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  • VikingLakeland Chris t ian School


    Early Childhood Center – Wonderful Home for LCS Youngest

    March 2010

    Campaign Receives Final Commitment See Page 3

  • error is caught and

    corrected, the better.

    All of us, adults

    and students, are

    vulnerable to the

    subtle influences of

    our culture and our

    own fallen nature.

    We tend to slide

    into the pattern of

    seeing all of life from

    a self-referential

    bias. (That is to say,

    “It’s all about me!”)

    We can get away

    from the basics, the

    fundamentals of

    our faith – regular time reading the scriptures and in prayer,

    faithfulness in our corporate worship on the Lord’s Day, and

    praying together as a family. Our hearts slowly become cold

    and indifferent, our family relationships seem strained, and we

    wonder why life just doesn’t seem as meaningful and fulfilling

    as it should.

    One of the goals of the Christian school is to keep the basics

    of the faith before the minds and hearts of the students and the

    staff every day. We recognize that we have a tendency to drift,

    to begin to depend on our own short-range thinking and rely on

    our own understanding (Proverbs 3:4-6). We realize that as we

    pursue excellence in academics, fine arts and athletics, we must

    always remember that true wisdom flows from God (Proverbs

    1:7). This orientation must shape every aspect of our study and

    activity if we are to be truly educated.

    On the home front, it is essential that parents prioritize not

    only school attendance, but also faithful participation in the

    local church that preaches and teaches the Bible as the Word

    of God. The authentic application of the gospel in the home

    underscores the teaching of the church and school. As Lewis

    points out, there must be regular, daily intake of the basics of

    the faith to prevent drift. This is not because the message of the

    faith is weak. It is because we are weak and so prone to forget, to

    neglect and to drift.

    Christianity is about Truth. But it is not just a philosophical

    system to be adopted. It involves a personal relationship with

    Last summer’s trip to the gulf beaches seems like

    a distant memory this time of year. Winter newspapers

    feature pictures of strawberry fields covered in ice and

    rumors of snowflake sightings in Polk County. Surf, sand

    and sunscreen are still many weeks away.

    There is something soothing about floating around in

    the gulf. The sensations of being gently lifted and lowered

    by the waves seem to instill feelings of peaceful calm. It is

    a stark contrast to the typical days back home.

    One of the intriguing phenomena of this experience

    is the subtle, incremental effect of the gulf currents. As we

    are lulled into a welcome state of relaxation and peace,

    we are ever-so-slowly being acted upon by the forces of the

    water. When our time of reverie is drawing to a close and

    we determine to head for the shore, we are often startled to

    find out that we have drifted down the beach. We discover

    that we are several properties away

    from where we entered the water!

    How did this movement escape our

    notice? How did we drift so far so fast?

    I have learned that I must continually

    check the shore line in order to keep

    my position constant.

    In C. S. Lewis’ classic work, Mere

    Christianity, he reflects on those who

    appear to have lost their faith. “…if

    you examined a hundred people who

    had lost their faith in Christianity,

    I wonder how many of them would

    turn out to have been reasoned out of it by honest

    argument? Do not most people simply drift away?” (p. 141)

    In this chapter on faith, he cautions the reader to be

    aware of the fact that our moods change but that faith

    holds onto what is believed, even in the face of changing

    moods. He encourages the believer to prevent drift by

    being “continually reminded of what we believe.” He

    exhorts us to deliberately hold the main doctrines of our

    faith before our minds every day.

    Every teacher knows the powerful effect of repetition.

    The fundamentals of any field of study must continually

    be reviewed. The basics are always the basics. Whether the

    error is in mathematical computation or in the application

    of biblical principles to life’s decisions, the sooner the

    Drift PreventionBy Dr. Mike Sligh, Headmaster

    “He encourages the believer to prevent drift by being ‘continually reminded of what we believe.’”

    continued on page 4

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    in this issue

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    p8-11 p12-13 p17 sports Fine Arts Alumni news

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like in the K4/K5 world

    at LCS? If so, consider this your invitation to learn about

    this very special place. Of course, you are always welcome to

    observe our program in action! And here’s what you may find …

    You may be asked by one of our students to join them in

    designing a building with blocks … you might be asked to help

    create a unique elephant mask … children may ask

    you to join them for breakfast in their kitchen –

    grab your apron and get ready to cook! ... you’ll

    likely get to dig through a huge tub of rice in

    search of specific letters … you may need a

    smock to protect your clothes from the finger

    paint and a gooey mess.

    “Special” is a great word to describe the

    Early Childhood experience at LCS. Children

    enjoy exciting centers, field trips, Grandparent’s

    Day, special holiday events, compete in the

    Elementary Olympics, and enjoy special musicals,

    piano events and other performances.

    This barely scratches the surface of the fun

    our little ones have – all the while learning as they

    are “playing.” In addition, our children dance and

    sing God’s praises each morning … create and discover as they

    rotate through centers … run, climb and ride tricycles on our

    fabulous Curls Family Playland.

    You may need patience as you search for shark’s teeth on

    our playground. We are thankful for the parents who have

    recovered umpteen shark’s teeth in their dryers

    at home; we have been able to recycle quite

    a few teeth.

    And, while you’re here for a visit, you’ll

    not want to miss the turtle pond. This

    child’s wonderland, provided through

    a gift from the MacKinnon-Hill Family

    Foundation, features natural Florida

    rocks, plants, a waterfall, tiny fish and,

    of course, those amazing turtles!

    K4 Program Thoughtfully Prepares Whole Child

    When your K4/K5 child joins the LCS

    family, they will live, laugh, love and learn.

    Lakeland Christian’s Early Childhood

    LCS Early Childhood Program: Learning is in the Fun!

    continued on page 7

    By Luci O’Byrne, Primary Grades Principal

  • 2

    With the recent completion

    of funding commitments toward

    the Early Childhood Center

    campaign, LCS now focuses on

    the wrap-up of the multi-year

    Deliver the Dream capital

    fund-raising effort. Only $5

    Million now remains to be raised

    to complete the funding of $23

    Million of campus expansion

    and renovation.

    The Deliver the Dream

    campaign, initiated in 2006,

    represents the most massive

    expansion in school history, and

    includes the construction of the

    new school maintenance facility,

    the placement of retention ponds

    and other major infrastructure,

    the substantial expansion of

    school parking, the creation of

    a new main entrance, and – of

    course – the construction of the

    71,000-square-foot Elementary/

    Middle School Building, the

    signature building on campus.

    Through God’s gracious

    provision and by the generosity

    of the LCS family and the

    Lakeland community, the

    campus has also grown

    to include:

    • Viking Stadium – a $2.6 Million campaign

    completed in 2008, and

    • Center for Early Childhood Education –

    a $1.25 Million campaign

    completed in January, 2010.

    All of the funding for these

    campaigns and for the $19

    Million Deliver the Dream effort

    has been privately raised. The

    school has even been blessed

    with five seven-figure gifts, the

    first in school history.

    With two major campaigns

    “in the books,” the school’s

    Advancement team and

    campaign leadership now

    set their sights on obtaining

    the final $5 Million of

    commitments for this effort

    which has produced such

    dramatic and positive change

    for the LCS campus.

    Dr. Mike Sligh, LCS

    Headmaster, is quick to point

    out that the campaign has been

    about far more than just raising

    money for bricks and mortar. “It

    is about seizing the opportunity

    to shape the hearts and minds

    of many, many students who

    will go on to shape

    Two Major Campaigns Completed

    Deliver the Dream Campaign Moves to Wrap-Up Phase

    the future of our community,”

    said Dr. Sligh. “We stand on

    the threshold of unparalleled

    opportunity to influence the

    leaders of tomorrow.”

    So, who will be these

    final “investors in the next

    generation?” Anyone and

    everyone! Friends who

    stepped up to kickoff the

    campaign will be asked to

    help finish what they began.

    And, of course, those who

    haven’t given will be asked to

    now partner with LCS in this

    critical completion phase.

    For more information on

    how you or a member of your

    family can make your mark on

    young lives, please contact LCS

    Director of Advancement Steve

    Wilson at 863/688-2771 or at

    [email protected]

  • 3

    God continues to bless Lakeland

    Christian School in remarkable

    ways. In less than two years from

    campaign kickoff, the drive to fund

    the $1.25 Million Center for Early

    Childhood Education has received its

    final gift commitment.

    This means the money needed

    to construct and furnish this

    beautiful facility for the school’s

    youngest students has all been given

    or pledged. The final $40,000 check

    was recently provided by a school

    family, capping off a campaign that

    attracted gifts from $25 to $100,000.

    Even though the needed $1.25

    Million has been fully committed,

    the school still looks to receive

    $253,000 in outstanding pledges to

    the campaign.

