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U.S . Army Recruiting Command MAJ Ramon S. Bradshaw IPAP Program Manager Fort Knox, KY. AMEDD Commissioning Programs. AMEDD Commissioning Programs. Purpose : Educate Soldiers, Leaders and educators on the educational opportunities offered by the AMEDD. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • U.S. Army Recruiting Command

    MAJ Ramon S. Bradshaw IPAP Program ManagerFort Knox, KYAMEDD Commissioning Programs

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsPurpose: Educate Soldiers, Leaders and educators on the educational opportunities offered by the AMEDD.

    Interservice Physician Assistant Program for the regular Army and Army Reserve (Army National Guard manages applications separately, but most of the requirements are the same)

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsWhat is an Army PA?

    Military health care professional certified to practice medicine with physician supervision.

    The AMEDDs primary medical provider in battalion and division level TO&E units From the Line, For the Line

    ROLE I/II Subject Matter Expert

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsSTARTING POINTResearch the profession.Meet with someone in the professionDiscuss the options with your family and friends (your support during the training).Meet with your education center counselor about your educational goals, aspirations, and paths.

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsAll applicantsAll applicants must submit a DA Photo dated within 12 months of board date.If deployed ACU photo is okay. Recommend a DA photoGeographical issues may use commercial photographer with DA Photo standards Below E-5 may require COC memo for the photoPassing APFT after 01 Oct Must be Certified by CDR/1SGHeight and Weight or Tape Test IAW 600-9.

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsLetter of Intent (LOI)

    Very important!Must be TYPED.Your opportunity to address the board in your own words.Have more than one person review your LOI.Professional who is writing the Letter of recommendation.

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsLetters of recommendation

    First line supervisorCommanderPA must be on USAREC form 195 (40 shadowing hours)Maximum of 5 letters May use USAREC Form 195 orMay use Memorandum format addressed to the boardIts not who you know. Its who knows you.

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsAPPLICATION REQUIREMENTSQualified for appointment IAW AR 601-100, and AR 40-501ORB/ERB must be certified true copy from your Commander or 1SG.Applicant must meet current HRC policy for Time on Station (TOS 24 months) prior to the projected school start date; Human Resources Command (HRC) clearance will be initiated for those selected to participate.

  • AMEDD Commissioning Programs

    APPLICATION REQUIREMENTSDA 61Military career paperwork

    NCOERs/OERs/service record1059sAwardsProfessional training certificatesDD 214/NGB

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsCommissioning Physical (Original or original signature)

    DD 2807-1/DD 2808No older than 12 months from board date. Send certified true copies.Must include ETOH, Drug Screen and HIV tests with lab printout.Enlisted, Warrant Officer applicants Qualified for Commissioning IAW AR 40-501 CHAPTER 2Officer applicants Qualified for Commissioning IAW AR 40-501 CHAPTER 3P2 Profiles are considered on a case-by-case basis for exceptionP3 profiles are ineligible (Non-waiverable)


  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsWAIVERS

    Submit all documentation pertaining to waiver with a request citing the circumstances and conditionsAge in Grade (over 38 at commissioning)Time in Service (less than 3 yrs or more than 8 yrs)Convictions (If you answered yes DA 61 item 26)Include all court documents and outcome. A letter of support from your Chain of Command is looked at favorably!Medical (IAW AR 40-501)Include Consult and Recommendation from appropriate clinician

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsIPAP APPLICATIONEnlistedGT Score 110+ (Non Waiverable)Just as competitive as an officer.Even if you are not in the medical field, you are competitive.

  • AMEDD Commissioning Programs

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsBrief History of the PA1965- First PA program at Duke University1967- First graduate of Duke program1971- Congress authorized Army to train PAs1973- First Army PAs graduated at Ft Sam Houston1980- First specialty training authorized1984- PAs assigned to White House Medical Unit1992-PAs commissioned as regular line officers in the Army Medical Specialist Corps (formerly Warrant Officers) 1996-Fort Sam Houston selected as the site for the Interservice PA Program (IPAP)

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsBottom Line Up FrontConvert 60 SH to a Master Degree in 29 monthsEarn a wonderful profession as a Physician AssistantBecome an OfficerAccelerated Promotion to CPT

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsDuties of an Army PAProvide advanced trauma managementConduct physical examsDiagnose and treat illnessesOrder and interpret diagnostic testsCounsel on preventive health careAssist in surgeryWrite prescriptions

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsDuties of an Army PAProvide soldier healthcare at Level I/IITreat all categories of beneficiariesPrimary medical trainer to unit medics and combat lifesaversServe as medical platoon leaderSpecial staff officer to the commanderPreventive medicine/field sanitation Medical logisticsOther duties as assigned

