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    Section 2 –Basic Information- Specifications

    Item Description Qty Unit

    1 High Performance Trinocular Stereomicroscope with a 7.8 × - 160 zoom, objectives of 0.63 × - 5; trinocular tube with observation angle of 30 ° ; trinocular observation of 5 ° - 45 ° angle; 2x Planapo resolution of 0.95 micron; fully apochromatic 20.5:1 zoom to achieve an optical resolution of 0.952 um.

    1 each

    2 Laboratory Fuming Cabinet and Heat Chamber 220V 1 each

    3 Fume Hood station, AirSafe™ automatic safety controller;Integral base with deep spill lip;No ductwork required; No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 220V electrical outlet; Clear polycarbonate shell for 360° visibility; Extremely quiet operation < 49dBA; lab event timer; include optionals : sturdy cart/trolley with locking casters for mobility: Polypropylene laboratory sinks; access port for electrical cords

    1 each

    4 Mono water distiller without storage tank, for bench mounting, that produce 4 liters of distillate per hour, cooling water inlet and outlet on the right-hand side of the unit, water connection: cooling water inlet 1/2 inch (inner Ø 12.7 mm),cooling water outlet 1/2 inch (inner Ø 12.7 mm), include the tubes for water inlet and outlet. 220 volts 50-60 hz

    2 each

    5 High speed centrifuge with Fixed Angle 12 Place Metal Blood Tube rotors. 220V

    1 each

    6 Ultraviolet lamp. Dimensions : 210mm x125mmx148mm, UV fluorescents 18W; Voltage SPECS: 220V-240 /V 50-60 HZ - Optic and acoustic Signal

    1 each

    7 Forensic Swab Dryer 220V 1 each

    8 Dry Heat Sterilizers, up to 250 heat grade, 220V to sterilize items anti- corrosion of any metal equipment and protect instrument sharpness. 1 stainless steel grid(s), electro polished ,Calibration at +160°C,Door fully insulated stainless steel door with 2-point locking (compression door lock)

    1 each

    9 3.5X Handheld LED Magnifier Magnifying Lamp For reading Tester Magnifying glass with infrared led light incorporated. Zoom 3.5x, diameter 70 x 50mm; material: organic; lightning : LED; 2 batteries AAA

    1 each

    10 Water bath 14 lt; For oil baths ONE a temperature range of 20 °C to 200 °C; corrosion -resistant steel construction, programmable hold time; visual over-temperature alarm; Microprocessor PID- temperature controller with integrated auto diagnostic system with fault indicator; One Pt100 sensor class A in 4-wire-circuit

    1 each

    11 AC/DC Field and Lab Lamp 4-Watt 220V made of vinyl-clad aluminum/brushed nickeloid steel,

    1 each

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    Item Description Qty Unit

    12 Fume hoods with external dimensions 1500 x 793 x 1500 mm (59.0" x 31.2" x 59.0") and internal dimensions 1300 x 592 x 1259 mm (51.2" x 23.3" x 49.6")-Voltage 220v-50-60HZ; Main Body: EG Steel with oven-baked Epoxy-polyester hybrid isocide powder coating; Internal liner: phenolic resin laminates; worktop in phenolic resin; sash material: tempered laminated and framed sash glass; sash configuration: vertical; Sloping : 8degree slope; Maximum Sash Opening : 550mm (21.7"") ASHRAE 110 certified; UL Classified; Clean looking aesthetics

    1 each

    13 Analytical Balance, underfloor weighing, multiple weighing units (g, oz, lb, ct, & more) – Compatible with most applications; Percentage Determination; Net-total weighing; weight of tare cup and weight of components memorized in two separate stores; internal calibration adjusting; Fully GLP compliant; store data with time and date stamp; Output data to printers and computers with the RS 232 configurable interface

    2 each

    14 Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber 220V AC 1 each

    If you have similar products that meet or exceed these technical specifications, please quote

    and send data sheet with pictures.

