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Volume Information Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 41, No. 12 (Dec. 15, 1955), pp. 1109-1120 Published by: National Academy of Sciences Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/89095 . Accessed: 07/05/2014 02:13 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Use, available at . http://www.jstor.org/page/info/about/policies/terms.jsp . JSTOR is a not-for-profit service that helps scholars, researchers, and students discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content in a trusted digital archive. We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. For more information about JSTOR, please contact [email protected]. . National Academy of Sciences is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. http://www.jstor.org This content downloaded from on Wed, 7 May 2014 02:13:50 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions
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Volume InformationSource: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,Vol. 41, No. 12 (Dec. 15, 1955), pp. 1109-1120Published by: National Academy of SciencesStable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/89095 .

Accessed: 07/05/2014 02:13

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National Academy of Sciences is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access toProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.


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Page 2: Volume Information

, t v a- .JJ ..

welian varieties: over finite fields (l,ang), Automorphy, general factors of (Gunninig), 496 174; over function fields (Chow), 582 Auxin: enilargement of plant cells by (Thimanii

3HYANKAR, SHREERAM. Splitting of Valua- and Samuel), 1029; influerce of, oni cell- tions in Extensions of Local Domain. II, wall metabolism (Ordin, Cleland, and 220 Bonner), 1023 --. See Zariski, Oscar, 84 Avena coleoptile, growth of epidermal cells in

ietyl-chymotrypsin (Balls and Aldrich), 190 (Castle), 197 lenine mononucleotides, effect of, on neural Azotobacter vinelandii, enzyme localization in

tube formation (Ambellan), 428 (Alexander and Wilson), 843 ,ar membranes in study of slime molds

(Sussman and Lee), 70 :BERT, A. A. On Hermitian Operators over Bacillus megaterium, enzyme formation in

the Cayley Algebra, 639 protoplasts of (Landman and Spiegelman), ~- -. On Involutorial Algebras, 480 698 ,BRECHT, ROBERT. See Dalldorf, Gilbert, 978 Bacteria, luminous (Rogers and McElroy), 67 cohol dehydrogenase, yeast (Vallee and Bacteriophage: distribution of parental phos-

Hoch), 327 phorus atoms among progeny of (Stent dehyde and luminous bacteiia (Rogers and and Jerne), 704; fine structure of a genetic

McElroy), 67 region in (Benzer), 344 .DRICH, FRANK L. See Balls, A. K., 190 BAGEMIHL, F. Curvilinear Cluster Sets of ,EXANDER, MARTIN, and WILSON, P. W. Arbitrary Functions, 379

Enzyme Localization in Azotobacter vine- BAGEMIHL, F., and SEIDEL, W. Regular landii, 843 Functions with Prescribed Measurable

,EXANDER, MARY L., and STONE, WILSON S. Boundary Values Almost Everywhere, 740 Radiation Damage in the Developing BALL,S, A. K., and ALDRICH, FRANK L. Acetyl- Germ Cells of Drosophila viritis, 1046 Chymotrypsin, 190

gebra, Cayley (Albert), 639 BARROW, JAMES H., JR. Social Behavior in gebraic family, arithmetic genera of normal Fresh-Water Fish and Its Effect on

varieties in (Igusa), 34 Resistance to Trypanosomes, 676 ,ebraic geometry, abstract (Igusa), 964 BAXTER, GLEN. On a Characterization of the gebraic topology (Roth), 518 Normal Law, 383 ,ebras, involutorial (Albert), 480 BEAM, C. A. The Influence of Ploidy and lergic diseases, mechanism of (Lippman), 418 Division Stage on the Anoxic Protection ,TENBURG, LUOLIN S. The Synergism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae against X-ray

between Ultraviolet Light and Tertiary- Inactivation, 857 Butyl Hydroperoxide in Their Mutagenic BELLMAN, RICHARD. Dynamic Programming Effectiveness in Drosophila, 624 and a New Formalism in the Theory of

[BELLAN, ELISABETH. Effect of Adenine Integral Equations, 31 Mononucleotides on Neural Tube Forma- ---- Functional Equations in the Theory tion of Frog Embryo, 428 of Dynamic Programming. II. Non-

nino acid, X-irradiated paramagnetic res- linear Differential Equations, 482 onance in (Gordy, Ard, and Shields), 983 . Functional Equations in the Theory

iino acid adsorption and protein synthesis of Dynamic Programming. V. Positivity in Escherichia coli (Britten, Roberts, and and Quasi-Linearity, 743 French), 863 BELLMAN, RICHARD, GLICKSBERG, IRVING, and

iphibian lens (Jacobson), 522 GROSS, OLIVER. On Some Nonlinear alytic varieties, simple subvarieties of Integral Equations Occurring in the

(Samuel), 647 Theory of Dynamic Programming, 227 oxia, protection of Saccharomyces cerevisiae BENNETT, MIRIAM F. See Brown, Frank A.,

against X-rays by (Beam), 857 Jr., 93 tibiotic, a new, with antiphage and anti- BENOIT, R. J. See Hutchinson, G. E., 160

bacterial properties (Strelitz, Flon, and BENZER, SEYMOUR. Fine Structure of a Asheshov), 620 Genetic Region in Bacteriophage, 344

tibody formation, natural-selection theory BERN, HOWARD A., HARKNESS, DONALD R., of (Jerne), 849 and BLAIR, SIDNEY M. Radioautographic

tibody molecules, chemical structure of Studies of Keratin Formation, 55 reactive sites of (Singer), 1041 BEURLING, ARNF. A Closure Problem Related

D, WILLIAM B. See Gordy, Walter, 983 to the Riemann Zeta-Function, 312 in root number, local structure of (Dwork), BIERMAN, ARTHUR. An Application of the

754 Poisson-Boltzmann Equation to Non- IESHOV, IGOR N. See Strelitz, Frieds, 620 identical, Charged Particles, 245 ;eroidal-type bodies, melting of (Urey), 132 Bimolecular reactions (Present), 415 STIN, DONALD G. On the Existence of the Biosynthesis, tryptophan, in Salmonella typhi-

Derivative of Markoff Transition Proba- murium (Brenner), 862 bility Functions, 224 Birth and death processes (Karlin and

;omorphic functions, functionally inde- McGregor), 387 pendent (Bochner and Gunning), 746 BLAIR, SIDNEY M. See Bern, Howard A., 55


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Page 3: Volume Information

AKESLBE, A. F. See Spencer, J. L., 307; CALVIN, M. See Bradley, D. F., 563 Cummings, Jean, 355 Cancers, synthesis of vitamin B12 by (Woolley),

OCH, DAVID P. A Possible Mechanism for 111 the Replication of the Helical Structure Canonical constructions (Gerstenhaber), 233 of Desoxyribonucleic Acid, 1058 Carbohydrate, serine formation from (Ichihara

OMSTRAND, I. See Demerec, M., 359 and Greenberg), 605 )od, Rho factor (Du) in (Ceppellini, Dunn, Carboxylic acid, X-irradiated, paramagnetic

and Turri), 283 resonance in (Gordy, Ard, and Shields), )od analysis and metabolism (Williams, 996

Brown, and Shideler), 615 CARLITZ, L., and CORSON, H. H. Some Special CHNER, S. Stationary Space-Time in Equations in a Finite Field, 752

General Relativity, 485 Carlson's theorem on entire functions (Rubel), CHNER, S., and GUNNING, R. C. Existence 601

of Functionally Independent Automorphic Carrot roots, crown-gall tumor formation in Functions, 746 (Klein), 271

ltzmann-Hilbert integral equation (Pekeris), Cartan subalgebras, conjugacy of (Kostant), 661 967

NNER, DAVID M. See Suskind, Sigmund R., CASTLE, EDWARD S. The Mode of Growth of 577 Epidermal Cells of the Avena Coleoptile,

NNER, JAMES. See Ordin, Lawrence, 1023 197 RSTEL, R. C. VON, and WOLFF, SHELDON. Cayley algebra (Albert), 639

