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Video Surveillance - D-Link Video surveillance cameras . A full range of video surveillance cameras...

Date post:08-Jul-2020
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  • Video Surveillance

  • Build a smart business with a brand leader

    When your customers want video surveillance, they’re looking for peace of mind. So it makes sense for you to recommend a brand that is recognised for quality and reliability.

    The D-Link Smart Installer Program gives you a generous price advantage on our market-leading ranges of cameras. As a registered D-Link Smart Installer, you’ll be able to promise your customers outstanding quality, backed with informed, expert service.

    Big business is waiting for you

    Video surveillance is a fast-growing business. Research from IHS suggests the market is growing at around 19.3% a year. And the technology is changing fast, with breakthroughs in quality and affordability that bring new customers in all the time. Each new development is also an opportunity to talk to existing customers about upgrading old systems.

    A smart partnership

    You’ll be working with an award-winning global brand. We’ll help you grow your business, with lead generation programs and regular product and market updates. We’ll also help you produce professional marketing materials, co-branded with your own logo and contact information.

    Smart technology

    D-Link is at the forefront of the technology evolution that is changing the face of physical security. Every enquiry is an opportunity for you to make extra sales. We offer a full line of video surveillance cameras, network switches, video storage devices and video management software technologies.

    Generous Sales Margins

    Specialist Sales Support

    Trusted Brand

  • As a Smart Installer you get:

    Big business for you The video surveillance market is growing at around A YEAR

    19.3% Your next smart move is to register now at


    Sales Support • Discounted Not For Resale (NFR)

    Demonstration Equipment • Deal Registration & Protection • Pre-qualified Sales Leads • Dedicated Account Manager • Project Pricing Eligibility • Access to Smart Installer Enablement Tools • Generous Sales Margins • MSRP Pricelist • Access to D-Link’s Technologies, other than

    Video Surveillance • Smart Installer Online Portal

    Marketing Support • Joint Marketing* • Official use of the D-Link Smart Installer

    Certified Partner Logo • Installer Brand Guidelines • Marketing Materials • Local Promotions

    Technical Support • Direct Contact with D-Link Product Specialist • Efficient Returns Handling • D-Link Assist - 24 x 7 Rapid Response Service • Warranty & Extended Warranty

    Training • Sales Training (inc. Webinars) • On-Site Sales & Technical Training • Access to D-Link Academy - Online

    Training Centre

    System design • A&E Specifications • Visio Images • Installer-specific System Design Tools

    Dedicated Information • D-Link Installer Pages • Early Product Introductions &

    Discontinuation Announcements • Technical Specifications • Industry White Papers and Market Trends Articles

    Networking Opportunities • Network with other D-Link Partners • Local Partner Events

    *subject to status

  • Vigilance pays We’ve also introduced a range of cameras designed specifically for homes and smaller business premises.

    The Vigilance range is priced exclusively for Smart Installers. It includes indoor and outdoor cameras, supporting a variety of recording formats. It gives you the quality and flexibility you need to make sure your customers have exactly what they want from their video surveillance.

    Full HD Outdoor PoE Mini Dome Camera DCS-4802E Recommended for discrete indoor or outdoor monitoring.

    “D-Link is the largest vendor of IP cameras in Europe, having steadily grown its market share from 2012 (58 per cent), to 2013 (66 per cent) and 2014 (68 per cent). Source: Context

    Full HD Outdoor Vandal-Proof PoE Dome Camera DCS-4602EV Ideal for building entrances and areas that are prone to vandalism.

    Full HD PoE Dome Camera DCS-4603 Ideal for offices and retail outlets, covering reception areas and building entrances.

    HD Outdoor Mini Bullet Camera DCS-4701E Ideal for outdoor entrance and building perimeter.

    HD Wireless Camera DCS-4201 Indoor monitoring and recording.

  • “At the end of the day, it’s all about quality, and D-Link IP cameras provide a greater quality image and are easier to install and manage. Lester Wood, Director, C L Security

    D-Link offers a full range of smart technologies which provide additional revenue opportunities.

    Network switches

    Designed to work seamlessly with all kinds of video surveillance cameras and other network technologies, these are easy to install and set up. And we’ll provide any additional guidance and support you may need.

    Video surveillance cameras

    A full range of video surveillance cameras for use in a variety of business environments, indoors and outdoors. D-Link video surveillance cameras include an array of features such as high definition video, remote control capabilities, and protection against vandalism and bad weather.

    Video management software

    This is where your customers keep track of the property and premises they are protecting. D-ViewCam video management software provides video recording, live view and playback management from multiple network cameras, for up to 64 users.

    Video storage devices

    Our Unified Network Storage solutions are engineered for flexibility and scalability. Your customers can quickly retrieve and view key pieces of video when they need to. They’re designed to slot into existing networks, even if they are not built with D-Link technology.

  • Connect to More dlink.com/sip

    Specifications are subject to change without notice. D-Link is a registered trademark of D-Link Corporation and its overseas subsidiaries. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. D-Link Corporation. All rights reserved. E&OE.

    Smart tools and exclusive benefits

    We’ve created a range of specialist tools and unique benefits to help you do profitable business as a D-Link Smart Installer.


    you will receive generous margins on all business video

    surveillance cameras


    calculate the bandwidth and storage capacity the

    video surveillance system will need


    compare and select D-Link products, and get

    advice on which products to use when setting up a

    new network solution

    GUARANTEED DEAL PRICING once you register a deal on the portal, the price

    we quoted will be the price you pay, even if the list

    price goes up later


    everything you need to work as a trusted adviser

    for your customers


    PRO create new surveillance

    solutions, select cameras and work out where they

    will need to go to give the right coverage

    PRICE ADVANTAGE exclusive low prices

    on all D-Link products

    WI-FI PLANNER PRO helps you plan a wireless

    network project, including a signal simulator to identify

    where blind spots might occur


    an interactive guide to the Graphical User

    Interfaces provided with our products

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