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VSwitch Manual

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VSwitch Manual

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Manual 01/2001 Frank Ebel 01/2001, Frank Ebel

Festo Didactic GmbH & Co., D-73770 Denkendorf, 2000 Internet: www.festo.com/didactic e-mail: [email protected] The copying, distribution and utilization of this document as well as the communication of its contents to others without expressed authorization is prohibited. Offenders will be held liable for the payment of damages. All rights reserved, in particular the right to carry out patent, utility model or ornamental design registration.



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Contents _______________________________________________________ 3 About VSwitch __________________________________________________ 4 Installing VSwitch _______________________________________________ 5 Technical prerequirements ________________________________________ 5 Installation _____________________________________________________ 5 Example files included in scope of delivery ___________________________ 9 Starting VSwitch _______________________________________________ 10 How do I begin? ________________________________________________ 10 Procedure _____________________________________________________ 11 Creating your own connections____________________________________ 12 Examples of applications ________________________________________ 13 Connection between FluidSIM and EasyPort _________________________ 13 Notes regarding the function of DDE blocks _________________________ 14 Connection between COSIVIS and real PLCs using the SIMATIC S7-300 as an example ___________________________ 16 Connection between FluidSIM and S7-PLCSIM _______________________ 19 Appendix ______________________________________________________ 21 Structure of menu_______________________________________________ 21 Files __________________________________________________________ 23 Allocation of keys _______________________________________________ 23

Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch



About VSwitch

The VSwitch program transfers the concept of a simple electrical terminal board onto the DDE communication structure of Windows. Using it you can connect up programs with DDE server function, typical of control technology. Just as you would make connections on an electrical terminal board, so would you connect "DDE items" here. Many programs (such as PLC simulators and hardware drivers) provide a DDE server function, without however actively supporting data exchange. Thus values can be read or written via DDE. However this requires a DDE client, which actively connects two (passive) servers with one another. Vswitch has been developed for this purpose. Vswitch enables two DDE servers to work together without complex adjustments being made to them. VSwitch has not been developed to be compatible with one particular manufacturer and can thus communicate with DDE servers produced by a diverse number of manufacturers. The configuration can be adjusted simply to the requirements of the user, without the servers being altered. If a relevant program which works with VSwitch is started, then Vswitch can be started automatically together with that particular program. It is also possible to start VSwitch manually. VSwitch provides the DDE connections using "terminals", whereby each bit is shown as an LED. The terminals are grouped together as bits, bytes (8 bits) or words (16 bits). There is a right-hand and left-hand terminal side. These are linked by a connecting configuration. The user can change the configurations for the left-hand and right-hand terminal and the connecting configuration. Festo Didactic provides the terminal configurations and the connecting configuration. These cannot be altered with VSwitch. If required Festo Didactic can create additional terminal configurations and connecting configurations.


Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch


Installing VSwitch

This chapter describes how you should install VSwitch onto your computer. 3.1 Technical prerequirements You require A personal computer with Pentium processor (or better) Microsoft Windows95 , Microsoft Windows98 , Microsoft WindowsNT or Microsoft Windows2000 The size of the working memory depends in the main on the DDE communication partners which are to be connected using VSwitch. We recommend that the working memory is greater than 32 MB.



You have received VSwitch either on two disks or as a download from the Internet. Installation is described in the following paragraphs. The installation of VSwitch takes only a few minutes. During installation you will be informed of other Festo Didactic products.

Switch on your computer and start Microsoft Windows if necessary. Click the entry "Execute" in the start menu (or program manager in the file menu). A dialog box will open. Enter the memory location of the setup file or a:setup.exe in the entry field "Instruction line". Confirm your entry by clicking "OK".

Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch


3 Installing VSwitch

The initial screen of the installation program will appear shortly afterwards.

Please follow the instructions given by the installation program. If you are unsure about the answers to some of the questions, simply click "Next ".

If you wish to retain the default directory, then click "Next " or enter the name of another directory.


Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch

3 Installing VSwitch

If you wish to keep the default program group, then click "Next ", or select another program group.

Select the Festo Didactic software installed on your computer, so that all of the necessary VSwitch components can be installed. Then click "Next ". If you should install Festo Didactic software which can be selected from this window at a later date, then repeat the installation of VSwitch afterwards.

Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch


3 Installing VSwitch

Select "PLCSIM V4.x / Step /", if this software is installed on your computer, in order that all the necessary VSwitch components can be installed. Then click "Next ". If you should install this software at a later date, then repeat the installation of VSwitch afterwards.

Check the registration data or enter the correct information. Then click "Start".


Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch

3 Installing VSwitch

Once installation and registration have been completed successfully, you can either view information about other Festo Didactic products or click "End" to exit the installation program.


Example files included in scope of delivery

In order to facilitate work with VSwitch whilst it is still unfamiliar to you, files which you will require for the following application examples have also been copied onto your PC. Files for FluidSIM Introduction_DDE_01.ct StackMagazine_PLCSIM_01.ct Files for Step 7 Vswitch.arj

Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch



Starting VSwitch


How do I begin?

When you begin to read this, you will have probably already installed VSwitch successfully. If this is not the case, please do so before continuing. If you installed VSwitch together with a software package, then special icons for preconfigured applications were created during installation. You can start these applications by double clicking these icons. The standard settings of the programs used will be applied.

Depending on the software installed on your computer, up to 5 different application examples will be preconfigured: VSwitch for Cosivis and EzDDE (EasyPort) VSwitch for Cosivis and FluidSIM-P VSwitch for Cosivis and PLCSIM VSwitch for FluidSIM and PLCSIM VSwitch for FluidSIM and EzDDE (EasyPort) In the case of EzDDE for example, COM2 is set as the standard interface. If you should wish to connect the devices to another COM interface, please adjust the setting of the EzDDE, before you start VSwitch. Please proceed in a similar fashion for other programs with DDE communication.


Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch

4 Starting VSwitch



The system can be started either manually or automatically. In the case of a manual start VSwitch is invoked without parameters and the last connection to be opened or DEFAULT.INI is loaded when no program start has yet been initiated.

Manual start

The initial VSwitch screen with Default.ini loaded

The initial VSwitch screen with the connection between FluidSIM-P and PLCSIM

Automatic start

During an automatic start the required drivers or programs are started by VSwitch using the specified parameters. The program parameters are also transmitted.

Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch


4 Starting VSwitch


Creating your own connections

If you have started Vswtich, you can load an existing connection (*.ini) by clicking "File open".

The initial VSwitch screen with Default.ini loaded A new connection can be generated thus: Click on the name of the left-hand terminal (*.lni) or right-hand terminal (*.rni). A window with possible terminal configurations will open.

Example: Selection of the left-hand terminal configuration

Select the suitable terminals. Save the new connection.


Festo Didactic GmbH & Co. VSwitch


Examples of applications

The following examples of applications describe how DDE communication between different partners can be established using the program VSwitch. Data connections between the following communication partners are poss

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