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Visual Dictionary- sp10roof

Date post: 16-Apr-2017
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Visual Dictionary Jonathan Carra BSCI 2300 MWF 11:00
  • Visual DictionaryJonathan CarraBSCI 2300MWF 11:00

  • Air BarrierA sheet material used as both a vapor retarder and an air barrier.It is used to prevent the infiltration of air and water

  • Attic VentilationSoffit Vents allow air to circulate through the entire attic while keeping insects out.

  • Attic VentilationRidge vents allow for the hot air that rises to escape at the peak of the roof while keeping rain out.

  • Attic VentilationRoof Tubines are used to pull the hot air out of the attic. They are wind powered

  • Attic VentilationGable vents are used to allow the air in the attic to escape and to let fresh air in.

  • BackhoeThe backhoe is a piece of heavy machinery used in excavation.

    24 bucket

  • Brick ArchesRoman Arch

  • Brick BondsRunning Bonds Consist of all stretchersHeader Rowlocks

  • Brick BondsSoldiers

  • Brick Size3.63x7.63x2.25Modular

  • BulldozerBulldozers are used to move dirt around site for grading and excavation.

  • CladdingBrickWood BoardsStoneWood Shingles

  • Concrete JointsConcrete joints are made to be able to predict where the concrete will crack if it does.

  • Concrete Masonry UnitsA block of hardened concrete, with or without hollow cores, designed to be laid in the same manner as brick or stone.

  • Decorative CMUsSplit Block Ribbed Block

  • DoorsInterior Flush Door

  • DoorsStileTop RailPanelLock RailBottom RailExterior Panel Door

  • Electrical Components Transformers are electrical devices that changes the voltage of alternating current

    Electric meter is use to measure the amount of electricity used in the household

  • Electrical Components contThe service panel is where all of the currents run through breakers.

    Duplex Receptables are the common plug outlets that we all use.

  • Framing Elements2. Sill Plate

    6. Stud

  • Framing Elements

    4. Subflooring3. Floor Joist

  • Framing Elements

    7. Top Plate9. Ceiling Joist

  • Framing Elements

    8. Stringer10. Rafter

  • Framing Elements

    Roof DeckingSheathing12.11.

  • Front End LoaderFront end loaders have a large bucket on the front and is used to pick up loose materials such as dirt or rocks

  • Gypsum BoardAn interior facing panel consisting of a gypsum core sandwiched between paper faces. Also called drywall, or sheetrock

  • Heat PumpA device that utilizes a refrigeration cycle either to heat or to cool a building by passing air or water over either the condensing coils or the evaporating coils

    Air Handling unitCondensor/Evaporator

  • InsulationInsulation is used to help keep the outside air out and keep the air condition inside


  • LintelA beam that carries the load of a wall across a window or door

  • MortarA substance use to join masonry units, consisting of cementitious materials, fine aggregate, and water


  • Oriented Strand BoardA building panel composed of long shreds of wood fiber oriented in specific directions and bonded together under pressure

  • PlumbingDrop in sink

    Manufactured Shower

  • PlumbingWater Closet


  • Plumbing Roof Vents are used to let all the sewer gases escape as well as maintaining the pressure.

  • RebarA short expression for steel reinforcing bars in concrete or masonry

  • Steep Roof DrainageGutter- Collect the runoff water that falls of the roof

    Downspout- channels the water that is collected from the gutter to the ground

  • Steep Roof MaterialsShingle- a small unit of water-resistant material nailed in overlapping fashion with many other such units to render a wall or sloping roof watertight. Shown: Clay Shingles

    Metal roof

  • Steep Roof ShapesGableHipGambrel

  • Steep Roof TermsEaveRidgeValley

  • Steep Roof TermsFasciaSoffitRake

  • Stone


  • Vapor RetarderVapor Retarder- a layer of material intended to obstruct the passage of water vapor through a building assembly.

  • Weep HoleWeep Hole- a small opening whose purpose is to permit drainage of water that accumulates inside a building component assembly.

  • WindowsCasement- a projected window that swings outward

    Single Hung- two parts that can both slide up and down.