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Velvet Fingers

Date post: 08-Apr-2016
Author: john-byrne
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A selection of mostly traditional poems from John{Jack]Byrne "Velvet Fingers" contains poems about nature ,about life,about love all written by an emerging Irish writer with that lyrical Irish lilt
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  • Velvet Fingersa

    collection of poetryby

    John [Jack] Byrne

  • Velvet Fingers

    Oh joy to you sweet daffodilwith whom sunshine always lingersswaying and dancing on the breezeon stems of velvet fingers

    A sign that winters left behindbright colours are all aglowfilling hearts with happinessacross the valleys far below

    How great to see your comradessnowdrop and crocus tooheralding spring and all her giftswhite clouds and skies of blue

    A sweet taste of love fills the airand for sure it always lingers with trumpet sounds of daffodilon stems of velvet fingers

  • A Tear For Me

    Ive gone now from where I stood surrounded by those of my kindfelled by man for his own goodmy beginnings now left behind

    Once a tall and handsome treemy branches held the skyand sheltering creatures of the airI watched them learn to fly

    Ive felt the rain upon my leaveswhere sunshine made them glowand welcomed the soft summer breezethat rocked them to and fro

    Alas no more I shall see the skya goal for all like meand few among the humankindwill shed a tear for me

  • Sweetheart {Acrostic}

    Safe is the heart

    Where true love shines

    Encouraged and coxed by beauty

    Encased with lips so kind

    Tender arms to hold me

    Have so much love to give

    Every time you caress me

    All faults Ill easy forgive

    Raise up all your glasses

    To love thats safe in the heart

  • Lady Autumn

    That capricious lady Autumn who is not one to refrainshe comes to us in cloud burstsour rivers cant contain

    Gusting our seas in angerwhich rush upon our shoreswirling the leaves up in the treesand jiggles them to their core

    She even brings us morning dewand long starry nightshazel nuts and apple cropsand end of harvest delights

    Painting the woodland prettywith reds and yellows and golda lady we will forever lovea story well always be told

  • Sandman Flight

    I have once been a father to small children growing and blessed them sleepingwithout them knowing

    I tucked them in tightlywith a kiss goodnightthen watched them take offon the sandman flight

    With a suitcase full of wonderand warm smiling facestheyre carried through the nightby a mind full of places

    Straight on till morningaround the milky waycherished be their dreamstil they reach the light of day

  • Canvas

    You are more beautiful than the night where I look upon starry skies wrapped in dark and moonlit brighta vision as lovely as your eyes

    I gaze far out into this spacewhere time goes on forevera creators work which shaped your facebeyond all human endeavour

    Of all the stars that sparkle brightnone shine as bright as youall gathered in the milky wayyour beauty still heads the queue

    Come the dawn this canvas wipedhas such beauty faded away ?but I can sleep and rest assuredyoure beside me night and day

  • Childhood

    Once upon a child in mein the days of long agoi gazed in awe at starry nightsand the moon all aglow

    Inquisitive mind and childhood eyesall the wonders came to megreat monsters in the shadowsand the dragons in the sea

    I heard the banshee call at nightwith a cry to chill the bonesand the wee folk on the mountainstalked the children home alone

    If the lilt was heard outside the doorwith the moon behind the cloudinto the darkness youd be enticedas the wee folk cheered aloud

    Heed me now and what I sayif you crave your manhood yearsbe humble as you go through lifeand the dark will bear no tears

  • Edelweiss

    Here in the land of the Edelweissthat pretty white flower of lovegrowing amid the ice and snowon the mountains high above.

    Gazing across those majestic peaksI clasp my lovers hand,before me I see the creators workin the form of this beautiful land

    Snow capped mountains fill my eyeswith descending deep green pines.nestling between handsome log cabinsa blue sky, and summer sunshine

    I stroll with my love in this romantic place,by a lake we stand and embrace,I tell her how much she means to mewhile soft kisses I brush on her face

    We confirm our love by a waterfallthat tumbles down from above,here in the land of Edelweissthat pretty white flower of love.

  • Flanders Fields

    The fields are all green nowand birds of the air fly where once it rained deathfrom out of the sky

    Theres still holes in the groundwhere the soldiers laywho dreaded the thought at the dawning of day

    Perhaps it would be this daywhen many would diewith none of their loved onesto say a last goodbye

    At the sound of the whistletherell be a mighty roaracross no mans landmost will see the sky no more

    The fields are all green nowbut all the world should knowthey sleep in Flanders fieldsunder crosses row on row

  • Lions

    Those who took part in the war to end warswe should honour their names foreverremember their sacrifice for the freedom we shareand for the lives they had to sever

    Think of the hardships that they enduredand their struggle to stay aliveimagine the carnage day by dayand their effort it took to survive

    Awake in a nightmare full of despairhoping to make it throughwith friends all falling one by onefearful that the next would be you

    It is said they were lions led by donkeysthat their Generals just hadnt a clueas we ponder on those white crosseswere assured that this statement was true

    They couldnt have known it was all in vainfor hell would come visit againtwenty one years after the last gun firedthe devil would rally his men

  • Around Us

    Its said when it rains on EarthIt is our ancestors tearstears of joy and sorrowshed in bygone years

    Some were shed for loveor troubles no one could sharebut all were shed for someoneperhaps a loved one in despair

    They say the suns their laughterand the stars at night their joythe summer breeze their smileson every girl and boy

    The daffodil in springtimea larks song from abovea whale chant in the oceanall reminders of their love

    So be happy in our thoughts of loved ones gone beforethey really havent left usjust around us evemore

  • Greystones by the Sea

    I Walk along your rugged shore and gaze far out to sea,

    hear the seagulls shriek and cry but theres calm in me.

