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Waves'14 Ent Quiz Finals

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The prelims of entertainment quiz held during Waves'14, the annual cultural festival of BITS Pilani Goa Campus.
  • 1. Welcome to the Finals!

2. Round 1 Infinite Pounce with Bounce 12 Questions +15/-10 on pounce +10/0 on direct 3. Let the games begin? 4. 1.Whats this? 5. Outfit in A ClockworkOrange 6. 2.The last time there was such strain put on the web was inthe aftermath of 9/11. Social networking sites such asTwitter and Facebook bore the brunt of peoples reactionsand news sharing as more details became publicknowledge. Even Google News felt the pressure. A Googlespokesperson confirmed: Some Google News usersexperienced difficulty accessing search results for queriesrelated to X so what happened that it caused an internetmeltdown? 7. MJs Death 8. 3.X: The human sacrificed himself, to save the _________. Ipitted them against each other, but not until they set asidetheir differences did I see the true power they all share deepinside. I see now that the circumstances of one's birth areirrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determineswho you are.X: So, this is my power... but what is my purpose?These are Xs piercing views on life and circumstances. Who? 9. Mewtwo 10. 4. Always remember, Frodo, the page is trying to get back to its master.It wants to be found.-Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Webpages? Where we're going, we don't need webpages.-Dr. Emmett Brown, Back to the Future (1985) Lord! It's a miracle! Webpage up and vanished like a fart in the wind!-Warden Norton, The Shawshank Redemption (1994) I am Jack's missing page.-The Narrator, Fight Club (1999) 11. IMDB 404s 12. 5.In 2001, the word ______ was added to the Oxford EnglishDictionary; The definition given is:Expressing frustration at the realization that things haveturned out badly or not as planned, or that one has justsaid or done something foolish. Also (usu. mildlyderogatory):implying that another person has said or donesomething foolish.Which word? 13. DOh 14. 6.X defence is the term applied to several legal cases of a defence based on X films where reality isactually a computer generationsimulismand that the real world is quite different from what realityis perceived to be.In using this defence, the defendant claims that he committed a crime because he believed he was inthe X, and not in the real world.This is a version of the insanity defence and considered a descendant of the Taxi Driver defence ofJohn Hinckley, one of the first defences based on blurring reality.Regardless of whether the defendant actually believes that he or she was living inside the , thisdefence has been used successfully to put users inside of mental-care facilities instead of prisons.Tonda Lynn Ansley of Hamilton, Ohio, was found not guilty by reason of insanity using this defenceafter shooting her landlady in the head in July 2002. Vadim Mieseges of San Francisco offered a "X "explanation to police after chopping up his landlady, and was declared mentally incompetent to standtrial. Joshua Cooke's lawyers were going to attempt this defence in 2003 in his trial for the murder ofhis adoptive parents, before he pleaded guilty.The case of Lee Malvo also included references to TheX, mentioned in the writings taken from his jail cell; he reportedly shouted "Free yourself from the X "from his cell after his arrest, and told FBI agents to watch the film if they wanted to understand him. 15. The Matrix Defence 16. 7.You know this as famous for something else. That something else celebrated something significant recently.____ _______ is a term used to describe a huge amount of creative writing available to the American public in the earlynineteen-hundreds. Termed "____ magazines" because of the low quality paper used between the covers, thesepublications proliferated in the nineteen-thirties and nineteen-forties to the point where they blanketed newsstands injust about every popular fiction genre of the time.Although the pages in-between the covers were a dingy cheap quality, the covers were beautifully decorated, manytimes with lurid portraits of pretty women in various stages of trouble, and the handsome men attempting to rescuethem.By under-paying writers and publishing on in-expensive media, ____ publishers were able to charge 10 cents for anissue containing several