    The Early Childhood Center is

    located in the safe and convenient

    core of the LCS campus and includes:

    • The Ladd Educational Suite for K4 students

    • The Curls Family Playland for outdoor fun and excitement

    • The MacKinnon-Hill Outdoor Learning Center

    amphitheatre and Turtletown,

    a natural Florida habitat for

    unique educational experiences

    • The Kindergarten Suite for K5 students, including a spectacular

    gathering commons room.

    The Center is part of a $23

    LCS Completes Early Childhood CampaignGenerous Gift Marks Final Commitment

    Million major campus expansion

    and renovation which has blessed

    the school over the past several years.

    The Early Childhood campaign was

    conducted through the leadership

    of school parents Payton Albritton,

    Deanna Bayless, Denise Curls and

    Amanda Drost.

    The ultimate beneficiaries of this

    campaign generosity, of course, are

    the four- and five-year-old children

    beginning their formal education

    at Lakeland Christian School. These

    youngsters now enjoy a spacious and

    beautiful facility where skilled and

    nurturing Early Childhood faculty

    members can do their best work in the

    hearts and minds of little ones.

  • 4

    Jesus Christ. It is about growing in our understanding of His

    love and provision for us and demonstrating that same grace

    to one another. The tragic tale of broken human relationships

    is sometimes described by the words, “we just drifted apart.” It

    takes intentional effort to maintain human relationships. It takes

    an intentional focus on Christ and on Truth to maintain a vital

    relationship with the Savior as well.

    The currents at the beach can leave us far from home before

    we realize it. The neglect of our personal relationship with the

    Lord and the neglect of the application of biblical Truth

    to every area of life and study will leave us drifting

    away as well.

    The three-fold influence of the Christian school, the

    Christian home and the church can hold the truths of

    the faith before our students each day. Together, we can

    be used of God to provide the reference points on the

    shore that enable our students to hold their position and

    advance against the currents that would lead them astray.

    Drift Prevention continued from inside front cover

    Scholarship Funding Sought For Upper Classmen

    In a day when investments are uncertain at best, there is still a place where contributed money guarantees a positive return

    … with lifelong impact. What could be better than investing in the Christian education of young people whose completion of an

    LCS diploma is in financial jeopardy!?

    The impact of the country’s economic woes, first felt on Wall Street, has now worked its way from

    Main Street to Forest Park Street. Simply put, more LCS families are in need of more financial

    aid than at anytime in the school’s 56-year history.

    And one school grandparent has stepped up to make a difference. Following a

    Spring 2009 grandparents’ focus group meeting, this long-time Lakelander – along with

    his business partner, who is also an LCS grandparent – committed a lead gift to fund

    scholarships for current LCS juniors and seniors. His heart was breaking for students who

    were in jeopardy of not being able to complete their LCS education. So, they wrote a

    generous check and challenged the school to raise more funds for this specific

    use. In typical generous fashion, the LCS constituency responded with gifts

    totaling more than $70,000 for the 2009-10 school year.

    Realizing the economy’s impact is still severe, these same two

    grandparents have committed to another lead gift for the 2010-11 school

    year and have challenged the school to again raise financial aid for

    juniors and seniors.

    Will you join them in this critical effort? Due in large part to

    last year’s giving, the school was able to provide a record amount of

    financial aid assistance. Even more may be necessary for the coming

    school year. Please consider investing in the lives of

    the next generation in this valuable way. The dividends

    are life-changing.

    For more information on being a part of this exciting effort,

    please contact LCS Director of Advancement Steve Wilson at 863/688-

    2771 or at [email protected]

  • 5

    Musical Harvest Entertains Record Crowd, Reaps Unprecedented Return

    Proceeds Boost Early Childhood Campaign

    The Musical Harvest grew up in a hurry. In

    only its third year as the school’s classy fall fund-

    raiser, this premier community-wide musical event

    drew its largest audience and almost doubled the

    previous largest profit.

    Net proceeds for the November extravaganza

    totaled nearly $73,000, all of which were immedi-

    ately applied to the campaign to fund the school’s

    new Center for Early Childhood Education. The

    proceeds put the campaign within striking distance

    of realizing an end-of-the-year completion.

    The brainchild of school parents Greg and

    Christina Sale, the Musical Harvest combines

    nationally acclaimed musical talent who perform

    live and on-stage with LCS student musicians and

    vocalists. The Sales – who are two of Lakeland’s

    most renowned singers/musicians – annually

    attract performers from New York, Chicago and

    other top venues.

    This year’s program welcomed back Sarah

    Hagstrom, named Most Promising Young Artist

    in America; Mark Thomsen from Metropolitan

    Opera; Craig Irvin from Chicago Lyric Opera;

    Dr. Christy Lee, renowned pianist and program

    director; and Christina Sale, who has performed

    in leading productions around the world.

    The special evening again featured popular

    Broadway standards, including selections from

    “Oklahoma”, “Annie Get Your Gun”, “Oliver”,

    “Man of La Mancha”, “My Fair Lady”, “Cats” and

    “Phantom of the Opera.” The program concluded

    with moving Christian classics, ending with “You

    Raise Me Up.”

    The LCS student contingent of

    performers – wearing their formal best –

    was also the largest ever for a Musical

    Harvest. More than

    156 vocalists from

    grades four through

    twelve joined the LCS

    Symphonic Winds

    in the “opera house

    feel” of downtown

    Lakeland’s Trinity

    Presbyterian Church.

    The largest amount previously

    raised at a Musical Harvest was $46,000.

    This year’s record amount was provided

    through the contributions of generous

    sponsors, host families, Gold Patron

    Packages and General Admission Seating.

    In addition, sponsors, host families and

    Gold Patrons were invited to attend an

    “after-party” at the beautiful home of

    title sponsors Bill and Amanda Drost.

    This reception featured a live auction,

    which raised a record $23,675. School

    grandparent Kale Albritton served as the

    lively and entertaining auctioneer.

    As with all school fund raising

    activities, the beneficiaries of the event

    are the students of LCS, and in this case,

    the youngest on campus. The Center for

    Early Childhood Education serves as the

    daily home for the K4 and K5 children.

    3 R D A N N U A L

    L A K E L A N D C H R I S T I A N S C H O O L

    TiTle SponSor

    Bill & Amanda Drost


    Jack & Tina Harrell Kevin & Lois Knowlton MIDFLORIDA Credit Union OMS The NCT Group CPA’s, LLP Sale Insurance Peterson & Myers, P.A. Philip Sebring


    Keith & Payton Albritton Dave & Connie Aplin Tom & Bena Bayless Ralph & Pat Blalock Richard & Rosemary Cardosi Brian & Ramona Carroll Bob & Kim Cleghorn Joe & Susan DiCesare Patrick & Kristine Fagan Ben & Wendy Falk Rob & Regina Harper Barbara Hart Bennett & Pam Hill Kevin & Sylvia Jones Larry & Anita Maxwell Jeff & Shannon Miles Corey & Jaimi Miller Paul & Adele Morgan Steve & Lisa Moseley Bennie Jo Murray Brad & Melissa Murray Oz & Jean Mutz Angie Register Buddy & Dama Register Greg & Christina Sale Streamline & Bonnie Sale Conrad & Sherry Varnum Steve & Susie Wilson

  • 6

    God’s provision to LCS is unmistakable. In this instance, He worked

    through the generous heart of a school grandmother who made a simple

    observation while attending a school function. Her perceptive observation led

    to a gift that provided 16 new computers for use by elementary students

    at Lakeland Christian.

    This generous grandmother – who wishes to remain anonymous – was

    attending the Christmas party in the classroom of her third grade grandson.

    While the children were celebrating with their classmates, some students were

    also taking their AR reading test on the one classroom computer dedicated for

    student use. Although this grandmother was a frequent visitor and classroom

    volunteer, she particularly noticed the students scrambling to complete their test

    on this day – the last school day prior to Christmas break.

    Over the holidays, as she thought about the line of students waiting to

    use the one computer, she inquired with the school’s Advancement office –

    not only about her grandson’s classroom, but about the number of student

    computers throughout the

    elementary grades.

    After gathering

    the facts, she quickly

    responded with a

    generous end-of-the-year

    gift, which provided

    each elementary

    classroom with a

    minimum of two

    student computers,

    with a total of 16 new

    computers in all. This

    gift also provided three

    computers (within the

    16 total) for the special

    programs classroom.

    “What a blessing that someone has stepped up to provide such an

    abundance of technology for our students,” said Elementary Principal Fred

    Wiechmann. “Our classrooms now have even more tools that will allow our

    professional faculty to enhance the learning during these critical years.”

