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Web conferencing provider selection tips

Date post:14-Jan-2015
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How to choose your webinar service provider by considering factors like integrity, resourcefulness, reliability, charge etc... How top in the business compete each other ....
  • 1. Webinars are the most convenient knowledgetransfer using latest technology.Apart from the registration, topic selection and speakerpopularity, the overall success of a webinar depends onthe selection of the web conference provider.

2. Consider the following factors to choose your web conferencing provider Reliability Integrity Resourcefulness 3. Ask yourself a few questions after you meet up with your web conference service provider. Do they understand my requirement?Do I feel comfortable in sharingthe information with them?Is the service provider good in client management? 4. A web conference will be success only with captivatingcontent and interesting information.The chosen service provider should hold an intelligentsecurity system. This should ensure the privacy of theregistrant details. 5. Strong technical team Resources to provide technical assistance Available at the right time Continued technical support even after the webconference. Disaster control and recovery. 6. The cost or the budget for raising a webconference service provider. These are a few setof features worth looking onto.There should be no hidden feesDoes the service provider need youto award a contract?Charges for the dedicated technicalsupportCharges for the annual maintenance(AMC)File recovery charges indisaster. 7. Conclusion:The above are a few tips and checklist that would help you withyour service provider selection phase and fill out most of theloop holes.Presented by

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