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2. USER EXPERIENCE ?OUR TOPIC TODAYTHE TOOLSEXERCICE 3. 1. USEREXPERIENCE ? 4. UX DESIGN IS A PHILOSOPHYThe experience design comes from the conceptof user-centered design introduced in 1988 byDonald A. Norman.The user-centered design tends to define theproduct or the service from expectations, needs(expressed or not) and capabilities of usersinstead of trying to force them to learn a usageand to change their behaviours for the productor the service. 5. WHERE DESIGN IS NOT ABOUT AESTHETICS Most people make the mistake ofthinking that design is what it looks like.Thats not what we think design is. Itsnot just what it looks like and feels like.Design is how it works .Steve Jobs, The New York Times, 2003 6. BUT A DESIGN OF AN EXPERIENCE FROM REAL NEEDS Because it is user-centric, even if the design is a creative and innovative discipline, it is first oriented problem solving for a specific target. And because the users change their behaviours and develop new needs, the design is an iterative thinking aiming to improve continuously the solution depending on the target evolution. 7. UX DESIGN IS ACTUALLY A PROCESSUSThe UX design is a process ofresearch, conception, creation, test andoptimization.Its useful :- before : to develop an idea from users needs (close to ethnography/insight research)- during : to design an interface, adapted to thetarget, that reaches the good objectives (contentarchitecture, consumer journey, prototype)- after : to improve the experience depending on thehabits of usage (eye-tracking, classic qualitativeresearch) 8. A PROCESSUS BASED ON THE STUDY OF MENTAL MODELS The deepest form of understanding another person is empathy[which] involves a shift fromobserving how you seem on the outside, to imagining what it feels like to be you on the inside. Difcult Conversations, Empathy is a Journey, Not a Destination, Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen, Harvard Negotiation Project. 9. BUT THE USER MENTAL MODELS ARE ALWAYS THOUGHT IN CONTEXT WHEN USING A PERSONAL COMPUTERA user paying close attention A familiar environment A private space A comfortable seat A stable keyboard A screen adapted for reading and multi-tasking A stable broadband An endless source of energy 10. BUT THE USER MENTAL MODELS ARE ALWAYS THOUGHT IN CONTEXT WHEN USING A MOBILE PHONEA lapse in concentration A public space A variable environment A small screen A specific keyboard and pointer A variable broadband A limited energy 11. UX DESIGN IS MAINLY USED TO CREATE WEB INTERFACES 12. UX DESIGN IS MAINLY USED TO CREATE WEB INTERFACES 13. BUT MORE THAN INTERFACES DESIGN, ITS A SYSTEM DESIGN UX design makes a difference between : - the channel : the medium - the touchpoint : the interface - the terminal : the device - the interaction : the exchange And the circulation between these elements is also observed in a dynamic system. It allows to develop a holistic view of an activity : a systemic thinking centered on the user. 14. A SYSTEMIC THINKING THAT CAN BE APPLIED EVERYWHERE The channels and the touchpoints are not only digital in users lives and there is a constant alternation between IRL and digital objects, places, interfaces, actions. This is why UX is also useful outside digital interfaces to design queues, travellers flows, the reception at the post office, the circulation in a supermarket or a theme park. 15. UX DESIGN IS NOT SUPERFICIAL.IT GIVES/IMPROVES/ENHANCES :1/ PRODUCT/SERVICE SOLUTIONS2/ COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS 3/ BUSINESS SOLUTIONS 16. PRODUCT/SERVICE SOLUTIONS 17. THE OBSERVATION : MOBILE PHONES SHIFT THE USAGES OF THE CAMERA. 18. THE ANSWER : NEW DESIGN PATTERNS AND FUNCTIONALITIES. 