    In addition to providing for the LCS students, this open-hearted

    grandmother has demonstrated the significant impact that can be made through

    charitable giving to Lakeland Christian. For more information on how you

    can partner with the school and make a difference in the lives of children and

    young people, please contact LCS Director of Advancement Steve Wilson at

    863/688-2771 or at [email protected]

    Christmas Party Visit Leads to Generous Gift

    LCS Grandparent Provides16 Student Computers

    Dr. Mike Sligh Elected to FCIS

    Board of Directors

    Lakeland Christian School

    Headmaster Dr. Mike Sligh was

    elected to the Board of Directors of

    the Florida Council of Independent

    Schools (FCIS) at the annual

    convention this past fall. The FCIS

    convention was held at Champions

    Gate. This board provides strategic

    planning and leadership for the

    organization’s various activities

    including accreditation, professional

    development, insurance and

    benefits programs and the

    representation of independent

    school interests before state leaders

    and legislators in Tallahassee.

    The FCIS was founded in 1954

    and is responsible for evaluating

    and accrediting independent

    schools throughout Florida. The

    organization represents more than

    72,000 students in 153 member

    schools. The Council assures

    that each school maintains high

    standards and independence

    of character without political,

    financial or bureaucratic pressures.

    The Council is an association

    member of the National Association

    of Independent Schools (NAIS), an

    affiliate of the Council of American

    Private Education (CAPE), and a

    founding member of the Florida

    Association of Academic Nonpublic

    Schools (FAANS).

    Students like Dylan Gray, in Mrs. Debbie Stump’s class, enjoy the

    convenience of having multiple computers in their classroom.

  • 77

    program is developmentally appropriate, which encourages

    children to grow and mature naturally in every area of life.

    The K4 program prepares the whole child for the

    K5 program. By the end of the K4 year, the goal is for

    each child to be well-prepared socially, emotionally and

    academically for K5. The faculty determines where each

    child is within each of these important areas of their life.

    Each child is considered as an individual, and the staff

    meets each where he or she is. In fact, each child may be at

    a different level in each area of development.

    LCS Early Childhood teachers consistently pray that

    the children will strengthen self-control, the ability to focus,

    and that they will obey promptly. These three behaviors

    will form the foundation necessary for students to increase

    academic strides.

    Children Blessed with Skilled, Nurturing FacultyLCS Early Childhood faculty members are passionate

    about their work with the youngest children on campus.

    These teachers live for the Lord and serve at LCS because

    they really want to be here! Their love for the Lord

    overflows as they intentionally model that attribute

    for the students.

    Even at this youngest level, the faculty teaches each

    subject and activity in the light of God’s Word. The teachers

    do an amazing job of applying the scriptures to the young

    lives in their care. They are encouraged to find that some

    of the children already understand the gift of salvation.

    Early Childhood teachers also clearly understand

    the value of establishing a partnership with parents.

    Faculty members develop a plan in concert with parents

    to determine what needs to be done and a strategy for

    reaching these goals. This partnership creates a consistent home and

    school environment.

    Each teacher in the program is certified, and they specialize in

    specific educational areas as they work as a team.

    Laughter Important Part of Solid Educational Foundation

    More than just a Reader’s Digest moniker, laughter is truly an

    integral part of the LCS Early Childhood program. Visitors will hear

    the sounds of laughter from teachers and students throughout the day.

    Children can tell if their teacher loves what they do, and

    laughter is one revealing signal. In fact, staff has been known to

    laugh so much that some parents have even wanted to work at LCS!

    This positive approach stems from the love the teachers have

    for the Lord and for the children. Faculty members love to serve and

    work diligently to use their gifts to create the best program possible.

    Teachers invest much of their time helping students learn to problem

    solve, create and discover God’s world.

    Classrooms are uniquely designed and connected to facilitate

    the complete education delivered within the program. For instance,

    LCS K4 students have the opportunity to travel safely between

    classrooms without leaving the Ladd Educational Suite.

    As students travel interiorly among numerous centers … some

    may begin their journey in housekeeping (a small house within the

    classroom covered with real shingles!) ... others may spend time

    designing a building with blocks as teachers extend vocabulary

    and teach thematically through literature.

    Each classroom in both buildings is equipped with interactive

    SMARTBoards, which allow children to complete reading, math and

    science activities as a group or individually. Students also have the

    opportunity to participate in Spanish, art, music, PE, computer lab

    and library – all taught by certified and experienced teachers.

    LCS Early Childhood Program – Learning is in the Fun! continued from page 1

  • 8

    The Florida Athletic Coaches Association has named its 2009-2010

    basketball players and coaches of the year, and three from LCS have

    earned top honors.

    For boys’ basketball, senior Chris Cleghorn was selected as the

    Class 2A Player of the Year, and first-year head coach Todd Radford was

    honored as the Class 2A Coach of the Year.

    Sophomore Whitney Houk was chosen as the Class 2A Player of

    the Year for girls’ basketball.

    FACA Honors Basketball Players, Coach

    With a new head coach in charge, the LCS Viking

    varsity basketball team had a successful season, despite a

    heartbreaking last-second loss in the District final game.

    With the retirement of coach Ray Deardorff, LCS alum and

    current assistant athletic director Todd Radford moved to the

    head coaching position for the Vikings. The team went into the

    Christmas break with a record of 6-4 after winning the

    LCS Holiday Hoops Tournament.

    January proved to be a good month for the Vikings as

    they won six of their nine games, including two big wins over

    district rival Santa Fe Catholic. The team squared off against

    Santa Fe in the semifinal round of the District tournament,

    easily defeating the Crimson Hawks by a score of 64-40.

    In the District final game, the New Dimensions High School

    Tigers hit a three-pointer in the last three seconds of the game

    to give them a 60-57 win over the Vikings. In the Regional

    Quarterfinal round, the Vikings lost to Tampa Prep, ending

    their season with a record of 12-10.

    The JV boys’ team, coached by Craig Wilsman, finished

    with a record of 7-4. The junior high JV team was coached by

    Dwayne McDow and went 6-3. The junior high varsity

    team finished with a record

    of 10-3 and was coached by

    Jim Boatwright.

    Boys’ Basketball Team Drops Heartbreaker in District Finals

    After a rough start to the 09-10 girls’

    varsity basketball season, the young

    Lady Viking team fought its way to a

    District championship title over rival

    Santa Fe Catholic.

    Starting the season with a record

    of 0-6, the Lady Vikes earned their first

    win with a 45-34 decision over Lakeland

    High School in early December. Their next

    win came almost a month later when the

    team defeated Santa Fe for the first of three

    victories over the district rival.

    In the Class 2A, District 9

    championship game, the Vikings claimed

    a 59-34 victory over Santa Fe. Christin

    Strawbridge tallied 16 points for the Lady

    Vikings, with Whitney Houk adding 15

    and Amanda Carl racking up 14 points.

    In the Regional Quarterfinals, the

    team posted a 54-41 win over Tampa

    Prep before falling to Indian Rocks, 66-39,

    in the Regional Semifinal round.

    The Lady Vikings were coached

    by Keith Overholt and finished with

    a record of 7-16.

    The girls’ middle school basketball A team

    finished at 8-6, while the B team went 2-5

    Lady Vikings Clinch

    District Title

  • 9

    After losing in last year’s district tournament for

    the first time in 16 years, the boys’ varsity soccer team

    was anxious to regain the title of District Champion

    this year. Under the leadership of LCS alum Grandy

    Streets, the Viking team did just that when they

    earned a 5-0 victory over Seffner Christian.

    The Vikings had a strong

    first half to their season,

    going into the Christmas

    break with a record of

    8-3. The team defeated both

    Vanguard and First Academy by a score of 9-0

    before defeating area rival Santa Fe, 4-1.

    Vikings Re-Claim District Title After Christmas, the Vikings went 4-3 before the

    tournament. In the first round of Districts, the team easily

    handled All Saints’ Academy by a score of 6-0. After

    the Vikings won the District championship over Seffner

    Christian, the team hosted and defeated Trinity Prep by a

    narrow 1-0 margin.

    The team dropped a disappointing 2-0 loss to Florida

    Air Academy in the Regional semifinal game, ending the

    season with a record of 15 wins and seven losses.

    The JV boys’ team was coached by Bernardo Blanco

    and finished their season with a record of 9-2-1. The

    junior high boys’ team, coached by Rich McDonald, won

    six games, lost five and tied one game.

    When cross-town district rival Santa Fe broke a

    12-year district championship winning streak, the

    Lady Vikings varsity soccer team was anxious to get

    revenge when they faced off in the semifinal round of

    the Regional tournament. The girls’ team took down the

    Crimson Hawks, 4-1, on their way to the Regional Finals.

