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"Use of Mobile Apps: Harnessing E-Resources & Services in Libraries & Information Centers"

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lecture presented by Chito N. Angeles for the 2nd Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series 2014 on "Use of Mobile Apps: Harnessing E-Resources & Services in Libraries & Information Centers" on July 10, 2014 during the 18th Philippine Academic Book Fair at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City
  • What are Mobile Applications? Mobile applications, or apps, are pieces of software that can run over the internet or on your computer, smartphone, or other handheld devices. They work much like any other computer program. Mobile apps are tailored to the smaller screens of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).
  • What is a Mobile Device? A handheld computing device, typically having a touch-screen display. Has an operating system and can run various types of application software. Popular examples: Apples iPhone, iPad, Ipod Touch Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire Barnes & Nobles Nook Sony Reader Android tablets and smartphones
  • What is a Mobile Platform A mobile operating system Combines the features of a personal computer operating system with other features, including a touch screen, cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS mobile navigation, camera, speech recognition, etc.
  • Popular Mobile Platforms Apple iOS, Android Blackberry OS Windows 8, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 8 WebOS Firefox OS
  • Why Mobile? We are in the so called Age of SmartPhones and Tablets. 2013 Report by Forward Solutions Philippines on the State of Philippine Internet Usage 2013: Demographics: Of the 92,337,852 population, 33.6M are active Internet users.
  • Why Mobile? Mobile Use: 40% of Filipino Smartphone owners browse the internet using their device 80% of Filipino Internet Users have downloaded at least 1 mobile app or game in the last month
  • Why Mobile? Survey done by TNS, a global customized research company, from November 2012-January 2013 and published in www.philstar.com, July 2, 2013 Of the 38,000 respondents in Metro Manila, 89 percent (33,820) are mobile phone users; 53 percent (20,140) are Smartphone users; The TNS study also revealed that most Filipinos living in Metro Manila own "multiple screens" or more than just one device.
  • Mobile Solutions Native Mobile App Mobile Website Hybrids
  • Mobile Solutions Native Mobile App Native apps are designed for each and every device and platform from the ground up (platform-specific). they are developed and coded with a specific operating system in mind. Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Skype icons on your smarthphones that are made for one click use.
  • Mobile Solutions Mobile Website a Mobile Website is simply a modified version of your website so that it fits on tiny (mobile) screens. They live on a web server, not on the device itself. While they need to be designed and optimized for mobile use, they are developed using an infrastructure and languages that are already familiar in most libraries.
  • Mobile Solutions Mobile Website Example: http://worldcatmobile.org/
  • Mobile Solutions Hybrids Hybrid apps are a cross between mobile web and native apps. Hybrid apps are installed on the mobile device, like native apps. But unlike native apps, they are developed using web languages that are more familiar to libraries than those used to code native apps.
  • Mobile Solutions Hybrids The app, developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is then wrapped in a native app wrapper so that it can be installed to a mobile device like a true native app.
  • What Should you choose? One of the most common concerns for web developers new to the mobile app world is the learning curve required to build native apps, or the lack of education on what a hybrid app is. Before choosing a solution, consider the user experience and what each option provides you.
  • What Should you choose? Native apps will always provide the fastest performance, at the cost of being more complex to code when compared to a hybrid app, while a hybrid app will be easier to build, using HTML5 and JavaScript, at the cost of giving up a little bit of speed.
  • What Should you choose? Native apps will always require more investment because they are written with more complex languages, designs and structures. They also need to be written/rewritten for each mobile platform you are targeting. Hybrid apps will always enable you to build for more platforms faster, if you are willing to sacrifice small amounts of performance
  • Choosing Mobile Web Solution: Things to Consider Is your website mobile-friendly? Is your online catalog mobile-friendly? Find out using W3Cs mobile OK checker. http://validator.w3.org/mobile/ If not, create a mobile version of your website and/or online catalog.
  • Choosing Mobile Web Solution: Things to Consider Does your online database provider have mobile apps? Does your library have ebook subscription? Some publishers provide free mobile apps for their products: EBSCOHost SpringerLink
  • EBSCOHost Mobile App
  • SpringerLink Mobile App
  • Choosing Native Apps/Hybrid Solution: Things to Consider Know what you want to accomplish with the app. Plan it out precisely with staff input Find people who are skilled at app creation. Give the people working on the app enough time to create it. Have a timeline in place.
  • Choosing Native Apps/Hybrid Solution: Things to Consider Work on the app should be ongoing, and the librarys commitment to the mobile app should be continuous. Look at other library mobile apps. What are they doing well? What doesnt work? What might work for your clientele? Be creative and innovative. Provide the services in your mobile apps that your clientele want the most.
