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Wahabism - Bala Surajo

Date post: 04-Apr-2018
Author: abu-muhammad
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  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    Divine Retribution onAlhaji Bala Surajo,

    KadunaAbu Muhammad & Sheikh Salisu Mai Ba`rota

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    Kano Road, central Mosque (DokaGari), Kaduna as it stands today.

    Inside ViewInside View

    Between thebuses and thegate of themosque there

    is a gutter

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    House of Alhaji Bala Surajo inKano road, Doka Gari, Kaduna as it

    stands today.

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    How it all started

    Two to three decades ago, in the town of Kaduna a richman known as Alhaji Bala Surajo joined Izala a sub-wahabism founded by Gumi. Because of his money, hebecame one of its principal officers and a strongpropagator of its cardinals.One fateful Friday evening, Alhaji Bala Surajo was comingback home, his house at Kano road is on opposite lane toa central mosque where Wazifah & hailalatil Jummaa isrecited. As he was coming home, he saw people recitingHailalatil Jummaa in the mosque. As a wahabis, hedecided to show the ARROGANCE OF WAHABIS.

    Justification of Hailalatil Jummatfrom Suratul Jummat


  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    He entered the mosque with his shoes saying This is not amosque but an idol worshipping site, he kept on stepping with hisshoes until he come to the spot where the white cloth for Hailala isspread. He stepped on it saying,You (Tijania members) used tosay Sheikh Ahmad Tijani used to appear on the white cloth, whereis he today. You said even the prophet used to appear on it whereis he too. As he was saying this he continued to step on the cloth.Not satisfied with his arrogance, he brought out a knife and startedcutting the cloth into pieces. Nobody talk to him, people continuedchanting LAILAHA ILLALLAH ! LAILAHA ILLALLAH !! LAILAHAILLALLAH!!!He picked the pieces of the cloth and carry outside the mosqueand threw it in a gutter, he still followed the pieces into the gutter andstepped on it several times.

    Izalis(Wahabis) has finished his worst evil, desecrating mosque,desecrating cloth of hailalat, and mocking sheikh Ahmadu

    Tijani(RA) and the prophet(SAW):

    " : "

    Reported from Abi Sad Al-Khudriy(RA) that AllahsApostle(SAW) said:People willconduct dhikr of Allah onspread cloth they will enterthe highest paradise Majmaz zawad:16777

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    "Know, therefore, that there is no god but ALLAH " Surah Muhammad, verse 19

    "Truly, when it was said to them: La ilaha ill-ALLAH, they puffed themselves upwith pride (i.e. denied it)."Those who set the ranks" (As-Saffat), verse 35Abu Said al Khudri (May God be satisfied with him) reported that the Prophet (peace and beupon him) said: "When Musa asked ALLAH to teach him a prayer to recite whenever heremembered or called upon Him, ALLAH answered: "Say, O Musa, "There is no god but ALLAH"

    Musa said: "O Lord, all your servants say these words." ALLAH said:"O Musa, if the sevenheavens and all they hold, and the seven earths as well, if all these were weighedagainst this word of "There is no god but ALLAH" the latter would outweigh theformer."(Nissa-i, Ibn Hibban and El Hakim)Talha ibn Ubeydullah reported that The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:"The best word the prophets and I have said is "There is no God but ALLAH." (Malik)Qurtubi reported that The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "The angel ofdeath came to a man. He looked throughout all his members and didn't find any good deed.

    Then, he opened his heart and found nothing. After, he opened the mouth and found histongue stuck to his palate saying: "There is no God but ALLAH". He said then: "Paradise iscompulsorily your home because of these words of sincerity i.e. "There is no God butALLAH.Sahl Tustari (May God be satisfied with him) said: "The word "There is no God butALLAH" has no other reward than the contemplation of The Noble Countenance of ALLAH,whereas Paradise is the reward of good deeds."

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    Evidences of the things Bala Surajo isarrogantly going against!

    " : "...................

    On presence of the prophet(SAW) when hailalat orwazifah is recited:(The prophet SAW said: I will not beremembered in any sitting until Im in presence in that sitting,beautify your sittings with salat upon me..).

    Jihazus sariy

    " :" " :

    Majmaz zawad:16763

    On reciting Hailalat in the mosque: Reported from Abi Sad Al-Khudriy(RA), that the prophet(SAW) said: Allah the splendid andmajestic saidToday the owners of Honour will be known from therest And it was said, who are the owners of honour, O! AllahsApostle(SAW)? He said, A sitting for dhikrin the mosques.

    " : ...........reciting zikir aloudThis hadith is evidence for

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    The retribution on Alhaji Bala Surajo is worst than any of its kind!First, let me inform you dear reader of this slide, We got this storyfrom an eye witness, who saw everything including the burial ofAlhaji Bala Surajo. The witness swore in the name of Allah that hisnarration is nothing but the truth. Many other eye witnesses

    narrated the same.Dear reader, Allah(SWT) has shown ayat in Kaduna in theretribution of Alhaji Bala Surajo, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    First Retribution Convulsion & HighTemperature !

