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1. ANALYSIS OFOPENING SEQUENCE -THE WALKINGDEADAMELIA PICKERING 2. OVERVIEW The Opening title sequence to The Walking Deadimmediately gives the audience an insight into the filmsmain theme of the apocalypse. It is directed by Frank Darabont who gives the opening aunique flare that grasps the audience using suspense andtension. He and the title designer immediately set the toneof the series as the horror/thriller that it is, shown in thedistorted decaying typography. The camera pan over lots of establishing shots whichreply on setting to portray the concept of the series. In myopinion, this is one of the more well-made openingsequences to a horror/thriller, as it experiments with arange of shots and editing techniques and uses setting todescribe the lives of characters. 3. GENREThe introduction of the abandoned cars,derelict houses and dark lightingimmediately enforces the horror genre,due to the connotations of alienation anddeath. This is one of the main themes inthe film due to the apocalypse and theaudience is made aware of this, achievingthe aims of an opening sequence.We see mise en scene such as the zombieeye which enforces the horror genre.The title of the film also highlights thehorror genre as it looks as if it is decayinglike the Zombies.Because of these horror elements, it Islikely to be aimed at a target audience ofyoung adults.The editing uses jump cuts and suddenmovement which shocks the audience,putting them on edge, and enforcing thethriller genre. 4. INSTITUTIONSThe institutions that were involved in The walking dead are widelyknown for series associated with horror themes. As it is a TV dramait is presented by AMC and the executive producers are RobertKirkman, David Alpert, Gale Hurd and Glen Mazara. 5. THEMES AND TYPOGRAPHY The opening sequence explores thetheme of isolation and the horror genrein his lack of characters and shots ofsetting. The use of abandoned settings and nocharacters, makes the audience feelisolated and uneasy, fitting with thehorror genre. The typography used is black and boldto convey the dark nature of the series,with actors names in bold to highlightsignificance. The Walking Dead is shown inyellowing brown letters as if it isdecaying, representing the zombies inthe series. The colours chosen in the openingsequence are dark and dimly lit,creating the mood and atmosphere fitfor a thriller/horror. 6. MUSIC BY BEARMCCREARYThe staccato music uses shortnotes that are usually associatedwith thrillers, which add auneasy, jumpy tone to theopening sequence. This puts theaudience on edge as the suddenloud notes cause them to jump.This is effective as it is a thriller,but also makes them want towatch the rest of the episode tofind out what is going to happen. 7. MISE EN SCENEDespite the walking dead not being a film, I decided to include it in myresearch as it fits in with my chosen genre very well, and includes lots ofsimilar shots that I am hoping to include in my own opening sequence.In the opening sequence of the walking dead There are lots of close upfocusing hugely on mise en scene. This lets the audience know thegenre of the series due to the arrows fitting in with violence and horror. Inmy sequence I will focus on mise on scene and plan carefully what Iinclude in frames, so it has the desired effect on the audience. 8. NARRATIVE ENIGMAI want to make my opening sequence stand out to an audience, so Iwill include a narrative enigma to make them question why somethingis happening. For example, in The Walking Dead, time is a very bigpart of both the footage and editing as the speed of frames areincreased, reinforced by each shot panning onto the next. This makesthe audience question why it appears everything it going so fast(representative of time, and how long the apocalypse has been goingon for). 9. EDITING The editing used in the opening sequenceof the walking dead is effective as itseems to create a panic and representthe lives of the characters being on therun from zombies. The speed of frames are increased whichare then reinforced by each shot panningonto the next. This makes the audiencequestion why it appears everything itgoing so fast (representative of time, andhow long the apocalypse has been goingon for). The contrast and colours of scenes havealso been edited to give the sequence adarker theme. This connotes death andthe struggle the characters face in theseries. 10. SETTINGThe setting is very important in the opening sequence of thewalking dead as it informs the reader about the lives the charactershave been living. The flashing of the dark eye scenes mixed withthe mattresses, shows the extremes of being on the run for theirlives, and highlights the horror genre to the audience. In myopening sequence I will ensure I focus on setting to get fit withgenre and get the desired effect from an audience. 11. CHARACTERSOne of my favorite elements of the walking dead's openingsequence is the introduction of the main characters. In my previousvideos I have found that finding Actors for scenes has beendifficult, so in my opening sequence I will use footage with minimaldialogue. In the walking dead characters are introduced throughbroken and ripped photographs, again giving the feeling of amysterious apocalyptic world. 12. TITLEThe title in walking dead is also effective as it looks like it isdecaying. This hints to the audience about the zombie horrortheme of the series. In my opening sequence I will try to includesome form of typography that fits in with my chosen genre. 13. SHOTS AND MOVEMENTIt is clear from this opening sequence that this horror/thriller (which iswidely loved and has been popular for many years) is a greatexample to help influence my opening sequence. There are lots ofestablishing shots, long shots and close-ups which all set the sceneand add tension for the audience. Movement in this openingsequence is minimal, however there is a lot of time editing which givesthe fast paced effect. This has influenced me and I feel I have moreideas when it comes to planning my opening sequence. 14. CREDITS The titles do not move or fly onto thescreen they appear to always be there,boldly visible. This could represent howthe characters are stuck and unable tomove anywhere. The speed at which the titles appear onthe screen increases as it progresses. Thisshows how throughout their lives on therun, it is becoming increasingly difficult tosurvive. I believe watching and analysing thisopening sequence has helped meunderstand what I need to include in minebecause I now have a better knowledge ofwhat credits to include to make mine moreauthentic and believable. 15. MY FINAL PIECEThis title sequence is effective at using a range of camera shotsand mise en scene which links directly with the horror genre,similar to those I plan to use in my final piece.There is a lack of camera movement in this sequence torepresent how the lives of the characters are stuck in limbo.However in my opening sequence I will try to experiment with arange of movement in order to meet the marking criteria.The use of building suspense by not introducing characters untillater on in the sequence is effective, and I will use somethingsimilar in my own.The soundtrack used in this sequence is also effective at creatingtension and adding suspense, due to the staccato. To achieve thethriller genre in my own sequence I will build the instruments toform a crescendo similarly to this.

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