (about more than 75%) gets stripped and picked up by gas.At the top, there is preheating zone and above all there is drying zone. 14. PRODUCTS Coal Gasifier Coal Handling Plant Biomass GasifierChain Conveyor Extended Shaft (Double Stage) GasifierHydraulic Cylinder Producer Gas Burner Hydraulic Power pack Gas Cleaning system Recuperator Hot Air GeneratorsHydraulic pusher Vertical Shaft KilnsElectro Mechanical Ejector Rotary Grate Gas Producer Plant Pinch Roller Heat Treatment FurnaceActuator Servo Valve Preheating Hood Thermocouples Oil Fired Furnace Compensating Cable Gas FurnacesGasifiers Spares Electrostatics Tar Precipitator (E.T.P) Automatic Temperature Control Biomass Briquetting Machine Damper Reheating HoodCentrifugal Blower Ladle Preheater Booster Blower Control Panel (Any type)Leak Proof Butterfly ValvesSERVICES Gasifiers up-gradation, modification and modernization.Furnace up-gradation, modification and repairing. Annual maintenance and operation on contract basis for Producer gas plant and furnaces. 15. OUR CLIENTSS. NO. LIST OF SOME OF OUR REPUTED CLIENTMODEL NO. 1 Jindal Saw Ltd. Sinnar Nashik (2 Plants +Repeat Order for another 2 Plants)UT-TE-092Ajay Ingot Rolling Mill Pvt. Ltd., Raigarh UT-TP-063Scan Steels Ltd., Orissa. Unit IIUT-TP-074R.V. Steels & Power Pvt. Ltd., Chennai UT-TP-075Sriram Sponge & Power Ltd., Orissa UT-TP-076Bhagyalaxmi Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd., Jalna II (Repeat Order with ESP)UT-TP-077Brand Alloys Limited, Kolkata. (Repeat Order with ESP) UT-TP-078Jaylaxmi Castings & Alloys (P) Ltd., Aurangabad (Repeat Order with ESP)UT-TP-079Bhuwalka Steel Industries Ltd., BangaloreUT-TP-07 10Bhuwalka Steel Industries Ltd., Wada (Mill No. 3)UT-TP-07 11Bhuwalka Steel Industries Ltd., Wada (Mill No. 4)UT-TP-08 12Nissan Ferro Cast Ltd, Kolkata.UT-TP-07 13Shiva Re-Rollers Pvt. Ltd., Rourkela UT-TP-07 14Scan Steels Ltd., Orissa., Unit 1UT-TP-07 15Sujana Metal Products Ltd., HyderabadUT-TP-07 16Bee Pee Rollers Pvt. Ltd., Sundergarh (Orissa)UT-HG-06 17Veer Gurjar Aluminum Industries Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad. [ALUMINIUM] UT-TP-08 18Bengal Hammer Industries [P] Ltd., Kolkata.UT-TP-07 19Purulia Metal Casting Pvt. Ltd., Purulia UT-TE-08 20Swastika Steels & allied Products, Liluah UT-TE-025 16. S. NO.LIST OF SOME OF OUR REPUTED CLIENTMODEL NO.21 Kamaldeep Ispat Pvt. Ltd., JungalpurUT-TE-08 22Western Aluminium Industries Pvt. Ltd. [ALUMINIUM]UT-TP-0523 Aurangabad Alloys Pvt. Ltd. [ALUMINIUM] UT-TE-02 24Bikaner Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., BikanerUT-TE-02525 Ishwar Ispat Pvt. Ltd., RaipurUT-TE-04S. NO.PROJECTS UNDER EXECUTIONMODEL NO.1Aura Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Wardha UT-TE-092Eastern Track Udyog Pvt. Ltd. LiluahUT-TE-063B.D. Ispat & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. UT-TE-074S.M. Group, Guwahati UT-TE-0405Shree Ram Group, Mumbai UT-TE-096Febro Forge Ltd.UT-TE-217Manaksia Ltd., KolkataUT-TE-098Jailaxmi Casting & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad UT-TE-129Brand Alloys Ltd., KolkataUT-TE-0810 Shyam Sel & Power Ltd., Kolkata UT-TE-0711 Bhagyalaxmi Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd., Jalna (Repeat order for 2 plants)UT-TE-1212 Brand Alloys Ltd., Kolkata (Repeat order for 2 plants)UT-TE-12 17. CONTACT US -REGD. OFFICE :-URJA THERMAL SOLUTIONS,Office No. 11, Goodwill Harmony,Plot No. 76, Sector 19, Airoli,Navi Mumbai 400 708Maharashtra 9819882270 / 9987633300 [email protected] : www.urjathemal.comBRNACH OFFICE :-URJA THERMAL SOLUTIONS,Reliable Arcade, 2nd Floor,Jaipuria Enclave, Kaushambi,Ghaziabad (Opp. ISBT Anand Vihar),Delhi 0120 4370810 / 11 [email protected] 18. WE THANKS FOR SHOWING INTEREST IN OUR COMPANY AND OUR PRODUCTS. - Regards - UTS G

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