    The Lady Vikings, coached by LCS alum Jason

    Streets, started off their season with some big wins and

    a 7-0 winning streak. They easily handled both Tenoroc

    and Lakeland, claiming 8-0 victories. They finished 7-1

    against Kathleen and All Saints. A 0-0 tie against Lake

    Region marred their perfect record, followed by a 4-0 loss

    to Berkeley Prep and a 0-0 tie against Tampa Prep.

    In their first match-up of the season, the Vikings tied

    Santa Fe by a score of 3-3. When the teams met up again

    in early January, the Lady Vikes came up with a 1-0 win.

    Girls’ Soccer Team Gets Revenge on Santa Fe in Regional Semifinals

    The girls’ soccer team easily won the District semifinal game over

    All Saints’ Academy by a score of 7-0. In the District finals, Santa Fe

    snapped the 12-year District championship streak by a score of 2-1.

    The Lady Vikings then went on the road for the Regional

    quarterfinal game, where they defeated Trinity Prep by a score of 2-1.

    After getting revenge on the Crimson Hawks in the semifinals, the team

    traveled to St. John’s Country Day for the Regional final game. Down

    1-0 at halftime, Kourtney Rea scored early in the

    second half to tie the game and force overtime.

    St. John’s scored first in the overtime, for

    a 2-1 victory of the Vikings. The team

    finished with a record of 16-7-2.

    The JV team, coached by Kelly

    Joyner-Veteto and Roger Evans,

    finished their season with an

    undefeated record of 12-0-1.

    LCS junior Rachel Munson represented the Lady Vikings at the FHSAA Class 1A

    Swimming and Diving Championships in November. She earned 11 total points for her

    team, giving the Vikings a 29th place finish out of the 41 teams represented at the meet.

    Munson finished 11th place in the 100-meter breaststroke with a time of 1:07.13.

    In the 100-meter butterfly, she finished in 12th

    place with a time of 59:23.

    Munson Swims at State Meet


  • 10

    Lakeland Christian cross-country runners represented Polk County well at the

    2009 FHSAA Cross Country Championships in late November, despite a plague of injuries

    and illnesses that affected the majority of LCS runners.

    Rebecca “Spookie” Eaves finished in 18th place with a time of 19:42 – the highest

    finish of any other male or female runner in Polk County. Her time helped the

    Lady Vikings to a ninth-place team finish.

    Mark Mutz ran the course in 17:02.91. The boys’

    team finished in sixth place with 261 points.

    LCS Runners Earn Best Finish in Polk County

    The Florida High

    School Athletics

    Association has named

    the Academic Team

    Champions for the fall

    sports season, and one

    Lakeland Christian

    team topped the

    list for having the

    highest grade point

    average in the state.

    The girls’ golf

    team earned this

    top honor in

    Class 1A with

    a cumulative

    team GPA of

    3.953. The Viking linksters topped other

    schools including Holy Names (Tampa),

    Dreyfoos (West Palm Beach), Berkeley Prep

    (Tampa) and Trinity Prep (Winter Park).

    The boys’ football team finished in

    the number four spot in Class 1A with a

    cumulative team GPA of 3.236. The girls’

    swim and dive team also finished fourth

    with a 3.648.

    Winning schools receive a

    commemorative state championship

    plaque at the end of the school year.

    The Ledger has named its All-County athletes for the fall

    sports season, and several Viking athletes were honored for their


    For football, Marcus Stone was named to the Offense Second Team.

    Offense honorable mentions went to Rob Harper, Ryan Parrish and

    Jake Marzola. For Defense, Blake Averitt earned an honorable mention.

    Hailee Bennett was named to the All-County Third Team for

    Volleyball, while teammates Alison Sizemore and Kali Boatwright

    earned honorable mentions.

    In boys’ golf, honorable mentions went to Blake Crosby, Hayden

    Hill and Ethan Brewington. For girls’ golf, Hannah Webster was named

    to the All-County Second Team. Zoe Wilson, Lauren Wasilewski, Kelsey

    Casto, Shelby Pierce and Ellen Sharpe earned honorable mention.

    Mallory White was named the All-County Runner of the Year for

    girls’ cross-country, as well as being named to the First Team. Spookie

    Eaves and Jessica Fuller also earned First Team honors. Carrie Kirby,

    Ashlyne Wells and Mary Lanzino earned honorable mentions. Mark

    Mutz was named to the All-County First Team for boys’ cross-country.

    Chris Lopez, Taylor Scruggs and Welbie Houghton were given

    honorable mentions.

    For girls’ swimming, Rachel Munson was named All-County

    Swimmer of the Year. Munson, Ly Velez and Sarah Mora

    were named to the All-County First Team.

    Honorable mentions went to Lindsey

    Smith, Stephanie Powers, Meredith

    Munson, Caitlin Robb and Olivia

    Schichtel. For boys’ swimming,

    honorable mentions were given

    to Luke Yrastorza, Nathan

    Lain, Mitch Devore,

    Landon Miles, Dallas

    Connell and Josh


    LCS Athletes Earn Fall All-County Honors

    FHSAA Awards Fall Academic Team Champions

  • For the first time in Lakeland Christian School history, a Viking coach was

    inducted into the Florida Athletic Coaches Association (FACA) Hall of Fame.

    Long-time varsity soccer coach Dean Johnson, who retired after the

    2006-2007 season, finished his varsity coaching career with a boys’ record of

    514-95-24, with 24 District titles (the last 15 consecutive), 10 Regional titles,

    four State Runner-Up finishes and six State Championships from 1979-2007.

    Under his leadership, the LCS boys’ team twice finished the season with a

    NSCAA Top 25 National ranking.

    Coach Johnson started the girls’ soccer program in 1994, which he

    coached until 2004 with a record of 180-46-17. The girls’ team earned six

    District titles, two Regional championships and one State Runner-Up award.

    Johnson was inducted into the FACA Hall of Fame at a ceremony held in

    Daytona Beach on December 13.

    Former Coach Dean Johnson Inducted into FACA Hall of Fame

    Retired head soccer coach Dean Johnson (right), joined by

    Dr. Mike Sligh, was inducted into the FACA Hall of Fame in December.

    LCS alum Tim Green was

    recently named to the National

    Christian College Athletic

    Association All- American Men’s

    Soccer First Team.

    A junior at Cedarville

    University in Cedarville, Ohio,

    Green was one of four defenders

    on the 14-player first team. This

    is the second year that Green has

    earned this honor, making him only

    the second player in the history of

    the Cedarville soccer program to

    be a two-time honoree.

    Green was also recognized as

    a NCCAA Scholar-Athlete.

    Alum Honored by NCCAA

    The Lakeland Christian School varsity cheerleading squad placed second

    in the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders state competition held at Masters

    Academy in Oviedo on November 21. Competing in the large varsity category, the

    Viking squad performed a two-minute routine consisting of squad jumps, stunts,

    tumbling, dancing and a cheer. The Viking squad, which has not competed in

    many years, finished second behind Evangelical Christian

    School of Fort Myers.

    Viking Cheerleaders Earn 2nd Place in State Competition


  • 12

    This year’s fall musical exploded with song,

    imagination and color as a mischievous cat, tiny

    Whos, a huge elephant, brightly colored jungle citizens,

    sleepy circus creatures, colorful fish, blue waves, and a

    couple of very sour kangaroos performed Seussical on

    the Lakeland Christian School stage.

    It took the combined gifted ability of seventy-five students, six faculty members, a former

    student, a set construction team, a set design team, two costume ladies, several make-up artists,

    and many, many parents to present this spectacular show. The cast started working on the

    second day of school and logged over 85 hours of practice to present the four performances

    from October 22-24.

    More than 100 children and parents attended Saturday’s Seussical Brunch, where they were

    served many items including green eggs and ham. The principal Seussical characters interacted

    with the children at the brunch. As their parents snapped pictures, the children sat spellbound

    while listening to the Cat (senior Russell Aldridge) read to them.

    In addition to performing for opening night, 17 cast members performed several Seussical

    numbers to five area nursing homes and/or assisted-living facilities.

    Colorful and Whimsical ‘Seussical’ Delights Crowds

    During the month of December,

    the LCS choirs had many opportunities

    to present the truth of Christmas to

    members of the Lakeland community.

    On Thursday, December 3, the Junior

    High Choir visited Oakbridge Assisted

    Living Unit singing Christmas carols

    and spending time talking with the

    residents. On Thursday, December

    10, the 6th Grade Choir visited the

    Memory Care Unit at Oakbridge,

    singing familiar carols. It was exciting

    to see the residents singing along as

    students were able to connect them

    to Christmas music of their past.

