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  • UT Dallas at a Glance

    Student Services

  • Bursar, Financial Aid and Registrar utdallas.edu/bursar | utdallas.edu/finaid | utdallas.edu/registrar

    Bursar The Bursar is responsible for assessment, billing, and collection of tuition and fees at UT Dallas. 972-883-2612

    Financial Aid The Office of Financial Aid processes federal and state financial aid, coordinate Veterans Benefits, and processes institutional scholarships. 972-883-2941 Registrar The Registrar is responsible for registering students and maintenance of your academic record i.e. grades, majors, degree conferrals. 972-883-2342

    http://utdallas.edu/bursar http://utdallas.edu/finaid http://utdallas.edu/registrar https://www.utdallas.edu/finaid/files/BursarOffice-Orientation.pdf https://www.utdallas.edu/finaid/files/Orientation-Presentation_Financial-Aid3JUNE2016.pdf https://www.utdallas.edu/finaid/files/OfficeoftheRegistrar-Orientation.pdf

  • University Bookstore utdallas.edu/bookstore

    Located in the Visitor Center the University Book store is your one stop shop for UT Dallas gear and textbooks.

    ‣ Order online, pick up at store. ‣ Save 25 percent on used textbooks.

    Post Office Services

    Technology Store ‣ Discounted software. ‣ Computer accessories.


  • DART Bus
 The Comet Cruiser is a city DART bus that serves the UT Dallas community. Route 883 has routes both on - and off - campus. You do not need a pass to ride this bus. Comet Cruiser Bus Routes 
 DART Rail 
 UTD students can receive a free DART pass. This service is available to all registered students. A DART Student Transit Pass allows you to ride all Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses and trains. 
 Apply for a DART pass online after you have registered for classes!

 Car sharing available for students age 18+. $8-10 hourly rate.
 Includes gas, insurance and up to 180 miles.

    V Bikes $1 hourly rate. Can be rented and returned to any bike rack on campus. VBikes App for Apple and Android.

    Shuttle Service and Zipcar utdallas.edu/parking

    https://www.utdallas.edu/services/transit/cruiser/ https://www.utdallas.edu/services/download/Comet_Cruiser_Map.pdf https://www.utdallas.edu/services/transit/dart/ https://www.utdallas.edu/services/tools/dart/ http://utdallas.edu/parking

  • Parking Permits All students are required to have a UT Dallas Parking Permit to park on campus. Students can purchase a parking permit online, and have it mailed to their residence.

    UT Dallas Parking Map

    Parking on Campus utdallas.edu/parking

 Get a NTTA TollTag.

    Booster Fuels
 On-demand fuel delivery.

    Comet Cabs Campus shuttle service that picks-up and drops-off at parking lots, popular campus locations, and the Residence Halls. Each route is different, and offers a quick way to get around campus.

    Comet Cabs Routes

    https://www.utdallas.edu/services/transit/park/ https://www.utdallas.edu/services/transit/park/ https://www.utdallas.edu/services/transit/park/ https://www.utdallas.edu/services/transit/park/ https://utdallas.t2hosted.com/cmn/auth_ext.aspx https://www.utdallas.edu/services/download/Parking_Map.pdf http://utdallas.edu/parking https://www.utdallas.edu/services/transit/cab/

  • Student AccessAbility utdallas.edu/studentaccess

    The Office of Student AccessAbility aims to enhance the quality of life for students by removing disability barriers and providing equal access to help them reach their academic goals. 

    Services ‣ Academic accommodations for

    students with documented physical, mental or sensory disability.

    ‣ Resource and referral information. ‣ Advocacy and support.

    Office SSB 3.200

    http://utdallas.edu/studentaccess https://www.utdallas.edu/locator/SSB_3.200

  • Student Health Center utdallas.edu/healthcenter

    Staff Administrative Director Full-time Physician- Medical Director Physician Assistant Nurse Practitioners Women’s Nurse Practitioner Registered Nurses Licensed Vocational Nurse Certified Medial Assistants Patient Care Specialists Health Insurance Coordinator

    Services Diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses, minor injuries, stabilized chronic illnesses, allergy injections, pharmacy services, limited onsite radiology services and dental screening. Online appointment scheduling utdallas.edu/healthcenter

    Student Insurance Available at utdallas.edu/insurance SSB 4.700 972-883-2747

    http://utdallas.edu/healthcenter https://www.utdallas.edu/locator/SSB_4.700

  • Student Wellness Center utdallas.edu/studentwellness

    Promotes health, fitness and responsible personal choices through group programs and individual consultations

    Programs and Topics Nutrition and registered dietitian Comet Voice: bystander intervention Alcohol and other drugs Sexual responsibility Men’s and women’s health Suicide prevention Stress management Healthy relationships Homesickness Roommate issues

    SSB 4.500 972-883-4275

    http://utdallas.edu/studentwellness https://www.utdallas.edu/locator/SSB_4.500

  • Student Counseling Center utdallas.edu/counseling

    Confidential, free services for students in a safe, culturally affirming setting.

