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WATERLESS CAR WASH Products PEARL Waterless Car Wash Technology

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Pearl Waterless Car Wash is an Groundbreaking detailing solution, which cleans and polishes all exterior and interior in one. No Water, No Mess, No Fuss just superior performance. Visit http://pearlwaterlessinternational.com/ for more information.

WATERLESS CAR WASH ProductsPEARL Waterless Car Wash Technology

Pearl Global Limited is acknowledged as Europes primary producer of the Ecological Green waterless car wash. Our Waterless line of advanced detailing products and vehicle safeguard systems are designed for both the professional and consumer markets. All Pearl waterless car wash products are completely non-hazardous and water-based. Making them extremely environmentally friendly. They are manufactured to the highest ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 industry standards and are fully compliant with the latest EU directives.

All of our products are supported by current Material Safety Data Sheets; ensuring safe use, storage and distribution to our national and international export clients. Pearl registered trademarks and continued membership with the British Chamber of Commerce endorses the proactive lengths undertaken to ensure product quality and exemplary service levels are maintained at all times.

Delivering total performance versatility, all Pearl waterless auto cleaning & luxury detailing products are reliably unique and can be used with amazing effect on wet or dry surfaces. They can be used in or out of direct sunlight, in hot or cold climates. They provide the user with the complete freedom to wash, wax, polish and protect a vehicle absolutely anywhere and everywhere without the need for any water or electricity source.

Fast and easy to use. Just simply spray on, wipe off and buff to a brilliant, instant shine. Our unique scratch-free Pearl waterless cleaning chemistry dissolves, releases and suspends dirt from paintwork, glass, plastic, fabrics, metal, rubber, leather, alloy and chrome surfaces. A soft microfiber towel pulls the dirt art into the fibers and a second soft, microfiber towel buffs into an unrivaled and beautiful finish.

Pearl UK Bulk, Wholesale and Private Label Manufacturers of Waterless Car Wash Ready to Use and Super Concentrate Products

PEARL WATERLESSVisit us @ www.PearlWaterlessInternational.com

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