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Date post:08-Aug-2015
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  2. 2. MISE EN SCENEDespite the walking dead not being a film, I decided to include it in myresearch as it fits in with my chosen genre very well, and includes lots ofsimilar shots that I am hoping to include in my own opening sequence.In the opening sequence of the walking dead There are lots of close upfocusing hugely on mise en scene. This lets the audience know thegenre of the series due to the arrows fitting in with violence and horror. Inmy sequence I will focus on mise on scene and plan carefully what Iinclude in frames, so it has the desired effect on the audience.
  3. 3. NARRATIVE ENIGMAI want to make my opening sequence stand out to an audience,so I will include a narrative enigma to make them question whysomething is happening. For example, in The Walking Dead, timeis a very big part of both the footage and editing as the speed offrames are increased, reinforced by each shot panning onto thenext. This makes the audience question why it appearseverything it going so fast (representative of time, and how longthe apocalypse has been going on for).
  4. 4. SETTINGThe setting is very important in the opening sequence of thewalking dead as it informs the reader about the lives the charactershave been living. The flashing of the dark eye scenes mixed withthe mattresses, shows the extremes of being on the run for theirlives, and highlights the horror genre to the audience. In myopening sequence I will ensure I focus on setting to get fit withgenre and get the desired effect from an audience.
  5. 5. CHARACTERSOne of my favorite elements of the walking dead's openingsequence is the introduction of the main characters. In my previousvideos I have found that finding Actors for scenes has beendifficult, so in my opening sequence I will use footage with minimaldialogue. In the walking dead characters are introduced throughbroken and ripped photographs, again giving the feeling of amysterious apocalyptic world.
  6. 6. TITLEThe title in walking dead is also effective as it looks like it isdecaying. This hints to the audience about the zombie horrortheme of the series. In my opening sequence I will try to includesome form of typography that fits in with my chosen genre.
  7. 7. SHOTS AND MOVEMENTIt is clear from this opening sequence that this horror/thriller(which is widely loved and has been popular for many years) is agreat example to help influence my opening sequence. There arelots of establishing shots, long shots and close-ups which all setthe scene and add tension for the audience. Movement in thisopening sequence is minimal, however there is a lot of timeediting which gives the fast paced effect. This has influenced meand I feel I have more ideas when it comes to planning myopening sequence.
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