Photoreactivation Experiments on the Cell enlargement, plant (Thimann and Samuel), Nucleus and Cytoplasm of the Habro- 1029 bracon Egg, 1004 ' Cell titration (Puck and Marcus), 432

TT, R., and SAMELSON, H. The Coho- Cell-wall metabolism, influence of auxin on mology Ring of G/T, 490 (Ordin, Cleland, and Bonner), 1023

undary values, regular functions with Cephalocarida (new subclass of Crustacea) prescribed measurable (Bagemihl and (Sanders), 61 Seidel) 740 Cepheid variables (Shapley and Neil), 829

vine serum albumin, antibody to (Singer) CEPPELLINI, R., DUNN, L. C., and TURRI, M. 1041 An Interaction between Alleles at the Rh

ADLEY, D. F., and CALVIN, M. The Effect Locus in Man which Weakens the Re- of Thioctic Acid on the Quantum Efficiency activity of the Rho Factor (DU), 283 of the Hill Reaction in Intermittent Light, Cesaro summability of Walsh-Fourier series 563 (Fine), 588

AUER, ALFRED. Bounds of the Ratios of the CARNEY, J. G. The Gulf Stream as an Co-ordinates of the Characteristic Vectors Inertial Boundary Layer, 731 of a Matrix, 162 Numerical Methods in Dynamical

EIT, G., and DAITCH, P. B. Redistribution Meteorology, 798 of Classical and Quantum Densities, 653 Chemical structure of reactive sites of antibody

ENNER, SIDNEY. Tryptophan Biosynthesis molecules (Singer) 1041 in Salmonella typhimurium, 862 ole (iger,, in Salmonella

KgyphTmurim, 862

Chicks, overnight nutritional responses of IGGS, . See King, T. J., 321 (Williams and DeBusk), 894 ILLOUIN, L. Interactions between Electrons Cholinergic drugs, used to overcome induced

ITTEN, R. J., ROBERTS, R. B., and FRENCH, abnormal behavior in mice (Woolley), 338

TEN,Amino Acid Adsorption. and FRENCH, CHOW, WEI-LANG. On Abelian Varieties over E. F. Amino Acid Adsorption and Protein Function Fields, 582 Synthesis in Escherichia coGl, 863 Chromatin, relationships of crossing over to

OWN, DAVID H. See Glaser, Luis, 253(Redfield) 1084 OWN, FRANK A., JR., WEBB, H. MARGUERITE,


an Chromosome: attached-X, aging and crossing and BENNETT, MIRIAM F. Proof for an Endogenous Component in Persistent over of (Brown and Welshons), 209; Solar and Lunar Rhythmicity in helical structure of (Gamow), 8; test for Organisms, 93 recombinational lethals in (Hildreth), 20;

OWN, PAUL K. See Wald, George, 438 X, of Drosophila busckii (Krivshenko), OWN, SPENCER W., and WELSHONS, WILLIAM. 1071; X, of Drosophla melanogaster

Maternal Aging and Somatic Crossing (Redfield), 1084 Over of Attached-X Chromosomes, 209 Chromosome breakage (Steffenson), 155

OWN, WILLIAM DUANE. See Williams Chromosome duplication (Sax and King), 150 Roger, J., 615 Chromosome inversions in Drosophila pseudoob-

ERGER, M. J., and ROBINSON, DEAN W. scura (Epling, Mitchell, and Mattoni), 915 The Crystal Structure and Twinning of Chromosome structure and the mechanism of CorSys 199 crossing over (Levine), 727

RNS, ROBERT K. Experimental ReversalChrondritic meteorites (Urey) 134 of Sex in the Gonads of the Opossum Chymotrypsin, reaction of, with acetyl groups Didilphia virginiana, 669(Balls and Aldrich) 190

Cis isomers of vitamin A (Wald, Brown, and Hubbard), 438

[ciuim deficiency and chromosome breakage CLELAND, ROBERT. See Ordin, Lawrence, 1023 (Steffenson), 155 Clone production (Puck and Marcus), 432

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Page 4: Volume Information

ister sets of meromorphic functions Cytoplasnic ribose nucleic acid, nuclear (Noshiro), 398 synthesis of (Goldstein and Plant), 874

i2-pH gradients and Fucus egg interaction (Jaffe), 267

2S3, structure of (Buerger and Robinson), 199 DAITCH, P. B. See Breit, G., 653 HEN, ECKFORD. A Class of Arithmetical DALLDORF, GILBERT, and ALBRECHT, ROBERT.

Functions, 939 Chronologic Association of Poliomyelitis homology groups of Dolbeault (Frolicher), and Coxsackie Virus Injections, 978

641 Datura stramonium: pollen lethals in (Spencer homology ring of G/7' (Bott and Samelson), and Blakeslee), 307; radiation-induced

490 chromosomal aberrations of (Cummings, LEMAN, BERNARD D. See Timasheff, Serge Goldstein, and Blakeslee), 355

N., 710 DE BUSK, BETTY. See Williams, Roger J., 894 llagen, extraction of, from connective tissue Deep-sea sediments (Hutchinson, Benoit,

(Gross, Highberger, and Schmitt), 1 Cotter, and Wongersky), 160 mplex function at infinity, behavior of DEHEUVELS, RENfE. Invariants d'une appli-

(Menger), 512 cation continue, 90 mputational methods in symbolic logic DEMEREC, M., BLOMSTRAND, I., and DEMEREC,

(Ledley), 498 Z. E. Evidence of Complex Loci in nductance of strong electrolytes (Fuoss and Salmonella, 359

Onsager), 274 DEMEREC, Z. E. See Demerec, M., 359 nformal mapping (Rauch), 176 Densities, classical and quantum (Breit and ntinental margins and gravity anomalies Daitch), 653

(Worzel and Shurbet), 458 Derivatives and expansions, generalized Men- ntinuous application, invariables of (De- ger and Shi), 591

heuvels), 90 DERMAN, C., and ROBBINS, H. The Strong ntinuous model and genetic drift (Kimura) Law of Large Numbers when the First

144 Moment Does Not Exist, 586 OPER, KENNETH W., ZIMMERING, S., and Desoxyribonucleic acid, replication of (Bloch),

KRIVSHENKO, J. Interchromosomal Effects 1058 and Segregation, 911 Desoxyribonucleic acid specificity, model for

-ordinate systems, kinematically preferred intracellular transfer of (Lockingen and (Thomas), 762 De Busk), 925

-ordinates of the characteristic vectors of a Didelphis virginiana, reversal of sex in (Burns) matrix, bounds for the ratios of (Brauer), 669 162 Differential equations, nonlinear (Bellman),

RSON, H. H. See Carlitz, L., 752 482 rTER, W. B. See Hutchinson, G. E., 160 Differentiation of mixed aggregates of dis- ilomb excitation (Breit and Daitch), 653 sociated tissue cells (Trinkaus and Groves), xsackie virus and poliomyelitis infections 787

(Dalldorf and Albrecht), 978 Diffusion processes (Karlin and McGregor), lbs, diurnal rhythmicity in (Brown, Webb, 387

and Bennett), 93 DINTZIS, HOWARD. See Timasheff, Serge N., tssing over: attached-X chromosomes 710

(Brown and Welshons), 209; chromosome Dioxane-water mixtures: association of ions in structure and mechanism of (Levine), 727; (Martel and Kraus), 9; ion-pair equilib- relationship to chromatin of (Redfield), rium of electrolyte solutions in (Mercier 1084; separation of gene components by and Kraus), 1033 (Laughnan), 78 Diphosphopyridine nucleotide, oxidation of

wn-gall tumor formation (Klein), 271 (Strength and Seibert), 609 istacea, new subclass of (Sanders), 61 Distributions: division problem for, (Ehren- .MMINGS, JEAN M., GOLDSTEIN, LEWIS, and preis), 756; geometric aspects of (Eells),

