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Date post:13-May-2015
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How You Can Easily And Quickly Turn Customers Into Repeat Customers – And Fill Your Restaurant To Capacity Any Day Of The Week
  • 1.Two Ways ToIncrease Restaurant Profits#1Get More Customers

2. Two Ways ToIncrease Restaurant Profits #2 Get More MoneyFrom The CustomersYou Already Have 3. What if you could gethalf of your existing customers tocome back 3, 4, 5 or 6 times? Would that make you more money? 4. Some StatisticsIt costs 7 times more to acquire a new customerthan it does to retain an existing one.[1]Repeat customers spend 33% more than newcustomers.[2]80% of future profits come from only 20% ofexisting customers.[3]A 5% increase in customer retention can lead toa 75% increase in profits.[4][1] www.bain.com/bainweb/publications/pdf.asp?id=14516[2] http://marketing.about.com/od/relationshipmarketing/a/crmstrategy.htm[3,4] "Leading on the Edge of Chaos", Emmet C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy 5. How Do You Get Repeat Customers?How does Groupon do it?They send daily offers to their database ofmillions of people who signed up to benotified about daily offers.Whats the first thing Groupon does beforethey even let you onto your website? 6. How Does Groupon Do It?Their business model relieson their database of email addresses. 7. How Can You Do It?How can you replicate Groupons model?Get your existing customers to sign up foryour VIP Diners Club.Send them offers which are likely to turnthem into repeat buyers. 8. The customer gets an IMMEDIATE 5% or 10%discount instant gratification.The restaurant gets the customers name andemail address.The restaurant can encourage the customerto come back over and over using specialdeals, offers, coupons, VIP nights, themednights, and more. 9. Many business owners spend all theirtime and money trying to get new customers. 10. The reality is that they canincrease their profits dramatically byconcentrating on their current customersand turning them into repeat buyers. 11. Can I Do It Myself?Yes, you can.Youre going to need:A graphics designer for the flyerA web designer for the mobile-optimizedlanding pageWeb hosting for the landing pageEmail marketing software to send the emailsTime to write and schedule the offer emailsThe expertise to put it all together 12. Cost to set it all up: Between R6,000 and R10,000Time to set it up and get it working: At least 1 monthOR We can do it for you... 13. VIP Diners ClubList Maintenance PackageA5 display stand with custom QR code andqrl.co.za web addressMobile-optimized Email Capture Landing PageCollection of Subscribers into DatabaseScheduling of up to 6 emails per month (Maximum2 emails per week) 14. VIP Diners Club List Maintenance Package Time to set it up: 48-72 hours If it doesnt work for you, you cancancel at any time by giving 14 days noticeFind out more here: VIPDinersClub.co.za

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Two Ways To Increase Restaurant Profits #1 Get More Customers
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