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsPhase I (Didactic) VERY CHALLENGING, BUT, ANYTHING WORTH HAVING IS!64 weeks1815 Contact hours (class room) pathology, radiology, pharmacology, psychiatry, OB/GYN, orthopedics, infectious diseases,

    etc.A&P, chemistry

  • Phase II (2890 hours)21 different clinical sites52 weeksClinical rotations include:Family Medicine/Primary CareInternal MedicineOphthalmologyPsychiatryPediatricsDermatologyOB/GYNOrthopedicsSurgeryEmergency Medicine ENT/AllergyAMEDD Commissioning Programs

  • Fort BenningFort BlissFort BraggFort CampbellFort CarsonFort HoodFort KnoxFort Leonard Wood

    Fort PolkFort Riley Fort Sill Fort StewartTripler AMCWest PointBy exception onlyAir Force locations

    AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsPHASE II SITES

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsBachelor Science Degree from University of Nebraska at end of phase I

    Master Degree in Physician Assistant from University of Nebraska upon completion of 29 months program

    54 months Active Duty Service Obligation

    USAR 6 years SELRES + 2 years

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsBasic QualificationsEnlisted, Commissioned, Warrant Officer, or Cadet (Any Service)

    USAR IPAP seats are only open for USAR Soldiers

    Regular Army IPAP seats are open for all branchesUSAR no minimum time requirement, but must request a waiver if > 8 years of service (if applying for a USAR IPAP seat).

  • AMEDD Commissioning Programs=Educational/academic

    Must have a SAT within 5 years of application deadline. Minimum of 450 in math and readingCombined score of math plus reading must be equal to or great than 1000SAT Improvement Program:

    SAT: www.eknowledge.com/militaryhomefront

  • AMEDD Commissioning Programs


    Grade Point Averages Overall GPA must be 2.5 or greaterDerived from official transcripts of all schools ever attendedScience GPA must be 2.5 or greaterDerived from all science related coursesIncludes clinical courses

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsEducational/academic Continued

    Academic work sheet (USAREC Form 1235) include all courses and letter grades. Official transcripts sent to the USAREC Program managersNO degree is required to apply for these programs

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsEducational Prerequisites60 semester hours

    The following 30SH must be in residence: (In accredited class or internet (online) course with letter grade of C or better. You MAY NOT use MOS,CLEP,DANTES to satisfy requirement)

    6 hours English (3SH Writing)

    6 hours Humanities ex Social Sciences, Government, History, Art etc.

    3 hours of Psychology (any type)

    3 hours of College Algebra or higher math (NOT intro or intermediate.)

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsEducational Prerequisites Continue6 hours Chemistry (general or higher) ***No Lab is required it can be taken online.

    Intro to Chemistry is NOT acceptable.

    3 hours Anatomy (Human)

    Intro class are acceptable

    3 hours Physiology (Human)

    Medical terminology (online, military training, CLEP, military correspondence course. Required and should be within 5 years of school if selected)

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsAcademic Delay / AlternateMay apply with 3 required courses or less (15 SH or less) in progress after application due date (1 Mar)---

    Coursework must be complete NLT 31 Dec year of application

    If selected as Academic Delay:Slot for attendance is guaranteed if you complete all coursework NLT 31 Dec year of application

    Gives 2nd chance and more time for academics

    Must reapply the following year if not selected.

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsRequirements Completion Course (RCC)Only for Regular Army IPAP selects

    Assigns Soldiers to AMEDD C&S while they complete 15SH of IPAP prerequisite courses.

    May only be missing Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, or Algebra.

    Applicant is responsible for all tuition and costs. Tuition Assistance may be available

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsRequirements Completion Course (RCC) Higher SAT requirement (Non-Waiverable)Minimum composite 1100 (math + reading)

    Must have a 3.0 overall GPA at the time of application (Non-Waiverable)

    Have 45 SH College Credit15 must be resident prerequisite creditsMust have 6 SH English,3 SH Psych., 6SH Humanities

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsIPAP Specific Application DocumentsCurriculum Vitae

    DA 160 with dates of desired class priority preferenceJan/April/Aug

    Officers DA 71 oath of office and appointment letter

    ROTC must include ROTC contract

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsApplication ProcessAR 601-20, The IPAPMILPER message 12-350 for FY 13 POC: MAJ Ramon S. Bradshaw PA-C at USAREC (502) 626-0386 DSN 536-0386E-mail: [email protected] email with request for FY 2013 application information.Application deadline - 1 Mar Selection Board: June Results posted: Aug MILPER MSGAttend January, April, or August

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsWhat will my rank be?Everyone accumulates months towards promotion during schoolENLISTEDE-4 and below will be paid as E-5 E-5 and above maintain their pay gradeAll wear OCSGraduate as 1LT with 2 years of constructive credit

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsWhat will my rank be?OFFICERSWill arrive at school with their new rank based on constructive credit: Take the total months served as an officer, as of report date of class (tentatively use 1 Jan of school year). Divide that number by 2. If it equals 18 you will be a 1LT.

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsWARRANT OFFICERSWill attend school wearing their Warrant Officer rankWhat will my rank be?

