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VA Benefits Overview · PDF file 2019-08-20 · State and Local Benefits . VA Home...

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  • VA Benefits Overview

    Contact Information

    Patrick Bedford

    Phone: 757-319-1940

    E-Mail: [email protected]


  • eBenefits Website

    Apply for Benefits/Submit a Claim/Download DD214/ Print COE for Home Loan

  • Service Connection

     Criteria For Service Connection  Direct  Aggravated  Presumptive  Secondary

     Service Connection…related to active duty service.

     The disability does not have to be combat, wartime or training


  • Service Connection

     Examples:  Hearing Loss/Tinnitus  Ulcerative Colitis  Back conditions*  Knee conditions*  Post Traumatic Stress (including the result of sexual trauma-

    MST)  38 CFR Part 4

    *The terms “condition”, “injury”, “issue” are not ratable. There must be evidence of an injury occurred in service, a diagnosis and a “nexus” or link between the two. Pain is a symptom that must be considered as part of the exam and diagnosis, DeLuca v. Brown, 38 CFR 4.59

  • Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD)

     Service members must:  Have 60-180 days remaining

    in service (retired or separated, not PTDY or terminal leave)

     Obtain a copy of service treatment records (STR’s) or private health care records

     Be available at point of separation to undergo VA exam(s)

  • Quick Start Claims

    The Quick Start Program serves servicemembers who do not qualify for BDD because they:

     Have LESS than 60 days before separation/retirement

    OR  Are NOT available to

    undergo VA examination(s) at the point of separation

  • Fully Developed Claim

     NOT Pre-Discharge, but Option After Separation  Submit Complete Records

     DD 214

     You are Certifying There Is No Other Evidence To Submit

  • Pre-Discharge Program How To Apply

    • Have a Known Separation Date

    • Have Stable Address for next 90-120 days. Your Address Will Determine Where VA Exams will be Conducted

    • Obtain Complete Set of Medical Records

    • Digital or Paper

    • Apply: • Online • Mail • VA Rep • Claims Agent • Veteran Service Organization (VSO)

  • Veteran Service Organizations

     Accredited Veteran Service Organization (VSO) representatives are available to assist Service members and Veterans in filing for benefits and services.

     No Cost/No Membership Required

     Accredited By VA/VSO



  • Separation Physical

     Conducted For All Separating Servicemembers

     VA May Conduct Separation Physical If Submitting Claim  180-90 Days Prior to Discharge

     DoD Conducts Physical When Not Submitting Claim OR

     Less Than 90 Days From Separation When Submitting Claim

     Not Same As VA C&P Exams

     May Need to Follow Up Your Physical with Clinical


  • Dependents

     If Rated at 30% or More VA Awards Compensation For Veteran Having Family Members  Spouse  Children Under 18  Children 18-23 in School Full-Time

     VA Form 21-686c Declaration of Status of Dependents

     VA Form 21-674 Request for Approval of School Attendance

     Approval May Take up to a Year; Best to Apply During VA

    Disability Claim Process

  • Rating Process  VA life cycle of a claim has no expiration date…it can go

    on for weeks or years

     Disabilities rated from 0%-100%  Combined overall rating  0% ratings are NOT denials of service connection

     Compensation is TAX FREE (Federal)

     Compensation awarded for disability ratings from 10%-100%

     Paid Via EFT

  • Rating Vet Only Vet +S Vet +S +1C Vet + S +2C Vet + S + 3C

    10% $133.17 N/A N/A N/A N/A

    20% $263.23 N/A N/A N/A N/A

    30% $407.75 $455.75 $491.75 $515.75 $539.75

    40% $587.36 $651.36 $699.36 $731.36 $763.36

    50% $836.13 $917.13 $976.13 $1,016.13 $1,056.13

    60% $1,059.09 $1,156.09 $1,227.09 $1,275.09 $1,324.09

    70% $1,334.71 $1,447.31 $1,530.71 $1,586.71 $1,643.71

    80% $1,551.48 $1,680.48 $1,775.48 $1,840.48 $1,904.48

    90% $1,743.48 $1,888.48 $1,995.48 $2,068.48 $2,140.48

    100% $2,906.83 $3,068.90 $3,187.60 $3,268.12 $3,348.64

    S= Spouse C= Child(ren)

    Compensation – Current Rates

  • 100 % healthy

    50% for Sleep Apnea

    50% healthy body remains

    50% PTSD



    VA Compensation

    VA Compensation


    Starts off at 100%


  • • 100% Service Connected • 100% Permanent and Total

    – Majority of Disabilities will not improve – Eligible for no-cost Dental – Family Members Eligible for Education Benefits – CHAMPVA For Family Members – DoD ID Card for Commissary/PX

    • 100% Temporary Unemployability

    – At least one service connected disability rated at least at 60%, OR – Two or more service connected disabilities at least one disability ratable at

    40 percent or more with a combined rating of 70 percent or more. – You must be unable to maintain substantially gainful employment as a result

    of service-connected disabilities (marginal employment, such as odd jobs, is not considered substantial gainful employment for VA purposes).

    100% Service Connected

  • Severance/CRDP/CRSC

     Severance and/or Separation pay will be recouped

     Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay (CRDP)  Restoration of retired pay by Act of Congress.  Must be rated by VA at 50% Service Connected or

    greater.  Cannot be received in conjunction with CRSC

     Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC)

     Is not a function of VA  DD Form 2860  Must apply through service branch and have a VA

    rating  Cannot be received with CRDP

  • Compensation & Pension No Time Limit

     No time limit to apply

     Compensation will be paid retroactive to the first month AFTER separation/retirement if VA receives the application within one year of separation/retirement.

     Otherwise, benefits are generally paid from date of claim (application received)

  • Related Benefits  No-cost VA health care for all rated service

    connected conditions

     Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Services

     Veteran’s preference in Federal hiring  5, 10 point preference tiers  Schedule “A” letter in lieu of rating decision

     VA Home Loan Guaranty funding fee waived

     State and Local Benefits

  • VA Home Loan Guaranty

     Buy a home

     Build a home

     Refinance an existing loan

     Use only for property located in the US, its territories or possessions

     Must occupy the property as your home

     $417,000 Standard VA Guaranty Limit with Exceptions  This Area $625,000

  • Funding Fee

     Fee ranges from .5% to 3.3%, depending on loan type and if

    first or second time user

     Fee can be included in the loan

     Fee is waived for Veterans entitled to VA disability compensation and certain surviving spouses

     VA Form 26-8937, Reimbursement of Funding Fee

     Individuals having problems making payments may call 1- 877-827-3702 for assistance

  • VA Enrollment & Health Care Combat Veterans

    VA provides up to five (5) years of no-cost health care for enrolled Veterans:

    • who served in a theatre of combat operations

    • are seeking care for conditions related to their combat service

    Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry: https://www.dmdc/osd.mil/appj/dsaccess (Filing a VA claim has no bearing on this benefit)


  • VA Health Care Enrollment • Veterans with a service connected disability • Other eligibility factors, such as being in receipt of VA

    pension or a Purple Heart (PH) recipient • Homeless Veterans

    • Unemployed/Low Income Veterans

    Veterans seeking care for a non-service connected illness/injury may be charged co-pays for healthcare services 50% combined SC disability means all VA Healthcare at no cost

  • Other Considerations

    • Disabilities May Require: • Automobile Modifications

    • Clothing Allowance • Home Modifications


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