    On Friday, December 11, the High

    School Concert Choir and Chamber

    Ensemble presented a program to

    the South Lakeland Rotary Club,

    held at First United Methodist

    Church on Lake Morton.

    On Wednesday, December 9,

    the High School Concert Choir and

    Chamber Ensemble participated

    Choirs Perform Various Christmas Concerts

    in Disney’s Epcot Candlelight

    Processional, performing in two

    shows. The choir was selected by

    audition and was part of a mass

    choir of approximately 300 students.

    Candlelight presents the Biblical

    Christmas story in narration and

    song, including arrangements of

    many familiar carols. The celebrity

    guest narrator for the evening was

    Andy Garcia.

  • 13

    Several Lakeland Christian band

    students were chosen to participate as

    members of the Polk All-County Bands.

    These musicians will perform with some

    of the best secondary band students from

    the county on April 16, 2010, at Florida

    Southern College’s Branscomb Auditorium.

    Congratulations to the following


    7th and 8th Grade Band: Jonathan

    Murray (trumpet), Ashley Middleton

    (trombone), Amanda Fulton (tuba).

    9th and 10th Grade Band: Claire

    Jarvis (clarinet), Danae Drake (bass clarinet),

    Jenna Smithson (French horn), Welbie

    Houghton (French horn), Zach Martinez

    (baritone), Cameron Underwood (tuba).

    11th and 12th Grade Band: Emily

    Tan (flute), Justin Middleton (baritone),

    Andrew Tew (tuba).

    Select Band Students Chosen for All-County Performances

    The Florida Music Educators

    Association annual convention was held

    in January, and several LCS students had

    the opportunity to perform with some of

    the best student-musicians in the state of

    Florida. These individuals were required to

    audition earlier in the fall.

    Congratulations to the following


    Middle School Treble Chorus: Emily

    Carl, Rebekah Firmin and Amanda Fulton.

    Middle School Mixed Chorus:

    Christopher Greene and Robert Verner.

    High School Women’s Chorus:

    Mickelyn Graves.

    High School Concert Chorus:

    Whitney Andersen, Johnny Boatwright,

    Steven Firmin and Casey Jones.

    Middle School Honors Band:

    Jonathan Murray (trumpet).

    Small Schools Honors Band:

    Claire Jarvis (clarinet) and Justin

    Middleton (baritone).

    Six members of the LCS

    music department faculty

    attended the convention which

    was held in Tampa. Attendees

    e njoyed workshops, rehearsals

    and concerts related to their

    individual disciplines.

    Student Musicians Perform at Annual FMEA Convention

    LCS fifth graders Brandon Kaye and Anna Lanzino were two of

    130 Polk County students who received a 2009 Award of Distinction

    for the Kids Tag Art competition sponsored by the Polk County Tax

    Collector’s office. Their winning tag art is on sale for $15 at

    www.polktaxes.com, with all of the proceeds going toward c lassroom

    art supplies. The winning students were recognized at a special

    reception held on February 20, 2010, at the Polk Museum of Art.

    Fifth grader Carter Roth was awarded the “Fred Wiechmann

    Christian Tag Award” by Mrs. Bonnie Mosley, elementary art teacher,

    for creating his tag with a biblical theme.

    Carter Roth (left), Brandon Kaye (center) and Anna Lanzino (right) were honored for their

    car tag designs. They are pictured here with Mr. Fred Wiechmann and Mrs. Bonnie Mosley.

    Fifth Graders Win Tag Art Competition

  • 1414

    While most students were getting ready

    for Christmas, several LCS students

    joined elementary Principal Fred

    Wiechmann for two nature walks over

    the Christmas break. These two hikes –

    to the Circle B Bar Reserve and the

    Lakeland Highlands Scrub Preserve –

    educated students on some of Polk

    County’s natural wonders. The students

    had the opportunity to see the homes

    of butterflies and birds, as well as rare

    plant species and wildlife such as gopher

    tortoises, foxes, ospreys, bald eagles,

    alligators and Florida Scrub Jays.

    Middle School Students Compete in Annual Solar Day

    Every year Lakeland Christian School middle school students have the

    opportunity to learn about one of our most important renewable resources: the sun.

    Solar energy can be used to heat water and swimming pools, dry clothes, power

    small appliances and, as LCS students learn, power cars. Since 1999, the solar car

    sprint race has been one of the favorite activities of middle schoolers, and this year

    was no different.

    Lakeland Electric agreed to partner with LCS to provide financial support to the

    students to reduce the cost of the solar car kits, and they also provide the awards.

    Mr. Hugh Patterson, middle school science teacher, oversees the solar car activities.

    Students have the opportunity to compete in various solar day competitions,

    including a solar car sprint race, a solar car design contest, a poster art contest

    and an essay contest. Congratulations to the following students for earning

    Solar Day awards:

    Wiechmann Takes Kids on Christmas Nature HikesLCS Third Grader Crowned Strawberry Festival Royalty

    Middle schoolers proudly display their solar cars

    during the annual Solar Day competition.

    Solar Car Sprint Race1st place – Bailee Mathers and Olivia Wiles

    (7.95 seconds)

    2nd place – Cody Averitt and Caleb McDonald

    (9.19 seconds)

    3rd place – Sydnea Coleman and Alyssa Dumke

    (9.37 seconds)

    4th place – Jena Carr and Morgan Harper

    5th place – Josh Boyd and Jake Molony

    6th place – Jamie Aspinwall and Luke Imig

    Solar Car Design Contest1st place – Will Franklin and Katherine Lopez

    2nd place – Beth Mora and Meredith Munson

    3rd place – Sarah Kettelkamp and Katie Owen

    4th place – Emily Carl and Ashlyn Wells

    Solar Energy Poster Art1st place – Kaylee Miles

    2nd place – Sam Moseley

    3rd place – Amy Robb

    4th place – Conner Sutton

    Solar Energy Essay Contest1st place – Jonathan Murray

    2nd place – Rebekah Firmin

    3rd place – Bryce Schiebel, Nick Strazzulla

    Honorable Mention – Carter Overholt

  • 15

    Close to 600 grandparents and special grand-friends

    came from across town and around the country to visit their

    grandchildren for the fourth annual Grandparent’s Day

    celebration. Lakeland Christian welcomed these guests on a

    beautiful November morning.

    The event began with a special program in the cafeteria,

    where a choir of kindergarten students entertained the

    Elementary Hosts Fourth Annual Grandparent’s Day

    grandparents. School parents Joe and Becky Aldridge then performed

    a comedy puppet routine. Headmaster Dr. Mike Sligh and Director of

    Advancement Steve Wilson welcomed the guests and shared about

    Lakeland Christian.

    After the program, the grandparents and friends had the

    opportunity to visit their grandchildren’s classrooms. The kids were

    able to introduce their teachers and friends, show off their classroom,

    work on special projects and perform special songs and activities for

    their grandparents.

    This annual event is a favorite among LCS students in grades

    K4-5. This year’s Grandparent and Grand-friend’s Day is tentatively

    scheduled for November 12, 2010.

    Lakeland Christian School third grader Faith Nagy was crowned the Florida Strawberry Festival Duchess

    (ages 7-9) for 2010. Chosen based on personality, overall appearance, natural beauty and smile, Faith

    represented the festival at the Youth Parade and the Grand Feature Parade. In addition to her time at the

    Strawberry Festival, Faith will continue to make public appearances throughout the year.

    LCS Third Grader Crowned Strawberry Festival Royalty

    Fifth Graders Get Hands-On with the Stock Market

    Who better to learn about the stock market from than the President and CEO of

    Allen & Company, Florida’s oldest investment firm? Lakeland Christian fifth

    graders had the opportunity to do just that when Mr. Keith Albritton, school parent

    and financial planner, visited them to talk about the stock market and lead some

    hands-on activities to help them better understand financial investments.


  • Former Olympian Speaks to LCS StudentsFormer Olympic runner, world record holder and Congressman Jim Ryun traveled to Lakeland this past fall to speak to Lakeland

    Christian students and to be on hand at the Without Walls Cross Country Invitational.

    In 1964, Ryun became the first high school runner to run a mile is less than four minutes when he ran a 3:59.0 mile. He later went

    on to set the world record with a 3:51.3 mile and then later a 3:51.1. Ryun competed in the Olympics in 1964 and 1968, winning a silver

    medal in the 1,500-meter race in Mexico City in 1968.

    In 1966, Ryun was named the Sports

    Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, which is

    considered one of the highest recognitions for

    any amateur or professional athlete.

    Ryun served as a businessman and

    motivational speaker before being elected to

    represent Kansas in the United States House of


    On a Friday afternoon, he spoke to the

    students about his experiences in running and

    in competition. On Saturday morning, Ryun

    attended a 5K race held in his honor and the

    cross-country meet.