    Services Individual, group, and couple counseling. Better manage anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. Explore and gain awareness around identities and relationships.

    Staff Licensed psychologists, psychiatrist, and other mental health providers.

    SSB 4.600 972-883-2575

    http://utdallas.edu/counseling https://www.utdallas.edu/locator/SSB_4.600

  • Center for Students in Recovery Provides a community where students can find safety and support in order to thrive and have the best college experience possible while living in recovery. 
 Services ‣ One-on-one support with a licensed

    professional. ‣ Recovery meetings. ‣ Sober social activities. ‣ Supportive community of peers. ‣ Volunteer and service opportunities.

    Contact CSR For more information, call 972-883-7320. [email protected]

  • Career Center utdallas.edu/career

 ‣ Resume assistance. ‣ Mock interview training. ‣ On-campus job interviews. ‣ Job listings (on and off-campus) Programs ‣ Career Seminars. ‣ Graduate Career Expos. ‣ Internships. ‣ Employer networking events.

    SSB 3.300 972-883-2943

    http://utdallas.edu/career http://www.apple.com

  • Galerstein Gender Center utdallas.edu/gendercenter

    The Galerstein Gender Center is a campus resource that fosters a safe and inclusive environment by advocating for gender equity and diversity through leadership development, education, programs, and services.

    ‣ Advocate for gender equity and inclusive campus policies and practices. ‣ Educate the campus and broader community on gender and LGBT+

    related topics. ‣ Empower women and LGBT+ communities with confidence and skills for

    success. ‣ Connect students, staff, faculty and community to resources, mentors,

    scholarships, internships and volunteer opportunities. ‣ Honor and celebrate national days of recognition and individuals who are

    making an impact in the lives of girls, women and LGBT+ communities.

    SSB 4.300 972-883-6555

    http://utdallas.edu/gendercenter https://www.utdallas.edu/locator/SSB_4%23!/SSB_4.300

  • Multicultural Center utdallas.edu/multicultural

    Promotes cultural awareness on campus and provides an area for students to meet and dialogue. The Multicultural Center provides a range of sponsored programs and events, support services and activities that enhance the cultural and educational development of UT Dallas students

    Cultural Celebrations ‣ Asian American Heritage Month ‣ Black History Month ‣ European Heritage Celebration ‣ Hispanic Heritage Month ‣ Native American Heritage Celebration

    Programs ‣ Multicultural Peer Advocates ‣ Diversity Merit Scholars ‣ Diversity Dinner Dialogues

    SSB 2.400 972-883-6390

    http://utdallas.edu/multicultural https://www.utdallas.edu/locator/SSB_2.400

  • Military and Veteran Center utdallas.edu/veterans

    SSA 14.250 972-883-4913

    Supports students who served in the military, are currently serving in the military (active duty, National Guard, Reserves), ROTC cadets and military family members in areas such as:

    ‣ Academic success. ‣ Professional development. ‣ Networking. ‣ Campus navigation.

    Provides students access to information about federal and state benefits, financial aid, scholarship and veterans’ support services.

    Center includes lounge, study area and computing stations.

    http://utdallas.edu/veterans https://www.utdallas.edu/locator/SSA_14.250A

  • Student Union utdallas.edu/union

    From eateries and meeting spaces, to a range of departments within Student Affairs, the Student Union is the hub of campus activity. Stop by to eat, have fun with friends and become part of your Comet community!
 Services ‣ Pool tables, games, TV and study lounges. ‣ Evening child care available. Dining ‣ The Pub ‣ Student Union Food Court ‣ Comet Cafe ‣ Starbucks

    http://utdallas.edu/union https://www.utdallas.edu/studentaffairs/

  • Dining on Campus dineoncampus.com/utdallasdining


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