BLAKESLEE, A. F. Chromosomal Aber- 49 rations in Datura Due to Various Kinds of Division problem for distributions (Ehren- Irradiation, 355 preis), 756

rrents, geometric aspects of (Eells), 493 Divisors, linear equivalence of, preserved by clone development and modification by specialization (Igusa), 34

eodine (Petterssent)n 815 DOBZHANSKY, THEODOSIUS, and POVLOVSKY, seeding (Petterssen) 815 OLGA. An Extreme Case of Heterosis in ,lotomic field, divisor of the second factor a Central American Population of Dro- of the class number of (Vandiver), 780 sophila tropicalis, 289 Jlotomic relations and trinomial equations DOUDNEY, C. O., and WAGNER, R. P. Geneti-

(Vandiver), 775 cally Conditioned Metabolic Antagonism ;ological length and heterologous inversions and Suppressor Action in Neurospora, 364 (Redfield), 1084 Drosophila busckii, X chromosome of (Kriv-

oplasm-nucleus relations in Drosophila shenko), 1071 salivary-gland cells (Gay), 370 Drosophila melanogaster: chromosome structure

;oplasmic damage in Paramecium aurelia, and mechanics of crossing over in (Levine), inheritance and regeneration of (Hanson), 731; interchromosomal effect in (Cooper, 783 Zimmering, and Krivshenko), 911; muta-

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Page 5: Volume Information

genie effect of ultraviolet light and hydro- Enzymatic synthesis of hyaluronic acid (Glaser peroxide on (Altenburg), 624; nucleo- and Brown), 253 cytoplasmic relations in salivary-gland Enzyme: biosynthesis of (Suskind, Yanofsky, cells of (Gay), 370; phenotypic variation and Bonner), 577; formation of, in proto- and pseudoallelism in (Green), 375; plasts of Bacillus megaterium (Landman pseudoallelism in (Hexter), 921; relation- and Spiegelman), 698; localization of, in ship of crossing over to chromatin in Azotobacter vinelandii (Alexander and (Redfield), 1084; test for recombinational Wilson), 843; respiratory, in yeast lethals in (Hildreth), 20 (Ephrussi, Margerie-Hottinguer, and

)sophila pseudoobscura, chromosome inver- Roman), 1065 sions in (Epling, Mitchell, and Mattoni), EPHRUSSI, BORIS, MARGERIE-HOTTINGUER, 915 HE:LENE DE, anid ROMAN, HERSCHEL.

usophila tropicalis (Dobzhansky and Povlov- Suppressiveness: A New Factor in the sky), 289 Genetic Determinism of the Synthesis of

)sophila virilis, radiation damage in develop- Respiratory Enzymes in Yeast, 1065 ing germ cells of (Alexander and Stone), Epidermal cells, growth of, in Avena coleoptile 1046 (Castle), 197

NFORD, NELSON, and SCHWARTZ, J. Con- EPLING, CARL, MITCHELL, DONALD F., and vergence Almost Everywhere of Operator MATTONI, R. H. T. Frequencies of Averages, 229 Inversion Combinations in the Third

NN, L. C. See Ceppellini, R., 283 Chromosome of Wild Males of Drosophila fORK, B. The Local Structure of the pseudoobscura, 915

Artin Root Number, 754 Errata: Fuoss and Onsager, 1010; Ledley, namic programming: functional equations 796; Nicol and Vandiver, 251: Rauch,

in theory of (Bellman), 482, 743; theory of 421; Slepian, 1010; Uhler, 183 (Bellman, Glicksberg, and Gross), 227 Escherichia coli, amino acid adsorption and

strophia muscularis (Michelson, Russell, and protein synthesis in (Britten, Roberts, and Harman), 1079 French), 863

Evolution, stellar (Shapley), 824 rs, differentiation of, in Fundulus embryos EWING, MAURICE. See Press, Frank, 24

(Oppenheimer), 680 Extended field equations (Ingraham), 165 rth, heat balance of (Urey), 128 EYRING, H. See Parlin, R. B., 900 LLS, JAMES, JR. Geometric Aspects of EYRING, HENRY, and REE, TAIKYUE. A

Currents and Distributions, 493 Generalized Theory of Plasticity Involving -. See Morrey, Charles B., Jr., 391 the Virial Theorem, 118

RENPREIS, LEON. Completely Inversible Operators, 945 FADELL, EDWARD. See Hurewicz, Witold, 961 --. The Division Problem for Distri- FAN, KY, and GLICKSBERG, IRVING. Fully butions, 756 Convex Normed Linear Spaces, 947

RENPREIS, L., and MAUTNER, F. I. Uni- Ferimat's Last Theorem: Proof of, for prime formly Bounded Representations of exponents under 4002 (Selfridge, Nicol, Groups, 231 and Vandiver), 970; and trinomial con-

,stic and Prandtl-Reuss stress-strain rela- gruences (Vandiver), 770 tions (Thomas), 716 Fiber space: concept of (Hurewicz), 956;

ctrical network problem (Roth), 518 spectral sequence of (Hurewicz and *ctrolyte solutions, ion-pair equilibrium of Fadell), 961

(Mercier and Kraus), 1033 Fine, N. J. CesAro Summability of Walsh- ectrolytes, conductance of strong (Faoss and Fourier Series, 588

Onsager), 274 Fine-structure constant, uniqueness of (Segal), ctromagnetic theory (Ingraham), 165 1103 cetron acceptors, derivatives of menadione Finite field: cyclotomic relations and trinomial

as (Strength and Seibert), 609 equations in (Vandiver), 775; Fermat's ctron microscope: in study of Drosophila Last Theorem and trinomial equations in

(Gay); in study of tobacco mosaic virus (Vandiver), 770; special equations in (Hart), 261 (Carlitz and Corson), 752; trinomial

etronic computers in meteorology (Charney) equations in (Vandiver), 651 796 Fish, social behavior in, and resistance to

,ctrons and waves, interactions between trypanosomes (Burns), 676 (Brillouin), 401 FLON, HELEN. See Strelitz, Frieda, 620

ctrophoresis in study of lignins (Schubert Fluids, electrophoretic separation (Kolin), 101 and Nord), 122 Fourier series, convergent (Rudin), 238

'etrophoretic separation (Kolin), 101 FRAENKEL-CONRAT, H., and WILLIAMS, *mentary particles, dynamics of fields of ROBERT C. Reconstitution of the Tobacco

(Segal), 1103 Mosaic Virus from Its Inactive Protein ibryos, Fundulus, differentiation of ears in and Nucleic Acid Components, 690

(Oppenheimer), 680 FRENCH, E. F. See Britten, R. J., 863 tire functions, Carlson's theorem on (Rubel), FROLICHER, ALFRE1D. Relations between the

601 Cohomology Groups of Dolbeault and zymatic activation of sulfate (Hilz and Topological Invariants, 641

Lipmann), 880 Fucus eggs (Jaffe), 267

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Page 6: Volume Information

netion: complex, at infinity (Menger), 512; in X-irradiated Carboxylic and Hydroxy Legendre, integral of (Jepsen, IHaugh, and Acids, 996 Hirschfelder), 645 Gravity anomalies at continental margins

nctional equations in theory of dynamlic (Worzel and Shurbet), 458 programming (Bellman), 743 GREEN, M. M. Phenotypic Variation and

notions: arbitrary, curvilinear cluster sets Pseudo-allelism at the Forked Locus in of (Bagemihl), 379; arithmetical (Cohen), Drosophila melanogaster, 375 939; functionally independent auto- GREENBERG, DAVID M. See Ichihara, Akhira, morphic (Bochner and Gunning), 746; 605 markoff probability (Austin), 224; mero- GROSS, JEROME, HIGHBERGER, JOHN H., and morphic (Noshiro), 398; monotonic SCIMITT, FRANCIS O. Extraction of (Salem), 49; regular, with prescribed Collagen from Connective Tissues by measurable boundry values (Bagemihl and Neutral Salt Solutions, 1 Seidel), 740 GROSS, OLIVER. See Bellman, Richard, 227

ndulus embryos, differentiation of ears in Groups, uniformly bounded representations of (Oppenheimer), 680 (Ehrenpreis and Mautner), 231

oss, RAYMOND M., and ONSAGER, LARS. Groups of motion of a Riemann space (Komar), Conductance of Strong Electrolytes at 758 Finite Dilutions, 274 GROVES, PEGGY W. See Trinkaus, J. P., 787

Gulf Stream, as an inertial boundary layer (Charney), 731

mma radiation and somatic mutation GUNNING, R. C. General Factors of Auto- (Richter and Singleton), 295 morphy, 496.

