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Verengo Solar Customer Reviews

Date post: 26-Aug-2014
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Here are 10 customer reviews of Verengo Solar, the #1 Residential Solar Specialist and a national leader in residential solar, having helped thousands of customers just like you go solar! Customers love Verengo. Verengo is available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and California. Verengo has a A+ rating, the highest rating awarded by the BBB. Save money by going solar! Get your free solar quote at: http://www.verengosolar.com
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Free Quote, Call !1-877-403-3479

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"Verengo is just awesome. Their customer service is the best. I

would recommend it to anyone who is interested in solar energy.” - Judy Castaneda

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SAVE $$$“My new electric bill is less than half of what it was! If you're considering

going solar, DO IT! You won't be disappointed with Verengo.”

- Pascal Lorthioir

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LOWER YOUR ELECTRIC BILL"Verengo helped me build the system I wanted and I had little paperwork to

do — from SCE, permitting, to inspection, and turning the power on. I used to pay over $350 per month and now my system will pay for itself within the next 5 years! Thank you Verengo!"

- T. Wellington

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"Our Solar Power was turned on TODAY!! If you’re ever in the Santa Clarita Valley, I’ll proudly show off our Verengo panels!” - Barbara Cooper

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"Thanks to Verengo, I have 37 panels cranking out tons of

energy.... more than I typically use in most months!”

- Loraine Brule Brame

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SOLAR PRO’S"Our Verengo installers were very professional even after spending a 10 hour day in 100+ degrees on top of our home. I'm now looking forward to saving big bucks with

our solar system! Thanks, Verengo!”

- Julio Barrios

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"Had a solar system installed about two weeks ago. Excellent

job, clean, they painted everything to match. Thank you Verengo.” - Joanne Stanman Harris

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GOOD ROI“Verengo's 3 payment options

(zero down lease, pre-pay lease, pay outright) let us choose the system that both worked within our budget and gave us the best

return in investment.” - Kim Wakefield

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“Loved the service. Especially the installers who went above and

beyond. Let the summer begin!” - Barbara Barnes

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“We wanted to give a big thank you to Verango for our solar panels. We have had the best

summer so far.” - Diana Hithe

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So. Cal.’s #1 residential solar integrator

Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau


For your free quote, call1-877-403-3479