19. UX DESIGN ALLOWS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EXISTING USAGES 20. UX DESIGN CAN PUT THE BRAND IN THE (REAL) DAILY LIVES 21. COMMUNICATIONSOLUTIONS 22. IT HELPS MACHINES TO SPEAK A HUMAN LANGUAGE 23. IT MAKES COMMUNICATION MORE PERSONAL 24. ANDIT ADDS SOME FUN TO THE EXPERIENCE 25. BUSINESSSOLUTIONS 26. GAZE PLOTS 5 S IT CAN HIGHLIGHT A MAJOR FAIL IN THE INTERFACE 27. GAZE PLOTS 20 S 28. HEAT MAP 29. GAZE OPACITY 30. IT CAN GROW THE CONVERSION RATE 31. UX DESIGN ALLOWS TO REDUCE THE GAP BETWEEN THE DESIRE AND THE PURCHASE 32. 2.THE TOOLS 33. THE PERSONAA persona is a fictive archetype who represents a target. A classic market segmentationdescribes demographics whereas personas group people around behaviours.Initially in interface design, the persona is created thanks to interviews only but we can alsocross other sources and methodologies when you want to design experiences and understandglobal needs. Surveys Data tools Books & magazines Interviews & ethnographic methods 34. AN EXAMPLE : THE YOUNG LUXURY CONSUMER INJAPANHARUKA /TOKYO 35. Haruka, 29, editor in chief Personality and attitudes Born in the middle class, she was raised in a Japan stucked in a double movement : the idea(historically cultural) that people have to tend to conformity and that the middle class is the ideal model ; and at the same time an evolution of women status, mainly at work, that has disrupted the traditional roles and lead to more egoism and a deeper will to be different, to be fulfilled and to live for herself. Haruka is from a women generation who took confidence and who look for singular identities. Thanks to a strict education, she achieved a high social position and she now refuses her parents model which is too conventional and lacks freedom (her father is absolutely devoted to his work and her mother is stucked at home). Single, TokyoBehaviours and ambitionsHaruka is still living at her parents home, like all her friends. She gives a lot of energy to her job because her career is very important for herindependence. But she also wants to have free time to go out with friends and enjoy her life, she doesnt want to make sacrifices. The lastevents in Japan have reinforced her ecological conscience and her feeling that the future is too much unpredictable to plan her life with along-term vision. She lives fast and wants to earn enough money to do exactly what she desires. She doesnt fear to stand out, to create, toshake up, to invent something else.Consumption approachShe only earns $50 000 per year, but because she has no financial obligation, even a rent, she spends everything for her own pleasure.Shes not attracted by too visible brands in the street or by the big logos like Vuitton. She likes to buy more secret brands and Japanese brands.She spends mostly in clothes, accessories and cosmetics. Shes sophisticated, elegant and understated. Shes a bit rebel in her life choices butfeminity is still very important. Shes has a real idea of what beauty is, with harmony as a motto. 36. Haruka, 29, editor in chief Main touchpointsThe first touchpoint with a luxury brand is most of the time the department store but Haruka is verysensitive to the experience in luxury brands shops : the design of the shop, the kindness of the staffand the services are the real luxury. Besides impulse buy, Haruka compares the brands and theprices of products on Internet. She travels a lot so she often buys abroad, even in duty free shops.Power and international consistency are keys to touch these young Japanese consumers. Single, TokyoPress and digitalThe press is less and less adapted to Haruka will to be differentfrom other girls, even if some magazines are still references foroccidental luxury. Digital is over-consumed by Haruka (80% of20 y.o and 30 y.o women use regularly social networks) andinfluences her a lot (long tail). Mobile and personalization 16% of young rich Japanese used their smartphone or tablet for their latest purchase of luxury product. To accompany Haruka and her friends until the purchase, luxury brands develop more and more personalization in services that answers their desire of being unique and limits cheaper purchases abroad. 