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Air Barrier Paper This material is a vapor retardant and and air barrier. This particular Tyvek wrap is serving as a barrier against weather elements while renovations are completed.

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Air Barrier Paper

This material is a vapor retardant and and air barrier.

This particular Tyvek wrap is serving as a barrier against weather elements while renovations are completed.

Attic Ventilation

Gable VentSoffit VentRoof Turbine

Ridge VentSoffit vents intake air for ventilation. Cross drafts are created in wind with a gable vent, and ridge vents are used to ventilate continuously along an entire roof. The roof turbine is similar to the ridge vent in the sense that it is a form of high-ventilation.Waters vapors escape through attic ventilation.


Backhoes are used for excavating, using the digging bucket at the end of an arm with two joints.This backhoes bucket is 17 wide.

Batter Boards

Batter Boards are simply just temporary markings which frame the outline the house for excavation.

Brick Arches

This arch has a keystone, and is elliptical.

Brick Bonds

Flemish Bond- Each course of brick consists of alternating headers and stretchers, with the headers centered over the stretchers in intervening courses.Running Bond- All stretchers. This one is laid in bond.RowlockSoldierRowlock StretcherSailorHeader

Brick Sizes

The brick is half the size of the modular brick.This Brick is w x 2 . x 7 This brick is a modular brick and the width should be between 3 and 3 5/8.


A bulldozer is equipped with a huge metal plate, used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, etc. during construction work.


StoneWood ShakeEIFSWood BoardMetalWood shingles are thin pieces of sawn wood that overlap. Wood shake is split from the wood rather than sawn, and have a irregular face texture.

Code Requirements

70 High34 wideThe area of opening is approx 8ft squared , which is more than the required 5 of opening for bedrooms on the first floor. This window conforms with IRC standards.

The Tread is 11 and the Riser is 7 , so they meet IRC requirements, which state that tread be no less then 10 and Riser no more then 7

Concrete Joints

An isolation joint discontinues the concrete. Separating the concrete from the house with this joint reduces cracking. Here the control joint is separating a concrete slab from the rest of the House.A control joint intentionally discontinues the concrete in a structure to help reduce cracking. In this picture, the control joint has failed in this particular spot of concrete.

Concrete Masonry Units

The CMU is 8 x 4 x 6Concrete Masonry Units, or CMUs, are blocks of hardened concrete, with or without hollow cores, designed to be laid in the same manner as brick or stone; a concrete block. Generally their dimensions are 8 x 8 x 16

Decorative CMU

Split Block


Transom-A Window above the door.Sidelight- A window alongside a door.PanelTop RailLock RailStileBottom Rail

Flush Exterior Door

Electrical Components

Transformer converts voltage of thousands of volts to 110/220 volt currentA service panel distributes the electricity from wires to receptacles throughout the house.

Framing Elements

StudFloor JoistAnchor BoltSill PlateSole PlateTop PlateRafter

Front End Loader

A piece of excavating equipment with a large, broad scoop on the front.

Gypsum Board

Also called drywall, Gypsum board has a Gypsum core in between two paper faces

Heat Pump

It has a fast response time, but is noisyThe compressor contains the fan which moves air across coils which contain refrigerant to change the temperature of the refrigerant.


Batt/BlanketRigid BoardLoose fillLow thermal conductivity for energy efficiency



A beam that carries the load of a wall across a window or door.


This mortar joint is beaded. It is a little under thick and is tooled. The mortar type is type S.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

A pressure treated panel product composed of long shreds of wood fiber.The two outer layers have grains running Parallel, and the inner layers run perpendicular. These layers are then dried, glued, and pressed together.


Water ClosetTypically a 3 diameter pipeLavatory bowl used for washing. Typical piping size of 1 diameter. Drop-in sink


Plywood is a wood panel composed of an odd number of layers Pressure bonded wood. The wood is rotary sliced off the tree, then dried to remove moisture, cut to size, glued in layers, and the pressed into boards. Veneer is a thin layer, sheet, or facing.

Radiant Barrier


diameter rebar. Referred to as #4 because it is 4 eigths of an inch. The form of the surface of the rebar are to give it more surface space to adhere to concrete and grout, and to prevent slippage within the concrete. We use rebar for its tensile strength.

Steep Roof Drainage

GutterDownspoutSplashblockThe gutter collects rainwater and snow melt. It then channels it toward the downspout.A downspout is a vertical pipe that uses gravity to drain water. A Splahblock is a cement block that prevents soil erosion at opening of downspout.


Steep Roof Materials

A shingle is a water resistant roof material that overlaps other shingles.Clay Tile RoofTypically made of enamel-coated galvanized steel, copper, lead-coated copper, stainless steel.Metal panel roofThere is underlayment in roof to add another moisture barrier.

Steep Roof Shapes

Hip GableGambrel


Steep Roof Terms

RidgeRakeSoffitEaveFasciaEave: Low edge of roofRake: Sloped edge of roofRidge: Point of Intersecting plainsFascia: Board nailed to raftersSoffit: Encloses rafter tails


Coursed RubbleRandom RubbleCoursed Ashtar

Random Ashtar

Vapor Retarder

There is water vapor resistant material attached to this insulation on the interior side.


Waterproofing helps control moisture that could enter the house. This is loosely laid waterproofing.

Weep Hole

A small opening whose purpose is to permit drainage of water that accumulates inside a building component or assembly.

Welded Wire Fabric

A group of steel rods welded together, used to reinforce concrete slabs.


This window is a fixed window casement.This window is an awning window because it opens at the bottom since it is hinged at the topThis window is a double hung window because it slides into an open position.