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WEB CONFERENCING THAT MAKES SENSE - Zultys Web conferencing – sales presentations, ... •...

Date post:09-Jun-2018
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  • meetingMX TM

    Multi-party Integrated Webcam Video Conferencing

    Integrated into MXIE:


    One time purchase

    On-premise security tailored to customers needs

    MXmeetingTMIntegration with Zultys UC clients

    Easy to deploy

    No IT maintenance needed. Firmware can update automatically

    Full customization. APIs for integration with applications and websites


    Monthly payment based on number of con-ference rooms.

    Secured within Zultys state-of-the-art data center facility

    Integrated into ZAC:

    Outstanding Value for Your Business

    The MXmeeting appliance provides productivity and bottom-line boosting solutions in one unit:

    Web conferencing sales presentations, product demos, interactive collaboration.

    Web seminar seminars for view only attendees with no client or agent to install. Viewable in any browser.

    Webcam server up to 30 webcams can join in for live video interactive presentations.

    Remote support & access remote access and support for PCs and Macs anywhere.

    Remote print and file sharing print documents remotely to anyone participating in a meeting session and easily transfer files.

    WEB CONFERENCING THAT MAKES SENSE Integrated with Zultys award winning MXIETM Unified

    Communications client

  • MXmeeting is a web-conferencing platform that fully integrates with the Zultys Unified Communications client application. You can launch a multi-party web-conference with a touch of a button from your Mac or PC. The feature-rich MXmeeting integrates into your network and allows attendees to join a collaborative web conference without requiring special software to be installed on their computer. Click to start an interactive Web Conference with 30-point Video, seminar or remote desktop support with real-time webcam video.

    You can integrate it with your applications and websites. You can place Host Meeting and Join Meeting buttons on any external/internal web page, or windows based applications such as audio conference or CRM systems.

    If you deploy it as an on premise appliance. It can be placed outside, behind or in the DMZ of your Router/Firewall. Administration of the system remains the same regardless of whether you choose a hosted of a on-premises deployment option

    You control it!


    Windows XP Windows Vista 32/64 bit Windows 7 Windows 8 Mobile Devices




    WWW.ZULTYS.COMZultys, Inc. 785 Lucerne Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94085Tel: +1-408-328-0450 Fax: +1-408-328-0451

    * Use of MXmeeting with many external attendees requires upload bandwidth sufficient for that number of external attendees. E.g., five external attendees will require upload speeds of 400kbps-1000kbps at a minimum. Animation is not recommended for this application. Zultys, Inc., the Zultys logo, the Zultys mark, MXIE and MXmeeting are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zultys, Inc. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

    2017 Zultys, Inc. All rights reserved. Document Number 96-35501-07.


    MXmeeting Appliance

    Included Capacity

    Maximum Capacity

    M200 2 Rooms, 10 Users

    4 Rooms, 20 Users

    M500 5 Rooms, 20 Users

    20 Rooms, 100 Users

    Note: General bandwidth requirements may vary depending on screen resolution, compressibility and use of video.*

    UNIVERSAL ATTENDANCE Anybody can join the meetingThe amazing Universal Attendance technology enables anyone with a modern browser, on any platform, to join a meeting. No download of any kind is required. The attendee is view only and can see the presenters screen in a browser with speed similar to the fully interactive client attendee that requires a download.

    Just think - no firewall, antivirus products, lockdown computers, or unsupported platforms can keep your key meeting participants from joining. And, it is fast just 5 seconds to join. No more waiting 10 and 15 minutes to start your meeting while everyone works to get clients downloaded and connected.

    MXmeetings licensing is not tied to any particular user, meaning you dont have to buy license for every employee in the company, if only a limited number will use the application at same time.

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