    Jim Ryun (center) spent some time encouraging the

    LCS cross-country teams during his visit in October.

    Fourth Grade Candy Cane Sales Benefit Parker StreetThe fourth grade classes held their annual Christmas candy

    cane sales this past holiday season. The students presented a

    check to Parker Street Ministries for $2,184.08.

    Students Donate 230 Shoeboxes for OCC Lakeland Christian School students

    donated 230 shoeboxes of gifts and toys for this

    year’s Operation Christmas Child program. Mr.

    David Trivette, who served as an international

    representative for Franklin Graham, spoke in

    elementary chapels about the program and shared his

    experiences passing out shoeboxes in Kosovo.

    Special thanks to Kay Henry for heading up the LCS

    program, to Karla Mosher for checking and preparing all of the

    shoeboxes, to Nancy

    Snyder for buying

    toothpaste and

    toothbrushes for some

    of the boxes, and to

    Birk and Teresa

    Mullinax for helping to

    transport boxes to the

    drop-off location.

    LCS Students Give Generously During Holiday SeasonStudents Hold Food Drive for Lighthouse

    Elementary students held their annual Thanksgiving food

    drive for Lakeland’s Lighthouse Ministries. Students brought in

    canned food and other nonperishable food items so that needy

    families would be able to celebrate with a Thanksgiving dinner.

    Middle School Bible Students Give to At-Risk TeensStudents in Mrs. Teri Evans’ Bible classes collected Christmas

    gifts for at-risk teens involved in the Youth for Christ program.

    Mr. Scott Hirdes, a school parent and Youth for Christ leader,

    was able to distribute these gifts to kids before Christmas.

  • We love to hear from you. News about you is important to us and to your former classmates. Please e-mail Claudia Powell at [email protected] Planning your class reunion? Contact Director of Community Relations Julie Rice, at 863-688-2771, ext. 236, and she will arrange for use of facilities and will offer other helpful tips.

    Alumni news2 0 0 0 s

    Brittany Marzola (’08) and Nick Bridges will be

    married on June 11, 2010. Nick is a graduate of Auburn

    University and is working as a civil engineer in Plant

    City. The couple will reside in Lakeland.

    Ryan Crosby (’06) is currently employed with

    E & A Cleaning and is engaged to Heather Pfrommer

    from Strasburg, PA. A May 2010 wedding is planned.

    Erik Thomas (’06) recently graduated from the

    University of South Florida. He received a B.A. in History.

    Josh (’03) and Cory Powell (’04) Cress, along with

    big sisters Kylee (5) and Harlee (3), welcomed the arrival

    of Joshua “Maverick” born on December 22, 2009. He

    weighed 7 lbs. and 10 oz. Josh is employed with Cress

    Construction, and Cory is a stay-at-home mom.

    Keith Knowlton (’04) and his wife, Rachel – both

    graduates of Furman University – are teaching English

    to freshman and sophomore university students in

    northeastern China. They will complete their first year of

    teaching in July 2010.

    Joshua Vander Maten (’04) moved from Nashville,

    Tennessee, to Dallas, Texas, and is working part-time

    at a church called Fellowship Dallas and traveling with

    Women of Faith. In August, Josh plans to attend Christ

    for the Nations, a school that will help him pursue the

    calling God has placed on his life as a worship pastor.

    Daniel Wilson (‘02) and Jessica Gandy will be

    married on May 8, 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama.

    Daniel is the assistant golf course superintendent at

    St. Ives Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Andrew Knowlton (’02) graduated from Samford

    University’s Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham,

    Alabama, in May 2009. He has since passed the

    Alabama bar exam and is employed by the law firm of

    Gaines, Wolter & Kinney, P.C. in Birmingham. Andrew

    and his wife, May, welcomed their first child, a baby girl

    named Clair McClain, on January 25, 2010. She weighed

    8 lbs., 1 oz. and was 21 inches long.

    Emily Lipham Greene (’01) and her husband,

    Josh, are the proud parents of Carson McKinley “Mack”

    Greene, born September 22, 2009 and weighing 6 lbs.

    and 14 oz.

    Nathan Patterson (’00) and Lauren Knowlton

    (’06) were married at Trinity Presbyterian Church in

    Lakeland on June 5, 2009. They live in Lakeland,

    where Nathan is employed by Northwestern Mutual

    Financial Network.

    Brittany Marzola

    Carson McKinley “Mack” Greene

    Josh and Cory Powell

    Kemper Isaac Streets

    Ainsley Victoria Overholt

    Lauren Chastain Presson

    Clair McClain Knowlton

    1 9 9 0 s

    Lauren Chastain Presson (’98) and her husband,

    Scott, welcomed their new son into the world on October 5,

    2009. Hunter Gaines was born at Holy Cross Hospital in Ft.

    Lauderdale and weighed 8 lbs. and 9 oz. Lauren, Scott and

    Hunter live in Pompano Beach, FL, where Scott is a Civil

    Engineer for the Florida Department of Transportation, and

    Lauren is a fundraiser and event planner at United Way of

    Broward County.

    Jason Streets (’98) and his wife, DaNae, are the proud

    parents of Kemper Isaac born on January 31, 2009. They

    currently reside in Lakeland where Jason is working towards

    his residential appraiser license, coaching LCS girls’ varsity

    soccer and is an assistant girls’ soccer coach at Florida

    Southern. DaNae is employed at Wasilewski Court Reporting.

    Erica Suares (’98) left The Heritage Foundation (where

    she has been working in Senate Relations) and has taken a

    new position working for Senator Jim DeMint, a Republican

    from South Carolina. Erica will be advising him on

    education policy issues as well as other social policy issues.

    Anthony Tucker (’95) is the Director of Career Services

    at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA. Anthony

    and his wife, Rachel, along with their five boys, Bode,

    Myers, Davis, Lyndon and Urban, are members of Lookout

    Mountain Presbyterian Church.

    Jennifer Oncu Overholt (’90) and Keith Overholt

    (LCS middle school principal) celebrate the birth of Ainsley

    Victoria born on November 21, 2009. Ainsley weighed

    8 lbs., 8 oz. and was 20 inches long. She joins Carter (8th

    grade), Olivia (6th grade), Reese (4th grade), Jackson (K5)

    and Ellie (4 years). Her middle name honors the memory

    of Vicky Dawson.

    1 9 7 0 s

    Denise Kelso Loock (’75) has recently retired from

    teaching English in the high school and college level and is

    currently working part-time at her church and full-time as a

    freelance writer. Another Christian writer and Denise have

    launched a devotional Web site: www.digdeeperdevotions.

    com. Please check it out and send her some feedback at

    [email protected]


  • 18

    Dream Spring Break destination

    What winter Olympics sport

    would you like to participate in?

    White milk or chocolate milk?

    Favorite Easter candy

    Guess: How many strawberries are

    consumed each year at the Strawberry


    What charitable cause would you give to if you had unlimited funds?

    Whitney TurbevilleSenior

    Luke Averitt4th Grader

    Steve WilsonDirector of Advancement

    Alice MiddletonSecondary Faculty

    Drew CleghornJunior

    Anna Maria Island with my friends Snowboarding

    White Peeps A million Autism awareness

    Jamaica Cross-country skiing

    Chocolate Peeps 18,123.5 Breast cancer


    Austria Alpine skiing Chocolate Starburst jelly beans

    3 million Samaritan’s Purse

    Anna Maria Island Speed skating White Chocolate bunny A million Lighthouse Ministries

    British Isles Half pipe

    Chocolate Chocolate eggs Millions

    LCS, of course!


    Alumni: Updating Your Info is Easier than Ever

    Attention LCS alumni: updating your information is now easier

    than ever! All you have to do is visit www.lcsonline.org/alumni/form.asp

    and you can update your address, phone number, e-mail address

    and family information. You can also send a write-up to appear in future

    issues of The Viking. When you click “Submit,” the information that you

    provide is automatically sent to Mrs. Claudia Powell, the administrative

    assistant in the Headmaster and Advancement Offices. If you would

    like to include a photo for The Viking, please e-mail it to Mrs. Powell at

    [email protected] Keeping your information current helps your

    former classmates contact you when reunion time rolls around, as well

    as ensuring that your Viking arrives at the correct address!

    Note to Alumni Parents:

    If your former student no longer lives in your home but still receives

    mail from Lakeland Christian at your address, please e-mail Claudia

    Powell at [email protected] to update their alumni information.

    The Lakeland Christian

    School faculty and staff

    would like to express a

    heartfelt thanks to our

    families for the generous

    Christmas love offering.

    This annual tradition is

    deeply appreciated.

