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Visual Dictionary BSCI 2300 Materials I Spring 2010
  • 1. Visual Dictionary BSCI 2300 Materials I Spring 2010

2. Air Barrier Paper A composite sheet material used as a vapor retarded to control air, water, and permit water vapor 3. Attic Ventilation Opening that allows air to flow into the attic of the space below the roof sheathing along with the removal of heat through the upper most part of the roof.This helps keep the attic cool in the summer and moisture in the attic to evaporate. Gable Vent 4. Attic Ventilation Turbine Vent Ridge Vent Soffit Vent 5. Back Hoe An excavator whose shovel bucket is attached to a hinged boom and is drawn back ward to move earth. Typically used for excavating job sites.Bucket was 23 in width. 6. Batter Boards A temporary frame build just outside the corner of an excavation to carry marks that lie on the surface planes of the basement that will be built in the excavation. 7. Brick Arches Roman Arch : an arch with a Keystone Centering : Temporary framework for a arch that allows you to place the bricks before entering the keystoneJack Arch 8. Brick Bonds Rowlock 9. Brick Bonds Sailor: brick laid vertically with the largest face side exposed Running Bond: a bond that contains all stretchers. 10. Brick Bonds Soldier Stretcher 11. Brick Bonds Header Common Bond : a running bond course, and every fifth, sixth, seventh course there is a pattern ran containing a runner and header alternating. 12. Brick Sizes Modular: 3 5/8 x 7 5/8 x 2 13. Brick Sizes Queen Size: 8 x 3 x 2 14. Bulldozer A large, powerful tractor having a vertical blade at the front end for moving earth, tree stumps, rocks 15. Cladding Stone EIFS 16. Cladding Brick Wood Board 17. Cladding Wood Shingles : shingles made from sawn logs used in cladding or roofing installed in an overlapping fashionWood Shakes : shingles made from split logs mainly used for covering a top of a house. 18. Code Requirements Measurement : 2.5 x 5; 12.5 SQF Area.The window is 4 AFF. IBC Requirements for a Window:Min opening of 5.7 SQF, Min Height of 2, Min Width of 1.33, and less than or equal to 3.66 sill height AFF. The window does meet the requirements. 19. Stair Riser : 6 Tread : 12 IBC CODE Riser : 7 - 3/4 Max (no more than 3/8 deviation) Tread : 11 min depth 20. Concrete Joints Control Joint : an intentional cut in the concrete to prevent cracking due to expansion in the concreteCrack in the Control Joint Isolations Joint : relieves flexural stress due to the vertical movement in the slab on grade concrete. Isolation from the slab of concrete and the concrete wall. 21. CMU 12 x 8 x 16 Width:12 Width: 8 22. CMU 1 CMU= 3 courses of brick 23. Doors Exterior Flushed Door Exterior Panel Door Panel Bottom Rail Lock Rail Stile Top Rail 24. Door Sidelight : A tall, narrow window beside the door Transom : Awindow directly above the door letting light in 25. Electrical Components Service Head : A device that protects the electrical wires as they enter the house. Underground Transformer Box : electrical device that changes the voltage of an alternating current usually entering a type of neighborhood. 26. Electrical Components Electric Meter : device that measures how much electricity was used by a dwelling.Service Panel : To control the flow of electricity. It has breakers that allows to turn electricity off and on in separate places. Duplex Receptacle : An outlet to plug in electrical devices. 27. Framing Elements #1 Anchor Bolt#2 Sill Plate #3 Floor Joist 28. Framing Elements #4 Sub Flooring #5 Sole Plate 29. Framing Elements #6 Stud #7 Top Plate 30. Framing Elements #8 Stringer #9 Ceiling Joist 31. Framing Elements #10 Rafter#11 Roof Decking #11 Roof Decking (Sheathing) 32. Front End Loader A piece of earth moving equipment that scoops or loads soil with its bucket.It differs from a bulldozer because it runs on wheels instead of a track, and a backhoe because it doesnt have a bucket on the front 33. Gypsum Board A common material composed of gypsum plaster compressed between sheets of paper and kiln dried. 