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VINTAGE ANCHOR - a1018.g.· Sharma, Robin S., El líder que no tenía cargo 257 Shelley, Mary, ...

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  • I have always taken for granted that this story, which is yours, and only yours,

    would always be read as such.

    Edwidge Danticat

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  • 126

    A U T H O R I N D E X

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  • 127

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    *Books of special interest to young readers.

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  • 128

    T I T L E I N D E X

    Salems Lot by Stephen King 213

    1491 (reissue),* by Charles C. Mann 163

    2012, by Mara Sezat 255

    Absalom, Absalom! (reissue), by William Faulkner 139

    Aftershock, by Robert B. Reich 135

    Aleph, by Paulo Coelho 245

    Alicia en el pas de las maravillas,* by Lewis Carroll 248

    All Our Worldly Goods, by Irne Nmirovsky 145

    American Colossus, by H. W. Brands 223

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    C, by Tom McCarthy 142

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    Carlos Slim, by Diego Osorio 256

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    Charming Quirks of Others, The, by Alexander McCall Smith 216

    Children of Sanchez, The, by Oscar Lewis 200

    Civil War of 1812, The, by Alan Taylor 178

    Compass Rose,* by John Casey 168

    Composing a Further Life, by Mary Catherine Bateson 175

    Create Dangerously, by Edwidge Danticat 146

    Cross of Redemption, The, by James Baldwin 157

    Daniel,* by Henning Mankell 177

    Deep Storm, by Lincoln Child 210

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    Disintegration, by Eugene Robinson 229

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    Driven to Distraction, by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D. 221

    Driving on the Rim, by Thomas McGuane 170

    El cementerio de Praga, by Umberto Eco 241

    El lder que no tena cargo, by Robin S. Sharma 257

    False Friend, The,* by Myla Goldberg 214

    Fame, by Daniel Kehlmann 193

    Feynmans Rainbow, by Leonard Mlodinow 179

    Fifth Queen, The, by Ford Madox Ford 166

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    Foxfi re 45th Anniversary Book, The,* edited by Casi Best, Joyce Green, and Foxfi re Students 218

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    Gathering Evidence, by Thomas Bernhard 198

    Generals, The, by Per Wahl 197

    Go Down, Moses (reissue), by William Faulkner 139

    Golden Mean, The, by Annabel Lyon 160

    Grace of Silence, The,* by Michele Norris 149

    Half Empty, by David Rakoff 219

    Hard Way Around, The,* by Geoffrey Wolff 199

    Hasta cuando?, by Jorge G. Castaeda 249

    Hilliker Curse, The, by James Ellroy 152

    How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe,* by Charles Yu 134

    I Remember Nothing, by Nora Ephron 184

    In Spite of the Gods (reissue), by Edward Luce 228

    Journey, A, by Tony Blair 144

    Khan al- Khalili, by Naguib Mahfouz 217

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  • 129*Books of special interest to young readers.

    Killer of Little Shepherds, The, by Douglas Starr 187

    Killing of Crazy Horse, The, by Thomas Powers 185

    Las crnicas de Kane,* by Rick Riordan 258

    Light in August (reissue), by William Faulkner 138

    Llama oscura,* by Alyson Nol 247

    Looming Tower, The (reissue) by Lawrence Wright 147

    Lord of Misrule, by Jaimy Gordon 132

    Machine Man,* by Max Barry 143

    Making Our Democracy Work, by Stephen Breyer 148

    Manifest Destinies, by Steven E. Woodworth 192

    Masque of Africa, The, by V. S. Naipaul 174

    Master Switch, The, by Tim

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