    A Special


  • 19

    Lakeland Christian School

    grandparent Ron Copeland always

    wanted to write a book, and drawing

    on his experience as a Detroit police

    officer, his crime thriller The Caves of

    Kazoo, was published in 2009. This

    fictional novel weaves suspense and

    family values throughout the book,

    geared for an older adolescent reader.

    The book, published by Tate

    Publishing, is available on various

    Web sites including Amazon, Borders,

    Books A Million and Barnes & Noble.

    Ron has been a part of Lakeland Christian School for two decades

    – as the father of alum and current assistant high school principal

    Darren Copeland, as the husband of cafeteria director Mary Copeland,

    as the grandparent of Brock and Brady Copeland and as a baseball and

    basketball coach.

    If you would like to contact Ron, you can e-mail him at

    [email protected]

    Grandparent, Former Coach Publishes Book

    The Lakeland Christian School

    Science Department has recently

    been awarded two grants to go

    toward the purchase of new science

    equipment. From the American

    Institute of Chemical Engineers,

    LCS was awarded $828 toward the

    purchase of a Moticam microscopy

    camera that will allow science

    teachers to project microscopy

    images on the SMART Boards.

    LCS also received a $2400 grant

    from the Southwest Florida Water

    Management District (SWFWMD).

    This money will be used for water

    resource education units for grades

    K4, 3, 5, 7 and 9 and will purchase

    27 Brock field microscopes,

    eyepieces and slides.

    Lakeland Christian Awarded Two Science Grants

    Did you know

    that you can donate

    to Lakeland Christian

    School through your

    company’s payroll

    deduction program?

    If you would like to

    know how, please

    contact the LCS

    Advancement Office

    at 863-688-2771.

    Give to LCS Through Payroll Deduction

    The faculty and staff of the LCS elementary school would like to thank

    families who send in Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s soup labels. LCS gets

    10 cents for each box top, and in December, LCS received a check for $627.90 for

    the box tops that were collected. This money will go toward the elementary

    reading curriculum.

    More than 41,000 soup labels were collected, and the money earned from this

    program was enough to purchase playground equipment for all three elementary

    playgrounds. This equipment included kickballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls,

    cups and catch balls, plastic bats and jump ropes.

    Box Tops, Soup Labels Benefit LCS

  • 20

    On behalf of the students we serve, a heartfelt thanks to the following generous persons and companies who have partnered

    with LCS by providing a gift to the ministry. We were blessed by:

    Gifts T O L A K E L A N D C H R I S T I A N S C H O O L

    Dr. and Mrs. Phillip AbbottMr. and Mrs. Tom AbramsonDr. and Mrs. Ruben AdrianoMr. and Mrs. Kale AlbrittonMr. and Mrs. Keith AlbrittonMr. and Mrs. John AllenMr. and Mrs. Ira AndersonMr. and Mrs. Dave AplinDr. and Mrs. Glen BardenMr. and Mrs. Harold BarkerMr. and Mrs. Todd BarrowMr. and Mrs. Howard BaylessMr. and Mrs. Thomas BaylessMr. and Mrs. Donald BellarMr. and Mrs. Dennis BerryMr. and Mrs. Ralph BlalockMr. and Mrs. Jim BoatwrightMrs. Carole BolterMr. and Mrs. Vasco BoninoMr. and Mrs. Don BradleyMr. Kenneth BreathittMr. and Mrs. Anthony BrooksMs. Cindy BrooksMr. and Mrs. Glenn BrownMr. and Mrs. Eric BurtonMr. and Mrs. Don BusingMr. and Mrs. Frank CampanoMr. and Mrs. Sal Campisi, Jr.Dr. and Dr. Richard CardosiMr. and Mrs. Brian CarrollMr. Gerald CasellaMr. and Mrs. Bob CattariusMr. and Mrs. Bill ChamberlinMr. and Mrs. Todd ChristianClark/Nikdel/Powell, Inc.Mr. and Mrs. Bob CleghornMr. and Mrs. Daniel Cline, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Greg ColemanMr. and Mrs. Thomas CrawfordMr. and Mrs. Johnnie Curls, Jr.Mrs. Jackie DavisDr. and Mrs. James DavisDr. and Mrs. Jeffery DavisMrs. Lil DavisMr. and Mrs. Daniel DeLangeMr. and Mrs. Ron DenneyMr. and Mrs. Joseph DiCesareDr. and Mrs. Thomas

    DiGeronimoMr. and Mrs. Charles DolphMr. and Mrs. John DouglassMr. and Mrs. Chad DumkeMr. and Mrs. Kurt DunbarMr. and Mrs. Glen DuncanMiss Susan EllisMr. and Mrs. Perry EvansRev. and Mrs. Roger EvansMr. and Mrs. Pat FaganMr. and Mrs. Ben FalkMr. and Mrs. David FalkMr. and Mrs. Lee Finley, IIMrs. Nancy Fisher

    Mr. and Mrs. Bob ForlawMr. and Mrs. Frank FosterMs. Brenda FriedmanMr. and Mrs. Avon FrierMr. and Mrs. Tim FrostMr. and Mrs. Warren FullerMr. and Mrs. Charles FultonMrs. Clara FultonMr. and Mrs. Louis Garrard, VMr. and Mrs. Eric GermanyMr. and Mrs. Bud GibsonMr. Thomas GivanMr. and Mrs. Benjamin GomezMr. and Mrs. Clint GordonMr. and Mrs. Michael GravesDr. and Mrs. Graham GreeneMr. and Mrs. Ron Grigsby, Sr.Dr. and Mrs. Jerry HaagMs. Patsy HamMr. and Mrs. Shannon HannumMr. and Mrs. Rob Harper, IVMr. and Mrs. Jack Harrell, Jr.Mrs. Norma HarrellMs. Shelley HarrisMs. Barbara HartMr. and Mrs. Donald HeacoxMr. and Mrs. Rex HenryMr. and Mrs. G. B. HillMr. and Mrs. Keith HodgeMr. and Mrs. Louis HolmesMrs. Linda HoneycuttMr. and Mrs. Boyce HorneMrs. Linda HoughtonMr. and Mrs. Edmund HuckeryRev. and Mrs. Gary HullMr. and Mrs. David HurdMr. Craig IrvinMrs. Phyllis JacobsMr. and Mrs. Wayne JenkinsMrs. Mimi JenkoMr. and Mrs. Daryl JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Dean JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Kenneth JohnsonMr. and Mrs. Stephen JonesDr. and Mrs. Derek KeenanMs. Tracy KelleyMr. and Mrs. Robert KettelkampMr. and Mrs. Mark KirbyMr. and Mrs. Stanley KirbyMr. and Mrs. Curt KitchensMr. and Mrs. Andrew KnowltonMr. Erwin KnowltonMr. and Mrs. Kevin KnowltonMr. and Mrs. Ray KriegbaumMr. and Mrs. Allen LaddMr. and Mrs. Edward Laderer, Jr.Lakeland Creamery, Inc. –

    Coldstone CreameryMr. and Mrs. Randy Larson

    Rev. and Mrs. Michael LathamMr. and Mrs. Robert LatimerMr. and Mrs. Thomas LehnerMr. and Mrs. Carl LewisMrs. Daisy LibbertMr. and Mrs. Fred LopezMr. and Mrs. Robert MaddenMr. and Mrs. Stephen MaddenMr. and Mrs. George MaguireMr. and Mrs. B. J. MasonMr. and Mrs. Richard MasonMr. and Mrs. Larry MaxwellMr. and Mrs. Todd MaxwellMr. and Mrs. Mike McCormickMr. and Mrs. Michael McKenneyMr. and Mrs. Tom McLaughlinMr. and Mrs. Timothy MerchantMIDFLORIDA Credit UnionMr. and Mrs. Jeff MilesMs. Stacy MilesMr. and Mrs. Corey MillerMr. and Mrs. David MillerMr. and Mrs. Doug MillerMrs. Norma MooreMr. and Mrs. Edward Mora, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Paul MorganMr. and Mrs. Terry MorrowMr. and Mrs. Michael MosleyMr. and Mrs. Eric MowrerMr. and Mrs. Birk MullinaxDr. and Mrs. Mark MunsonMrs. Bennie Jo MurrayMr. and Mrs. Bradley MurrayMr. and Mrs. Mike Musick, Sr.Mr. and Mrs. Oz MutzMr. and Mrs. Bob MyhrerMr. and Mrs. Alan NaughtonMr. and Mrs. Dean NederveldMr. and Mrs. Steve NicholsMr. and Mrs. Chris O’ByrneMr. and Mrs. William O’HarrowMiss Ellen OncuMrs. Judy OncuOutsource Management SolutionsMr. and Mrs. Kevin OxendineMr. and Mrs. Lee PattesonMr. and Mrs. Tom PetcoffMr. and Mrs. Scott PetroMr. and Mrs. Ray PhillipsMr. and Mrs. Brian PhilpotMr. and Mrs. Douglas PikeMrs. Marlene PittsMr. and Mrs. Robert Powell, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. James PowersMr. and Mrs. John PrahlRegister Construction & EngineeringDr. and Mrs. Alan RichMr. and Mrs. Ron RiggsMr. and Mrs. James Roberson