stories. Low prices drew in many working-class young adults and teenagers, who could nototherwise afford some of the more pricier magazines of the day.The low price of the ____ magazine, coupled with the skyrocketing literacy rates, all contributed to the success of themedium. ____s allowed its readers to experience people, places, and action they normally would not have access to.Bigger-than-life heroes, pretty girls, exotic places, strange and mysterious villains all stalked the pages of the manyissues available to the general public on the magazine stands. And without television widely available, much of the freetime of the working literate class was spent pouring through the pages of the ____s. 17. Pulp Fiction 18. 8.ID? 19. Damini 20. 9.John Emil List, was a convicted multiple murderer and long-time fugitive. OnNovember 9, 1971 he killed his wife, mother, and three children in their home at431 Hillside Avenue in Westfield, New Jersey, and then disappeared. He hadplanned the murders so meticulously that nearly a month passed before anyonenoticed that anything was amiss. A fugitive from justice for nearly 18 years whoassumed a new identity and remarried, List was finally apprehended on June 1,1989 after the story of his murders was broadcast on the television programAmerica's Most Wanted. List was found guilty of first degree murder andsentenced in 1990 to five consecutive terms of life imprisonment. He died inprison in 2008.List serves as the inspiration for which famous fictional character?(Picture in next slide) 21. Keyser Soze 22. 10.What and where in England? 23. Diagon Alley, Warner Bros. Studio 24. 11.X was going to be used in the Lifehouse project as a songsung by Ray, the Scottish farmer at the beginning of thealbum as he gathers his wife Sally and his two children tobegin their exodus to London. Townshend stated in aninterview that X' is about the absolute desolation ofteenagers at Woodstock, where everyone was smackedout on acid and 20 people had brain damage. The ironywas that some listeners took the song to be a teenagecelebration: '__________, yes! We're all wasted!ID X 25. X-Baba ORileyTeenage Wasteland 26. Pygmalion Movies 27. 12.A/An X is a large upright standing stone. Xs may be found singly asmonoliths, or as part of a group of similar stones. Their size can varyconsiderably, but their shape is generally uneven and squared, oftentapering towards the top. Xs are widely distributed across Europe,Africa and Asia, but are most numerous in Western Europe; inparticular in Ireland, Great Britain and Brittany. There are about 50,000megaliths in these areas,while there are 1,200 Xs in northwest Francealone. Standing stones are usually difficult to date, but pottery foundunderneath some in Atlantic Europe connects them with the Beakerpeople. They were constructed during many different periods acrosspre-history as part of a larger megalithic culture that flourished inEurope and beyond.Where do you know X from? 28. MenhirsAsterix and Obelix 29. Scores Please? 30. Round 2 Famous Hair Round 6 questions Differential Scoring For correct answer 30 - (5 * C) C : No of teams who got it right 31. KidsexchangeBala 32. Answers. 33. Tintin 34. He Man 35. Marge Simpson 36. Superman 37. Princess Leia 38. Mr T 39. Scores please? 40. Round 3 Reverse Infinite Pounce with Bounce 12 Questions +15/-10 on pounce +10/0 on direct 41. 1.Connect Tommy Lee Jones - The Fugitive Jamie Foxx - Ray Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland Matthew McConaughey - Dallas Buyers Club Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, SteveMcQueen, and Anthony Katagas - 12 Years a Slave 42. People Leonardo DiCapriohas lost the Oscar to 43. 2.Connect 44. Beatles Songs Eleanor Rigby Dear Prudence Julia, Michelle Lady Madonna Heather Lovely Rita 45. 3.Yen Sid is the powerful sorcerer in Fantasia, appearing asan old man with a long beard and robes that extended tothe floor. The character was created by Fred Moore.Film historians believed Fred Moore added the same sizednose as X's nose, and even added the same eyebrowlength as X's eyebrows to the character of Yen Sid.Who is this character modelled after? 46. Walt Disney 47. 4.Connect 48. Posters on Andys Wall 49. 