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Water Governance Equipment’s

Date post:14-Nov-2021
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Bulfro Ground Water Level Monitech (e-DWLR)
Technical Specifications
Water Governance Equipment’s
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep….
Bulfro Monitech is a DIPP Registered startup Initiative. The frugal technology development company. Bulfro is active with Water e- Governance & conservation leveraged with IoT technology. We have developed innovative water governance equipments for groundwater and surface water monitoring, conservation & distribution. Our e- smart systems are known as “Bulfro Monitech”. Bulfro’s disruptive product, like PHMC, Flow Monitech & e-DWLR are India’s first IoT enabled devices. The products are with high Accuracy, Reliability, Data safety & Telemetry enabled. The product designs are Anti-Vandalize & Energy Efficient, best suited for remote installations. Additional aspect of Smart Analytics offers live reports. We are expanding our portfolio with “Any Thing can be Monitored” the Disruptive Philosophy.
What is Bulfro
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
BulfroNdro BulfroWeb
BulfroBrain Analytics
BulfroComm: Data
networks Optimize Data Transmission No data loss guarantee
BulfroBrain: Data Analytics Safe, Secure & real time data
analytics access to data anywhere, anytime.
Reporting & updating the status 24 X 7
Capable of Multipoint & BIG data logging
2 way Communication,
suitable for any terrain specially for Indian conditions
Innovative vented on air trolls for more accuracy & easy maintenance
Easy to install & zero datum correction made easy
Protection against algae formation mud chokes
IoT Architecture
Smart Analytics
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Battery Life 3+ Years
Stand pole for weather protection and vandalize protection IP56 grade (optional)
IP65 Grade Enclosure for the communicator
IP68 Grade TROLL
Standard Features
Communication Port RS485 OR 4-20mA: This communication is in between the TROLL which is a sensor in the ground and the communicator at ground level
Vented / Non Vented
Vented troll is enabled with vent pipe from Troll to atmosphere at ground level. This principle will adjust the effect of ambient pressure. On other side non vented will not consider the correction
Telemetry Enabled
Telemetry based communication will allow the communicator to communicate the ground water data to cloud server.
Digital Reporting
Local Data Storage
The local data will be stored in the communicator if Telemetry is not enabled
Power Source
Grid Grid power is used for the system to work.
Battery Independent battery is used for system to work.
Bulfro Water Governance & Environmental Products Solutions
BDWLR-420mA-GnV-1801 4-20MA x x x x x
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Innovative Solution
• Remote / Telemetry Enabled
• Power Backup Logic
• Vented Troll
Disruptive Value Proposition
Features of Solutions
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Key Features & Accessories
Sleek design Protects Troll from
getting caught in the tree roots
& can be installed through
environm ents. Innovative signal
signal viability. The on ground
instrum ent is IP68 protected
ingress protection against
free battery & environm entally
safe, sized for frequent
electronic sw itching. Suitable
Electronic barom etric pressure &
rem otely (both options
can store up to 10m n data
points. In addition Rem ote data
storage is lim itless.
configurable for error correction.
algae protection, these coatings
extend the length of
Easy construction & m aintenance
keep the equipm ent running.
Protecting against vandalism is
lesser visible parts & protected
w ithin strong structural
Sleek Base Diam eter Disruptive Telem etry
Back up battery life Barom etric Pressure, Tem perature &
Rem ote/Local Data Storage Intelligence inbuilt
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep….
§ Available both vented & non- vented type max range is 15’ to 1500’
§ Innovative electrical circuit switcher with which batteries can last for years, easy battery replacement then after
§ Sealed & tough construction for all environmental types
§ Innovative pluggable solar power integration for longer use
§ Any digital data format/protocols available (4-20 mA, SDI-12, RS- 485)
§ Automatic atmospheric pressure & temperature correction (for vented, remote operated Trolls)
§ Zero level correction /Automatic Calibration available
§ Innovative: Multi pint temperature correction and altitude correction
Measures & communicates the ground water level, water pressure & temperature. The water
quality parameters.With optional Flow Monitoring.
Troll Type Model
TSB100 Both 100 Surface Wells, Tube Wells
TSB200 Both 200 Tube Wells
TSB600 Both 600 Tube Wells
TSB1000 Both 1000 Tube Wells
TSB1500 Both 1500 Tube Wells
TSF100 Both 100 Surface Wells, Tube Wells
TSF200 Both 200 Tube Wells
TSF600 Both 600 Tube Wells
TSF1000 Both 1000 Tube Wells
TSF1500 Both 1500 Tube Wells
Solution Details Specifications: e-DWLR
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep….