  • Tips on Developing Successful Mobile Apps Dont make users read lots of tiny print on tiny screens or scroll right and leftbecause they wont. Minimize the amount of typing users have to do. Most users of mobile sites are on-the- go and just want a quick answer.
  • Tips on Developing Successful Mobile Apps Dont reinvent the wheelborrow and repurpose mobile site coding. Test your mobile site on simulators, actual devices, andmost importantlyactual users. Give the mobile user a choice between mobile and full-size.
  • Mobile eBook Readers iBooks Kindle Nook Sony Reader Kobo Reader Overdrive also reads audiobooks and streams video (cross-platform)
  • Mobile Reference App EBSCOHost (subscription required; free access to greenfile database) Springer (includes open access eresources) ebrary (subscription-based) Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Free)
  • Cataloging / Library Management System Tools ibookshelf (iPhone/iPad only) Worldcat Mobile Browser-based Destiny Quest - Follet Software LibraryAnywhere/LibraryThing Search, discover and interact with participating libraries
  • Cataloging / Library Management System Tools Overdrive Media Console Read eBooks, listen to audiobooks, and watch videos from your library on the go or at home with OverDrive Media Console. The app is available for every major desktop and mobile platform, including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Kindle, NOOK, Windows 8 PC and tablet, and Windows Phone.
  • Cataloging / Library Management System Tools Boopsie's Mobile App Platform Catalog Search - Provide patrons with real-time access to your librarys collection via their smartphones and tablets Library Locator - GPS-aware technology shares branch locations, hours of operation and contact information. Additional eContent Integration - Deliver eBook, eAudioBook and video content to your patrons and students via a Boopsie Native Mobile App (EBSCOhost)
  • Cataloging / Library Management System Tools Boopsie's Mobile App Platform ILS Integration - Gives patrons the ability to manage their accounts including placing holds and renewals (self-service options) Ask a Librarian - With direct connection to reference services via text, email or phone, your patrons can reach you from any location Social Tools - Help patrons stay up-to-date with your librarys latest news via your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or blog posts.
  • Mobile Apps for Events Apps4Events mobile applications for events, conferences, and tradeshows EventMobi Event manager/planner Create custom conference app
  • Collaborative Mobile Apps Dropbox - premier file backup, sync and sharing solution Zoho Corps Zoho Docs - Web office and collaborative software Google Drive Web office and collaborative software Microsoft OneDrive Web office and collaborative software
  • Providing Mobile Services in Your Library: Things to Consider Ensure mobile access is available in all areas of the library; WiFi access should be available. Train staff on mobile access/use of mobile apps. Encourage staff to use mobile to do work.
  • Providing Mobile Services in Your Library: Things to Consider Acquire mobile devices for staff to use/train on. Know how to market your mobile services (advertise). Provide Mobile charging stations.
  • Infinite Monkeys A free DIY mobile apps creation service that lets you create iPhone apps and Android apps quickly through a simple drag-and-drop tool. Cross-Platform URL: http://www.infinitemonkeys.mobi/ http://www.appmakr.com/
  • AppsGeyser free web platform that allows converting any web content into an Android App in 2 easy steps. the fastest-growing Do-It-Yourself App generator for Android URL: http://www.appsgeyser.com
  • Sweb Apps SwebApps is a build-your-own-app platform. Allows creation of web apps and native apps for iPhone, Android, and more! URL: http://swebapps.com/
  • MyAppBuilder uses PhoneGap framework PhoneGap framework allows you to create apps using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about. Allows you to build your own or let MyAppBuilder build the app for you for a fee. URL: http://myappbuilder.com/
  • goMobi This service translates existing websites into mobile-ready websites, more easily viewed on the small screen URL: http://gomobi.info/
  • Other Mobile App Devt Tools iWebKit - snippetspace.com Appcellerator - www.appcellerator.com PhoneGap - app.phonegap.com MyMobileLibrary: App, powered by Boopsie - www.librarytechnology.org/ltg- displaytext.pl?RC=15821 DCPL Connect - ChiliFresh.com
  • SAMPLE MOBILE APP UP Integrated Library System Mobile App (MyLib)
  • Mobile Apps you can develop MOPAC (Mobile OPAC) catalog search Place a hold on the item (reservation) verify item by ISBN eBook Reader Readings materials (Lists), bookmarks SMS App (alerts for overdue, reservation info) Calendar of events Ask-a-Librarian
  • Mobile Apps you can develop Library News Other Local Databases Research guides Libraries locations (Map) Account information (Electronic Library Card) Check-out and renew materials Contact Info Library Service Hours Feedback Forms
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