MOW, G. Topological Properties of Coiled --. See Bochner, S., 746 Helical Systems, 7

MOW, GEORGE, and YCAS, MARTYNAS. Habrobracon egg, photoreactivation of (von Statistical Correlation of Protein and Borstel and Wolff), 1004 Ribonucleic Acid Composition, 1011 HANSON, EARL D. Inheritance and Regenera-

s, rigid-sphere model of (Pekeris), 661 tion of Cytoplasmic Damage in Para- strula cells (King and Briggs), 321 mecium aurelia, 783 Y, HELEN. Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Relations HARISH-CHANDRA. Integrable and Square- in Salivary-Gland Cells of Drosophila, 370 integrable Functions of a Semisimple Lie ne action and protein specificity (Schwartz) Group, 314

300 HARKNESS, DONALD R. See Bern, Howard A., ne loci of Salmonella mutants (Demerec, 55 Blomstrand, and Demerec), 359 HARMAN, PINCKNEY J. See Michelson, Ann

nera, arithmetic, of normal varieties in an M., 1079 algebraic family (Igusa), 34 Harmonic integrals (Morrey and Eells), 391

neral relativity, stationary space-time in HART, ROGER G. Electron-Microscopic (Bochner), 485 Evidence for the Localization of Ribo-

netic drift (Kimura), 144 nucleic Acid in the Particles of Tobacco netic recombination, subdivision of bacterio- Mosaic Virus, 261

phase genetic material by (Benzer), 344 HAUGH, EUGENE F. See Jepsen, Donald W., ometry, abstract algebraic (Igusa), 964 645 RSTENHABER, MURRAY. On Canonical HeLa cells, titration of, and production of clone

Constructions. I, 233 from (Puck and Marcus), 432 ,FORD, JAMES H., and PRICE, WINSTON H. Helical structure of desoxyribonucleic acid

Virulent-Avirulent Conversions of Rickett- (Bloch), 1058 sia rickettsii in Vitro, 870 Helical systems, topological properties of coiled

ELLESTAD, GURO. Note on the Definite (Gamow) 7 Integral over Products of Three Legendre Helium, liquid, structure of (Mazo and Kirk- Functions, 954 wood), 204

ASER, LijIS, and BROWN, DAVID H. The Hermitian operators (Albert), 639 Enzymatic Synthesis in Vitro of Hyalu- Heterosis in Drosophila tropicalis (Dobzhansky ronic Acid Chains, 253 and Pavlovsky), 289

CKSBERaG, IRVING. See Bellman, Richard, HEXTER, W. M. Functional and Spatial 227; Fan, Ky, 947 Pseudoallelism at the Singed Locus in

I DSTEIN, LESTER, and PLAUT, WALTER. Drosophila, 921 Direct Evidence for Nuclear Synthesis of HIGHBERGER, JOHN H. See Gross, Jerome, 1 Cytoplasmic Ribose Nucleic Acid, 874 HILDRETH, PHILIP E. A Test for Recombina-

LDSTEIN, LEWIS. See Cummings, Jean, 355 tional Lethals in the X-Chromosome of nads, opossum, reversal of sex in (Burns), Drosophila melanogaster, 20

669 Hill reaction, effect of thioctic acid on (Bradley RDY, WALTER, ARD, WILLIAM B., and and Calvin), 563

SHIELDS, HOWARD. Microwave Spectros- HILZ, HELMUTH, and LIPMANN, FRITZ. The copy of Biological Substances. I. Para- Enzymatic Activation of Sulfate, 880 magnetic Resonance in X-irradiated Amino HIRSCHFELDER, JOSEPH O. See Jepsen, Donald Acids and Proteins, 983. W., 645

-. Microwave Spectroscopy of Biological Histidine precursors, purine bases as (Mitoma Substances. II. ParamagneticResonance and Snell), 891

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Page 7: Volume Information

CH, FREDERIC L. See Vallee, Bert L., 327 Irreducible representations: of Kronecker notopy, abstract (Kan), 1.092 product of S. (Murnaghan), 515; of 'mones and reversal of sex (Burns), 669 symmetric group (Murnaghaii), 515 BBARD, RUTH. See Wald, George, 438 Isoionic protein solutions, molecular inter- REWICZ, WITOLD. On the Concept of Fiber actions in (Timasheff, Dintzis, Kirkwood,, Space, 956 and Coleman), 710

REWICZ, WITOLD, and FAI)ELL, ED)WARD. Isotope separation (Slepian), 451 On the Spectral Sequence of a Fiber Space,


W. B., and WANGESKYT Bt. J. On the JAOptic Vesicle and Other Head Tissues, 522 Nickel, Cobalt, and Copper Contents of FFE LIONEL. Do Fucus Eggs Interact

Deep-Sea Sediments, 160 through a CO2-pH Gradient?, 267 chinsoniella (new crustacean) (Sanders), 61 Jeffries-Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin method iluronic acid, enzymatic synthesis of (Breit and Daitch), 653F., and

(Glaser and Brown), 253 JEPSEN, DONALD W., HAUGHt, EUGENE F., and (Glaser and Brown), 253 HIRsCHFELDER, JOSEPIH 0. The Integral iroperoxide and ultraviolet light, synergism HIoSCHFELDER, JOSEPH 0. The Integral between (Altenburg), 624 of the Associated Legendre Function, 645 roxy acid X-irradiated, paramagnetic res- RNE, NIELS K. Theory of Antibody Formatural-Selection, 849 onance in (Gordy, Ard, and Shields), 996 Theoy Sf An dy Fomation, 849

IHARA, AKHIRA, and GREENBERG, DAVID KADISON, RICHARD V. On the additivity of M. Pathway of Serine from Carbohydrate the Trace in Finite Factors, 385 in Rat Liver, 605 . Multiplicity Theory for Operator

'SA, JuN-ichi. Arithmetic Genera of Normal Algebras, 169 Varieties in an Algebraic Family, 34. KAMPA, ELIZABETH M. A Discrepancy

--. A Fundamental Inequality in the between Calculation and Measurement Theory of Picard Varieties, 317 of Submarine Illumination, 938

-. On Some Problems in Abstract KAN, DANIEL M. Abstract Homotopy. I, Algebraic Geometry, 964 1092

nunochemical characterization of trypto- KARLIN, SAMUEL, and McGREGOR, JAMES. phan synthetase (Suskind, Yanofsky, and Representation of a Class of Stochastic Bonner), 577 Processes, 387

rtial boundary layer, Gulf Stream as Keratin formation, radioautographic studies (Charney), 731 of (Bern, Harkness, and Blair), 55

inite divisibility (Baxter), 383 Keratinization, "hard" and "soft" (Bern, inities in electromagnetic theory (Ingraham), Harkness, and Blair), 57

165 KIMURA, MOTOO. Solution of a Process of rared stars and stellar evolution (Shapley), Random Genetic Drift with a Continuous

824 Model, 144 ;RAHAM, R. L. An Extension of the Maxwell Kinematically preferred co-ordinate systems

Theory, 165 (Thomas), 762 egers, rational, generating functions for KING, EDWARD D. See Sax, Karl, 150

restricted partitions of (Nicol and KING, T. J., and BRIGGS, R. Changes in the Vandiver), 37 Nuclei of Differentiating Gastrula Cells,

egral, definite (Gjellestad), 954 as Demonstrated by Nuclear Transplanta- egral equation, Boltzmann-Hilbert (Pekeris) tion, 321

661 KIRKWOOD, JOHN G. See Mazo, Robert M., egral equations and dynamic programming 204; Timasheff, Serge N., 710

(Bellman), 31; (Bellman, Glicksberg, KLEIN, RICHIARD M. Resistance and Suscepti- and Gross), 227 bility of Carrot Roots to Crown-Gall

tegral of Legendre function (Jepsen, Haugh, Tumor Formation, 271 and Hirschfelder), 645 KOLIN, ALEXANDER. Isoelectric Spectra and

