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Date post:01-Aug-2020
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    The LGfL 2.0 network provides the next generation of WAN networking with full quality of service (QoS) functionality that enables the effective delivery of LGfL-wide Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

    Located in the core of the LGfL network are two Cisco Unified Communications servers that are capable of providing telephony services across the entire LGfL estate. The result is an innovative and highly cost-effective VoIP service that has been designed specifically for use by schools, which simply requires the purchase of VoIP handsets.

    School Level Control

    Deployment and support of the service is centrally managed via an LGfL- hosted web site that fully integrates with LGfL USO for both security and feature configuration. This site gives schools a large degree of control over their phone systems including the configuration of user handsets, detailed call data and cost reporting, access to personal and shared phonebooks for staff and/or parental contacts, access to call recording services, and a ’Fax-to- Email’ service.

    Automated School and Parent ‘Phonebooks’

    Using the freely available LGfL USO-AutoUpdate MIS data extraction tool, pre- populated phonebooks can be presented to users via the online management site and can contain all school staff and parent contact phone numbers direct from the school MIS. There is also extensive search functionality that makes it easy to find a specific phone number then call it with just the click of a button.

    Handset Functionality*

    There are no line rental fees with a VoIP system which means a school can make as many concurrent outgoing calls as it has handsets at its site. Certain VoIP handsets support additional service options such as internal extension numbers, external direct dial numbers, hunt groups, voicemail and video conferencing.

    VoIP / IP Telephony System

    • Fully-managed and supported phone system

    • Unlimited concurrent outgoing phone calls

    • Near real-time, per- phone, online itemised billing

    • School-level control of phone system

    • ‘Click to Dial’ integration with online phonebooks

    • Low cost service

    • FREE call recording

    • No line rental costs

    • Wide range of IP phones available

    • Low cost ‘Fax to Email’ service option

    • FREE calls between all LGfL VoIP sites

    Key features:

  • Tel: 01689 814700

    Email: [email protected]

    Tel: 020 82 55 55 55 option 3

    Email: [email protected]

    Web: www.lgfl.net

    VoIP / IP Telephony System

    Issue No. 5. April 2013

    Free Call Recording

    Schools have the ability to enable call recording at no extra cost and can choose to use the service across all handsets or just selected handsets, as necessary. If enabled, all staff have the ability to list and play back calls made by their own handset via the online LGfL VoIP management site. Access to call recording for all calls is restricted to just the Head Teacher. Calls are stored for three months but specific calls can be downloaded and stored by the school locally if, in certain cases, a record needs to be kept for longer.

    Fax to Email Service

    To complement the VoIP system, a fax service is also available to schools that integrates with staff email and can be used by all or just selected school users.

    The fax service provides schools with a quick and convenient method for sending and receiving faxes electronically thus eliminating the need for an extra phone line and physical fax machine with its added paper and toner costs. The service is secure, convenient and easy to use and is available to both VoIP and non-VoIP subscribing schools.

    School OpenCheck Integration

    ‘Call Handler’ options are available for schools to help reduce office administration time and route calls quickly and conveniently to the right extension/department. These can include the ability to select a specific department from a pre-recorded menu message associated with the school’s mainline number or leave a message regarding a child’s attendance via an absence voicemail line. The system also fully integrates with the online school OpenCheck service that provides parents and pupils across London with a school’s status on any given day. An option on the pre-recorded menu can be configured so that an automated OpenCheck message relating to that specific school’s status, as updated via the OpenCheck management interface, is played back to callers when selected.

    “The bottom line was that we were able to implement a school-wide VoIP system for less than £3,000 - a school close to us recently spent £9,000 installing an alternative VoIP system!! We have also significantly undercut our existing call charges.”

    Deputy Head Teacher, Croydon

    * Precise functionality is dependent on the model of phone handset or equivalent device being used. Call charges and quarterly service charges apply. Configuration/installation prices available on request.

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