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Using RFID for Events

Date post:18-Nov-2014
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Clemi Hardie of Noodle Live speaks about using RFID for events - the different applications and opportunities that arise from using this technology and combining it with a mobile app. This presentation was originally given at the ABPCO TechNOphobia event.
  • 1. RFID for events: What, How, Who & Why

2. What is RFID? 3. *** DISCLAIMER *** 4. RFIDRadio Frequency Identification 5. In fact, youve probably already used RFID today. 6. And the tags come in all shapes & sizes 7. And the tags come in all shapes & sizes 8. And the tags come in all shapes & sizes 9. But how can this be used at my events? 10. Uses of RFID in an event environmentSocial media integrationContent sharingLead generationDelegate trackingMobile paymentsAccess control 11. And it benefits everyone involved 12. Social Media Integration 13. How does this relate to me?Amplify your event via delegates online networksTie into sponsorship packages Drive membership to your own social media accounts Adds a fun & engaging element to the day Effective way to bride the gap between online & offline Tick lots of marketing boxes 14. Content Sharing 15. How does this relate to me? Simple way to share key pieces of content with delegates Tie into sponsorship packages Increase the reach of your content by making it easy to share via social media & email Give your delegates more to take away from your eventReduce the number of enquiries after your eventTrack the effectiveness & reach of content 16. Lead Generation 17. Make the most of big data.... 18. Delegate Tracking 19. How does this relate to me? Assess which bits of your event were the most popularUse these insights to inform the development of your next event Focus on useful insights dont drown in data 20. Access Control 21. How does this relate to me? Streamline registration processes save time Simple way to keep track of delegates on site for health & safety Control access to VIP or booked sessions 22. Mobile Payments 23. So why should you invest in RFID? 24. Make your event more engaging and interactive for visitors more than just an event app Naturally creates online conversations via content and updates shared achieve their marketing objectives Provides delegates with a way to seamlessly network & share content on multiple platforms & all under one roofMake every interaction more lasting, meaningful and recorded use these insightsExtend the event experience beyond time spent on site create a community around your eventCreate additional sponsorship opportunities you can cover the costGet exactly what you and your sponsors want into the hands of your delegates offer more value 25. Whats does the future hold? 26. What should I look for in a supplier? 27. Not just the tech you need a blend of marketing, technology and events experience Suitable sponsorship opportunities to help you cover the cost Work with you to create an event design which drives engagement & integrates with your existing marketing strategy Support at every step of the way to drive uptake & make the technology a success for your eventOn the day technical and event support to effectively solve any last minute issues Data and stats which provide useful insight dont get lost in a sea of data 28. Thank you! [email protected] 0800 772 0837 @hellonoodle

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