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Ward 5 Summer ENewsletter 2012

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In this issuePage 2 Ward 5 Town Hall meetings Progress on the Malton BIA Page 3 Coyotes spotted in Red Brush Park Malton Festival a Success Page 4 By-Law 101 Yard waste pick-up resumes in Mississauga Page 5 Update on Hurontario LRT On-street parking Page 6 West Nile Virus in Peel Region Ban the tan, save our kids Page 7 Road resurfacing projects in Ward 5

Dear Residents of Ward 5, Summer is here and so far the weather has been beautiful. Despite the warm temperatures, Ive still been hard at work on behalf of the residents of Ward 5. It can be very costly to produce and distribute a paper newsletter to all residents; yet, there is some very important information that you need to know. As such, Ive decided to produce an e-newsletter to keep residents updated on whats happening in the community and at City Hall. As part of my commitment to being an open and accessible City Councillor, I promised to maintain regular communication with my residents. Since being elected in September 2011, I have hosted 7 town halls on a variety of important subjects, launched a new information portal for Ward 5 at ward5mississauga.ca, and held regular office hours every Thursday at the Malton Community Centre. My e-newsletter is a cost-effective means of getting information out to residents on a regular basis. Please take a moment to read the articles in this newsletter. I think it contains a lot of good information, as well as notices about upcoming events in your community. My first 10 months in office have been exhilarating. It is an honour to have been elected and a privilege to serve you at City Hall. I have undertaken a lot so far, but I know that there is still much to do. With your help and constant inspiration, I know that together we can make Ward 5 stronger and more prosperous. Sincerely,

Bonnie Crombie Councillor, Ward 5

Stay Cool in Mississauga this summer!They Citys outdoor pools are open longer on hot days to help you stay cool. When an Extreme Heat Alert is in effect, the City of Mississauga's outdoor pools will offer extended Fun Swim hours to help residents stay cool. The extended Fun Swim schedule will only be in effect on days when an Extreme Heat Alert has been issued by the Region of Peel Public Health. Click here for a link to the Citys pools: www.mississauga.ca/portal/residents/ staycool Click here for a list of the Citys splash and spray pads: www.mississauga.ca/portal/ residents/spraypads

Bonnie Crombie | Councillor, Ward 5 | Mississauga 905-896-5500 | [email protected] | ward5mississauga.ca

Focus On 5 | Summer 2012Recent Town Hall MeetingsI am committed to being as open and accountable as possible to the residents of Ward 5. Since being elected in September 2011, I have hosted 7 public meetings on a variety of topics important to the community. On May 29th and 30th, I hosted town halls at Iceland Arena and the Malton Community Centre. In an effort to address the important issues facing the community, I assembled presenters from the City, the Region of Peel and local community groups. Attendees of the town halls heard about: The Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) project along Hurontario Street from Lakeshore to Brampton; The Hanlan Water Project (hanlanwaterproject.ca); The proposed by-law governing where crematoriums can be located in Mississauga; Starting Neighbourhood Watch programs in residential communities; The Citys progress with respect to Second Units, often referred to as basement apartments; Enersources shift to Time of Use energy pricing that will provide savings to consumers on their electricity bills; Take Back the Night in Malton on September 28, 2012; How By-Law Enforcement does its job and how residents can make complaints; and Enrolled by Six, a program to enrol children in a federal governmentsponsored RESP program.

Councillor Crombie addresses the crowd at the Malton Community Centre town hall meeting, May 30, 2012

The meetings were well attended and great discussions were had on all topics. All of the presentations are available on my website. I will be hosting more town halls in the Fall, so please stay tuned to ward5mississauga.ca for more details.