;egrals, harmonic (Morrey and Eells), 391 Mobility Spectra: A New Approach to ;erchromosomal effect (Cooper, Zimmering, Electrophoretic Separation, 101

and Krivshenko), 911 KOMAR, ARTHUR. Degenerate Scalar In- 7ariants d'une application continue (Deheu- variants and the Groups of Motion of a

vels), 90 Riemann Space, 758 versions, heterologous, and cytological length KOSTANT, BERTRAM. On the Conjugacy of

(Redfield), 1084 Real Cartan Subalgebras. I, 967 7olutorial algebras (Albert), 480 KRAUS, CHARLES A. See Martel, Robert W., lo-thyronines, uncoupling of oxidative phos- 9; Mercier, Philip L., 1033

phorylation by (Mudd, Park, and Lip- KRIVSHENKO, J. D. A Cytogenetic Study of mann), 571 the X Chromosome of Drosophila busckii

i-pair eqtuilibrium in electrolyte solutions and Its Relation to Phylogeny, 1071 (Mercier and Kraus), 1033 Kronecker product (Murnaghan), 515

mic expansion (Slepian), 451 Kron's method of tearing (Roth), 599 as, association of, in dioxane-water mixtures KUIPER, GERARD C. The Lunar Surface-

(Martel and Kraus), 9 Further Comments, 820

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tctobacillus casei, purine bases as histidine Mars, heat balance of (Urey), 138 precursors in (Mitoma and Snell), 891 MARTEL, ROBERT W., and KRAUS, CHA.RES A.

LNDMAN, O. E., and SPIEGELMAN, S. Enzyme The Association of Ions in Dioxane-Water Formation in Protoplasts of Bacillus Mixtures at 25?, 9 megaterium, 698 MATTONI, R. H. T. See Epling, Carl, 915

LNG, SERGE. Abelian Varieties over Finite MAUTNER, F. I. See Ehrenpreis, L., 231 Fields, 174 Maxwell theory (Ingraham), 165

LUGHNAN, JOHN R. Structural and MAZO, ROBERT M., and KIRKWOOD, JOHN G. Functional Aspects of the Ab Complexes The Structure of Liquid Helium, 204 in Maize. I. Evidence for Structural and Mechanics, classical and quantum, density in Functional Variability among Complexes (Breit and Daitch), 653 of Different Geographic Origin, 78 MEF-1 poliomyelitis virus particles, crvstal-

,DLEY, ROBERT S. Digital Computational lization of (Schaffer and Schwerdt), 1020 Methods in Symbolic Logic, with Examples Menadione, derivatives of (Strength and in Biochemistry, 498 Seibert), 609

:E, FRANCES. See Sussman, Maurice, 70 MENGER, KARL. The Behavior of a Complex gendre function, integral of the associated Function at Infinity, 512

(Jepsen, Haugh, and Hirschfelder), 645 MENGER, KARL, and SHiU, S. S. Generalized gendre functions, definite integral over Derivatives and Expansions, 591

products of (Gjellestad), 654 MERCIER, PHILIP L., and KRAUS, CHARLES A. ns induction (Jacobson), 522 The Ion-Pair Equilibrium of Electrolyte .VINE, R. P. Chromosome Structure and the Solutions in Dioxane-Water Mixtures,

Mechanism of Crossing Over, 727 1033 group, semisimple (Harish-Chandra), 314 Meromorphic functions (Noshiro), 398

'e, origin of (Yeas), 714 Metabolic antagonism in Neurospora (Doudney fht-scattering, molecular interactions in and Wagner), 364

protein solutions by (Timasheff, Dintzis, Metabolism: cell-wall, influence of auxin on Kirkwood, and Coleman), 710 (Ordin, Cleland, and Bonner); of normal

,nins and lignification (Schubert and Nord), young men (Williams, Brown, and Shide- 122 ler), 615

:MANN, FRITZ. See Hilz, Helmuth, 880; Meteorology: dynamical, numerical methods Mudd, S. Harvey, 571 in (Charney), 798; synoptic (Namias),

'PMAN, RICHARD W. A Theory concerning 802 the Mechanism of Allergic Diseases, 418 Mice: induced abnormal behavior in (Wool-

cal domains, splitting of valuations in ex- ley), 338; mammary cancers in (Woolley), tensions of (Abhyankar), 220; (Zariski 111; myopathic mutation in (Michelson, and Abhyankar), 84 Russell, and Harman), 1079

DKINGEN, LLOYD S., and DE BUSK, A. GIB. MICHELSON, ANN M., RUSSELL, ELIZABETH S., A Model for Intracellular Transfer of and HARMAN, PINCKNEY J. Dystrophia DNA (Gene) Specificity, 925 muscularis: A Hereditary Primary My-

:iferase, and luminous bacteria (Rogers and opathy in the House Mouse, 1079 McElroy), 67 Microwave spectroscopy of biological sub-

sergic acid diethylamide induced abnormal stances (Gordy, Ard, and Shields), 983, behavior in mice (Woolley), 338 996

Milky Way dust clouds, opacity of (Shapley and Sweeney), 837

ELROY, W. D. See Rogers, Palmer, 67 MITCHELL, DONALD F. See Epling, Carl, 915 GREGOR, JAMES. See Karlin, Samuel, 387 MITCHELL, MARY B. Aberrant Recombina- gellanic Cloud: bar of the Large (Shapley tion of Pyridoxine Mutants of Neurospora, and Nail), 185; tilt of the Large (Nail and 215 Shapley), 685 - . Further Evidence of Aberrant Re-

gellanic Clouds: cepheid variables in combination in Neurospora, 935 (Shapley and Nail), 829; infrared stars Mitochondria, uncoupling effect of thvroxine and stellar evolution in (Shapley), 824 on (Mudd, Park, and Lipmann), 571

gnesium antagonism of the uncoupling of MITOMA, CHOZO, and SNELL, ESMOND E. oxidative phosphorylation by iodothyro- The Role of Purine Bases as Histidine nines (Mudd, Park, and Lipmann), 571 Precursors in Lactobacillus casei, 891 ze, aspects of the Ab complexes in (Laugh- Modular representations of the symmetric nan), 78. group (Robinson and Taulbee), 596

LONE, THOMAS. Application of Statistical Moduli: in conformal mapping (Rauch), 176; Methods in Weather Prediction, 806 numerical, of algebraic Riemann surfaces

lifolds, complex-analytic (Frolicker), 641 (Rauch) 42; of Riemann surfaces )pings, relative quasi-compactness of (Why- (Rauch), 236 burn), 974 Molds, cellular slime (Sussman and Lee), 70 Icus, R. J. See Parlin, R. B., 900; Puck, Molecular interaction in isoionic protein solu- Theodore T., 432 tions (Timasheff, Dintzis, Kirkwood, and iGERIE-HoTTINGUER, HILANE DE. See Coleman), 710 Ephrussi, Boris, 1065 Monkey, occipital cortex of (Orbach), 264 koff functions (Austin), 224 Monotonic functions (Salem), 49 koff processes (Karlin and McGregor), 387 Moon: melting of (Urey), 136; origin of sur-

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face features of (criticism of Kuiper's NORD, F. F. See Schubert, Walter J., 122 view) (Urey), 423; reply to Urey's criti- Normal low (Baxter), 383 cismn (Kuiper), 820 Norned. linear spaces (Fan and Glicksberg),

)RREY, CHARLES B., JR., and EELLS, JAMES, 947 JR. A Variational Method in the Theory NOSHIRO, KIYOSHL. Cluster Sets of Functions of Harmonic Integrals, 391 in the Unit Circle, 398

ition equations (Ingraham), 165 Nucleari transplantation of gastrula cells TDD, S. HARRY, PARK, JANEY HARTING, and (King and Briggs), 321

LIPMANN, FRITZ. Magnesium Antago- Nuclei of differentiating gastrula cells (King nism of the Uncoupling of Oxidative Phos- and Briggs), 321 phorylation by lodo-Thyronines, 571 Nucleic acid chains, separating intertwined