  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsMASTER DEGREE IN 29 monthsARMY OFFICERACCELERATED 1ST PROMOTIONPHYSICIAN ASSISTANTGreat Military CareerGreat Civilian CareerContinue to serve this great country


  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsSpecialty TrainingAviation MedicineEligible after 4 years post graduate experienceMasters:Adult EducationPublic HealthHealth administrationOccupational MedicinePreventive Medicine

    The Army PADoctorate of ScienceIntensivistEmergency MedicineOrthopedics

  • [email protected] is a great resource, however, I would also add a link to NAVMED MPT&E:http://www.med.navy.mil/sites/navmedmpte/Pages/MSCIPPPAInserviceProcurementProgramPhysicianAssistant.aspx


  • AMEDD Commissioning ProgramsAll questions regarding the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) may be directed to MAJ Ramon S. Bradshaw, Program Manager at: (800)223-3735 extension 60386If you have Suggestions, Questions, or Advice please e-mail [email protected] or visit IPAP page on facebook


    *Introduce yourself.

    Tell your story.

    Address: Questions during briefensure they have signed inEnsure they have the one page printout Q & A afterward or during depending on your style and time.Identify Army changes and that what is said today is only good today. As a general rule should be good for application in FY 2013.NEXT SLIDE*State the purpose. Ultimately the purpose is to educate Soldiers, leaders, retention and education center staff on the IPAP requirements

    NEXT SLIDE*Consider a brief overview of echelon I-V medical care. Over 80% of PA positions are in the TO&E, so keep that in mind when you write Letter of Intent (LOI)


    *This slide may seem redundant, but I have this here to address what PAs do in the Army vs civilian sector.-PA is a wonderful profession, but there are slight differences between the civilian sector and the military. Both require NCCPA, but only the USAR/NG requires a state license.-IPAP is ranked in the top 10% of PA schools in the nation.-this program will require money and time, so you need support .-education center can assist you with signing up for classes and taking the required tests.


    *DA photo must be dated after 01 Jun 2012. If you are not near a DA photo lab, you can use a civilian photos studio, just ensure it is 5x8, no larger.APFT must be conducted in the FY you are applying. If after 01 Mar you have an updated APFT you may mail it in. Your CO or 1SG must sign the AFPT as a true certified copy, not just the digital signature.If you have a DA 5500 or 5501 it must be provided with the CO/1SG certification.


    *LOI are so important. NEXT SLIDE

    *IPAP does NOT require a GO letter.The additional LORs should be from someone who can address abilities/potentials outside of what is already provided in the IPAP packet.NEXT SLIDE

    *Time on station is not much of an issues, except if OCONUS. One must complete of an OCONUS tour. If CONUS, one cannot PCS with less than 12 months on station.


    * cadets and E-4 and below do not have NCOERs or OERs, may have Chain Of Command do a MOCK evaluation. Cadet evaluations and LDAC evaluation.If not then conduct monthly counseling statements that address leadership tasks and follow up.NEXT SLIDE

    *Incentives - They are plentiful and its not just based on money.

    No slide for small elite corps, note currently WOs make up about 2.5% of the force.

    Note the ATLDP icon - Let the prospects know about the study and that if all the initiatives are passed, then the financial incentives will be more substantial in the future. (This is the only item that would date the slide deck.)

    66 initiatives recommended and over 40 endorsed - at DA now for final approval.


    *A single conviction with a fine of over $250 must have an O-5 Commander memorandum of support addressed to the USAREC Commander.Medical waiver require all supporting documents and the approval authority is not the MTF, but USAREC.TIS: if you have more than 15 year Active Federal Service as of 01 jan 2014 the TIS waiver will not be approved . Officers if they have more than 5 years constructive credit as of 01 jan 2014 the TIS waiver will not be approved.NEXT SLIDE



    *This is where I talk about the IPAP program being in the top 10% of 170 of PA programs in the nation.NEXT SLIDE











    *We need all official transcripts from all academic institutions every attended since high school. No high school transcripts are required. NEXT SLIDE


    * science classes have a 10 year time limit at the time they attend school. So if the chemistry class was taken prior to 8 years ago it is too old. NEXT SLIDE

    *ROTC Cadets have a slightly different timeline. They have until they graduate from college to completed the pre-reqs. NEXT SLIDE

    * school includes labs in two of the science classes, so actually taking 17 SHCDTs should not apply for this.


    *If you CLEP English you would only have to take 3 classes and be able to apply to IPAP.NEXT SLIDE

    *Follow the CV on the websiteCDTs: DA160, if you graduate from college in may 2014 then you would put Jan 2015 in all three blocks, because you have to attend BOLC before you start IPAP. NEXT SLIDE







    CDR Douglas L. FaisonNavy Senior Service RepresentativeAcademy of Health SciencesInterservice Physician Assistant Program210 [email protected]**

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U.S. Army Recruiting Command MAJ Ramon S. Bradshaw IPAP Program Manager Fort Knox, KY AMEDD Commissioning Programs
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