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Verizon, Please Hire Me

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Please Hire MeA PowerPoint Resume by Me, an awesome CONTRACTOR that worked for you.

Trust me. Im a good bet. Contracting is like an audition. Does the company like you, do you like the company? My audition is coming to an end, and I like you! I really like you. Do you like me?1

Name Origin:Irish, Gaelic Pronunciation: Shay - rhymes with dayMeaning:Hawk, Hawk-Like, Admirable, Majestic, Noble

My name right off the bat tells you Im pretty awesome. The Mets stadium used to be called Shea Stadium. As a young girl that was bad news on the playground. But it makes it easy for adults to remember me Yeah, Shea like the old Mets stadium.2

An awesome person working for an awesome company. This is like peanut butter and jelly. A complete no-brainer. 3

EDUCATION!Lets talk about

I believe in continuing ones education and while Im not currently enrolled in college courses, online or other? I do take classes through Matawan Aberdeens continuing education classes.4

Im a Georgian Court University Lion!

Attended 1993-1998 BA in English LiteratureMinor in Creative Writing

Accepted to the English Honor Society - Sigma Tau Delta

Writer for the campus Literary Magazine and Poetry Journal

During my freshman year, I was also a columnist for my local hometown newspaper - The South Amboy Beacon.

I went in the nineties when it was called Georgian Court College. The good ole GCC. I believe I remain the cafeteria tray sledding champion of Maria Hall.5

GOOD Question.Why should you hire me?

And I will answer that. 6


Ive been a contractor for Verizon in the Direct Fulfillment Returns Team in Supply Chains Reverse Logistics, making me familiar with the company and its goals.

Im fluent in VZW systems like: ACSS/Vision POS ITTSOrder Tracker SharePoint SMARTWebExJabber

Ive worked with VZW inter-departmental teams such as:Supply Chain Reverse and Forward Logistics ITCAREB2B and GOV OPSSPCTech Support Retail

Dont be fooled! My glasses are seldom that smudge free. 7


In 2013 I became certified in MS office via Metrix Learning Systems online through Monmouth County.

That meanss Im fluent in:WordPowerPointAccessExcelOutlook

While working for the Monmouth County Workforce Development Department, I created databases in ACCESS of client information and used Outlook to schedule appointments.8

What more do you need to know?Because you can just call me at:(732) 439-9145

Please dont call during The Walking Dead. 9

What more do you need to know?Or email me:[email protected]

Thats my name in Gaelic. 10

What more do you need to know?Or check out my Linkedin profile:https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheamurray

Two previous supervisors have written me recommendations. Including my Verizon supervisor, Linda Malillo!11

Thank you for your consideration! I hope to hear from you soon.

Please call me. 12


wait. Are you still here?

Oh this is embarrassing. 14

Wanna see some of my art for funzies?

Lets get weird. 15

I do traditional and digital art and mixed media. 16

Thanks!Okay, now were done.

I promise. 17

Whew. Nailed it. 18

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