[ltiplicity theory for operator algebras (Platt), 181 (Kadison), 169 Nucleic acid molecules, conferring of specificity

JRNAGHAN, FRANCIS D. On the Analysis of to proteins by (Schwartz), 300 the Kronecker Product of Irreducible Nucleus of Drosophila salivary-gland cells

Representations of S, 515 (Gay), 370 -. On the Characters of the Symmetric Numerical analysis (Roth), 518

Group, 396 Nybomycin, properties of (Strelitz, Flon, - --. On the Generation of the Irreducible and Asheshov), 620

Representations of the Symmetric Group,

-514 On the Irreducible Representations Occipital cortex of the monkey (Orbach), 264

ofOn the

Irreducible Representation Symmetric Group, 1096ONSAGER, LARS. See Fuoss, Raymond M., of the Symmetric Group, 1096 274

tation: effected in Drosophila by ultraviolet O light and hydroperoxide (Altenbung),Operator algebras and multiplicity theory 624; myopathic, in mice (Michelson (Kadison), 169

Russell and Harman), 1079, inSalmonella Operator averages (Dunford and Schwartz),

typhimurium (Demerec, Blomstrand, and 29

typhDemeuriec)um (em , 5effect of gamma Operators: completely inversible (Ehrenpreis),

radiation on (Richter and Singleton), 295; 945; Hermitian (Albert), 639

subdivision of bacteriophage genetic ma- PPENHEIMER, JANE M. Ectopic Differentia-

terial by (Benzer), 344 tion of Ears in Secondary Embryos of

-opathy in the house mouse (Michelson, Fundulus, 680

Russell, and Harman), 1079 Optic vesicle, role in lens induction (Jacobson), 522

IL, VIRGINIA McKIBBEN. See, Shapley, ORBACH, J. Nonvisual Functioning of Occip- IL, VIRGNIA MCKIBBEN. See Shapley, ital Cortex in the Monkey, 264


BONNER, JAMES. Influence of Auxin on HARLOW. The Magellanic Clouds. XV. Cell-Wall Metabolism, 1023 On the lt of the Large Cloud, 685 . Oxidative phosphorylation, uncoupling of

MIAS, JEROME. The Role of Synoptic (Mudd Park and Lipmann), 571 Meterology in the Quest for Objective, Weather Prediction, 802

SH, JOHN. A Path Space and the Stiefel- Paper chromatography and study of lignins Whitney Classes, 320 (Schubert and Nord), 122

tional Academy of Sciences: Officers, Paramagnetic resonance: in X-irradiated

Council, Members, Members Emeriti, amino acids and proteins (Gordy, Ard, Foreign Associates, Sections, Geographi- and Shields), 983; in X-irradiated car-

cal Listing, 527; Symposium on Modern boxylic and hydroxy acids (Gordy, Ard, Concepts in Meteorology, 797 and Shields), 996

tural-selection theory of antibody forma- Paramecium aurelia, inheritance and regenera- tion (Jerne), 849 tion of cytoplasmic damage in (Hanson),

o-B isomer (Wald, Brown, and Hubbard), 783

438 PARK, JANEY HARTING. See Mudd, S. Harvey,

phritis (Lippman), 418 571

bwork problem, tearing method of solution PARLIN, R. B., MARCUS, R. J., and EYRING,

(Roth), 599 H. Irreversible Thermodynamics and

ural tube formation of frog embryo (Am- Rate Theory, 900

bellan), 428 Particle field (Ingraham), 165

!rospora crassa: metabolic antagonism and Path space and the Stiefel-Whitney classes

suppressor action in (Doudney and Wag- (Nash), 320 ner), 364; strains of, lacking tryptophan PAVLOVSKY, OLGA. See Dobzhansky, Theo-

synthetase (Suskind, Yanofsky, and Bon- dosius, 289

ner), 577 PEKERIS, C. L. The Seismic Buried Pulse,

urospora mutants, aberrant recombination 629

of (Mitchell), 215, 935 --. The Seismic Surface Pulse, 469

COL, C. A. See Selfridge, J. L., 970---. Solution of the Boltzmann-Hilbert

eOL, C. A., and VANDIVER, H. S. On Integral Equation, 661

Generating Functions for Restricted Parti- Permeability of potato tissue to water (Thi- tions of Rational Integers, 37 mann and Samuel), 1,029

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rTERSSEN, SVERRE. On the Magnitude of stramoniumn induced by (Cummings, Gold- Cyclone Development and the Possibility stein, and Blakeslee), 355; damage by, in of Large-Scale Modifications, 815 germ cells of Drosophila virilis (Alexander

snotypic variation in Drosophila melano- and Stone), 1046; gamma, effect of, on gaster (Green), 375 somatic mutation (Richter and Singleton),

osphorus atoms, parental, distribution 295; pollen lethals induced by (Spencer among bacteriophage progeny (Stent and and Blakeslee), 307 Jerne), 704 Radioactivity and keratin formation (Bern,

Atoreactivation experiments on Habrobracon Harkness, and Blair), 55 egg (von Borstel and Wolff), 1004 Rana pipiens, neural tube formation in (Am-

3tosynthesis, effect of thioctic acid on bellan), 428 quantum efficiency of (Bradley and Random walks (Karlin and McGregor), 387 Calvin), 563 Rat liver, serine formation from carbohydrate

ylogeny, relation of X chromosome of in (Ichihara and Greenberg), 605 Drosophila busckii to (Krivshenko), 1071 Rate theory, irreversible thermodynamics and

ard varieties (Igusa), 317 (Parlin, Marcus, and Eyring), 900 ,sticity, theory of (Eyring and Ree), 118 RAUCH, H. E. On Moduli in Conformal ATT, JOHN R. Possible Separation of In- Mapping, 176

tertwined Nucleic Acid Chains by --- . On the Moduli of Riemann Surfaces, Transfer-Twist, 181 236

sson-Boltzmann equation (Bierman), 245 - . On the Transcendental Moduli of iomyelitis: and Coxsackie virus infections Algebraic Riemann Surfaces, 42

(Dalldorf and Albrecht), 978; virus par- Reactive sites of antibody molecules, chemical ticles of, crystallization of MEF-1 (Schaf- structure of (Singer), 1041 fer and Schwerdt), 1020 Recombination of chromosomes (Hildreth), 20

len lethals in Datura stramonium (Spencer REDFIELD, HELEN. Recombination Increase and Blakeslee), 307 Due to Heterologous Inversions and the

tassium and heat balances (Urey), 127 Relation to Cytological Length, 1084 ,ndtl-Reuss and elastic stress-strain relations REE, TAIKYUE. See Eyring, Henry, 118 (Thomas), 716 Replication of desoxyribonucleic acid (Bloch),

SSENT, R. D. Note on the Simple Collision 1058 Theory of Bimolecular Reactions, 415 Retinene, hindered cis isomers of (Wald, Brown,

eSS, FRANK, and EWING, MAURICE. Waves and Hubbard), 438 with Pn and Sn Velocity at Great Dis- Rho(Du) blood factor (Ceppellini, Dunn, and tances, 24 Turri), 283

:CE, WINSTON H. See Gilford, James H., Rhythmicity, solar and lunar in organisms 870 (Brown, Webb, and Bennett), 93

,tein specificity and gene action (Schwartz), Ribonucleic acid: nuclear synthesis of (Gold- 300 stein and Plaut), 879; in tobacco mosaic

,tein synthesis: and amino acid adsorptioil virus (Hart), 261 in Escherichia coli (Britten, Roberts, and RICHTER, ALAN, and SINGLETON, W. RALPH. French), 863; and ribonucleic acid (Ga- The Effect of Chronic Gamma Radiation mow and Yeas), 1011 on the Production of Somatic Mutations

