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Video Conferencing Freedom

Date post:11-Jun-2015
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  • 1. Video Conferencing Freedom Leveraging New Video Conferencing Software In The World of Higher EducationZach Phillips Western Carolina University

2. Backdrop WCU has 6 Hardware Codecs 4 Locations A lot of faculty who want to talk to people outside of the state and away from higher education institutions 3. W we were saying hat Im sorry but theres not really a way for us to do what you want We dont support Skype 4. The W orld of Video Conferencing Video conferencing technologies are mainstream Consumers are very familiar with: Skype Facetime Google Hangouts 5. In Q4 2013 Alone Apple Sold 33.8 Million iPhones 14.1 Million iPads 6. Fortuitous Timing WCU had purchased 2 Phoenix Audio MT-301 Units for client checkoutWCU had just signed an agreement with GoToMeeting for faculty/staff/student conferencing 7. W makes a video hat The ability to communicate without difficulty be: Communication between clients need to conference successful? Intuitive Clear Comfortable 8. Enhancing Software Conference with Quality Hardware 9. Audio Hardware Options for Software Conferencing Personal - Headsets Personal/Small Group - Conference Microphones Medium Sized Group Chainable Conference Microphones Large Group Traditional Microphones with Digital to Analog Conversion We will have the most success if we can include hardware echo cancellation in each category! 10. Brands to Know Polycom Phoenix Audio ClearOne Revolabs 11. Video Hardware Available Limited Options Traditional Small PC Webcams Large Webcams Traditional cameras through capture card 12. Brands to Know Logitech Microsoft Vaddio 13. OK, my Skype calls look good and sound good, but I still cant connect to anyone outside of Skype.What was the point of all this? 14. Options for Adding Interoperability Hardware Gateways Vendor Specific Integrations or Plugins Life Size and Skype Polycom and Microsoft LyncService Based 15. W hy? No Hardware purchases needed Works with multiple brands of existing conferencing technology Portable! Connects us to a wide suite of free, consumer supported technologies 16. Since Buying into BlueJeans We currently use it for around half of all conferences coming into and out of WCU. Drastic increase in the number of event types that we are able to support Adds a level of control to desktop conferencing that we rarely get natively Beginning to solve problems that have plagued traditional codec systems for years 17. Transformation of the Service Were doing more business Previously the service revolved around forcing the customer into complying with technical requirements Now the service revolves around applying the technology to the clients needs BlueJeans has emerged as our stepping stone, but the technology consideration is highly dependent on the environment 18. Lessons Learned Clients are already using this technology in their personal life. By meeting them halfway we can open the door to new business and exciting new opportunities. Having multiple paths to accomplish conferencing goals creates new functionality thats hard to replicate with a single product 19. Questions?Thanks for attending!

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