BulfroEye: Water Level Submerged Sensors
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Selectable versions
Non-linearity (per IEC 61298-2)
≤ ±0.2 % of span BFSL
Rated temperature range: 0 ... 80 °C (32 ... 176 °F)
Mean temperature coefficient of zero point: Measuring range > 0.25 bar: ≤ ±0.2% of span/10 K Measuring range ≤ 0.25 bar: < ±0.4 % of span/10 K
Mean temperature coefficient of span: ≤ ±0.2 % of span/10 K
Long-term drift
Adjustment is made using potentiometers inside the instrument.
Not possible for IP68 cable outlet.Zero point: ± 5 %Span: ± 5 %
The BulfroComm the data communicator, is a small self-contained unit in IP65
Grade case which connects to sensors in the field,
collects readings from those sensors, and transmits
the collected data to a central server via cellular
telephone network. This communicator is configurable
for time based data frequency, for different
communication protocol & can be configured to
different server addresses. Even fully bi-directional
communications are possible. Data storage is possible
in case of communication media loss up to 1GB.
BulfroComm has built-in modem supports packet data, and SMS communications.
It has self-contained battery, in case of solar or external battery failures in such
BulfroComm: Data Communicator 2G/3G Enabled
Water Column Sensors Specifications
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep….
conditions it alarms. The self-contained battery can obtain life up to 48hrs with
same data transmitting frequency. In case of low battery it shifts to battery saving
mode which can extends battery up to 96hrs.
Inputs to BulfroComm include analogue, digital interface standard (from sensor
side). There is also an option for Modbus support, a partial implementation of the
Modbus protocol which allows for extract data (get) and place data (put) from a
specific register within the Modbus RTU on an RS485 connection.
Dimensions (WxHXD): 120mm x 180mm.X 80mm Display Format: 4 lines x 16 characters.
LCD Type: Supertwist (STN), yellow-green-Blue. With backlight.
Optimum Viewing: 6 o’clock.
Power Supply: 230V AC.
Operating Temp: 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F). Storage Temp: -10° to 60°C (14° to 140°F).
Serial Signal: HSIO Standard Synchronous Protocol – RS232 also available.
Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz GPRS Multi-slxot Class Class 12 GPRS Mobile Station Class B Compliant to GSM Phase 2/2+
Class 4 (2W @850/900MHz) Class 1 (1W @1800/1900MHz)
Operation Temperature -40 °C ~ +85 °C Control via AT Commands GSM 07.07, 07.05 and other enhanced AT
Commands GPRS Class 12 85.6kbps (Downlink) 85.6kbps (Uplink) Protocols TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/SSL*/PPP* GPS L1 Band Receiver (1575.42MHz)
33 (Tracking) / 99 (Acquisition) / 210 (PRN) Channel
Horizontal Position Accuracy <2.5 m CEP
BulfroComm: Specifications
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Velocity Accuracy <0.1m/s Acceleration Accuracy 0.1m/s²
Bulfro e-DWLR Structure for Model BDWLR-TBS-1804
Innovative design protection against vandalism
Battery is enclosed in the pipe Surface level monitoring technology Innovative BulfroComm (options with display
or without display available) BulfroEye Trolls (TSF20, TSF100, TSF200,
TSF600, TSF1000, TSF1500) can be plugged Whether proof design Galvanized/epoxy coted stand pole IP65 Enclosure Optional Flow Monitech, Water Quality Monitech
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Actual Installation
Non-magnetic Hardened Steel avoid salt deposition because of ionic reactions
Sealing, with 3 stage leak proofing
Rugged design with thick mild steel
Anti rust powder coat
temperature compensation
Flexible & Scalable Reliable & highly protected, Strong
Data security
Smart Server
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep….
Electrical Power Max (Pm) 20 +/- 5% Short Circuit Current (Isc) 1.4 A Max Power Current (Imp) 1.15 A Maximum Voltage (Vmp) 17.7 V Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.4 V Maximum System Voltage 600 VDC
IEC 61215 c-Silicon terrestrial PV modules – Design qualification and type approval
IEC 61730 PV module safety qualification, requirements for construction & testing
IEC 61701 Salt mist corrosion testing of PV modules UL1703 UL 1703, cUL, CEC for USA & Canada MCS Microgeneration certification scheme for
UK market IMS ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 + Cor
1:2009 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Product Life 10 years Performance 90% of t rated power for 12years 81% of the rated power for 25 years
Lead Acid, tubular positive plate flooded electrolyte or Gel or VRLA Type. The battery will have a minimum rating of 12V, 7 Ah (at C/10 discharge
rate). 75 % of the rated capacity of the battery will be between fully charged and load cut off conditions. Sealed maintenance Free Dry Cell
Battery Details for BDWLR-TSB1804
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Battery Voltage (V) 12 Capacity 7 AH
RATED CAPACITY AT 27 C 20 HR (C20) - 1.75 V Cell 7
10 HR (C10) - 1.75 V Cell 6.5 3 HR 5.2
1.5 HR 5.0 1 HR 4.2
30 Min 3.5 DIMENSIONS (mm)
Overall Height 100 Height up to lid 94
Length 151 Width 65
Weight KGS 2.2 PERFORMANCE CONFIRMING TO: JIS: C 8704-2: 1999 IEC: 60896 - 21 & 22
ANSI: T1 330 (US specification for Telecom battery)
Chemical System: Alkaline-Zinc/Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)
Designation: ANSI-15A, IEC-LR6
Nominal Voltage: 13.8V
Typical 23 grams
Heavy Metals Content: No added Cadmium, Mercury, Lead
A metallic frame structure (with corrosion resistance paint/Powder coated) will be fixed on the pole to hold the SPV module(s), e-DWLR, Battery and Draw tube.