,teins, X-irradiated, paramagnetic resonance in Carnations, 295 in (Gordy, Ard, and Shields), 983. Rickettsia rickettsii, changes in virulence of, in

toplasts, enzyme synthesis in (Landman vitro (Gilford and Price), 870 and Spiegelman), 698 Riemann space, degenerate scalar invariants

udo-allelism in Drosophila (Green), 375; and groups of motion of (Komar), 758 (Hexter), 921 Riemann surfaces: algebraic, transcendental

,K, THEODORE T., and MARCUS, PHILIP I. moduli of (Rauch), 42; and conformal A Rapid Method for Viable Cell Titration mapping (Rauch), 176; moduli of (Rauch), and Clone Production with HeLa Cells in 236 Tissue Culture: The Use of X-irradiated Riemann zeta-function (Beurling), 312 Cells to Supply Conditioning Factors, 432 ROBBINS, H. See Derman, C., 586

ine bases as histidine precursors (Mitoma ROBERTS, R. B. See Britten, R. J., 863 and Snell), 891 ? ROBINSON, DEAN W. See Buerger, M. J.,

idoxine mutants of Neurospora (Mitchell), 199 215 ROBINSON, G. DE B., and TAULBEE, 0. E. On

the Modular Representations of the dratic differentials in Riemann surfaces Symmetric Group. VI, 596 (Rauch), 43 ROGERS, PALMER, and MCELROY, W. D. Bio-

i.ntum efficiency of Hill reaction, effect of chemical Characteristics of Aldehyde and thioctic acid on (Bradley and Calvin), 563 uciferase Mutants of Luminous Bacteria,

tntum mechanical (lensity (Breit and 67

Daitch), 653 ROMAN, lHEsCmrL. See 1Ephlrussi, Boris, .ntum mechanics, manifestations of, in I1065

liquid helium (Mazo and Kirkwood), 204 ROTH, J. P. An Application of Algebraic Topology to Numerical Analysis: On the Existence of a Solution to the Network

liation: chromosomal aberrations of Datura Problem, 518

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The Validity of Kron's Method of Sex, experimental reversal of, in opossum Tearing, 599 (Burma), 669

BEL, L. A. Necessary and Sufficient Con- SHAPLEY, HARLOW. The Magellanic Clouds. ditions for Carlson's Theorem on Entire XVI. Infrared Stars and Stellar Evolu- Functions, 601 tion, 824

3IN, WALTER. Nonanalytic Functions of --- . See Nail, Virginia McKibben, 685 Absolutely Convergent Fourier Series, 238 SHAPLEY, HARLOW, and NAIL, VIRGINIA Mc-

SSELL, ELIZABETH S. See Michelson, Ann KIBBIN. The Magellanic Clouds. XIV. M., 1079 The Bar of the Large Cloud, 185

---. Magellanic Clouds. XVII. Seven Notes on the Cepheid Variables, 829

charomyces cerevisiae, anoxic protection of, SHAPLEY, HARLOW, and SWEENEY, JACQUE- against X-rays (Beam), 857 LINE. Galactic and Extragalactic Stud-

,EM, R. On Monotonic Functions Whose ies. XXIII. Opacity of the Southern Spectrum Is a Cantor Set with Constant Milky Way Dust Clouds, 837 Ratio of Dissection, 49 SHIDELER, ROBERT W. See Williams, Roger

monella typhimurium: complex loci in J., 615 (Demerec, Blomstrand, and Demerec), SHIELDS, HOWARD. See Gordy, William B., 359; tryptophan biosynthesis in (Bren- 983 ner), 862 SHE, S. S. See Menger, Karl, 591

L solutions, neutral, extraction of collagen SHURBET, G. LYNN. See Worzel, J. Lamar, from connective tissue by (Gross, High- 458 berger, and Schmitt), 1. Simple collision theory of bimolecular reactions

Ls, in dioxane-water mixtures (Martel and (Present), 415 Kraus), 9 SINGER, S. J. On the Chemical Structure of

IELSON, H. See Bott, R., 490 the Reactive Sites of Antibody Molecules, IUEL, EDMUND W. See Thimann, Kenneth. 1041

V., 1029 SINGLETON, W. RALPH. See Richter, Alan, 295 IUEL, PIERRE. Simple Subvarieties of SLEPIAN, JOSEPH. Isotope Separation by

Analytic Varieties, 647 Ionic Expansion in a Magnetic Field, 451 TDERS, HOWARD L. The Cephalocarids, a SNELL, ESMOND E. See Mitoma, Chozo, 891

New Subclass of Crustacea from Long Social behavior in fish and resistance to trypan- Island Sound, 61 osomes (Barrow), 676

c, KARL, and KING, EDWARD D. An X- Space-time, stationary, in general relativity Ray Analysis of Chromosome Duplication, (Bochner), 485 150 Spectra, isoelectric and mobility (Kolin), 101

lar invariants, degenerate (Komar), 758 Spectroscopy, microwave, of biological sub- IAFFER, F. L., and SCHWERDT,' C. E. stances (Gordy, Ard, and Shields), 983,

Crystallization of Purified MEF-1 Polio- 996 myelitis Virus Particles, 1020 SPENCER, J. L., and BLAKESLEE, A. F. In-

IMITT, FRANCIS 0. See Gross, Jerome, 1 duced Pollen Lethals from Seeds of TUBERT, WALTER J., and NORD, F. F. Datura stramonium Exposed to Different

Investigations on Lignin and Lignifica- Radiations, 307 tion. XV. Heterogeneity of Native and SPIEGELMAN, S. See Landman, 0. E., 698 and Enzymatically Liberated Lignins as Statistical methods in weather prediction Established by Electrophoresis and Paper (Malone) 806 Chromatography, 122

STEFFENSON, DALE. Breakage of Chromo- IWARTZ, DREW. Speculations on Gene oes in Tradescantia with a Calcium De-

Action and Protein Specificity, 300 somes in Tradescanta with a Calcium D55 IWARTZ, J. See Dunford, Nelson, 229GTNTHE S, and JENE NIELS K. HWERDT, C. E. See Schaffer, F. L., 1020 STENT, GUNTHER S., and JERNE, NIELS K. ding, modification of cyclones by (Patters- The Distribution of Parental Phosphorus

sen), 815 Atoms among Bacteriophage Progeny, sen), 815704 GAL, I. E. Uniqueness of the Fine-Struc- 704

ture Constant, 1103 Stiefel-Whitney classes (Nash), 320 [BEBT, SISTER M. ANGELICE. See Strength, Stochastic processes (Karlin and McGregor),

D. R., 609 387; (Yoshida), 240 [DEL, W. See Bagemihl, F., 740 STONE, WILSON, S. See Alexander, Mary L., smic buried pulse (Pekeris), 629 1046 smic surface pulse (Pekeris), 469 STRELITZ, FRIEDA, FLON, HELEN, and AsK- LFRIDGE, J. L., NICOL, C. A., and VANDIVER, ESHOV, IGOR N. Nybomycin, a New

H. S. Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem Antibiotic with Antiphage and Antibac- for All Prime Exponents Less than 4002, terial Properties, 620 970 STRENGTII, D. R., and SEIBERT, SISTER M.

nisimple Lie group and conjugacy of Cartan ANGELICE. Derivatives of Menadione as subgroups (Kostant), 967 Electron Acceptors in the Oxidation of

'ine formation from carbohydrate in rat Reduced Diphosphopyridine Nucleotide, liver (Ichihara and Greenberg), 605 609

rotonin, use of, to overcome induced ab- Stress-strain relations: combined elastic and normal behavior in mice (Woolley), 338 Prandtl-Reuss (Thomas), 720; combined

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elastic and Von Mises (Thomas), 908; Topological invariants (Frolicher), 641 structure of (Thomas), 716 Topology, algebraic (Roth), 518

ong law of large numbers (Derman and Trace, additivity of (Kadison), 385 Robbins), 586 Tradescantia chromosomes: breakage of (Stef-

)marine illumination (Kampa), 938 fenson), 155; duplication of (Sax and fate, enzymatic activation of (Hilz and King), 150

Lipmann), 880 Transduction tests in study of Salmonella fur enrichment in keratinization (Bern, (Demerec, Blomstrand, and Demerec),

