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VoIP: Reasons Your Business Should Switch to Internet Phone Calls

Date post:20-Jun-2015
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Many businesses need to cut costs in order to protect their bottom line. Using a landline telephone system can be expensive if your company is using many lines for connecting employees. If you add in long distance phone calls to co-workers in another state or country, the costs can add up. Fortunately, high speed internet is becoming cheaper and more widespread. Why not get rid of your telephone company and make your phone calls over the internet? Learn more by visiting our blog: http://bit.ly/1qqlyEC

2. Internet Switching to phone calls 3. 1 2 3 What is VoIP? Benefits of VoIP The next steps in adopting VoIP 4. 1 How VoIP WORKS 5. phone calls VoIP allows you to make over the internet 6. FEATURES Voicemail Caller ID Conference calls 7. VoIP is cheaper than a landline system. 8. 2 Reaping the BENEFITS 9. There are 6 great reasons to SWITCH 10. Lowered costs Accessanywhere Work outside the office 11. Better customer relationships Decreaseddowntime Faster decision making 12. Change is good. 13. 3 What you need to run 14. Youneed access to the web 15. Yournetwork should be monitored for threats 16. Youll need to trainyour employees on how to use the system 17. Its easy to get VoIP 18. Why not switch today? 19. CALL SWIFTTECH TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION 20. SWIFTTECH SOLUTIONS WWW.SWIFTTECHSOLUTIONS.COM 877-794-3811 21. Sources: Businessphonepoint onflickr.com,2013 Mail greenicon folderon pixabay.com,2012 Eyefemalefunny glass on pixabay.com,2012 A largegroup onwikimedia.org, 2013 Utility pole in Curitiba on wikimedia.org, 2007 Silhouettesnetworkonpixabay.com, 2013 Changenot coinson flickr.com,2004 Silhouettehikeron pixabay.com, 2013 Video controlleron pixabay.com, 2014 Thumbs signal onwikimedia.com,1940 F-16C blockfighteron wikimedia.org,2010 Gorilla thinking on flickr.com,2012 StudentVietnam onwikimedia.org, 1965 070717-A-7187T-051 onflickr.com,2007 Spider web net grid onpixabay.com, 2012 SOC SecurityMonitorsonwikimedia.org, 2008 US Navyonwikimedia.org, 2009 BXP135677on wikimedia.org, 2003

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