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Date post:20-Jun-2015
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  • 1. Volunteer HustleAn SMS based program.2012Group 3: Ashley Ball, Jeff Barr,Samantha Juneman, Veronica Nett,Dacia Saenz.

2. Goals and Objectivescampaigns Strengthen and diversify the volunteer communications, management and retention strategies of a Seattle Based Soup Kitchen Provide a low pressure recruitment tool to notify volunteers of potential opportunities to give their time without being intrusive or demanding Lower barriers and remove some of the extra legwork out the process of volunteers seeking out and signing up for volunteer opportunities on their own Decrease the number hours and resources the soup kitchens staff use to advertise, schedule and recruit its needed volunteerto help our Seattle Soup Kitchen diversify and strengthen their volunteer communications, poolmanagement, and retention strategies. Increase the kitchens volunteer recruitment pool, and the number of drop-in and logged volunteer hours 3. Statement of NeedRecessioncampaigns reality: Food banks are struggling.Rising Hunger RatesFalling Volunteer Retention Rates 4. Statement of Need campaignsVolunteer retention best practices: Respect for volunteers time Easy-to-find opportunities Well-planned communication (frequency, method, & tone) New technologiesVolunteer Hustle SMS system: Cost-effective Un-intrusiveVolunteer retention best practices: flexibility Allows scheduleRespect for volunteers time Fits time-sensitive needs of soup kitchenEasy-to-find opportunities Scalable as a model for other charitiesWell-planned communication (frequency, method, & tone)New technologies 5. campaigns 6. Success and Impactcampaigns Our ultimate goal is for more people with food insecurities to be served. Away to make this happen is to have more hands on deck all around by helping Seattle Soup Kitchen staff have more time and volunteer resources to run their organization. We can help by making the following happen:Volunteer Management Team streamline volunteer communication,management, and retention.More volunteers donating their time because barrier to volunteeringhas been lowered. 7. Approach to EvaluationscampaignsWe will use a combination of both quantitative and qualitativedata to asses the impact of Volunteer Hustle SMS on both the volunteer management team (text sends) and the volunteerpool (text recipients). 8. Key Performance IndicatorscampaignsQuantitative Outcome Measures for Volunteer Management Team:Decrease in hours spent in outreach growing volunteer poolDecrease in hours spent communicating volunteer opportunities to pool ofpotential volunteersDecrease in hours spent scheduling volunteers in all available rolesIncrease in volunteer hours loggedIncrease in volunteer poolIncrease in drop-in volunteer hoursQualitative Outcome Measures for Volunteer Experience:More likely to volunteer because:Satisfied with the frequency and type of communication from organizationEasier to learn about volunteer opportunitiesFlexibility of opportunities is easier to fit into their scheduleFeels like organization values their time 9. CostcampaignsPreparation Costs: $1739.00Research and Analysis One Year of Operation: $4018.28Training Staff and VolunteersInstalling SystemInitial Marketing Campaign(Labor +Materials)Monthly Operational Costs: $189.94 Three Years of Operation: $8576.84Internet CostsSMS subscriptionEvaluation 10. Volunteer HustleAn SMS based program.2012Q&A?Group 3: Ashley Ball, Jeff Barr,Samantha Juneman, Veronica Nett,Dacia Saenz.

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