    In your very pleasant harbour delightful sights I see,

    the far distant mountains and Howth island scenery.

    The laughter of the children, as they play along the beach

    and all are safely watched within the lifeguards reach.

    I see lots of fishing men tending to their lines

    and witness that in Greystones the sun always shines.

    All pleasures of life are here, in this haven by the sea,

    theres not a more precious place to bring a family.

    In the bosom of the east coast this jewel is to me

    the nearest thing to paradise that I will ever see.

    I praise your towns ambitions in what you strive to be,

    sitting on your shoreline seats enjoying my cup of tea,

    a dedicated people your success a guarantee

    that the world has no finer place, than Greystones by the sea.

  • Holocaust

    We had laughter once the old man saidsnow white hair upon his headbut that was before the soldiers camefor the young the old the sick and the lame

    They marched us all to board the trainunder skies all grey without the rainwith guns and dogs they taunted loudbroken men who once were proud

    Inside the carriage side by sideyoung ones played while old ones diedclickity! clack! the train rolled onanother town passed another town gone

    Night now falling we come to a stopdoors flung open from the carriage we hopsoldiers with dogs bark fierce in the nightsending each one to the left or right

    You!, you look good the officer roaredIm shoved to the right into the hoardwhile those to the left shuffled on paston to the showers and into the gas

    We were a family once the old man saidsnow white hair upon his headbut that was before the Nazis cameand murdered each one in Hitlers name

  • Morning

    Out of the night comes my soulto seek a new day dawning,for I am loved with living to doat the edge of the woods is morning.

    Confined to the darkness in my life,your love has been adorning,and now this love guides me hometo the edge of the woods and morning.

    I shall not falter, stumble or fall,for I hear your sweet voice calling,one step at a time into the light,that soft white light and morning.

  • My Lady Fair

    Deep in the caverns of my hearttrue love lies waiting therewaiting until my search is doneto seek my lady fair

    My path may be a difficult onewith disappointment at every turnIll need to guard my affectionsleast they fall by the wayside and burn

    I have always known my loved onein my dreams she comes to mebut just as the dawn is breakingthe birdsong sets her free

    I believe she seeks me onlymy true love for to shareI know she wont reject mesomething I could not bear

    So for now my search goes ontrue loves still waiting thereinside a heart thats yearningto find that lady fair

  • New Beginnings

    As I look back at old Dublin citythe tears well up in my eyesIm leaving my native homeland,its green fields and misty grey skies.

    She can provide me with no employmentor a shelter to cover my head,I can no longer earn my own livingor cover my own table with bread.

    So I travel far away from her shoresas my father once done before,I must search for new beginningsand doubt if Ill see her once more.

    My heart is all heavy with sorrowas my Mother, she fades out of viewI sense that her poor heart is breakingas she calls to me I love you.

    Ive a job in Christchurch, New Zealandwhere I can earn for myself some pay,hoping I can belong and live againis all I want at the end of the day.

    Though Ill be far away from old Irelandand beginning a new life from her shore,I will never forget that shes waitingin the hope Ill return once more.

  • Loves Words

    Feel blessed as you walk

    through your lovers heart

    thread careful while within

    hold her tightly in your arms

    in this place where dreams begin

    savour the moment you are together

    whisper loves words in her ear

    all these days when you walk in love

    you both will never know fear

  • Lovers

    Im told you lovers from Erins green Isle

    a new passion you feel every hour

    and soon in the light of a lovelier smile

    youll forget the dear maid of the flower.

    Remember the time in Los Angeles shades

    when our moments blissfully flew

    you called me the flower of Hollywood maids

    and I blushed to be called so, by you.

    I taught you to sing and dance until

    you swayed to the light castanet

    Id never allow you to roam at will

    or delights of those moments forget.

    although youre a lover I fight hard to keep

    and you hail from that magical Isle

    Ill hold you tight and with you sleep

    in your spell Im forever beguiled

  • Peace

    Open your heart and welcome peacegive it a home withinfeel the love throughout your beingwitness the healing begin

    Share your peace with all living thingscomfort those in needextend to creatures great and smallno matter what their creed

    Peace for the captains and the kingsand for those they seek to oppresspeace for the freedom theyll one day findwhen evil deeds find redress

    Peace to the wanderers who walk the roadsfor they may be troubled withinshare with them the peace you possessand witness the healing begin

  • Characters

    Thousands of characters in my head

    I need to get down on paper

    to create into words and sentences

    far better now than later

    Lots of As and Bs there too

    all mixed in confusion and haze

    Cs and Ds and plenty of Es

    at the end I may have a phrase

    Rise my poor head from the pillow I must

    theres no sleep to be had tonight

    pencil and paper have got to be fetched

    or my brains will burst or ignite

    From all these characters a poem may form

    it will be I who will give it life

    but my gravest fear in all of this

    will happen if I wake the wife

  • These poems were brought to you by an Irish writerJohn[jack]Byrne who hails from NewtownmountkennedyCounty Wicklow in southern Ireland a country rich in folklore and tradition renowned for its storytelling The Poems are the sole property of this writer and he asks that none are reproduced from withinwithout the express permission of John[Jack] Byrne 2015