37. Her cultural universe #sobriety #sophistication #rebellion #reinvention #matter The shamelessness of Marc Jacobs Anniversaire : chapel, delicatessen and Kanebo Sensaihype caf Comme des garonsBottega Veneta Washi PaperKon-Katsu Bag 38. THE USER JOURNEYA USER JOURNEY TELLS THE STORY OF THE EVENTS AND ACTIONS WHEN A USER INTERACTSWITH A PRODUCT, A SERVICE, A BRAND IN ONE OR SEVERAL CHANNELS. 39. THE MC DONALDS RESTAURANT EXPERIENCERelaxing moments forEnhance lunchparents Enjoymentexperience = shared Autonomous activitiesgood time from children Arrive / queue Settle Linger Exit IndifferenceReduce departurestress Stimulate goodStressbehaviour Distract kids Accompany decision process [source: Ideo Family Experience EMLT 2010] 40. THE CHILDREN GAMING EXPERIENCE AT HOME Enjoyment Its not over yet ??? I havent Mum, can I play online finished my level? NegociationPlaytimeExit Feedback Indifference Mum, Im trappedI have saved a princess with Luigi my brotherStress Defining boundaries Smooth Share online Mediation process Creativity, autonomydisengagementactivitybetween children &, skillsparents Dialog 41. THE INSURANCE CONSUMER JOURNEYA ROLE FOR DIGITALThe digital could allow in these cold areas to become a life partner, giving tools to enjoy lifeThe digital is still a little used in vs only being useful to solve mobility and real-time to help Relief manage and solve unexpected problems. events. Need Research/ComContractMonthly Monthly bills EventSolution identificationparisonsignaturebillsIndifferenceThe digital is not used by brands for its educational and simplifying side, this role is let to forums and comparison websites. StressThe digital can allow to anticipate the events and give clients the power to plan solutions to react asfast as possible. 42. A CONSUMER JOURNEY FOR A CAMPAIGN CASE GATORADE WEB BANNERS WHATS YOUR FIGHT? WEBSITE Provoking sportsmen Human coaching support onlineand get them to sign up BILLBOARDS + AMBIENT OUTDOORProvoke involvement with whats your fight?TVCProvoke involvement with whats your fight?PRINT Provoke involvement withwhats your fight?CITY ATTACKA 10K race opposing two citieswhere G Series will be launched IN STORE ACTIVATION REWARD PACKGetting equipped for thefightwith Gatorade Sampling of G Series in exclusivityINSPIRE ENCOURAGE REWARD 43. 3.EXERCICE AND THE USER EXPERIENCE IN A COMMERCIAL PERSPECTIVE 44. THE LV OBJECTIVES IN 2013 Increase value & Assume the ambitions of aexclusivity for Louis market leader online Vuitton"Nous avons dcid dchapperEstimated financial data :dfinitivement" une"vulgarisation (). Quitte ne"ne pas pousser les produits lesplus demands" (les articlesmonogramms), qui boosteraient le chiffredaffaires. Nous privilgions lelong terme, pour que, dans quinzeans, Louis Vuitton soit toujours la Digital store rank ww: #4marque la plus envie du monde Sources : Python, Omnitureen maroquinerie Le Monde 01.02.2013 45. THE LV ADN Louis Vuitton is an invitation au voyage The trunk is a promise of a journey The Louis Vuitton trunk belongs to travellers and embodies their will to discover more. 46. THE LV TARGETS INFLUENCERS, JOURNALISTS, ANALYSTS, COMPETITORS LOUIS VUITTON INSIDERSLOUIS VUITTON BUYERS BADGE SEEKERS LOUIS VUITTONLOVERS OUR TARGET/ ASIAN FEMALECUSTOMERS 47. THE CONTENT ORGANISATION The NOW ARTCOLLECTIONS CREATION& CURATION(PRODUCT) NEWS COLLABORATIONThe DO /The SOULPRODUCTS LEGENDKNOW HOW ICONSCRAFTSMANSHIP VALUESThe KNOW 48. EXEMPLE OF SHORT PORTRAIT INSPIRATIOINSPIRATIOINSPIRATIO DESIREDESIRE DESIREN N NCOMPETENCE