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Video Trends for Business Marketers

Date post:13-May-2015
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This presentation shows real world examples to help you understand and master the entire B2B video process from what to create, how to optimize, how to market it with search and social media and how to measure the real business impact.
  • 1.Keys to Success withB2B VideoLeslie DrateCiscoSocial Media Team LeadSan Francisco| August 1317

2. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfTrends in Video More people are watching video Each person is watching more videos People are using multiple devices to watch video @lesliedrate 3. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfVideo Consumption Is Up Video consumption is up43% from just a year ago The average viewer in theUS watched ~4 videos/day in Jan. 12 84% of the US audiencewatched videosonline in Jan. [email protected] 4. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfMobile Is Emerging Fast!! The percentage of non-desktop video plays more thandoubled in Q4 11 Viewers are more than twice as likely to complete avideo when watching on a non-desktop device @lesliedrate 5. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfVideo Is a Valuable Marketing Asset for CiscoView 44% more pages while on Cisco.comAre twice as likely to engage with high-value conversionactivities on Cisco.comAre 41% more likely to return to Cisco.comAre 5 times more likely to click-throughon a blog post with videoAre twice as likely to click-through on email Videoviewers @lesliedrate 6. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfVideo on Cisco.com Case Study There are currently ~3,000 videos on Cisco.com We make ~1,000 videos a year at Cisco Total number of global video views for thosevideos is around 2 million Decreased video viewing on Cisco.com,increased on YouTube Average completion rates hover around 30-33%,per the industry standard *Cisco.com, August 2011 to April [email protected] 7. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfIT Decision Makers Watch and Share Videos 96% of tech buyers watch tech-related videos! 84% forward,share or posttech-related [email protected] 8. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfShared Videos Sell More Product When someone watches a recommended video, theirbrand recall goes up 7% and enjoyment goes up 14% Purchase intent goes up - video enjoyment increasedpurchase intent (for consumer products) by 97 percentand brand association by 139 percent10X more videos are shared on Facebookvs. [email protected]*Unruly video study, January, 2012 9. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfTech-related Video Downloads Are Not Limited to the Work DayS MTW ThFS92% watch or download tech-related videos during the work week 50% on the27% before53% during 61% after50% on the weekendsnormal business normal business normal business weekends hours hourshours @lesliedrate *IDG 2012 study with 6,622 B2B IT decision makers 10. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfVideo Types/Stage of Sales ProcessTypes of Video Productions Definition of Video TypeSales Stage1. Advertisement High production value Awareness2. Thought LeadershipTalking head or interview Awareness3. Business Challenges Industry trends Consideration4. Case StudyCustomer or Cisco product stories Consideration5. DemoProduct/Solution deep diveDesign6. Technology Solution Multiple product solution Design7. Video Data SheetProduct specificationsDesign8. TrainingCourse curriculum, How-to Post-sale9. Event PresentationEvent All10. Program Series Program seriesAll11. OtherOn location event recording [email protected] 11. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfHigh Cost= More Clicks Theres no relationship between the cost of a video and the numberof views or completion rates A video datasheet can easily receive more clicks than a high-end,agency-produced video over time There are visitors who browse and visitors who are fact finding Browsers are more likely to look at video overviews Fact finders want to drill down, so they will look at datasheets @lesliedrate 12. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfClickable Calls to Action on YouTube Paid Paid - Call to Action Overlays Can ONLY appear at the bottom half of a video player Character limits: Headline 25 Description line 1 35 Description line 2 35Non-paid Unpaid - Annotation One style of font, a few different sizes, and multiple color backgrounds No character limit Can be placed anywhere Can link OFF of YouTube if you have a YouTube Partner [email protected] 13. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfLength of Video Is KeyTubeMogul study in Q1 CY10. Hundreds of media companies (i.e. CBS), news outlets (i.e. AP) and YouTube stars (i.e.sxephil) were included in thesample, which spans video sites and platforms @lesliedrate 14. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfInvest Once Use Many Times All videos are posted toCisco.com (preferably in morethan one place) and YouTube Remember to link to videosfrom other pages and sites Video is also a big asset forour blog posts, Facebook, andother social media @lesliedrate 15. San Francisco | August 1317, 2012 | #sessfTop 7 Tips for B2B Video1. Site visitors who view video are more valuable to your sales efforts2. Invest once and post your videos in many places3. Make it easy for your customers to share videos especially on Facebook4. Keep your video content flowing even on weekends5. Use different types of videos at different stages of the sales process6. Theres no relationship between the cost of the video and the number of views7. Contain the length of your video 1. 90 seconds on YouTube 2. 2 or 3 minutes on your site @lesliedrate

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