Harkness, and Blair), 58 359 )pressor action in Neurospora (Doudney Transfer-twist and separating helical molecules

and Wagner), 364 (Platt), 181 SKIND, SIGMUND R., YANOFSKY, CHARLES, TRINKAUS, J. P., and GROVES, PEGGY W. Dif-

and BONNER, DAVID M. Allelic Strains of ferentiation in Culture of Mixed Aggre- Neurospora Lacking Tryptophan Synthe- gates of Dissociated Tissue Cells, 787 tase: A Preliminary Immunochemical Trinomial congruences and Fermat's Last Characterization, 577 Theorem (Vandiver), 770

SSMAN, MAURICE, and LEE, FRANCES. In- Trinomial equations: and cyclotomic rela- teractions among Variant and Wild-Type tions (Vandiver), 775; properties of, in a Strains of Cellular Slime Molds across finite field (Vandiver), 651 Thin Agar Membranes, 70 Trypanosomes, social behavior in fish and re-

EENEY, JACQUELINE. See Shapley, Harlow, sistance to (Barrow), 676 837 Tryptophan biosynthesis in Salmonella typhi-

nbolic logic, digital computational methods murium (Brenner), 862 in (Ledley), 498 Tryptophan synthetase, immunochemical char-

nmetric group: characters of (Murna- acterization of (Suskind, Yanofsky, and ghan), 396; generation of irreducible repre- Bonner), 577 sentations of (Murnaghan), 514; irreduci- Tumor formation, crown-gall (Klein), 271 ble representations of (Murnaghan), 1096; TURRI, M. See Ceppellini, R., 283 Kronecker product of irreducible repre- sentations of (Murnaghan), 515

nmetric group (Robinson and Taulbee), bteen (Atnur)s2 mmetric group (Robinson and Taulbee), Ultraviolet light and hydroperoxide, synergism 596 between (Altenburg), 624

lergism: and deficient varieties of slime Uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation molds ( an and L 7 ee (Mudd, Park, and Leeipmann), be571

Uranium and heat balances (Urey), 127 ultraviolet light and hydroperoxide (Al- Uramum and heat balances A(Uey), 127 tenburg)' 624 UREY, HAROLD C. The Cosmic Abundances of

Xtenburg), 624 Potassium, Uranium, and Thorium and the Heat Balances of the Earth, the

ULBEE, O. E. See Robinson, G. de B., 596 Moon and Mars 127 ktites, origin , 7. On the Origin of Tektites, 27 ermodynamics, irreversible, and rate theory Some Criticisms of "On the Origin of

(Parlin, Marcus, and Eyring), 900 the Lunar Surface Features" by G. P. [MANN, KENNETH V., and SAMUEL, ED- Kuiper, 423

MUND W. The Permeability of Potato Tissue to Water, 1029

octic acid, effect of, on quantum efficiency VALLEE, BERT L., and HOCH, FREDERIC L. of Hill reaction (Bradley and Calvin), 563 Zinc, a Component of Yeast Alcohol De-

3MAS, T. Y. Combined Elastic and Pran- hydrogenase, 327 dtl-Reuss Stress-Strain Relations, 720 Valuations, splitting of (Abhyankar), 220;

Combined Elastic and Von Mises (Zariski and Abhyankar), 84 Stress-Strain Relations, 908 VANDIVER, H. S. On Cyclotomic Relations -. Kinematically Preferred Co-ordinate and Trinomial Equations in a Finite Systems, 762 Field, 775

On the Structure of Stress-Strain - . On the Divisors of the Second Factor Relations, 716 of the Class Number of a Cyclotomic

)rium and heat balances (Urey), 127 Field, 780 [ASHEFF, SERGE N., DINTZIS, HOWARD M., . On the Properties of Certain Tri-

KIRKWOOD, JOHN G., and COLEMAN, nomial Equations in a Finite Field, 651 BERNARD D. Studies of Molecular In- . Relation of the Theory of Certain teraction in Isoionic Protein Solutions by Trinomial Equations in a Finite Field to Tight-Scattering, 710 Fermat's Last Theorem, 770

p-growth" of epidermal cells (Castle), 197 See Nicol, C. A., 37; Selfridge, J. L., sue cells, dissociated, differentiation of 970 mixed aggregates of (Trinkaus and Groves) Verwey-Overbeek theory (Bierman), 245 787 Virial theorem, and plasticity (Eyring and Ree)

sues, vertebrate, keratin formation in 118 (Bern, Harkness, and Blair), 55 Virus: particles, crystallization of MEF-1

tacco mosaic virus: reconstitution of, from poliomyelitis (Schaffer and Schwerdt), components (Fraenkel-Conrat and Wil- 1020; tobacco mosaic, reconstitution of, liams), 690; ribonucleic acid in (Hart), from components (Fraenkel-Conrat and 261 Williams), 690

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Page 13: Volume Information

,amin A, hindered cis isomers of (Wald, WOLFF, SHELDON. See Borstel, R. C. von, Brown, and Hubbard), 438 1004

amin B12, synthesis of, in mammary cancers WOOLLEY, D. W. A Further Study of the (Woolley), 111 Apparent Synthesis of Vitamin B12 by

Mammary Cancers of Mice, 111 Production of Abnormal (Psychotic?) ~GNER, R. P. See Doudnev, C. 0, 364 . - m ormal (Psychotic?)

LGNER, R. P. See Doudnevy, C. 0. 364 Behavior in Mice with Lysergic Acid

LLD, GEORGE, BROWN, PAUL K., and HUB- Behavior in Mice with Lysergic Acid BARD, RUTH. Hindered Cis Isomers of Diethylamide, and Its Partial Prevention Vitamin A and Retinene: The Structure with Cholinergic Drugs and Serotonin, of the Neo-B Isomer, 438 338

lsh-Fourier series Cesaro summability of ORZEL, J. LAMAR, and SHURBET, G. LYNN. (Fish- oune), erien,

Cesro summai588t

of Gravity Anomalies at Continental Mar-

(Fine), 88 gins, 458 LNGERSKY, P. J. See Hutchinson, G. E., g, 4

160 iter, permeability of potato tissue to (Thi- X-ray: Analysis of chromosomes by (Sax

mann and Samuel), 1029 and King), 150; damage in germ cells of Lve mechanics (Breit and Daitch), 653 Drosophila virilis produced by (Alexander ives, geophysical, modes of propagation of and Stone); paramagnetic resonance in

(Press and Ewing), 26 amino acids and proteins exposed to Ives and electrons, interactions between (Gordy, Ard, and Shields), 983; para-

(Brillouin), 401 magnetic resonance in carboxylic and

,ather prediction: role of synoptic meteorol- hydroxy acids exposed to (Gordy, Ard, ogy in (Namias), 802; statistical methods and Shields), 996 in (Malone), 806

iBB, H. MARGUERITE. See Brown, Frank YANOFSKY, CHARLES. See Suskind, Sigmund

A., JR., 93 . 51 iLSHONS, WILLIAM. See Brown, Spencer YCAS, MARTYNAS. A Note on the Origin of

W., 209 Life 714 IYBURN, GORDON T. Relative Quasi-Com-amow, Geo, p sof Mappings, 974 - . See Gamow, George, 1011

pactness of Mappings 974 Yeast: ADH (Vallee and Hoch), 327; respira-

LLIAMS, ROBERT C. See Fraenkel-Conrat,

tory enzymes in (Ephrussi, Margerie-

H., 690

. BHottinguer, and Roman), 1065. :LLIAM S, R~OGER J., BROWN, WILLIA M


I YOSIDA, KOSAKU. On the Generating Para-

DUANE, and SHIDELER, ROBER W metrix of the Stochastic Processes, 240 Metabolic Peculiarities of Normal Young Men as Revealed by Repeated Blood


:LLIAMS, ROGER J., and DE BUSK, BETTY G. Splitting of Valuations in Extensions of

Overnight Nutritional Responses of Local Domains, 84

Chicks, 894 Zinc (component of yeast alcohol dehydrogen- LSON, P. W. See Alexander, Martin, 843 ase) (Vallee and Hoch), 327

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