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Utilities and Smart Energy

Date post: 14-Apr-2017
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utilities and smart energy

utilities and smart energy

utilities and smart energy summary...

In the UK, Government projections show that without new capacity generation, supply will not meet demand by2016, whilst at the same time billions of pounds are wasted on energy that never reaches a single light bulb.

Climate change, rising energy prices and technology advances are all forces that have been reshaping the collectivemind-set of consumers, turning many from "passive ratepayers" to highly informed, environmentally consciouscustomers who want a role in using power. And now, with the emergence of the technologies that make smartgrids possible, companies can provide their customers with the information and control they need to actuallychange their behaviour patterns and reduce usage and costs that show up on the utility bill.

ersg are providing subject matter experts to the Smart Energy/Utilities arena and are therefore assisting companiesin the way they transform the electricity and gas that is generated, transmitted, distributed and managed. Insteadof meter readers making rounds on a monthly cycle, a smart meter system takes an instrumented approach,automatically collecting and transporting the reads at regular intervals or on demand. By using digital sensors,advanced communications networks and analytics, utilities can understand demand in near realtime.

our specialist knowledge...

Globally we can source SME’s (subject matter experts)who have strong experience within the Energy sector.These high-calibre professionals only work with aspecialist recruitment partner that fully understandstheir skills and experience and can represent themcorrectly in the market.

Our knowledgeable teams work within specific energysector markets meaning that we possess in-depthindustry knowledge. We adapt our processes to suitboth candidates and clients needs providing a moretailored service than that offered by high volume,database driven agencies. Our global contact networkprovides the broadest reach for our clients andcandidates, offering unrivalled levels of marketknowledge and providing a first class level of serviceat all times.

about ersg...

Set up in 2008, ersg is a specialist energy recruitment company placing highly experienced candidates intothe energy sector on a Contract, Permanent and Fixed Term Contract basis. We build global candidate poolsfor our clients that give them access to the best active and passive specialist candidates in the world.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best contract and permanent staff for our clients based in the UK, Europeand beyond. Over the years, we’ve developed an expertise across a range of areas such as Onshore & OffshoreWind Energy, Smart Energy & Utilities, Well Engineering, Subsea & Marine and Power & Nuclear, to name but afew. ersg is an international workforce solutions provider with expertise in delivering highly skilled professionals.

We are continually researching new trends and innovations enabling us to support the ever changing anddemanding resourcing needs within the energy markets.

Our clients enjoy the benefits associated with a workforce provider whose reputation is built on honesty,integrity and a flexible partnership approach. Leveraging our global expertise we add true value as a partner.Energy utilities companies, equipment manufacturers, project financiers, consultancies and engineering,procurement & construction (EPC) groups are included in our portfolio of satisfied clients.

Our ability to offer full spectrum solutions to energy infrastructure projects is enhanced by global partners,ensuring that we have the ability to provide fully compliant staffing solutions. Offering services across freelance(contract), executive search, contingency & managed service PSL, project hire type agreements.

ersg market focus...

Our ongoing relationships with market leading organisations are testament to our proven track record, extensivemarket knowledge and commitment to quality. Our network and highly refined candidate search and attractiontechniques enable us to provide specialists across all the key disciplines required.

ersg have an extensive network of candidates who are Subject Matter Experts with current and expertknowledge in:

• Smart Metering • Smart Grid • Smart Homes

We recruit, supply and manage the following list of Smart Energy & Utilities personnel:

• Architects• Business Analysts• Business Developers• Engineers/Dual Fuel Meter Installers• Firmware Developers

• Sales/Pre-sales Professionals• Delivery and Advisory Consultants• Project/Programme Managers• Technical/Communication Experts• Zigbee Experts

• Smart Cities• Community Energy


Water Transmission Smart grid Consultant


Policy &Legislation


Regulatory Distribution Energyefficiency

ersg global delivery...

ersg feel it’s vital to provide a comprehensive service portfolio. We recognise that one solution will not fit everyclient’s needs. Our consultative approach in this dynamic sector delivers our clients with a flexible, dependableand unrivalled level of service.

Structured approach

Our clients are busy people often working to extreme timeframes. Ensuring the expedient hire of skilled professionalsis essential. As a consequence our approach to both candidate selection and database management is highlystructured. All candidates are pre-screened against the role profile provided to ensure that the necessary skills andcompliancy criteria are fully met. Our specialist market knowledge and stringent referencing policy prior tointroduction guarantees that our clients time is not wasted with irrelevant applications.

Dedication to service

ersg consultants are specialists in their chosen field, covering the diverse staffing needs of the global energymarketplace. Our in house training programme ensures that they fully appreciate that every clients’ requirementsare unique. We maintain a flexible approach to all challenges presented and this is something that we prideourselves on. We hope you’ll find the team helpful, professional and personable.

ersg services & solutions...

ersg place importance on developing and delivering fully localised employment,immigration,in country registration,taxation, contractor care and compliance.

MobilisationWe appreciate that the mobilisation process to a new overseas job location can be a concern. We gain a detailedoverview of every project site & geographic location in order to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

VisasManaging all immigration, visa, work permit requirements if necessary. This is obtained in a number of waysdepending on the rules of the destination country & consultant nationality.

Employment ChecksIn order to ensure the safety of all our consultants we ensure compliance is in place with respect to all pre-employment medical examinations,drug tests and background checks.

InsuranceStrategic alliances formed with major insurers for all our overseas contracting activity, Key cover agreed for Medical,employer liability, general liability and third party liability covering damage to assets, injury and death.

Taxation AdviceKey partnerships with management companies providing international tax advice, company formation.

Contractor Care We have a team dedicated to supporting our global workforce, this includes assistance with accommodation, carhire, airport pick up and drop off and many general inquiries.

Online timesheet systemOur online timesheet system is easy and quick to use.

Timesheet / Invoicing support team We offer a dedicated support service for any timesheet or invoice queries.

Flexible payment solutions We offer a weekly or monthly pay cycles for all contractors.

risk management...

Legal Risk• ersg is experienced in contractor compliance. Wherever placed in the world any candidate placed by us are

always employed in the most legal and compliant manner possible• ersg has a dedicated QA & Compliance team and are ISO 9001 accredited for our quality management systems

Operational Risk• has a dedicated contractor care team• ersg ensures that SLA reviews take place with every client that we work with• ersg’s delivery team are experts at candidate and contractor management

Reputational Risk• ersg will build and enhance your reputation as an employer of choice within agreed candidate populations• Confidentiality of Projects

Contact the Team...T: +44 (0)20 8315 2600