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    RFP NO: KENIC/RFP/18/09/2014

    DATED: 6th OCTOBER 2014


    P.O BOX 1461 00606 NAIROBI

    TEL: +254733790073/ +254715275483



    1.1 Introduction 1.2 Clarification and amendment of RFP document 1.3 Preparation of Technical Proposal 1.4 Preparation of Financial proposal 1.5 Submission, Receipt and opening of proposals 1.6 Proposal evaluation general 1.7 Evaluation of Technical proposal 1.8 Public opening and Evaluation of Financial proposal 1.9 Negotiations 1.10 Award of Contract 1.11 Confidentiality 1.12 Corrupt or Fraudulent practices

  • SECTION 1 INFORMATION TO CONTRACTORS [ITC] 1.1 Introduction 1.1.1 The KENYA NETWORK INFORMATION CENTRE [KeNIC] will select a firm from among those invited to submit a proposal on provision of Contractual service for Supply and

    Installation of Video conferencing Equipment. 1.1.2. The Contractors are invited to submit a Technical Proposal and a Financial Proposal for

    consulting services required for the assignment, by 6th November 2014 5:00 pm.

    1.1.3. The Contractors must familiarize themselves with local conditions and take the conditions into

    account in preparing their proposal. To obtain first hand information on the assignment and on the

    local conditions, Contractors are encouraged to liaise with KeNIC regarding any information that they may require before submitting a proposal and to attend a pre proposal conference on the

    dates indicated in the appendix. Contractors should contact the official named in the Appendix

    ITC to arrange for any visit or to obtain additional information on the pre- proposal conference.

    Contractors should ensure that these officials are advised of the visit in advance to allow adequate

    time to make appropriate arrangements.

    1.1.4 KeNIC will provide the inputs specified in the Appendix ITC assist the firm in obtaining licenses and permits needed to carry out the services and make available relevant project data and

    reports at the suppliers.

    1.1.5 Please note that

    {i} The costs of preparing the proposal and of negotiating the contract, including any visit to KeNIC

    are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment; and

    {ii} KeNIC is not bound to accept any of the proposals submitted.

    1.1.6 The procuring entitys employees, committee members, board members and their relative

    {spouse and children} are not eligible to participate.

    1.2 Clarifications and Amendment of RFP Documents 1.2.1 Contractors may request a clarification of any of the RFP documents only up to seven {7} days

    before the proposal submission date. Any request for clarification must be sent in writing by paper

    mail, cable, telex, facsimile or electronic mail to KeNICs address indicated in the Appendix ITC.

    KeNIC will respond by cable telex, facsimile or electronic mail to such requests and will send

  • written copies of the response [including an explanation of the query but without identifying the

    source of inquiring] to all invited Contractors who intend to submit proposals.

    1.2.2 At any time before the submission of proposals, Kenya Network Information Centre may for

    any reason, whether at its own initiative or in response to a clarification requested by an invited

    firm, amend the RFP. Any amendment shall be issued in writing through addenda. Addenda shall be

    sent by mail, cable, telex or facsimile to all invited Contractors and will be binding on them. KeNIC

    may at his discretion extend the deadline for the submission of proposals.

    Preparation of Technical Proposal The Contractors proposal shall be written in English language. Documents in other languages must

    be accompanied by an English translation of the same.

    In preparing the Technical proposal, Contractors are expected to examine the documents

    constituting this RFP in details. They should also pay particular attention to the evaluation criteria if

    they are to optimize on their technical score. Materials deficiencies in providing the information

    requested may result in rejection of a proposal.

    While preparing the Technical Proposal, Contractor must give particular attention to the following;

    (i) If a firm considers that it does not have the expertise for the assignment, it may obtain a full

    range of expertise by associating with individual Contractor[s] and or other firms or entities in a

    joint venture or sub-Contractual as appropriate. (ii) Contractors shall not associate with the other Contractors invited for this assignment. Any firm

    associating in contravention of this requirement shall automatically be disqualified. An original signed letter from the associating firm confirming the association for the purpose of this assignment must be attached. For assignments on a staff time basis, the estimated number of professional staff time is given in

    the Appendix. The proposal shall however be based on the number of professional staff time

    estimated by the firm.

    It is desirable that the majority of the key professional staff proposed be permanent employees of

    the firm or has an extended and stable working relationship with it.

    Proposed professional staff must as a minimum, have the experience indicated in the evaluation

    criteria, preferably working under conditions similar to those prevailing in Kenya.

  • Alternative professional staff shall not be proposed and only one Curriculum Vitae [CV] may be

    submitted for each position.

    The Technical Proposal shall provide the following information using the attached


    A brief description of the firms organization and an outline of recent experience in a similar

    assignment. For each assignment the outline should indicate inter alia, the profiles of the staff

    proposed, duration of the assignment, contract amount , technical capabilities and firms

    involvement . The experiences should be similar to this assignment. Piecemeal services will not be

    considered for the purposes of relevant experience.

    Any comments or suggestions on the Terms of Reference, a list of services and facilities to be

    provided by KeNIC.

    A description of the methodology and work plan for performing the assignment. In describing their

    methodology bidders are asked to focus on the Terms of Reference [TOR] and show how each of

    the TORs will be addressed.

    The lists of the proposed staff team by specialty, the tasks that would be assigned to each staff team

    member and their timing. The qualifications are set out in the evaluation criteria.

    CVs recently signed by the proposed professional staff and the authorized representative submitting

    the proposal. Key information should include number of years working for the firm/ entity and

    degree of responsibility held in various assignments within the last ten [10] years.

    Estimates of the total staff input [professional and support staff staff time] needed to carry out the

    assignment support by bar chart diagrams showing the time proposed for each professional staff

    team member.

    Any additional information requested in Appendix Information to Contractors [ITC}.

    The Technical Proposal shall not include any financial information.

    Preparation of Financial Proposal In preparation of the financial proposal, Contractors are expected to take into account the

    requirement and conditions outlined in the RFP documents. The Financial Proposal should follow

    Standard Forms [Section IV]. It should list all costs associated with the assignment including; [a]

    remuneration for staff [in the field and at headquarters], and; [b] reimbursable expenses such as

  • subsistence [ per diem, housing], transportation [ international and local , for mobilization and

    demobilization], services and equipment [ vehicle , office equipment, furniture , and supplies], office

    rent, insurance , printing of documents , surveys and training, if it is a major component of the

    assignment . If appropriate, these costs should be broken down by activity. Third party costs to be

    borne directly by KeNIC should not be included. The financial proposal must include the following;

    I. Financial proposal submission form

    II. Summary of costs with the total amount of the financial proposal

    III. Breakdown per activity

    IV. Miscellaneous expenses

    V. Breakdown of remuneration per activity

    VI. Bid security shall be equivalent to 2% of the quoted price and valid for 120 days from the day

    of RFP opening. The format of the bid security is attached.

    The financial Proposal should clearly identify as a separate amount, the local taxes, duties, fees, levies

    and other charges imposed under the law on the Contractors, the sub Contractors and their

    personnel, unless Appendix ITC specifies otherwise.

    1.4.3 Contractors shall express the price of their services only in Kenya Shillings. 1.4.4 Commissions and gratuities, if any , paid or to be paid by Contractors and related to the

    assignment will be listed in the Financial Proposal submission form.

    The Proposal must remain valid for 90 days after the submission date. During This period, the

    Contractor is expected to keep available, at his own cost, the

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