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Video Trends Sobcon 2007

Date post:22-Jun-2015
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Video Trends presentation by VideoSticky.com founder Rodney Rumford presented at blogging conference SOBCON May 2007. Video Aggregation is at the forefront.
  • 1. The Convergence of Video, Blogs, Community & Connections Rodney Rumford

2. Video Factoids

  • 80-100k New Videos Uploaded Daily
  • Google Video, Yahoo Video, YouTube, MySpace, Veoh
  • Evolution of Channels/Playlists
  • Streamers of all ages had greater Internet usage than non-streamers. Adult streamers ages 35 to 64 spent 67% more time on the Internet than non-streamers

3. Video Engages Users

  • LongerSite Visits
  • Deeper Knowledge Sharing
  • Extended Branding
  • Valued Resource

4. The True Reality of Web Video

  • Most People See This
  • When They Could See This
  • Mountain of Garbage
  • Treasure Chest of Gems

5. Opportunity to Differentiate & Lead

  • People consume content in different ways
  • Some prefer text only
  • Some prefer text and audio
  • Some prefer text and video
  • Why force your personal views upon them?
  • My Web My Way
  • Deeper Engagement, Sharing & Value

6. Blog with Deeper Depth

  • Provide Context for Video Content
  • Promote Deeper People Connections
  • Multi-Media Knowledge Resource

7. 8. 9. I Cant Create Video

  • Believe what you want and it will become true.
  • Got a Web Cam?
  • Content is more important than quality
  • Aggregate from the 100,000 new videos uploaded daily

10. You Are the Connectors

  • Lead the Charge! There is Great Benefit from Leading
  • Top of the Power Pyramid
  • Content Creatorsare Leaders
  • Extend Your Reach & Influence

11. Blog Bling!

  • Humans like shiny objects
  • People discover content in non-linearways
  • Fosterlike minded people connections
  • Be a relationship facilitator
  • Rewards

12. 13. Thanks! Create Share Connect www.VideoSticky.com

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