    Mr. and Mrs. Tom RogersMr. and Mrs. Marshall RoweMr. and Mrs. Michael RubioMr. and Mrs. Dale RussellMr. and Mrs. Jon RussellMr. and Mrs. Jim RyalMr. and Mrs. John SabatMr. and Mrs. John SantosuossoMr. and Mrs. Dean SaundersMr. and Mrs. Bill SchichtelMr. Philip SebringMr. John ShannonMr. and Mrs. Glenn ShelbyMr. and Mrs. Wayne ShimkoMr. and Mrs. David SimpsonMr. and Mrs. Ronald SinglerDr. and Mrs. Mike SlighDr. and Mrs. Stephen SlighMr. and Mrs. Stephen SloanMr. and Mrs. Dwight SmithMr. and Mrs. Harold SnyderMiss Nancy SnyderMr. and Dr. Jason SpinksMr. and Mrs. Geoff StablerMr. and Mrs. Michael StacyMr. and Mrs. Tom StandiferMr. and Mrs. Robert StanzRev. and Mrs. Robert StubblefieldMr. and Mrs. Michael SuttonMr. and Mrs. John SzydlowskiDr. and Mrs. Bradley TanDr. and Mrs. James TewThe NCT Group CPA’s, L.L.P.Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Stephen ThorntonMr. and Mrs. Cliff ThrelkeldMr. and Mrs. Marcus TideyMr. and Mrs. Eric TorresMrs. Evelyn TowlerDr. and Mrs. John TuckerMr. and Mrs. Jim TurlingtonMr. Dean TurnerUnited Way of Tri-County, Inc.United Women’s Club of Lakeland, Inc.Dr. and Mrs. Peter UrbanMr. and Mrs. Conrad VarnumMr. and Mrs. Kenny VelezMr. and Mrs. James VerplanckVisionworks of Central FloridaMs. Marne VorndranMr. and Mrs. Ward Wall, Jr.Mr. Steven WardWatson Clinic, LLP/Dr. Richard CardosiMr. Kenneth WelshMr. and Mrs. David WickenkampMr. and Mrs. Fred WiechmannMr. and Mrs. Barry WilderMr. and Mrs. Tom WilliamsMr. and Mrs. Alvin Wilson, Jr.Mr. and Mrs. Steve WilsonRev. and Mrs. William WynnMr. and Mrs. Lindsey Yates

  • 21

    Living Memorials

    In memory of: Ashley Turlington Given by: Mrs. Betty Bagbey Ms. Sue Crosby Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass Mrs. Sylvia Etchison Pastor and Mrs. Jerry

    Goodell Reverend and Mrs. Rick

    Hinger Mr. and Mrs. Dean Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Scott Laing Lanier Upshaw, Inc. Ms. Sandra Parks Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Shelby Mr. and Mrs. Valentino Tocci Mrs. Dorothy Woodworth

    In memory of: Bradley Langston Given by: Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass Mr. and Mrs. John Prahl Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Miles

    In memory of: Mr. David W. Privett Given by: Mrs. Ann Matthews Mrs. Robert Hightower

    In memory of: Mr. Ed Maddox Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carter Mr. Thomas Conger Mr. Jack Payne

    In memory of: Mr. Burl Wilson, Sr. Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Aldridge Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bayless Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Blalock Clark/Nikdel/Powell, Inc. – Mrs. Anne Powell Mrs. Kathleen Davis Ms. Arlena Dominick Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Ward Edwards Mr. and Mrs. James Hahn Mr. and Mrs. Rob Harper, IV Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harrell, Jr. Mrs. Robert Hightower Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Knowlton Mrs. Ann Matthews Mr. and Mrs. E. V. McClurg Mr. and Mrs. Mike McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powell, Jr. Register Construction & Engineering –

    Mr. Buddy Register Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schichtel Mr. and Mrs. Norman Slakman Dr. and Mrs. Mike Sligh Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thornton The Timothy Group – Mr. Pat McLaughlin Ms. Koleen Whaley Ms. Polly Whaley Dr. and Mrs. Robert Williams

    It is a joy to receive gifts that are sent to acknowledge a loved one. We are grateful for the gifts received from the following:

    In memory of: Cooper Naughton Given by: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Naughton

    In memory of: Mrs. Tara Shelby Given by: Mr. Donald Shelby Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ward

    In memory of: Stephen Shelby Given by: Mr. Donald Shelby

    In memory of: Mrs. Frances Gibson Given by: Mrs. Jean Widdowson

    In memory of: Mr. Billy Kirkland Given by: Chestnut Grove

    Baptist Church

    In memory of: Mr. Bill Thornton Given by: Dr. and Mrs. Mike Sligh Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wilson

    In memory of: Mr. Rocky Rachell Given by: Mrs. Grace Thompson

    In memory of: Mrs. Reba Schmidt Given by: Mrs. Robert Hightower

    The Lakeland Christian Library staff appreciates the generosity of those who have provided recent book donations. The library counts on the regular contributions of school families to expand their collection for students.

    Library Donations

    Mr. and Mrs. Lennie BarrandMr. and Mrs. Glen Duncan Mr. Lee Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Terry McNutt Mr. and Mrs. Bill MutzMr. and Mrs. Andy NormanMr. and Mrs. Jerry PratherMr. and Mrs. Jim RyunMr. and Mrs. Fred SalmonMrs. Shelly Schaedel Mr. and Mrs. Dwight SmithMr. and Mrs. John Szydlowski Mr. and Mrs. James WilliamsMidFlorida School Credit Union

    Lakeland Christian School is the beneficiary of many donated goods and services provided by school families and other friends. These gifts enable higher levels of excellence campus-wide.

    LCS Appreciates

    Marsha Gordon – Donation of leadership books for administrative staffDon Folk – Coordinating the concessions at the Florida Bandmasters Association Solo and Ensemble FestivalSandy Gibson and Cathy Hamilton – For volunteering in Mrs. Betty Duncan’s fourth grade classroomKevin Wasilewski and David Sligh – For their assistance with the LCS soccer programsMimi Jenko – For the donation of office supplies and medical suppliesChasity Branham – For donating her time each week to do Math Superstars with students in Mrs. Debbie Stump’s third grade classroomCarla Gray – For serving as the classroom photographer for Mrs. Debbie Stump’s third grade classFloy Graves, Steve Jones, Kathy Fulton, Ana Liz Greene, Mila Adriano, Lesslie Kettelkamp, Sabra Myers and Betty Firmin – For serving as chaperones for Choir All-State and MPA in January and February

  • 1111 Forest Park Street • Lakeland, Florida 33803 • 863-688-2771 • www.lcsonline.orgNon-Profit Org.



    Lakeland, FL

    Permit No. 133

    Return Service Requested.

    The Viking is published quarterly by Lakeland Christian School, 1111 Forest Park St., Lakeland, Florida 33803

    MARCH 22-26 Creation Care Week

    M A R K Y O U R C A L E N D A R

    MARCH 26 End of Third Quarter

    MARCH 29-APRIL 2 Spring Break

    APRIL 9 Report Cards Issued

    Mrs. Jennifer Canady, a middle school

    science teacher at Lakeland Christian School,

    was awarded the “Preserving Polk” Award by

    the Keep Polk County Beautiful organization

    for her commitment to educating young

    people about the environment. Canady

    teaches her students to be good stewards of

    the environment through hands-on projects

    such as the Discovery Channel’s “Change Your

    World Challenge.” This challenge encourages

    students to find ways to have a positive impact

    on their community. This year’s classes have

    implemented a very successful school-wide

    bottle and paper recycling program.

    Lakeland Christian Teacher Earns ‘Preserving Polk’ Award

    Mrs. Jennifer Canady, surrounded by her world-changing middle school students, is a deserving award winner.

    As part of the Memory Project (www.thememoryproject.org), secondary art

    students in Shelley Harris’ class recently painted portraits of orphans in Ethiopia.

    According to the Web site, these portraits are given to the children as keepsakes

    with the purpose of “providing them a special memory of their youth, to honor

    their heritage and identity and to help them build a positive self-image.”

    Art Students Create Portraits for Children in Ethiopia

    Left: Hayat Mohammod proudly displays her photo.

    Right: Estifanos Hailu is another Ethiopian orphan who received his portrait by an LCS art student.

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