LEGITIMACYCOMPETENCELEGITIMACY COMPETENCE LEGITIMACY LOUIS VUITTON BUYER LOUIS VUITTON LOVERLV BADGE SEEKERPan ZhongKEY DEVICES Chiara FerragniKEY DEVICES Kay Dole KEY DEVICESChengdu, China Milan, Italy Arlington, USA29 y.o. lawyer 25 y.o. Fashion blogger a brand21 y.o. Student and blogger.Pan is a young and ambitious by herself.Kayis found of luxuryprofessional, especially successful She is from now on a well knownbrands, especially Louis Vuittonshe belongs to the 26% women who fashion blogger, showing a realand Chanel. He is alwaysearn more money than her husband.veneration for LV. searching for the latest news andShe bought a LV bag, as a sign ofShe owns some bags and content delivered by the brand inachievement, but feels a realjewels, but she usually go onorder to feed his own blog and getattraction for more niche brands likeLV.com to keep posted about thesome new followers.KEY KEYKEYBottega Veneta or Herms.latest news and see the freshest He is interested by the TOUCHPOINT TOUCHPOINTSTOUCHPOINTSShe wants to learn more aboutcreations to get inspired more products, the ads and anythingLV, its legacy and quality thatS than to buy new items. said by Marc Jacobs.could convince her to buy more She definitely prefers to have the Each time he goes to Newexclusive items. She generally looks real experience in store, as part of York, he visits the store in order toafter this type of information on herthe magic. + her own check his venue on FB, 4S andmobile.Key motivations: #news blogTwitter.Key motivations:#competence#creation #fashion&style #maison Keymotivation :#elevation #differentiation #socialtoken, #recognition#newsfeed #fans 49. DEFINE WITH THE HELP OF YOUR DOCUMENTSYOUR WORK THE PROFILE OF A YOUNG CHINESE TARGET AS A FIRST TIMER (WHO IS GOING TO BUY A lv ITEM FOR THE FIRSTTIME, HIGHLIGHTING HER PROFILE, SITUATION AND MOTIVATIONSTOWARDS THE CATEGORY AND THE BRAND; THE PROFILE OF A MIDDLE AGED CHINESE TARGET, ALREADY OWNINGSOME LV GOODS. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEIR TWO JOURNEYS ON THE DIGITALPLATFORM: SELECT THEIR PREFERED DEVICE AND SELECT THECATEGORIES, CONTENT THEY ARE GOING TO VISIT AND IF THEY AREREADY TO SHOP ONLINE OR ONLY IN A REAL SHOP. 50. Ma petite fille vient de rentrer au CP. Elle a beaucoup deParcours type mal lire le mdecin pense quelle est dyslexique. Je ne sais pas quoi faireRecherche enfant dyslexiedans GoogleAccde au dossier spcialprsent sur le siteVronique / 39 ans / CSP+ / avocate----------------------------------------------------------Utilise le moteur de rechercheselon le profil enfant Cherche des infos pratique sur la dyslexie pour aider sonenfant.Visualise la liste desarticles filtrs Comportement Internet Indique son emplacementgographiqueLieux : principalement chez elle.Frquence : Chaque soir, quand les enfants sont partis seConsulte la liste destablissements spcialisscoucher.Dure de consultation : 1h par session Ajoute cette page dansExpertise Internet :son espace personnelVronique a pris le rflexe de la consultation par Internet avantSe cre unde se rendre dans un magasin espace personnel Accde auRelation lAPELforum scolarit Vronique donne parfois de laide pour la fte de lcole, maisPoste un commentairene simplique que trs rarement dans lanne en raison dupour demander des conseilsmanque de temps. Reoit un mail dsCependant cela fait prs de 3 ans quelle souscrit lAPEL.Fonctions impactes :Contenus cible :quelle a une rponse- Cration dun compte - ForumElle ne prend pas le temps de lire le magazine Famille et- Ajout dun article dans son espace personnel - Dossiers spciauxSite dinformationEducation, et prfre le donner son mari.- liste des tablissements- Alerte mailet dentraide- Module cartographique lAPEL dans votre rgion - Moteur de recherche selon profil enfant

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