    REQUIREMENTS: For overseas vendors: Price offered shall include transportation to Doral FL 33178 Vendor is responsible for all export licenses and crating/packaging for export. All products that need to function with AC, please take note that the voltage is 220v and 50-60 hz PAYMENT TERMS: Net 30 days, upon satisfactory receipt of goods or provision of services and receipt of an accurate invoice. DELIVERY ADDRESS – FOR PERUVIAN VENDORS: Av. Elmer Faucett cdra 40 s/n Callao – Ala Aérea Nº2, Base FAP Callao.

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    1. High Performance Stereo Zoom Microscope

    2. Laboratory Fuming Cabinet and heat Chamber (220v)

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    3. Workstation Fume Hood

    4. Mono Water Distiller (220volts)

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    5. High Speed Centrifuge

    6. UV LAMP

    7. Forensics Swab Dryer 220v

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    8. Dry-heat sterilizer (up to 250 C)-220volts

    9. 3.5X Handheld LED Light Magnifier

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    10. Water bath-220 volts


  • 14

    12. Fume Hood- 220volts

    13. Analytical Balance -220volts

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    14. Cyanocrylate Fuming Chamber 220V AC

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    • Award will be made to the lowest priced, acceptable, responsible quoter.

    • The Government reserves the right to reject proposals that are unreasonably low

    or high in price.

    • The lowest price will be determined by multiplying the offered prices times the

    estimated quantities

    • The Government will determine quoter acceptability will be determined by

    assessing the quoter's compliance with the terms of the RFQ.

    • The Government will determine quoter responsibility by analyzing whether the

    apparent successful quoter complies with the requirements of FAR 9.1, including:

    • adequate financial resources or the ability to obtain them;

    • ability to comply with the required performance period, taking into consideration

    all existing commercial and governmental business commitments;

    • satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics;

    • necessary organization, experience, and skills or the ability to obtain them;

    • necessary equipment and facilities or the ability to obtain them; and

    • be otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and


    52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors—Commercial Items.

    As prescribed in 12.301(b)(1), insert the following provision:


    (a) North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code and small business

    size standard. The NAICS code and small business size standard for this acquisition

    appear in Block 10 of the solicitation cover sheet (SF 1449). However, the small business

    size standard for a concern which submits an offer in its own name, but which proposes

    to furnish an item which it did not itself manufacture, is 500 employees.

    (b) Submission of offers. Submit signed and dated offers to the office specified in this

    solicitation at or before the exact time specified in this solicitation. Offers may be

    submitted on the SF 1449, letterhead stationery, or as otherwise specified in the

    solicitation. As a minimum, offers must show—

    (1) The solicitation number;

    (2) The time specified in the solicitation for receipt of offers;

    https://www.acquisition.gov/sites/default/files/current/far/html/Subpart%2012_3.html#wp1084399 https://www.acquisition.gov/sites/default/files/current/far/html/FormsStandard67.html#wp1189284 https://www.acquisition.gov/sites/default/files/current/far/html/FormsStandard67.html#wp1189284

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    (3) The name, address, and telephone number of the offeror;

    (4) A technical description of the items being offered in sufficient detail to evaluate

    compliance with the requirements in the solicitation. This may include product literature,

    or other documents, if necessary;

    (5) Terms of any express warranty;

    (6) Price and any discount terms;

    (7) “Remit to” address, if different than mailing address;

    (8) A completed copy of the representations and certifications at FAR 52.212-3 (see

    FAR 52.212-3(b) for those representations and certifications that the offeror shall

    complete electronically);

    (9) Acknowledgment of Solicitation Amendments;

    (10) Past performance information, when included as an evaluation factor, to include

    recent and relevant contracts for the same or similar items and other references (including

    contract numbers, points of contact with telephone numbers and other relevant

    information); and

    (11) If the offer is not submitted on the SF 1449, include a statement specifying the

    extent of agreement with all terms, conditions, and provisions included in the solicitation.

    Offers that fail to furnish required representations or information, or reject the terms and

    conditions of the solicitation may be excluded from consideration.

    (c) Period for acceptance of offers. The offeror agrees to hold the prices in its offer

    firm for 30 calendar days from the date specified for receipt of offers, unless another time

    period is specified in a