Structure Details
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep….
The frame structure will have provision toadjust its angle of inclination
for draw tube to the horizontal between 0 and 45, so that the vertical angle of draw tube can be maintained.
OR Frame will have arrangement for drawtube to be installed from the
bottom of the frame. The frame structure will have arrangement to fix the solar module(s)
angle 18 0 (south Indian co-ordinates) . The pole will be made of mild steel rectangular pipe (W140mm X
D120mm)with a height of 8 feet above theground level, after grouting and final installation.
The pole will have the provision to hold & lock the DWLR electronic circuit with IP65 grade box
The pole will have the provision to hold batteries inside the structure with removable carriage for battery maintenance. The batteries will be located at the top portion of the pole.
The pole will have arrangement for GSM/GPRS antenna on the top for efficient data transfer
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd.
Works :Flat No. 2, Janai Apartment, Near Laxmikrupa Hall, Behind Vedvihar,
Kothrud, Pune 411 038 Maharashtra (INDIA)
Reg. Office :K302, Westend Village, Right Bhusari Colony,
Kothrud, Pune 411 038 (INDIA)
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep….
Water level observations made during a aquifer tests are susceptible to distortions
due to the influence of ambient temperature and ambient pressure and local
gravitational acceleration. These distortions can be significant in aquifer test cases
where interference due to pumping effects are small, because barometric
pressure effects can make up a large proportion of the total observed water level
fluctuations It is therefore important to consider and correct for effects of
barometric pressure changes, temperature changes and location changes when
analyzing aquifer test water level data.
We have corrected all 3 main elements of distortion possibilities. These 3
possibilities are taken care with these innovative concepts and during the
product development.
- Gravitational Acceleration Location
The variation in ambient pressure changes the depth of water column. The
variation of ambient pressure with respect to temperature and altitude can be
seen as follows;
Pressure, Temperature, Location Correction
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Borewell water temperature changes with ambient temperature. The effect can
be seen from the following diagram;
Temperature Profile with Respect to Ambient Temperature at Ground
The density of the water is a strong function of water temperature, the variation
can be seen from the table. The correction while calculating the water column is
must for accurate calculations.
Ambient Temperature/Borewell Water Temperature
Offerings: www.bulfro.com;
[email protected] +91-9834911381
Temperature Pressure Density
°C Pa kg/m3
0 101325 999.82
5 101325 1000
10 101325 999.77
15 101325 999.19
20 101325 998.29
30 101325 995.71
40 101325 992.25
50 101325 988.02
The local gravity is dependent on several factors such as latitude, height above
sea-level, local geological density, etc.The gravity is important factor when Water
Column is calculated because gravity directly relates the mass of water column.
Though the default value of gravity is 9.80665 ms-2 which is standard gravity, the
variation can be observed as follows;
The formulas used by this calculator are based on the International Gravity Formula 1980 (IGF) which determines the gravity from the position of latitude, and the Free Air Correction (FAC) which corrects for height above sea level.
IGF = 9.780327 (1 + 0.0053024sin2Φ – 0.0000058sin22Φ)
FAC = -3.086 x 10-6 x h
g = IGF + FAC
Water column Variation with Resect to Local Gravity of Acceleration
Features of Solutions
Key Features & Accessories
Water Column Sensors Specifications
BulfroComm: Specifications
Actual Installation
Ambient Temperature/Borewell Water Temperature
of 18/18
Call or visit to learn more about our Offerings: www.bulfro.com; [email protected] +91-9834911381 Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep…. Bulfro Ground Water Level Monitech ( e-DWLR) Technical Specifications Bulfro Monitech Pvt. Ltd. ....An Amphibian that never Sleep…. Water Governance Equipment’s Be Disruptive | Be Innovative | Be the First
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