    As Alhaji Bala Surajoentered his house thatFriday, in the night hisbody went intoconvulsion and histemperature rose.When the conditionbecame critical he wasrushed to hospital. Assoon as he saw doctor,convulsion stopped andtemperature quicklydropped. The doctorcertified him to behealthy and he wasbrought back home. As

    soon as he entered hisroom convulsion andhigh fever returned.And when he wasreturned to the hospitalhis healthy conditionreturned.

    House of Alhaji Bala Surajo

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    Doctors cannot attend to him!

    The wahabis (Izalis) on seeing his case decided to bring a doctorto stay with him in his house. While the doctor was with him hewill be healthy and as soon as the doctor parted from himCONVULSION AND HIGH TEMPERATURE RETURN.Three specialist doctors were brought to conduct a comprehensivetest on him and their results indicated HE WAS HEALTHY!

    Standing from Ahmadu Belloway, by Kano road, Bus-Stop,

    the house of Alhaji BalaSurajo can be cited

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    He saw his abode!

    Gumi and other top Izala officials paid a visit to Bala Surajo andas he saw them he started crying and told them:Day beforeyesterday I had a dream and saw myself in hell fire together withPharoah and Hamana in cuffs with scorpions stinging us.WhenThe officials of Izala heard this they instructed that his doorshould be locked so that no one will come to the house and hearit. They were too late, Allah(SWT) wanted Bala Surajos case tobe known by His servants so as to be a lesson to them. BalaSurajo continued to shout his dream even when no one was withhim.

    Shurahbil narrates from Abdullahi ibn Masud (Allah be

    pleased with him): The souls of Pharaohs peoplewill be in the form of black birds. They are brought tothe fire every morning and evening and showntheir aboard

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    As the door to the house of Bala Surajo was locked, his sicknessworsen, once it was night he will start screaming, shouting andtrembling telling people that They have come to carry me, theywill throw me in fire with molten iron! Can you save me fromthem? Please, save me from them!One fateful day as he started,

    he grabbed his wife(Hajia Bilkisu) and strangled her to death.This continues until he strangled another of his wives, andhis four children.

    Finally, the remaining family decided not to stay with him anylonger. Once it was dusk, they will leave the house until dawn.

    She was one amonghis wives, he washaving three wives in


    The wife next to Hajia Bilkisuwas also killed by him, andthe last wife to him is stillalive residing at U/Rimi KD


  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    Two to three days to his dead, his immediate neighbours ran awayfrom their houses, the way he scream and the way he was thrown tothe walls of his house as if the walls are going to break; theseterrified his neighbours. In the morning of the fourth day, he wasfound dead.

    Gumi was consulted to come and observe funeral prayer for him, herefused and so was all the officials of Izala, they either refused orgave fake excuses.The market dirty boys known as yan dako were paid handsomely togo and bury him(No janazah Prayer). And they came andbrought out his body which has swollen up so much that the

    face has formed a mass - no sign of eye, nose or mouth.In the cemetery more ayat are to manifest!!

    If you could but see how the wicked (do fare) in the flood ofconfusion at death and the angels stretch forth their hands(saying): Yield up your souls. This day shall you receive yourreward, a punishment of shame(Surah al-Anam, 93)

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    In the cemetery, eye witness told us, as the grave was dug a giantsnake emerged from it and prevented further digging. The secondgrave too another snake emerged and started chasing people. Thefirst snake joined the second and drive away people from the body.The two snakes then went straight to the body, coiled it andstarted biting it ferociously.After a while the two snakes departed. Then, the third andfourth graves were attempted to be dug, but it suddenlybecame rocky and hard preventing any further progress. Thefifth and the sixth blew extreme heat out and digging themaborted.An eye witness told us a total of more than 10 graves wereattempted to be dug without success.

    Finally, Bala Surajo was placed on a pile of refuse and covered with therefuse.

    Thats the end of Bala Surajo that desecrated mosque, cloth forhailala and mocked sidi Ahmadu Tijani(RA) and the prophet(SAW).

    Abu Said al-Khudri narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah blesshim & give him peace) said: The grave is either a garden from

    the gardens of Paradise or a pit from the pits of Hell(Sunan Tirmizi).

    " " .......

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    Tudun Wada Grave yard near arailway line that crossed up from(ORIA-PATA) side, down to railway



    Refuse Dumb besideGraves

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    The Graves & the refuse dumb atTudun Wada grave yard

    The graves side whichrejected Bala Surajo

    The refuse dumb where Bala Surajowas also dumbed

  • 7/31/2019 Wahabism - Bala Surajo


    A word is a liquid for the wise!

    This is an ayat to any Wahabis whose body is not meant for the hell!



    Allah used to send such warning, so that those on the wrong pathshall see the warning and come back to the right path. If you aremember of Izala (Wahabis), see what happened to Alh. Bala Surajoand let it be a lesson to you!