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Vidyo for the LHC Status Update

Date post:22-Mar-2016
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CHEP 2013 – Amsterdam – October 14th – 18th 2013. Vidyo for the LHC Status Update. Thomas Baron – AV and Collaboration services section leader Joao Fernandes – Video conference service manager CERN IT department. Chronology Vidyo at CERN: Use cases S cale and infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Vidyo for the LHCStatus UpdateCHEP 2013 Amsterdam October 14th 18th 2013Thomas Baron AV and Collaboration services section leaderJoao Fernandes Video conference service managerCERN IT departmentChronologyVidyo at CERN: Use casesScale and infrastructureIntegrationsReporting & MonitoringFuture plans3CHRONOLOGY4Long experience with videoconferenceVRVS/EVO service since the late 90sBuilt on the requirements of HEP communityTender needed in 2008 following the service change of business modelSetup of a committee with representatives of major user communitiesEstablishing requirementsInformal market surveyOnly two products could cope with specsPilot for 6 monthsSelection of Vidyo in 20111st January 2013: end of EVO desktop system support at CERN 5Chronology

REMOTE COLLABORATION AT CERNDaily work meetingsTypically involves:Meeting Rooms and desktopsAround 20 participantsFrequency:250 per day


Collaboration meetingsTypically involves:Meeting Rooms and desktopsAround 100-250 participantsFrequency:Around 2-4 per month



Outreach events (masterclasses, virtual visits)Typically involves:Meeting RoomsAround 10 participantsFrequency:Around 1 per week

Remote Operation CentersTypically involves:Rooms24/7 connection of all institutes involved in control and monitoring


Remote Teaching2 dedicated rooms11USE CASES

Job interviewsTypically involves:DesktopsPoint 2 point discussionsTypically involves:DesktopsReplaces chat or phone

12OTHER USE CASES13VIDYO AT CERN:SCALE AND INFRASTRUCTURE [email protected] in production since December 2011Strong points for CERNMultiplatform capabilitiesNot only desktops but extension to mobiles and tabletsIntegration with H323/SIP protocolsExtensible (several hundreds in a single meeting)Natural interactionsvery low latency and excellent lip sync Good A/V quality and resilience/adaptability to poor network conditionsSimple interfaceGood integration possibilities15CERN Vidyo Service Scale18000 users800-1600 simultaneous connectionsUp to 168 simultaneous H323/SIP 11 Phone access points worldwide12 simultaneous recordings2 VidyoPanoramas (CERN site)16

CERN Vidyo Worldwide Service Topology

2 Portals20 Routers10 GWs



CERN17Vidyo: Usage Evolution

18Vidyo: Usage Evolution

19Vidyo: Usage Evolution

20Usage EvolutionCurrent peaksSimultaneous connections: ~750Number of people in one meeting: 252Phone usage: 100k minutes in 1 monthMore than 3200 meetings per monthMore than 5000 distinct users and 3000 Guests per monthMore than 28000 clients have been installed (mobile and desktop)Average of 1 million of vidyo minutes per month

Support Evolution21


23Indico ServiceTHE CERN hub for event managementOpen Source web applicationMeeting and conference organization (schedule, document management, registration, e-payment, etc.)Central repository and long-term archive of event-related documents (slides, videos)Meeting room bookingsCollaboration services bookingsChat interface

24Indico Integration

25Access from CERN Meeting Rooms

Room VC equipmentThisPC

26Access from non-CERN H323/SIP

2 IVRs available: CERN and Internet2 (US)27IntegrationsCERN users databaseUsing LDAP link option on portalCERN Indico serverDirect calls to Vidyo web service APIsCERN Vidyo dashboardDirect SQL queries to CDR DBInfrastructure monitoring interfaceAdded Nagios to all serversCalls to the CDR and Vidyo DB

28REPORTING AND MONITORING29Developed in-HouseLive web reporting tool for users and managersQueries to the Vidyo CDR DBUsing Open source tool to analyze web accessesGoogle Charts API for data displayReporting30


32Developed in-HouseLive web infrastructure monitoring for managersOpen Source monitoring frameworkAgents installed in each system component Proxy server collecting dataCollects all system data:Monitoring agents reportsCDR and Vidyo DB queries for usageGoogle charts and maps API for data displayUsing Django web frameworkMonitoring33


35FUTURE PLANS36Future PlansOctober 2013New Unified VidyoDesktop client with integrated chat and moreAll PlatformsUp to 16 videos and 2 HD displaysAdditional phone access points in CERN collaborating institutesRecording feature available to all meetingsQ4 2013 and beyondEnrichment of UVD 3.0 with more featuresUltimate goal to merge VidyoPortal with UVD clientVidyoWeb (in browser client)New VidyoSharing on IpadsProvides whiteboard and mark-up capabilitiesInfrastructure virtualisationScalability tests to pave the way to possible service extensionsSSO/SAML supportRouter Proximity37THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

Thomas [email protected]

Joao [email protected] Service at CERNinfo: http://cern.ch/vidyostatus page: http://avc-dashboard.web.cern.ch/Vidyocontact:[email protected]@[email protected] 39

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