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  • Rachel Mutter-Leonard Digital VideoCamera 2 Field Trips Digital Camera Video Mania

2. Greece Ridge Suburban MallField Trip Students had to budget $5.00 for holiday gifts for their family. They also had to pay the correct amount and ensure they received the correct change. This was a math assessment. 3. What is in a community? Our class invited another class, Mrs. Giardinos, on field trips with us. We learned what is needed in all types of communities fromVillage Elementary to rural, suburban, and urban communities.Hilton Community Skyping withNebraskan Rural Community 4. Suburban Bingo Urban Bingo Travel Community Bingo 5. We visited Channel 8 to learn how to better set up a news cast in our own classroom and tie into our weather unit. Field Trip to Channel 8: Urban 6. The Ripple The class created a variety of videos to communicate what they learned. Also, a monthly news cast was created. I saw huge speech and language improvements. 7. This is a student rubric I used to compare improvements with speech and language.By April it only took one to two recordings. The students progress continues to amaze people.Having the students critique themselves was a huge key to success in this project to improve their daily speech and language skills. 8. Instructional Framework Success

  • Students have an understanding of what components make up a community.
  • Students improved their understanding and vocabulary through hands on experiences.
  • Improvement in Communication
    • body language
    • articulation
    • speech
    • language
    • voice level
    • eye contact
    • interactions with peers
    • students are comfortable talking to a group of people
    • students can be leaders and explain appropriate communication behavior to peers and staff

9. Parent Quotes These are the best field trips I have been on. The field trips are fun and interesting. What a great experience. We are so proud of her (referring to their daughters progress in regards to her language on film). Parents and teachers alike, like the practical life experiences the students have had on the field trips. Special thank you to Marianne Christensen, Jeanne Hebert, Mrs. Giardino and her class, and Laraine Frohlich for all of their help with making the project a success!

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