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View the Valuable and Useful Products at Celestial Insight

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1. View the Astrology Products Available at Celestial Insight 2. Astrology Calendar Digital edition (PDF) $10.00 Suitable for professionals and students Data not found in your ephemeris Monthly analysis of key events Global cycles & trends Beginners section 100% recycled material School terms and public holidays Beautiful original images 3. Astrology 90 Minute Session $180.00 In a 90 minute astrology session weexploreyour life and present circumstances. The birth chart is a map of the heavens that paints a symbolic picture of your potential. Astrology is a wonderful tool for gaining insight into your life and your personal journey,so you can make conscious decisions that are in your own best interest. 4. Astrology 60 Minute Session $130.00 5. Mentoring Session 2 Hour Intial Consultation $150.00 6. Secrets of the Zodiac (Gift Edition) $25.00 Secrets of the Zodiac explores the archetypal qualities withineach sign of the zodiac, revealing your primary mission in life,your priorities, how you interact with others and what you mostneed to learn. Michele Finey shows howeach sign is linked to the next. Find out what makes you tick,why some things are second nature to you, and whyyou repeat the same mistakes time and again. 7. The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars $30.00 Learn the beautiful cosmic choreography of the Venus-Mars Sacred Dance. Michele Finey thoroughly explores the synodic cycles of Sun-Mars, Sun-Venus, and Venus-Mars in ways that elucidate the archetypal themes of the Heros Journey. 8. To know more about our products and Astrology services please visit: http://celestialinsight.com.au/ Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

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