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  • AMES - 8, Avenue de Ble 68300 Saint-Louis - [email protected] - Office +33 389 899 108 - Mobile +33 673 463 762



    IES - Boeing 737NG / 747-8 / 757 / 767 / 787

    - Airbus A320 Family

    - Gulfstream G450 / G550 / G650

    - Bombardier Global / Challenger

    - Ask us for Addional Types


    E FO

    R M

    ONEY - Maintenance Planning Opmizaon

    - Quotaon / Invoice Review

    - Independence from Maintenance Staons

    - Transversal Vision of your Aircra

    - Fleet Effect on Upgrades and Support Programs

    - Fleet Effect on Reliability

    - Asset Value Control with Investor

    - Liaison with OPS for Dispatch / Feedback

    - Teamwork with Manufacturers / Suppliers



    CE - Since 2006- Over 25 Aircra Managed

    - Approved by EASA, BCAA, CAACI

    - Recognized by IOM, ARUBA, FAA, SMAR...

    - Numerous Direct and Pernent Contacts

    - Over 5 Years of Reliability Data Collecon

    - 10 Years of Technical Data Collecon

    - Team of Movated Engineers

    BBJ E


    T - Over 15 BBJs Under Contract- Member of Maintenance Advisory Board

    - BBJ Official Supplier and Sponsor

    - Recognized Experse by Peers & Customers


    ICES - Connuing Airworthiness

    - Records Review

    - Airworthiness Review (ARC - Subpart I)

    - Configuraon Management

    - Maintenance Tracking

    - Technical Experse

    - E-Enabling / Soware Management



    S - EASA Part M / G + I - FR.MG.0446 - BERMUDA - BDA/CAMO/010

    - CAYMAN - 004B-CAY-CAMO-2010

    VIP CAMO+&


  • No Longer Assume... Expect...

    ...A beer control of your asset and your maintenance costsA CAMO should not be seen as an extra cost to operate an aircra, but as a valuable source of safety and savings.

    Contracng AMES, you will benefit from our fleet effect : to prevent failures based on our reliability data and to assist you in implemenng the upgrades relevant to your operaons at the right cost; which means an increased aircra serviceability with a lower budget. In addion, we are independent from Maintenance Organizaons and will endeavor to protect your asset value as well as to monitor your maintenance costs. Geng AMES involved early in the aircra life will also help you save me and money by advising on maintenance and configuraon during the aircra ouing for an easy entry into service and a consistent maintenance program.Indeed, most of the banks financing airplanes contract or audit Connuing Airworthiness Management Organizaons to make sure the asset they finance is properly maintained. We will opmize your maintenance planning and if required, obtain the relevant documents from manufacturers or suppliers to substanate necessary variaons.

    In a nutshell : "Invest in an efficient CAMO to save on maintenance and operaon costs for the benefit of your VIP"

    ...To meet your requirements

    AMES is approved by French DGAC for the EASA, Bermuda CivIl Aviaon Authority (BCAA) and Civil Aviaon Authority of Cayman Islands (CAACI) for CAMO and Airworthiness Review acvies :

    - FR.MG.0446 (CAMO and ARC)- BDA/CAMO/010- 004B-CAY-CAMO-2010

    ...But also your targets

    AMES is acng as an airworthiness management company for operators not legally required to contract an approved CAMO. We are currently involved in the management of private P4, T7, M, HZ and even N airplanes. In addion, we are subcontracted by EASA or Saudi Arabian commercial operators to perform airworthiness tasks as allowed by Appendix II to M.A.711(a)(3) or ICAO Arcle 83 Bis.

    ...An easy access to your aircra data

    AMES offers a secured website to customers and selected maintenance organizaons to get access to all the relevant informaon on their aircra in an easy PDF format.Our Cloud is available for secured sharing of working documents. We also developped a mobile format website for an easier use on the road. Visit us on : www.amesonline.fr

    ...A strategic locaon in Europe

    AMES is based in France close to Basel Airport. This place is known as one of the most important plaorms in the world for VIP aircra maintenance and ouing with several major players on site.

    ...Capabilies reflecng your needs

    AMES has already demonstrated, with more than 25 aircra managed in total, its capability on numerous large airplane types as well as smaller jets : - Boeing 737NG, 747-8, 757, 767, 787 - Airbus A320 Family - Gulfstream G450, 550, 650 - Bombardier Global, Challenger

    AMES also demonstrated its knowledge of airworthiness during records surveys (or other missions) on various aircra types including BBJ, Airbus, B787, Gulfstream and Falcon.

    ...Your airworthiness managed

    AMES acvies consist of the following : - Configuraon Management (ADs, SBs, Repairs, Modificaons, etc) - Maintenance program development - Maintenance tracking and planning - Maintenance preparaon and paperwork review - Field Loadable Soware and E-Enabling management - Reliability analysis - CofA renewal

    ...and Ad-hoc services

    Besides its main acvies, AMES also offers numerous one-off services such as : - Maintenance records review (Banks, Pre-buy, etc) - Maintenance program development and review - MEL development and review - Technical experse - Entry into service preparaon during ouing - and more...

    ...A customer orientated serviceAMES philosophy is to provide customers with reliable informaon in the most adapted form at short noce.We always work for our customer's benefit, helping in the decision making on maintenance acons, aending or animang meengs on his behalf, reviewing independently maintenance quotes, packages and invoices.AMES has developped an efficient and evoluve tracking soware called ADEL, 100% dedicated to meet your needs and validated by various authories. This tool will be tailored to your specificies and expectaons.

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