5.The members of the band reportedly spent afternoons getting stoned andwatching Three Stooges reruns. One day, they had a post-Stooges meetingto try to come up with a name. Kramer said when he was in school hewould write the word X all over his notebooks. The name had popped intohis head after listening to Harry Nilsson's album Aerial Ballet, which featuredjacket art of a circus performer jumping out of a biplane. Initially, Kramer'sbandmates were nonplussed; they all thought he was referring to theSinclair Lewis novel they were required to read in high school English class."No, not Y" Kramer explained, spelling it out properly. The band settledupon this name after also considering "the Hookers" and "Spike Jones."Identify the band X, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning book Y. 50. X - Aerosmith, Y - Arrowsmith 51. 6.ID The Movie 52. Snatch 53. 7.X, during childhood, had a stuttering problem, which heconquered by developing an affinity for the use of the curseword motherfucker, in his vocabulary. This also inspired oneof Xs most famous dialogue. Identify X. 54. Samuel. L. Jackson 55. 8.Air New Zealand, which has established a long tradition of memorable in-flightsafety videos, has done a new take on an old theme. This time thevideo features brief cameos from the director, X, as well as Y, the main actorin the trilogy (who is not in character).Describing itself "the official airline of Z, Air New Zealand subtitles the newfilm "the most epic safety video ever made".Air New Zealand was one of the pioneers of the alternative in-flight safetyvideo, and has garnered particular success with its W-themed versions. Theoriginal W safety video gathered more than 12 million views on YouTube.Other videos have included Bear Grylls , as well as the All Blacks NewZealand rugby team and the US rap artist, Snoop Dogg.This is a news clip, Put funda. 56. Air New ZealandSafety Videa 57. 9.We also set out to smash the old canard that the computer will enslave us,' he said. 'We did not say thecomputer will set us freeI have no idea how it will work out. This was strictly a marketing positionThis created something that won these awards.Awards2007: Best Super Bowl Spot (in the game's 40-year history)2003: WFAHall of Fame Award (Jubilee Golden Award)1999: TV GuideNumber One Greatest Commercial of All Time1995: Advertising AgeGreatest Commercial1995: Clio AwardsHall of Fame1984: Clio Awards1984: 31st Cannes Lions International Advertising FestivalGrand PrixWhat/who got these awards? 58. Apple 1984 59. 10.Initially, X was offered a character that was described to him as "veryadmirable, very polite", and he decided to play that character as if he had"some kind of a secret". Without knowing what that secret was, Xunderstood the potential Y had as a growing character, therefore rejectingoffers for guest appearances and insisting on becoming a series regular. Inorder to achieve Y's trademark calmness, X utilised yoga techniques, whichallowed him to convey the character by "being a good listener". Thehumanity of Ys personality played an integral role in his development,especially the very deep relationship with Z, which was interpreted by someviewers and even X himself as possibly romantic. The loss of Z is partiallywhat turned Y into a ruthless villain, who is not above anything when itcomes to avenging Z's death. However, the loss of Z is also what cultivatedYs desire to create a new "family.X, Y, Z? (Ill give it for only Y and Z as well) 60. X - Giancarlo EspositoY - Gustavo FringZ - Max 61. 11.Questions Answered:Jet-Assisted ChevyCan a 1967 Chevy take off with JATO rockets,like in the tale of the JATO Rocket Car?Can Pop Rocks and soda, when eatensimultaneously, cause the eater's stomach torupture?Biscuit BazookaCan an airplane toilet create enough suction tocause a person to become stuck on it?Can a can of biscuit dough explode in a hotcar?Can a person throw himself through askyscraper window?Poppy-Seed Drug TestCan a person take to the skies using only alawn chair and weather balloons?Can someone test positive for heroin by eatinga large amount of poppy seeds?Can being painted with gold paint actually bedeadly?What is this? 62. MythBusters PilotEpisodes 63. 12.They were all selected to appear together on X, but were scraped off in the final moment.But The Self-Realization Fellowship gurus Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and ParamahansaYogananda did make it to X. The absence of Elvis Presley on X created a furore in the media and till today, historiansquestion his removal.What is X? 64. Sgt. Peppers albumcover 65. Scores Please?

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