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Date post: 13-Apr-2017
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Welcome to my Presentation Presented by Md. Mosiuddin Hisham Id: 151007102

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Welcome to my Presentation

Presented byMd. Mosiuddin HishamId: 151007102

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Walton is a Bangladeshi company. Beside the other products Walton mobile is holding a good market share in Bangladesh. Every day it is competing with the international brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Symphony etc. Walton mobiles are cheap in cost, good looking, and provide high quality.

MARKET SUMMARYCompanies try to attract customers ofdifferent levels through providing qualityproducts. Walton mobile providesdifferent types of mobiles as marketoffering.

MARKET DEMOGRAPHICSThe total targeted population is 10 million users.

There is an almost equal ratio between male and female users

Ages from 18-51 are seen to use Walton mobiles frequently.

Users enjoy using normal Walton mobile phones with its easy functions.

Aged people can fulfill their needs by its general facilities.

Teen and mid agers have great fun with the androids.

MARKET NEEDSQuality productsInnovative featuresCustomer service

Android phone Windows phone





STRENGTHLocal brand loyalty.Manufacturing plant very near to capital.Qualities in all 65 districts.120 Walton piazzas.Wide range of product.Good quality in low Price.Superior brand image.


WeaknessUnable to capture high income group.Relatively new in market.Production halted by lack of power.Reliability and trust.Non listed company.Lack of variety.


Opportunities Achievement of sales growth through introduction of new product.Introduction of sales in major cities.Only company to export electronics.Potential untapped market in Africa and Eastern Europe.Tax break on import of part.New innovation and technology.


ThreatsUnethical competition prevailing in the market.Market share dominated by foreign brands.Compare like LG-Butterfly, Sony-Range in line of start their own manufacturing plant in the country.Price inflation.Corruption in ports harming import.Competitors new product and innovation.


The first type of mobile that has been developed is Walton b series. Maximum of which are simple mobile phone in character.Then they introduced Walton L, T, Q series which are actually multimedia phones.At last Walton has introduced primo series in the market. This series is androids that are smart phones, which are made with the latest technology.

CRITICAL ISSUESEstablish itself as the premier mobile accessory company.

Pursue controlled growth that dictates that payroll expenses will never exceed the revenue base. This will help protect against recession.

Constantly monitor customer satisfaction, ensuring that the growth strategy will never compromise service and satisfaction levels.

MISSIONWalton mobiles mission is to provide the customer withthe premium mobile phones and accessories available.Their motto is Walton mobile at every hand. BasicallyWalton mobile wants to serve the customers with world class service.

MARKETING OBJECTIVESMaintain positive, strong growth each year.Achieve a steady increase in market penetration.Decrease customer acquisition costs by 1% per quarter.

MARKETING STRATEGYMARKETING RESEARCHWalton mobile has its own research team.This team is always in the search to find theopportunities, lacking and other activitiesof Walton mobile.

Sales 201120122013General needs $455740 $598877 $687785Necessities $72918 $95820 $110842

Recreational$57890 $102367$123659

Total sales $586548 $694697$797807

FINANCIALSSALES FORECASTWalton mobile feels that the sales forecastfigures are conservative. It will steadilyincrease as sales as the advertising budgetallows.


Difficulties and RisksWalton is an Internet-based start up organization. So most of the time customers cant access its product.An entry into the market by an already-established market competitorWorst-Case RisksDetermining that the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis.Having to liquidate equipment or intellectual capital to cover liabilities.