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Vision glimpses mov version

Date post:06-Jul-2015
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  • 1. & where we sensePresbyterianwere goingChurch ofBig BearA GLIM OF OURPSEEM ERGING VISION Who we are A look at where Gods placed us

2. A big picture of our mission fieldBig Bear demographics 3. A big picture of our mission fieldBig Bear demographics 4. A profile of our mission field Big Bear psychographics T h e y r e l e s s c h u r c h e d t h a nn a t io n a l a v e r a g e & t hos e c hur c hed ar e l es st r a d it io n a l in s t y l e 5. Our prime ministry focus groups(melding Big Bear demo & psychographics) 6. Here are some vision pictures that your leadersask you to imagine, pray about and put into practice with us 7. Oh! Yourehere to give us a hand?! 8. Figuredwed justjoin you 9. Im herebecause of 10. YoureSo where are coming, arent we at thisyou?week? 11. Youre from whatchurch? 12. Your faithwalk &talk seem to reallywork 13. a ,e re y ouW ofrt oo!pa t 14. So everybodyI see seems tobe plugged in 15. You meanwehave achoice? 16. Pray over,Presbyterian look forChurch & join in OUR ofEMERGINBig Bear GVISION!

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