34. Heat Pump Air-Handling Unit : generally uses electric resistant heating for back up but some use gas.Compressor:Conditions and circulates air that is temperature controlled. Advantage : Heat pump systems have a rapid response time. Disadvantage : A Heat Pump may need a backup system to effectively heat a building in very cold climates. 35. Insulation Blanket/ Batt Insulation : Batts are precut, whereas blankets are available in continuous rolls. Compressing the material reduces its effectiveness.Foam Insulation : a 2 component mixture that is sprayed from a nozzle into unfinished wall and ceiling cavities. Insulation is a material that reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease the energy demands of heating and cooling systems. 36. Insulation Loose Fill : materials can be blown into hard-to-reach areas are made of recycled materials.Foam Board : a type of insulation sandwiched around used for ceilings, floors, walls, and roofs. 37. Lintel Concrete horizontal beam that usually supports the masonry above a window or door opening. 38. Mortar Raked Joint : 3/8 tooled joint most likely using Type N mortar. Concave Joint : 3/8 tooled joint most likely using Type N mortar. 39. Oriented Strand Board OSB (non-veneered):Composed of long strands of wood fibers oriented in specific directions and bonded together under pressure. 40. Plumbing Water Closet : 3 required drainage pipe. Manufactured Tub Unit : Manufactured Tub set in during framing prior to gypsum board being applied. Vent Through Roof (VTR : Releases the sewer Gas into the air and freely allowing the drain system to vent itself. 41. Plumbing Lavatory : Pipe size required is 1 drainage pipe. Drop In Kitchen Sink : the counter top had a precut hole to insert the sink into. 42. Plywood Wood panel composed of an odd numbers of wood veneer bonded together under pressure. Veneer : a thin covering over another surface for a more aesthetically facing. 43. Radiant Barrier It is foil like material that has a reflective surface and repels radiation away from the house to cool the it. 44. Rebar This is #3 rebar which is 3/8 thick in diameter which is graded 40. Deformations are to help bond with the concrete. 45. Steep Rood Drainage Down Spout : Metal pipe structure that connects to the gutter and allows the controlled water to flow to the ground. Gutter:A metal pan that stretches the linear length of the outside of the roof at the eave. Splash Block : It breaks precipitation from the downspout on the ground and funnels the water where desired. 46. Steep Roof Materials Metal Panel Roof : typically used galvanized or aluminized steel Underlayment : A secondary weather barrier with better resistance to tearing, moisture, and ultraviolet rays. 47. Steep Roof Shapes Gable Roof 48. Steep Roof Terms No Fascia Turbine 49. Steep Roof Terms Gable Vent Eave : horizontal edge at low point of the roof slope Valley : trough formed by 2 roof slopes Rake : The exterior angled piece that extends from eave to ridge 50. Steep Roof Terms Soffit Vent Ridge : The level intersection of 2 planes of a roof. Ridge Vent Fascia : Exposed vertical face of an eave. Soffit : The under surface of a horizontal element of a building. 51. Stone Coursed Ashlars Random Rubble Coursed Rubble 52. Vapor Retarder A Vapor Retarded is a layer of material intended to obstruct the passage of water vapor through a building assembly.Place the warm-in-winter side of the framed building. 53. Waterproofing A material applied to the outside of a foundation to keep moisture out of a building which is loosely applied here. 54. Weep Hole Permits drainage of moisture that accumulates inside a brick wall component. 55. Welded Wire Fabric A grid of steel rods that are welded together and used to reinforce a concrete slab.The grid used in this slab is 6x 6. 56. Windows Single Hinged Sliding Windows : Only one sash slides up and down. 57. Windows Casement Window : Out swinging hinged window.Double Hung Window : 2 overlapped slashes that both slide horizontally up and down.