Malton BIA One Step Closer to RealityI am pleased to announce that the Malton Business Improvement Area (BIA) is one step closer to becoming a reality. I have been working with local businesses since January to establish a Malton BIA to improve economic development in the area, beautify the streetscapes, and promote Malton as a destination. On June 19, 2012, I hosted a meeting with local businesses in the Malton area, the third meeting hosted since January. At this meeting, over 15 businesses came together to form a The Malton BIA Steering Committee. Following the meeting, they wrote to Mississauga City Council their intent to form a BIA in Malton. On June 20, 2012, I took this request letter to Mississauga City Council where it was directed to staff to draft a corporate report on the feasibility of a Malton BIA. This report will come forward in September to the Planning and Development Committee and notices will go out to all affected businesses in early October. It is my hope that the Malton BIA will be up and running by this time next year. Business Improvement Areas (BIA) can have a tremendous positive impact on a community. They provide local businesses with the opportunity to pool their funds to make enhancements to the business district, and to attract more business and retain jobs. BIAs not only help to boost the morale of the local community, they also help to reduce crime rates, create economic opportunities for local residents, and often attract more visitors to the area. I have seen first hand the effects BIAs have had in Port Credit, Streetsville and Clarkson. They have revitalized these areas and made them top destinations for consumers in Mississauga. I am confident the same can happen in Malton. If you own a business in Ward 5, or know someone who might be interested in being involved in creating a BIA, please contact me at 905-896-5500 or [email protected]

Bonnie Crombie | Councillor, Ward 5 | Mississauga 905-896-5500 | [email protected] | ward5mississauga.ca

Focus On 5 | Summer 2012Coyotes Spotted in Red Brush ParkResidents in the Red Brush Drive and Driftcurrent Drive area have recently reported sightings of coyotes along Jans Trail and in Red Brush Park. If you have small children or pets, please use caution when in these parks. I have included some helpful tips on how you can protect your children, your pets, and yourself if you see a coyote. HOW CAN I PROTECT MY FAMILY? Should you come in close proximity with a coyote, make yourself as large as you can and yell and shout loudly, waiving your arms. Startling behaviour is the most effective way to scare them off. Carry an umbrella that you can open and use as a shield if approached. Carry a personal, audible alarm to alert neighbours and/or startle the animal. WHEN SHOULD I CALL ANIMAL SERVICES? If a wild animal is sick, injured or acting strange. If you or your pet is bitten or attacked by a wild animal. If you notice someone feeding wildlife, especially coyotes or foxes. If you have any questions or concerns about wildlife, call Wildlife Services at 905-896-5858 or visit mypetmississauga.ca HOW CAN I PROTECT MY PETS? Do not leave garbage, bird seed or pet food outdoors. Do not house rabbits, fowl or other pets outdoors. Check your yard for wildlife before letting your pet outdoors. Always keep dogs leashed on a maximum 6 leash. Keep cats indoors, particularly between dusk and dawn. Vaccinate pets against rabies.

Dear Malton Residents, Since 2005 you have waited patiently, worked tirelessly and fought passionately for a community health centre of your own. Congratulations and thank you! This summer, Bramalea Community Health Centre is proud to finally open our Malton satellite, Four Corners Health Centre, at 3233 Brandon Gate Drive.3233 Brandon Gate Drive Our healthcare services will include family physicians, a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, a physiotherapist, chiropodist, clinical social worker and a diabetes education team. Our community team of health educators, a health promoter and a dedicated Francophone community health promoter will provide education, programming and community development opportunities to promote healthier lives and a healthier community. Thank you for your ongoing patience and support. We are excited to serve you, and look forward to building a healthier Malton with you! Call 905-677-9599 or visit www.mymalton.ca for updates and to register. We are now welcoming new patients.

Malton Festival a Success!I was pleased to join the community at the Malton Festival on June 23rd. The Malton Festival is a wonderful event that brings together people from the Malton community, as well as from across Mississauga and the GTA. As Mayor McCallion pointed out in her address, festivals like the Malton Festival require a significant amount of volunteer time and effort. They require people in the community to give their time and resources and make a commitment to the event. From what I saw in Malton, there are a lot of people that have made this commitment. But, there is always room for more. If you want to be involved in this festival, please let me know and I will put you in contact with the appropriate organizers. This is an excellent opportunity to give back to your community and make a difference. Visit maltonfestival.ca for more information.

HAVE A BIG IDEA?Do you have a BIG IDEA for your community or Mississauga? Share it with me by filling this form out and dropping it off at the BIG IDEAS suggestion boxes at Frank McKechnie and Malton Community Centres or email me at [email protected] and tell me about it. Whats your BIG IDEA?

The Malton South Asian

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